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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  September 21, 2017 2:29pm-3:00pm EDT

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have created even if. you know the answer manufactures devices the capability is good and. there are still curious teenage bullies there are still some. you know infuse us eccentrics who decide they want to go and make a bomb and blow it up at the bottom of the garden and this particular issue makes it far far easier for those people to do stuff and of course if they're making bombs and it's going to be some sort of accident and a loss of life as well so much more has to be done and it's really quite irresponsible. not to be doing more notes of the most dangerous research out this week has shown that jadis material is viewed more in the u.k. than in any of the european country and in twenty sixteen britain was amazon's biggest market or now with it emerging that algorithms like amazon's be helping
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terrorists to plan attacks the question is one of the tech giants able to do about it. has responded to the investigation saying that it only sells products that comply with british law adding that it will review its website to ensure products are presented appropriately ok and take a very short break. it's.
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or. are. hollywood star morgan freeman's targeted moscow and unusual video over it supposed meddling in the u.s. presidential election the clip in question promotes the committee to investigate
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russia this is a new group that's been created by artists and politicians and it's just the latest initiative that probes bosco's alleged attempts to interfere in u.s. politics with more is a nice in l. . do you like morgan freeman i do after one dies voice he's a great actor but you know what i don't like when celebrities warmonger and wage wars we have been attacked we are. poor we came under attack by the russian government no he's just acting i don't believe he's probably just promoting his next movie or something imagine this movie script a former k.g.b. spy angry at the collapse of his mother and plots of course for revenge secretly use a cyber warfare to attack democracies around the world and when. it's just described and i thought this guy might pick corn crazy glad i'm here to stand
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by and this is no movie script. ok the voice of god imagine this movie script actors are pushing an agenda and promote war with zero evidence to back their claims because politicians have got hollywood in the back and this is just like a movie script every detail plotted and playing out perfectly scripted how do i know because the very next day after this beautiful performance by morgan freeman a hollywood director came on t.v. repeating the same entre they've attacked us they're trying to undermine our democracy our country is attacked democracy is on the brink too you know if we're going to survive we need to come together as americans and understand what happened and then top it off this finale and and the russians they succeeded
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in messing with our democracy and i just can't abide that putin's strategy is he really doesn't like democracy he thinks it's an inconvenient messy process and he doesn't like us and he wants to destabilize our country bravo bravo bravo here's a job how many people does it take to start a war the answer three an actor a director and a better politician but this has no joke. the kremlin spokesperson has downplayed that video noting that actors can be misled over what's actually going on you the analyst lionel i did some context to the story about a reporter apparently seeking revenge for the collapse of his country against what the united states that caused this but then we have a group of people a couple of neo cons and intelligence had who said that the n.s.a.
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never spied and his people said that there was no wiretapping of of trump or anybody in his and his group you had the individual mr frome who came up with take as evil and then you have the most preposterous cobbled together glued series of how by virtue of this rivendell russia yet again somehow caused this election to be hacked or lost or whatever absolving hillary clinton of just look and the sixty three or so american million americans who voted for drop they were part of a brainwashing some weird kind of telepathy that from the kremlin where people all the sudden found themselves like robots voting for donald trump for reasons they don't know why hollywood imbues certain people with this sons of expertise and everything they are actor they play roles they inhabit positions that they're
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not they're almost chameleon and all of a sudden and given the opportunity to do so they become experts. u.s. lawmakers have issued a bill that could block russian broadcasters from being shown in the united states that could allow u.s. called time providers to break their contracts leaving russian channels without any legal recourse americanos the story. men mints was proposed by senator john mccain and could potentially create a major barrier for russian channels broadcasting in the u.s. it would not require distributors to carry content from television networks owned or controlled by the russian government the proposal is bundled into a defense spending bill if this becomes law it could jeopardize current contracts between russian channels and u.s. distributors could potentially impact our t.v. which broadcasts in the us back in january r.t. was singled out in an intelligence report which accused the network of trying to
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sway the us presidential election in donald trump's favor the report however contained no evidence whatsoever only citing what's made of reporting on hillary clinton r t is also a regular topic at senate hearings russia today propaganda called the morning. and i apologize for interrupting all regular broadcasts let's go live to new york because this is where russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov is just beginning his speech to the u.n. general assembly democratic and fair world order the result clearly says that it is unacceptable to meto need to know the fears of independent states that coups cannot be used for regime change that no state should use. pressure against other states who clued in extraterritorial application of national law. but most member states though that in favor of the resolution.
