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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2017 9:00am-9:29am EDT

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the most. heavily outnumbered group of russian military police repel a surprise attack by al knows were terrorists in syria. tens of thousands take to the streets all across catalonia to show that support for the upcoming referendum but madrid slams the region's bid for independence as nothing but a dream. c.n.n.'s reporting donald trump's for my campaign chairman was wiretapped by the u.s. government just several months all of the network poured scorn on the president's claims the secret service had eavesdropped on his team. and france
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today sees another wave of protest against president calling for labor reform. this is our c.n.n. national broadcasting to you live from the russian capital only care and good to have you with us. all small group of russian military police stationed in syria have been ambushed by a large contingent of terrorists according to the defense ministry the russian troops punished to repel the owners were militants despite being surrounded and heavily outnumbered the ground forces were supported by several of fighter jets which were targeting al nusra positions moskos says the terrorists wanted to capture the you know it's which which is operating inside the deescalation zone in italy a province there are gas do you have reports on the latest from syria. the rebel
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offensive in north hamad was apparently huge magnitude supported by tanks by artillery by personnel carriers and joined by hundreds and hundreds of jihad fighters in violation of all established and deescalation deals in northern in. a few details of the rebel offensive. russian military says. around and kept. russian military police monitoring the deescalation. tentative in the area apparently it devolved into a ferocious fighting the group of the group of russian military police just twenty nine people were rounded and outgunned nevertheless they held their own. as a result of the ambush a platoon of military police numbering twenty nine people was trapped for several hours and was forced to repel enemy attacks despite being outnumbered the syrian
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military has gone on the counterattack supported by the russian air force as well as the syrian air force they say they've killed more than eight hundred fifty hardest fighters the eleven tanks full armored personnel carriers as well as dozens and dozens of pickup trucks. blunting the significant rebel offensive. whenever to eastern syria now in the latest images from the city of dia as or where a rainy and convoy has been delivering humanitarian aid is one of the first aid convoys to reach the city which had been largely under eisel siege for three years during the siege the only way locals received food and medicine was by drops syrian troops backed by russian add power have been carrying out an offensive to eliminate remaining terror pockets in the area more than eighty five percent of the territory is now under government control according to the russian defense ministry it also said some parts of the opposition syrian democratic forces are on their way to diaz
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or to join eisel battalions according to the ministry syrian government troops have been targeted twice from the area controlled by the f.d.a. and the u.s. led coalition earlier we heard reaction to the latest developments from political analyst. using the interest of the united states to keep the syrian army out of the eastern side of the euphrates in order to prevent the syrian state from brigade the oil fields apparently the syrian army offensive backed by russia. and other allies reached the resort prematurely for a u.s. plan and the situation is very fluid there but what is clear is that there is no confrontation apparent. as for the russian intelligence and drawn for division everything that is taking place in the east of the euphrates so this is again raising suspicion that there is a beautiful committee going on which would literally the russians and the syrians
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to consider vs the others. to catalonia now where tensions over the upcoming independence referendum are reaching boiling point after a day of arrests and raids spain's prime minister has urged catalans to abandon what he called an impossible dream. a lot of spawn shovel ish there are generally those in charge of the cattle and governments who are the protagonist in this challenge to our coexistence on elsom to cease in the illegal activities they should abandon their objectives they now know that this referendum can not be organize it was never legal all legitimate it is now no more than an impossible dream or what is worse the excuse that some seem to have found to deepen the splits that they have provoked in catalan society. was
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meanwhile an eight hour standoff in barcelona between police and demonstrators ended with offices abandoning attempts to enter the office of the region's king pro independence party a partial weren't there which is president branded recently used by spanish authorities as coordinated aggression and accused madrid of putting in place a state of emergency in the region. over to look at the year i started. to catalan government has been subjected today to a coordinated aggression committed by the police forces directed by the spanish interior ministry the objective has been to stop the catalan society to express themselves freely and didn't peace on the first of october this aggression is outside of the law it damages the state of law and all of the constitutional guarantees and also damages the european union bill on human rights in the last few days and particularly today the spanish state has suspended the self rule of
