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tv   Headline News  RT  September 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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president trying to val's to impose more sanctions on north korea over its nuclear weapons program. but. tensions rise in the french capital as tens of thousands of demonstrators hit the streets to vent their anger at president long neighbor. russia warned the u.s. to retaliate if it failed to prevent further attacks on syrian government positions in seattle bill while washington backs rebel.
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and seven pm here in the russian capital and you're watching r.t. international with me the key airing our top story this hour president donald trump has said the u.s. will impose further restrictions on north korea he was responding to a journalist's question. the. resources the world is perfect for the economy yes this was the movie and we'll be putting it in a little issue. correspondent caleb maupin joins us live from new york now ok look the promise of fresh sanctions comes as trump prepares to meet with the leaders of japan and south korea to discuss the growing crisis over pyongyang's nuclear program can you bring us up to speed on what we've just heard. yes well not many details there from donald trump he simply responded saying yes
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there would be more sanctions now many voices are telling us there will be some kind of important announcement after this meeting on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly with japan and south korea that's upcoming but this crisis has been escalating let's take a listen and let's look over some of the events that have taken place over the last month or so. this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country and a generation these sanctions will cut deep. you will feel good about ginning today's resolution builds on what we're already the deepest cutting sanctions ever leveled against north korea those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen.
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now to top it all off we had a speech by donald trump at the united nations general assembly in which he invoked the possibility of quote totally destroying north korea not exactly friendly words furthermore he referred to north korea's leader as rocket man some kind of pop culture reference probably insulting not exactly clear what he was referring to but as you can see the crisis is escalating now all eyes are on the upcoming meeting when donald trump has his sideline meeting with japan and south korea we're told to expect some kind of important announcement about the crisis on the korean peninsula
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now it's important to note that from the beginning russia and china have proposed a plan for deescalation russia and china have proposed that north korea and its provocative nuclear proliferation and its for vocative missile tests in exchange for the south ending its provocative military exercises with the united states rehearsing war with north korea furthermore there's been talk about the thad missile system erected by the united states in the south which is highly provocative and essentially strike enabling so a lot of tensions escalating and we're all expecting some kind of big announcement after this upcoming meeting absolutely we will be keeping you up to date on all the nato big and nouns mina's coming later on this evening finale ken i'm up in new york thank you very much. one for the rep to didn't paris is protesters clashed with police throwing flags and stun guns demonstrators took to the street thin protest against president labor reforms.
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right or wrong side up. on the right. i correspond paulus lear is in paris at those protests for is less close live to a now paula what's the atmosphere like on the streets of the french capital right now for the well certainly good. can see is very rowdy and noisy down trying to get cooler again points mechanic studio in most go can you give us a sense of the atmosphere that in paris. well for betov you always. have been out here mostyn on the main streets are some of them there holding up
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banners and they shouted snow good saying but crime laws not out presidents step down well don't like you there is a heavy security presence in my area has been cordoned off and there have been as you mentioned puppets of isolated clashes way protesters have been stones at the police and they've been responding in kind we're also hearing reports of a number of tires that have been a light at the heart of the anger and the protests is the whole issue of labor reform this is something that is very painful to the phrase and the cons create a system so his popularity plummet when he tried to introduce label records that resulted in nationwide why it's not critics of these labor before these say that it will give the employers more power to negotiate condescends if you limit compensation when it comes to i'm say dismissal and it merges the unions now demonstrations like what we've seen snow in paris. are happening throughout the day
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today in the bay area cities across france of course there is concern that they will ultimately result in violence and some of the worst violence we saw was this time last tuesday when projectiles and slays all it would throw. thanks i. was. right thanks very much out here you go there you do. now i don't see that that is annoying to the strange mcraney appeal on a foreign channel talking in english about domestic french politics now there is a double convention here that says that french heads of state when they appear in public only speak french and they certainly do not discuss domestic french politics