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that voted against it are the countries that violate the goals and principles so if the u.n. charter is seeking to dominate in global affairs and impose their development modals and values there is following the logic of a uni polarity which undermines international law yet we see progress. we are encouraged that u.s. president donald trump. speaking the day before yesterday from this platform because of but he clearly said it is important to respect sovereignty in international affairs that the leadership should be supported with being a role model not dictating your will to the other nations. so it's can subscribe to this words especially for the us foreign policy will be implemented on this foundation is solved for eighty five years of other nations
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equality and mutual respect to these other principles that russia has always been following in its in the last twenty five years our country despite all the trials did its best to clean up the legacy of the cold war but did a lot to strengthen trust and mutual understanding in the your atlantic region and in the world as whole however this was not reciprocated by our western partners deluded there and of history concept and still trying to just be obsolete institutions of the bloc confrontation era to modern realities nato seeks to restore the cold war climate to refusing to implement the principles off equal and into visible security within the whole with c. declared in the ninety's when the political the west's policies based on the principle of whoever is not with us is against us with look with and with with the unbridled expansion of nato to the east. of provoking instability
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in the post soviet space and fomenting anti russian sentiment. is the root cause of the protracted conflict in southeastern ukraine and despite all the efforts in the normandy for format in the continent group the key for authorities to keep inventing all sorts of schemes to avoid delivering on their obligations according to the means can. complex package of measures of february twelfth twenty fifteen approved by the u.n. security council which is but rushing tends to continue with its constructive work seeking mutually acceptable ways to implement the means could greens the president putin came up with the initiative un mission to assist and guard always sea monitor is seen in the donbass area here we've sent our draft to the un security council we expect that this proposal will help settle in crisis which started after the
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anti-constitutional coup staged by ultra radical groups and we hope that our partners in europe and in the united states will work with us constructively with out of zero sum games here in the un headquarters we should not forget about the origins of the united nations and the decision of the nuremberg warning to us against the forgetting the lessons off world war two energy with catastrophic consequences of attempts to decide the future of the world violating interests of other states and nations it is blasphemous to use freedom of speech as an excuse to indulge heretical movements which propagate neo nazi ideology glorify fascists and their collaborators. in your money through by promoting hatred and intolerance. to terrorist extremists and nationalists to
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destroy and then allies historical religious and cultural moments in civil ways to europe monuments being or demolished monuments to the liberators of the continent the heroes of world war two it was their victory that laid the foundation of the united nations we believe that we should pay close attention to the asar problem at general assembly and in unison go to stop such action. papen in the near future russia will present its proposals on the issue we cannot remain indifferent to the shameful phenomenon of non citizens in europe and also suppressing minority language in violation of the council of europe's conventions. we've learned from centuries of history's that we can only resolve our differences through dialogue finding new property and balance between the interests of conflict and charges unfortunately western countries prefer to use brutal pressure instead of diplomacy
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of unilateral sanctions in addition to those imposed the un security council is unlawful this on demands the collective nature of international efforts to date we also witness how the u.s. keeps. imposing new restrictions on iran especially extraterritorial this in danger's the joint comprehensive plan of action which is one of the key factors of international and regional security that you know actual sanctions don't work has long been demonstrated with us book a doll from cuba or just for many decades almost all member states of the un have been speaking against it confrontation is escalating dangerously around north korea we condemn reckless experiments by pyongyang with missiles and nuclear weapons yet escalating military history is not just
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a dead end it's that path to destruction of all resolutions by the un security council have to be implemented nobody argues against that but all those resolution in addition to sanctions include provisions for regarding the need to resume talks with you just give me the there is no alternative. bullet ical measures and diplomacy to settle the nuclear put. the korean opinions. we ask all the members of the international community to support the roadmap proposed by russia and china as presented in the joint statement by the russian foreign ministry and the foreign minister of the people's republic of china july fourth it is unacceptable rights threaten with invasion to then it's worse like it's an acceptable to subvert the legitimate government in any other country the international community to shoot encourage national reconciliation and compromise demps to. ignore the opinions of others to dictate to me to