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catalonia and is put in place a state of emergency. wednesday's crackdown sparked protests across the country the largest took place in the catalan capital barcelona with some forty thousand people taking to the streets local journalists call as financial as was left for us. we are in the center of the magic right now is taking place in the heart of arcelor not think i'm be aware of the thousands of cattle and car on the streets you are invited to participate during these mornings because of the pressure of the national government we remember that these morning when you have to be in the stuff that came in to the different places around the city looking for information and people there are friendly that will take place the first of october to see the
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sense of barcelona reacting spontaneously to what they say is an attack to their modesty and a freedom of speech. i came here today because i was born here on a council on my grandparents a cot salons my language is the catalogs and i am is here in this land and today this land is attacked by all the democratic ways possibles from the spanish states . but it hit forty years ago we had a dictator today we have another actually there are quite a few in the government but i mean this is a repression i couldn't believe it when i sold the news so we left everything and came here i think it is a really important moment and we should be here on the streets we're sending in peaceful message and we need to express ourselves as other cities like join our side in what they can buy c.d.'s and asking for the right of voting on the referendum the affairs of. majority is the range of measures in his bid to stop the
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referendum from taking place it declared the upcoming vote illegal and conducted numerous raids to seize pro referendum materials currently more than seven hundred mans are under investigation over their support for the vote and most recently madrid's announced plans to take control of catalonia the budget in order to ensure money isn't spent on the referendum let's take a closer look at what spain would lose if council does become independent well while the region only makes up about six percent of the spain's territory with to sixteen percent of the population it accounts for one fifth of the country's anti-air tax revenue and a quarter of all exports a member of the boss alone a city council believes the international community should be stepping in to prevent madrid abusing the region they don't want to latest vote but people are voting with their feet they are actually crossing the street going over to wherever
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the intervention has taken place and defending the institutions from the street massively this is an attack on democracy this is actually a state of exception we are the military police are intervening in the normal democratic functioning of the catalan institutions and this is why our people are on the street blocking the entrance to some of these institutions saying that whoever enters will not be able to come out unless the people suffering right now and in the street allow them to come out and we ask you international community to intervene and stop this abuse this abuse on the catalan people on the markets here in catalonia and in europe in general this concerns all of us because right now it's catalonia tomorrow it could be the rest of spain or you another place. as in europe. it's possible that donald trump's conversations with chief paul
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monophysites could have been listened to as according to former director of national intelligence james clapper who was almost about a c.n.n. reporter claiming none of it was wiretapped by the f.b.i. earlier this year the u.s. president was mocked by the very same network for claiming his residence had been spied on welcome to obama tapped my phone and went population president tried in and has learned that investigators wiretapped former trump campaign chairman paul minor for under secret court order both before and after the twenty sixteen election james clapper however repeated his earlier claim that he wasn't aware of any wiretapping activity targeting then candidate trump or his team not to recap in march president tweeted that he had learned why a top ten at trump tower and it's latest report c.n.n. says this was done because his campaign was yet again so suspected of quote having
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ties with russia. former campaign chief pull my foot's now and demanding that justice department immediately probe the administration's actions on his kind of more pain reports trump's former campaign manager may have been wiretapped by the f.b.i. c.n.n. citing its sources says that paul man a fourth was wiretapped before and after the u.s. election under a warrant issued by the foreign intelligence surveillance act this sounds serious but remember how no one took trump seriously after he claimed he was tapped where is the proof i mean it was an idiotic move to anyone here disagree he wasn't going to hold anybody radionic where to get these ideas where is he getting his information we have a quote ridiculous unquote president well now it turns out that perhaps donald trump wasn't losing his mind after all especially when you take into account that paul man a fourth has a residence at trump tower now the c.n.n.