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so people feel angry about that he criticized france he also also criticised the media so journalists here are stunned this is what mcconnell had to say. i was very clear during my campaign about the reforms i explained this reforms i presented as a reform during weeks and weeks and i was elected on his reforms i do believe in democracy and democracy is not in the street and it's a vote on the country people here say democracy is on the streets i've been talking to people and they say that they will continue to exercise their democratic right to protest we'll continue funding these protests and bring you updates off the course of the day. care we appreciate that paula that's all it is paula slave reporting live from paris where these demonstrations are ongoing. tourism a has laid out her position on terrorism in her speech to the united
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nations general assembly their work as prime minister has blamed nations quote driven by the actions of states acting through proxies because spreading instability across the world and countries by groups like hizbollah to increase instability and conflict across the middle east support so-called separatists in ukraine to great instability on europe's eastern borders or give tacit support to criminal groups launching cyber attacks against our countries and institutions they call into question the very rules and international system that protect us more stories after this short break. but i was telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to do so for the tell you to be gossiping like. off the bad guys and tell me you are not full enough
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to buy your product. that we are on walking. german interests european interests are really deeply intertwined with each other i think the the world. thinking about. having interests that should be opposed to those of operations the one side has to work with the opposite disabused that's really exactly the world so. it isn't relevant to the. spiritual people been saying about rejected in. the long awesome the only show i go
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out of my way on to know what it is that really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t americans do the same we are apparently better than that and see people you never heard of love jack tonight president of the world bank no hate. seriously send us an e-mail. hello welcome back we're going to return to one of our earlier stories now the british prime minister has blamed the nation's quota driven by the actions of states acting through proxies to sporting instability across the world during his speech at the united nations general assembly we can now close live to our guest political analyst son plays but to discuss the issue further down good to see you now is the u.k. really in a position to lecture other countries do you think especially after the u.k. has been backing the syrian rebel groups for years sorry. well exactly no of course
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the u.k. is not in a position to do that and you know the goal that it takes for theresa may of all people to be talking about state sponsored terrorism. as a form of proxy war you know a more concise description of british foreign policy in the last ten years of be harder to find and what really comes across in her speech is the total lack of humility the total arrogance and i would say you know pathological narcissism in her refusal to accept on behalf of her government any responsibility whatsoever for the problems that she accuses the u.n. of failing to address so for example on that issue of terrorism as you say that. britain has been sponsoring has been the world's the world's leading cheerleader for terrorism against libya against syria against yemen groups in nigeria so you know the way she talks about issues like global poverty you wouldn't you
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wouldn't believe that this woman runs a government that is actually responsible for global network of tax havens specifically designed to plunder and extort the global south and channel the wealth back into the london's london's banks so no no no no right to speak like this to anyone whatsoever. yeah no none none at all what do you make of the timing i mean why wants to reason may choose now to make a point of this. what she does every year doesn't she at the un it's the same old it's the same old story is the same old finger pointing at the same old culprits north korea you know by implication russia and iran and the un itself or so-called failing to failing to address it and you know world leaders a second second tired of it anyone who hears this stuff it's an insult frankly to
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anyone with a historical memory of even five seconds it's a. colin so and it's no wonder that she was speaking to an empty room because world leaders are sick and tired of hearing this is the same old story every year no one's listening and thank god no one's listening but by another perspective you know it's interesting on the one hand you can of course see it and pick it to pieces as being a load of garbage but actually another way of seeing it is if you decode it you can actually make sense of what she's saying and she's actually speaking the truth if you did words like for example terrorism now when theresa may talks about terrorism she doesn't use an objective criteria like you i might use like for example the use of violence against civilians for political ends or something like that she's means nothing more nothing less than those who would resist us that's what terrorism means to her and the same token when she talks about our values she spoke a lot about the un needing to uphold this its values and against those who would seek to undermine them and she's not talking about values abstract values like
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freedom or democracy in the value she's talking about is the right of the west to plunder and extort the global south by this token it's correct that countries like north korea refusing to make themselves permanently vulnerable to western attack yes they are undermining that value of the west right to exploit them when a country like syria refused to just lie down and be taken over by western sponsored supremacist death squads the other is undermining the west's right to dictate terms to the rest of the rest of the world so if we decode it it does start to make sense but this is you know it it does take some it takes some patience as i say because the total lack of humility is really quite hard to bear frankly i came down glazebrook political analyst always good to get your take on this story thanks for joining us. russia has warned the u.s. to retaliate and if the syrian government forces once again come under attack from the territories controlled by and washington backs rebels it comes after the
