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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 22, 2017 7:29am-8:00am EDT

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answer but thankfully or rather tragically we also have the means and at times the temperament to and ourselves much more quickly and permanently thanks to our love of war and overcompensation so it's widely agreed today that just one regional exchange of say fifty to one hundred nuclear weapons could indeed render the earth uninhabitable and put an end to all mankind and this reality is why on wednesday of this week at the united nations general assembly more than fifty nations signed a treaty banning nuclear weapons completely their use of development stockpiling all bad un secretary general and tony terrace open the treaty signing declaring quote there remains some fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in existence we cannot allow these doomsday weapons to endanger our world and our children's future. now conspicuously out of all the countries that signed in the treaty not one not one
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nuclear power put their name on the dotted line not russia not pakistan not india not israel not great britain not france not china definitely not the united states of america not one of them had the courage to back up the peace they always preach instead nations like cuba or brazil ireland libya mexico they all stepped up and promised the world a nuclear free future. so i say let's applaud these countries for bringing us a step closer to peace as we continue watching the hawks. were to. get the. real deal with. a lot of. like you that i got.
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the. lyrics or. whatever what are you watching the hawks i am i robot and on top of the wall there so once again we're looking at these these ideas of how to you know it's it's a piece today so let's talk about how we can get peace one of those would be not threatening each other with nuclear weapons that could literally a mile a dollar human guy i mean you would think if there's any idea i know that some old bright or what should be what's interesting too is the japan who is the only victim in world history didn't also didn't sign this as well and that's because a they live under this you know quote unquote protection of the u.s. as a nuclear capability and also because they they just feel that there's other ways to achieve peace you know like nonproliferation. and things like that and
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a lot of the nuclear nuclear countries that have these stockpiles could use that as an excuse right and that's a good idea is that we have to have it there and the one thing that's. sort of different about japan is that the people themselves just do not want these things they don't want them there whether you're in her off from our tokyo they don't want they don't want those things but they're also a younger generation is pushing up against a much more conservative and you know with he's a very. and he wants to have that make a little bit about old school japanese. military strength so i can understand why he's trying to sort of play both sides also he you know has nukes pointed at him so . you can get a you know basically what this with this treaty that these fifty fifty one some odd nations signed and believe ratified it the language of it was passed back in july
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with one hundred twenty two countries in favor about an initial step forward this probe basically a prohibits a full range of nuclear weapon related activities such as undertaking to develop tests produce measures back sure acquire a possessed stockpile and that anything i don't clear weapons and nuclear explosive devices you know as well it also bans the threat and the use and the threat all of you like it bans the language basically it's trying to wipe the world clean of nuclear power nuclear weapons which. a lot of people argue well it's too late the genie is out of the bottle i say you have to make moves to put it back you i would rather have people signing saying i don't i'm never going to use nuclear weapons nor will i produce or break then saying oh well they're already here. blah blah blah blah but now a letter to my right you know that's ridiculous. minister of foreign affairs simon called brainy who believe help champion was stated quote ireland is proud to have
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played a leadership role together with austria brazil bucks a cold africa in negotiating this ground breaking treaty which represents the successful outcome of the first multilateral been clear disarmament disarmament negotiations in over twenty years now we haven't had this. it seems like there's things happened a lot you know back in the late seventy's and eighty's and even into the ninety's but we really haven't had that discussion about how do we say it's bad let's modernize let's get more we need because there's a scary guy in north korea there's a scary guy in russia so we all have to have these these things but at the end of the day a lot of it is just talk it's a lot of it is just posturing it's use for political gains and to feed into a military industrial complex because of the same people handing checks to politicians that make these very expensive weapons or upgrade them to get over trillion with the bottle puts trillions of dollars into upgrading the right arsenal