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use. to use force on sanctioned by the un charter has never done any good international terrorism millions of refugees illegal migration all this stems from lack close attempts to change undesirable regimes including military interventions spreading careless and destruction in the middle east and northern africa and opening the door for terrorists to parts of the world where they have never been strong even though isis is worth reading in syria and iraq we still will need a lot of effort to stabilize the region we need to fight not only isis but also which for some reason is being spearheaded by the u.s. led coalition developments in syria make us cautiously optimistic on september fourteenth and fifteenth there was this six international meeting on syria you know asked an hour. ago finalizing the four deescalation areas in syria as agreed by
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russia who run the turkey for us jordan un and many other countries and these agreement lays the foundation for implementing resolution twenty more to fifty four based on the direct dialogue between the government and the opposition combining efforts to. remove the threat of terrorism and. stablish in peace throughout syria recovering its integrity and addressing you q humanitarian problems with it is important to urgently supply humanitarian aid and the mynah liberated territories the u.n. should play a leading role without any preconditions and everybody who wants peace for syria and its people should join us here for its. c. use of chemical weapons region is
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a separate subject all these cases should be. investigated thoroughly and professionally without any attempts to manipulate the action itself p c w and the joint investigative mechanisms of addressing humanitarian issues peacemaking efforts all this is important in other crises in the region including of libya yemen and iraq each of these situations russia russia's position is well balanced and we work with all the parties involved as we discuss the issues of the middle east and northern africa we should not forget the decisions made by the un on the palestinian problem and the arab peace initiative which we think it is important to deal with ballast union unity and we welcome egypt's efforts in this matter with russia we are ready to assist with the resumption of direct talks between israel and palestine we will work with the within the middle east quartet and the league
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of arab states on this issue the extremists to take advantage of the other result the palestinian problem to recruit new members to go on go on atrocious terrorist attacks throughout the world demonstrate that it is impossible to create islands of security we can only fight with extremism and terrorism together without a double standards or even the g.n.d. it's with us and with the world. nation states playing the leading role as in visage in the un global counter-terrorism strategy we welcome the secretary general's initiative to reform the un anti-terrorist work as approved by the general assembly and we regard the fact that russian official was appointed head of the un the counter terrorist office as a recognizing russia's role in fighting this evil and we thank you all for supporting this kind of decision russia is committed to the goal of
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a nuclear free world of according to existing arms control and nonproliferation treaty is. eliminated nuclear weapons should become is the result of universal and complete disarmament while maintaining must. equal and into visible security any attempts to put their nuclear weapons above low without taking into consideration the reality of the world to day and ignoring all the factors influencing certain. the billets he. will. will make it more difficult to achieve these goals undermining the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty and we encourage all the parties to say no to militarizing information space we should not allow it to turn it into. a political military confrontation using information technology as oppression mechanism for causing economic damage and propagating the ideas of terrorist and extremist ideology with the un should
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focus on formulating rules of responsible behavior in cyberspace which would serve the interest of all states russia has drafted the universal convention on fighting subject crime including hackers we suggest we start this discussion here at this session it is obvious that in a future the world will face new problems of long term ban of civilization. nature of it we can't afford to waste our time and energy on the geopolitical games what we need to d. is a collective approach not unilateral once emerging polish centric world order is an objective trans reflecting redistribution of the global down sort of powers and the strength in fact here of cultural and civilisational a density of everybody including those who are used to feeling like they're the masters of the world will have to get you to it's don't try to hold back the
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natural process you will only make this worse for everybody instead of it and tegan izing global to unite with you taking into account the interests of all these states without exception being to make sure a stable and safe future for the entire mankind but as usual trust it is impossible to achieve the ambitious sustainable development goals and implement the various climate agreements that address the issues of food security demographic issues health care issues which are so important for developing countries we should recognize political pluralism the freedom of choice and the rule of law as the fundamental the principles of international relations we have to abandon the overlying on military alliances we should support and provide security guarantees to states which make their choice in favor of neutrality in economy we should