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russian defense ministry reported two such attacks during the only got an operation by syrian forces to break islamic state change at the city and day hours or america . correspondent in syria joins us live now from the city of homs morons could you tell us more about the accusations coming out of moscow. well aimed it is sort of. collapsing eighty five percent of that is your city has been liberated they expect to be done take it over from isis entirely within the week there is a province just yesterday they liberated sixteen square kilometers the syrian military they took two villages over the last several over the last several weeks they've liberated thousands and thousands of square kilometers dozens and dozens of towns and villages so i says collapsing but on the ground are russian military advisors. devising. with the syrian military
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just a few kilometers away a u.s. backed forces and we've heard from the russian military that over the last week or so there's been two incidents where u.s. backed forces have shelled the syrian military the russians of the russians and called the americans via the hotline that they have to stop between the two sides and in strong terms they told them that you know this can all go on in the future any theater attack by u.s. backed schools is against the syrian military and russian advisors a special forces on the ground will be suppressed using any means necessary that's certainly a tough response and further they said that the u.s. by courses would be pulled out of racket where they're so where they'd see. rounded isis track of who's the former capital of isis the fighting isn't over yet they're being pulled out and sent over to dinners or provence which is stretched because the russians say they've detected new clashes between the u.s. backed s.d.f.
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syrian democratic sources and the fighters now in a separate incident i rushed in military planes when it was caught in a terror ambush in a day escalation ably a province what do you know about that certainly several days ago rebels led by al qaida knew that a dominant. opponent they attacked the syrian military on the twenty kilometer white front during that sixteen kilometers into government held territory and surrounded a unit of russian military police monitor on the ground mortars ring a ceasefire this deescalation set up in the area they surrounded them and what was a battle several hours long during which the russian military police units beat back the jihad they withdrew without any serious losses but since then the russians of voice suspicion that their location and coordinates were given to the rebels by
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the united states which was in possession of a list of where these russian military police units a located monitoring this ceasefire as i said they pulled out without offering any casualties but the russians are suspicious the rebel attack has since been blunted they've suffered red this casualties eleven tanks for personnel carriers dozens and dozens of vehicles and artillery pieces so certainly this you know foul play suspected or not from. ok there's more downstairs reporting from homs in syria more and thank you for that update let's continue the conversation now and cross live to another guest was meant to do for those recent warning the u.s. . thank you for joining us on the program now how plausible do you find moscow's claim that the u.s. backed rebels and i still on fighting in the dia resort area.
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i find a very possible because to be honest with you i have doubts that the fighting has been going on in iraq itself it tell us if you look at rock it is. carpet bombed it is. aerial bombardment air force and the air force is basically the u.s. led coalition's air force so i have i have learnt a lot of question marks and sending it out. there is sore and the vital question here is there is or has been taken for the past three years by isis terrorists by terrorists why is it right now when the syrian army when the syrian arab army alongside its allies whether as well the. guard or the russian air force as well when they approached areas or when they liberated that within two and a half weeks and now the cross through freight is real why did they now take a decision the i'm talking about the s.d. of the u.s. backed as to leave leave the fence of come down to their disorder and try to
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make a race out of a competitive race out of it to take the oil fields off that is or near dead or city why is that right now who made the plans for them or made it possible for them to actually travel that way and why weren't they trying to liberated when isis was taking the area or besieging the area that is a lot of questions there need to be answered by the u.s. itself because they are the people controlling giving coordinates and giving weapons to these groups the so-called as you. group so yes i think it's very implausible and i believe that the statement issued by the russian defense ministry is a very serious one and they should take a very seriously during a possible that the syrian government forces could have been targeted from the rebel controlled territories by mistake. oh no no no nothing happens by mistake specially right now when it's all it's actually cleaned