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report about the f.b.i. spying on man a fort could of course be wrong but if it isn't it suggests that lawmakers from both parties and leaders of the intelligence community misled the public i have not seen any evidence that this is occurred intelligence committee has not seen evidence of this is occurred what the president charged president obama with wiretapping him it's not true there was no such wiretap to be mounted against the president the president looked at the time or as a candidate or against his campaign they can't talk about wiretapping or trump scandals up throwing russia in there somewhere the c.n.n. report suggests that data collected from spying on paul man afore it shows that he encouraged russia to help out with trump's campaign the spokeswoman for russia's ministry of foreign affairs says she can't wait to hear what comes next do you see russia's role you're right to legitimize illegal actions without this external
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factor it would be a new watergate but with this war in madly the story was sent. along the alley of national security the finale will be spectacular can't wait to see it now there's a lot of contradicting claims from a lot of high ranking people at this point there's a lot of key players involved obama trump manna for the democrats the republicans and the russians now paul man a fourth says he wants an investigation to help clear things up but it could easily have the opposite effect cable mop and artsy new york bomb making advice from retail giant imus and we have the explosive story after this short break. it's. what politicians do sometimes. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich.
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but you'd like to be close to see what before three of the people. interested in the why. should. german interests european interests are really deeply into trying to with each other i think. the world of thinking about nations having interests that surely opposed to those of elevations to one side goes toward the opposite has to believe that's really exactly the world so. it isn't relevant to that.
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and i welcome back the online retail giant amazon is under fire for potentially helping would be terrorists as off there was revealed its website which displays other products you might like to purchase suggested at the various components needed for a homemade bomb pony boy. what do you do when a computer algorithm takes on a life of its own and that's the question facing online retail giant amazon after a channel four investigation revealed that its search function suggests the ingredients required to make a homemade bomb when used as search for one of its components so if i type in the particular chemical compound that can be used to make a crude homemade bomb i'm isn't gives me the search results but also there's this section just beneath the search result that's called frequently brought together in that the search engine generates the other ingredients required that would get you
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well on the way to making that improvised explosive device yourself you scroll down even farther that is another section called customers who bought this item also bought and then there's a whole host of supplies that we can show you hey but they include things like be for mixing chemicals in weighing scales and even rather roman asli ball bearings that could be put inside a homemade bomb in order to make a bigger impact. the source of impact this crude bomb was meant to have the explosives planted on the train in paulson's green has the revelation that the ingredients to buy items that could lead to mass casualties on just readily available but it being also most likely suggested by amazon search function has raised concerns about how much
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internet giants are able to rein in the algorithms they themselves have created even as. you know and so much for which is delicious good looking but she is good. there is still. you know curious teenage boys these there are still sort of. you know infused this eccentrics so they want to go and make a bomb and blow it up at the bottom of the garden and this particular issue makes it far far easier for those people to do stuff and of course they're making bombs and it's going to be some sort of accident and loss of life as well so much more has to be done and it's really quite irresponsible lenders and not to be doing more today research out this week has shown that jadis material is viewed more in the u.k. than in any other european country and in twenty sixteen britain was amazon is the
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biggest market or now with an emerging that algorithms like amazon be helping terrorists to plan attacks the question is one of the tech giants able to do about it well i was and has responded to the investigation saying it only sells products that comply with british no it will review the website to ensure products are prevented appropriately. francis today seeing another wave of protests against president micron's labor reforms demonstrators claim the changes will protect employers but not employees or he's paulus lee has the latest from paris. maybe the it is every paper they see great help the french president wants me to say so is that we tell them it's we need to write this truth mabel separate zone to get nationwide why it's not money has been
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hard not to. make these times because there aren't stricter reform critics here where they say that these are small even more critical to me i didn't make limits of compensation when it comes around. unions now let's name them how this is being repeated in and around the place that some unseen wants to stay alive when because. i. was there you know. if it's not an ambulance that person can look at yeah being french president gave an interview in memphis
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even more recently a moment in which the prince of tides as well as find some media visiting them double whammy is a double convention set that may have made some money to come on the terrorist products it was the sun no it's. not that bad in the great us he wasn't just to say i was very clear during my campaign about the reforms i explained his reforms i presented as a reform during weeks and weeks and i was elected on his reforms i do believe in democracy and democracy is not in the street. and it's a vote. for hollywood stars morgan freeman has targeted mosco in an unusual video everett supposedly. meddling in the u.s. presidential election the clip for most the committee to investigate russia a new group created by artists some politicians is just the latest initiative probing moskos alleged attempts to interfere in u.s.