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reduce barriers standing in the way of treating and investment the international olympic movement and sports in general should not be politicized we need to educate our people especially young people to respect cultural and civilisational diversity we invite everybody to the nineteenth world festival of youth and students which country will host looking so much in less than a month at the same time russia will host another important international. bent that one hundred thirty seventh into parliamentary union assembly which will be devoted to strengthening peace and security through intercultural and faith dialogue so let's promote this between different cultures and religions let's stop using historical events for a moment it was a treat and for me is the feel also feel of gold existence harmonizing the interest of different countries because at the heart of the concept of greater eurasian partnership proposed by president putin this partnership is open to all the states
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of asia in europe to form a common economic and humanitarian space based on the principle of indivisible security of equal rights for all people and states is in demand universally as the un charter requires these fair principles are at the heart of many. groups that russia actively works in the commonwealth of independent states the collective security treaty organization you're a sec and the shanghai cooperation organization some breaks with your work we work the same way with. the african union. and other groupings of asian african and latin american countries we work together to achieve more balanced approach is the two structures like the g twenty apec the international monetary fund and the international bank for reconstruction and development we
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believe that and is viable we would like the secretary general to play an active role in tapping into the food potential of this sort of your vision at least and it was a charter. especially when we need to pay attention to you reforming the peacekeeping efforts of the un we should not make any hasty decisions and we should not neglect a valuable experience that we accumulated over decades. two thousand to go roman philosopher seneca root we were born to live together the founding fathers of the united nations were very close to this realisation they believed in the wrote this down in the charter that god given existence on the same plane it should bring us together to void due to terrorists or new wars to date we need to restore the cultural dialogue diplomacy we need to look for a balance of interests instead of making swith decisions punishing bt and it is
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essential we are talking about preserving mankind with all of its diversity that russia has always been open to working with everybody equally willing to have this kind of car peroration based on equality mutual respect we will continue to support this approach in un activities in interest of further perfecting global governance and really democratizing international relations thank you. we've been listening to the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov speaking at the un general assembly just the quickly wrap up a feel the salient points with regards to north korea very topical now criticize the u.s. the lateral sanctions against the north koreans outside of the recently agreed u.n. sanctions saying that you know lateral sanctions don't work and he cited the example of the u.s. blockade of cuba he asked u.n. members to support the road map that's previously been proposed by russia and china encouraging talks instead of threats and wrapped up by saying that russia is
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committed to the goal of a nuclear free world we're going to take a very short break i'll be back with the latest news headlines more analysis about four minutes time. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave
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a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. the nobody out of touch there's not a mushroom in the. islamic state claims it was behind the manchester terror attack by the day the militants fraud so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming god i says so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me it was like yeah why don't we consult for the. death. that. you. told us a. little bit into the local a lot of the food in your g.i.
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little chatter freezing a chase off a i hope you sam guy has got of the good climbers good enough to leave the room hasn't he showed him dead one. there's a strategy in betting called the market. yes the mark betting strategy that's like if you have the roulette wheel you bet on red you lose the bet on red again and you bet on red again any better until you want hopefully don't run out of money before you want is famously used on wall street firms like goldman sachs who make bad bets but since they have an open cash window at the fed with the limited funds at the first bar when rates they never run out of money that's why i like all that sachs and j.p. morgan can report thirty sixty ninety one hundred twenty straight days of profits on their trading portfolio as they don't take any fricken risk what about people
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that are not so smart. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it actually just pull along. the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what we want is the really packed a punch oh yeah it's the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love down to the night my president of the world bank so. the woman. sent us an e-mail. question the foreign minister she's the signs in the north korean crisis to return to negotiations during peace speech just made at the u.n.
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general assembly it's up to president obama trumpets lot more sanctions on yang over its nuclear weapons program. tensions in the french capital tens of thousands of demonstrators this concerned president later if. the united states.


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