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out it's obvious who is there and by the way the russian forces and the u.s. led coalition the u.s. and specific they have a hotline an open mind where they communicate with one another when each side is about to have an assault against terrorists but we all know how the u.s. operates the great evidence is what happened just one year away from now when the u.s. actually a bombed aerial bombardment the syrian arab army in there is order airport where they were to see if they were besieged and they did not tell anyone despite the fact that it was a military base in the open so no mistakes are done there when there is someone actually a target targeting another one it's obvious it's well known who it is i mean come on it's a war being waged it's a top notch war being waged twenty seventeen everything everybody knows about everything especially with all the technology that is found there but the may question here when we talk about forces trying to stop or halt the assault of the syrian arab army from retaking the land from isis there's something else
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that we need to look at besides the oil fields there are the oil fields and there are the statesman's of the statements coming out from this s.d.f. leaders for example there is one who is known as ahmed who is in their desire for the s.t.'s he literally said we not only want to liberate the oil fields from isis but we also want to liberate the lands the factories and the people and the lands and factories how do you want to liberate if isis is out of there people will come and take their land and their factories now you want to confiscate factories and then belonging to the syrian people of there is or there is also a question mark ok political commentator thank you for your time. hollywood star morgan freeman has targeted moscow and an unusual video over its suppose at meddling in the u.s. presidential election now the clip promotes the committee to investigate russia which is a new group created by artists politicians it's just the latest initiative probing
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moskos alleged attempts to interfere in u.s. politics here's anderson i do like morgan freeman i do after one dies voice he's a great actor but you know what i don't like when celebrities warmonger and wage wars we have been attacked. before we came under attack by the russian government no or he's just acting i don't believe he's probably just promoting his next movie or something imagine this movie script of former k.g.b. spy angry at the collapse of his mother and plots of course for revenge secretly use a cyber warfare to attack democracies around the world and when. it's just the scribes and i thought this guy may be courting crazy. who stands by and this is no. ok the voice of god imagine
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this movie script actors are pushing an agenda and promote war with zero evidence to back their claims because politicians have got hollywood in the back and this is just like a movie script every detail plotted and playing out perfectly scripted how do i know because the very next day after this beautiful performance by morgan freeman a hollywood director came on t.v. repeating the same entre they've attacked us they're trying to undermine our democracy our country is attacked democracy is on the brink too you know if we're going to survive we need to come together as americans and understand what happened and then to top it off this finale and the russians and the russians they succeeded in messing with our democracy and i just can't abide that putin strategy
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is he really doesn't like democracy he thinks it's an inconvenient messy process and he doesn't like us and he wants to destabilize our country. of all bravo bravo here's the job how many people does it take to start a war the answer three an actor a director and a better politician but this has no joke. when i was coming up at the top of the hour. i was. four zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one but you don't want to cut cut cut
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cut cut like. here's what people have been saying about redacted in that it was you know i didn't actually do the lawn awesome room the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what we want to do is the really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same thing we are apparently better than bluefin that you see people you've never heard of love redacted the night my president of the world bank so hey i'm going to write me seriously send us an e-mail. there's a strategy in betting called the market yes yes the mark betting strategy that's like if you had to roulette wheel you bet on red the lose you bet on red again and you bet on red again any better until you went hopefully they'll run out of money before you when it's famously used on wall street by firms like goldman sachs who
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make bad bets but since they have an open cash window at the fed with money limited funds at zero percent borrowing rates they never run out of money that's why i like all that sachs and j.p. morgan can report thirty sixty ninety one hundred twenty straight days of profits on their trading portfolio because they don't take any fricken risk what about people that are not so smart. greetings and salutation. while everyone focuses on the pomp and circumstance and donald trump at this year's united nations general assembly there was there was one story that tragically will not see much airtime on most of your cable news channels a story that at the very least directly affects roughly forty million people across
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every continent of the small blue planet it affects women and children have an obscene lead disproportionate rate. than men and it reaches across all racial and cultural lines what is this vastly important story the definitely definitely will never get the same amount of air time as sean spicer i mean appearance or the alleged trump russia collusion election election meddling celebrity gossip well it's just the you know the new global slavery figures and statistics released this week by the united nations international labor organization and the walk free foundation you know those which found that there is an estimated forty point three million people are victims of modern slavery in two thousand and sixteen now see modern slavery is used as a sort of umbrella term that according to researchers refer.


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