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politics his innocence. do like morgan freeman i do after one dies voice he's a great actor but you know what i don't like when celebrities warmonger and wage wars we have been attacked. we came under attack by the russian government no he's just acting i don't believe he's probably just promoting his next movie or something imagine this movie script of former k.g.b. spy angry at the collapse of his mother and plots of course for revenge secretly uses sayable warfare to attack democracies around the world and when. it's just the scribes and i thought this guy may be courting crazy. who stands by and this is no risk. ok the voice of god imagine this movie script actors are pushing an agenda and promote war with zero
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evidence to back their claims because politicians have got hollywood in the back and this is just like a movie script every detail plotted and playing out perfectly scripted how do i know because the very next day after this beautiful performance by morgan freeman a hollywood director came on t.v. repeating the same entre they've attacked us they're trying to undermine our democracy our country is attacked democracy is on the brink too you know if we're going to survive we need to come together as americans and understand what happened and then to top it off this finale and the russians and the russians they succeeded in messing with our democracy and i just can't abide that putin strategy is he really doesn't like democracy he thinks it's an inconvenient messy process
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and he doesn't like us and he wants to destabilize our country bravo bravo bravo here's a job how many people does it take to start a war the answer three an actor a director and a better politician but this has no joke. want to get in touch and share your thoughts on the day's stories by following us on facebook and twitter and join me again in about thirty minutes with the headlines. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us it actually does belong on the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than two thousand. and see people you've never heard of love
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redacted tonight the president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. there's a strategy in betting called a market. yes the mark betting strategy that's like if you had to roulette wheel you bet on red you lose the bet on red again and you bet on red again any better until you went right out of money before you went it's famously used on wall street firms like goldman sachs who make bad bets but says they have an open cash window at the fed with limited funds at zero percent borrowing rates they never run out of money that's why i like all that sachs and j.p. morgan can report thirty sixty ninety one hundred twenty straight days of profits on their trading portfolio as they don't take any fricken risk what about people that are not so smart. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and
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a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch who has met you don't you to prison so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and want the real so. the fix. was for strictly alter what i did was a cocktail of legal drugs. just because some things leak it's sent.
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to. plan the welcome to all to party in germany goes to the polls next sunday in the elections that most probably won't change much and yet mean a whole lot and that's because the country which was once blamed for destroying
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europe is now tasked with saving it how well are the germans culkin in balancing their guilt for europe's past with the sounds of responsibility for its future while to discuss that i'm now joined by harold james professor of history and international affairs at princeton university professor james it's great to talk to you again thank you very much for your time well it's really it's really good to be with the orks on this now the sunday like. and are not expected to change the direction of germany to quite the same extent that the votes in the u.k. with the united states last year changed the political trajectory of those countries i think it's almost certain that i go america really remain chancellor for yet another term and i think there's a perception both in the west that there's some extent here and in russia that these vote is hugely important do you share that perception is it teaches very important if people have been waiting for a long time to fix the bits of the european architecture and the story has always
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been there waiting for the german elections and so in that sense having these elections since it's going to put a final bit of the puzzle into place and i think there will be quite dramatic move to reform in europe the ring climate is i think is that although as you say it's a it's a very very very likely that mrs merkel is party will be the largest party it's not completely clear who the coalition partner would be the future for germany and for europe would look very very different if it were a continuation of the great coalition that you have at the moment the s.p.d. the search for democrats and the christian democrats together or if mrs merkel has to find her and you can.


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