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and this is the one thing i'd like to say there's two ways of looking at this one that this treaty isn't worth the paper it's printed on right because it's a whole bunch of countries that don't have the nuclear arsenals saying they won't have nuclear arsenals and a lot of people say well you know the nato sort of condemned the treaty which i find this strange saying seeking to ban nuclear weapons through a treaty that will not engage any state actually possessing nuclear weapons will not be effective will not reduce nuclear arsenals and will neither enhance any country's security nor international peace and stability. that's sort of rich because what you have is a bunch of come a bunch of countries who are saying we don't want them and it's causing her to all of these countries for you guys to have them there making a statement the fact that nato is not listening to that whatever you believe about nato but the fact that they're saying it's not good enough because it doesn't work that's i think that's a huge mistake that they're speaking they're speaking and saying we don't want them
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and they want us to do is to listen to those actions. for many around the world even here in the united states the fear of a potential nuclear exchange taking place in the near future is something to be taken very seriously in california as the u.s. president and north korean leader kim jong un continue to escalate their saber rattling and manhood measuring contest officials are discussing the security and preparedness of potential targets like the international port of long beach in southern california artie's for to dos santos as more. of the thirty two hundred acre port of long beach is one of the busiest ports in the united states second only to the port of los angeles which is adjacent as a leading gateway between the united states and asia it generates over one hundred billion dollars in trade every year everything from clothing and shoes to toys furniture and consumer electronics arrive on ships like the ones behind me before making way to store shelves across the nation because this is such a critical piece of infrastructure it's
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a prime target for enemy attacks and since nine eleven government agencies have ramped up their efforts to protect it this includes collaborating with consulting groups like knowledge and intelligence program professionals retired marine colonel how come for who founded the company told me kip recently hosted a seminar for california officials as part of the eggs or size he asked them to imagine the unthinkable a north korean strike on long beach or rather than hype nuclear war he took a more pragmatic approach i'm not staying up staying awake at night. worrying about a nuclear attack certainly within the continental united states with that said. if if kim jong loon uses a nuclear weapon it will spell the end of his regime and the purpose of the nuclear weapons is to preserve his regime so there is a certain balance there which is it's a weapon he wants to have but it's a weapon that he can never use what other ways canard korea potentially attack the
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point we look at their large submarine fleet and we do know that north korea can shoot missiles from submarines they're not shy about this they also have a rather. top notch commando force and their commandos their special operations forces are pretty famous they have been picked up doing operations throughout that region south korea japan imagine a worst case scenario what are we looking at it's not the same thing as what we saw in the cold war it's not you know huge nuclear weapons with air burst and multiple mega tons of energy being you know put down in a city you're talking a much smaller weapon really the effects after a mile dissipate so if you were down there and the bomb went off down there it would be the worst day you can possibly imagine but if you're up here or on the other side. life goes on this port is crucial for
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a trade especially with china can you talk about so much of the economy is built with built around trade and a lot of that trade is with the united states with north america and this is the major conduit that that trade comes through so they have a vested interest to make sure that that is not interrupted they don't want to see sanctions they certainly don't want to see anything happen to the port here in your opinion what is the best solution moving forward i know secretary battus i used to be his for a short period of time i was his director of intelligence and he's a very smart man there are military options but but frankly not great military options with north korea and nobody wants to start a nuclear war the consequences of that are absolutely horrific we have to work with you know the international community as a whole to put pressure on kim jong un with north korea getting closer to
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intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities and media pundits endorsing preemptively u.s. military strikes it's important for international leaders to neutralize the threat without starting world war three in long beach proceeded santos r.t. . you know as a u.s. citizen it's interesting to me when they talk about neutralizing threats and things like that because i still go back to you know i think there was a poll done a while back that the majority the world views the united states as one of the biggest threats to world peace and you know our rhetoric and our and our kind of like saber rattling is people will come and say you know you can argue about that we're not we do this we do that you can show all the charts you want to people at the top perception and if people perceive it as a threat to them and when there's drones going over the entire middle east and that's the perception they have that's that is the story you're giving them it's going to look that is going to be well wait a matter of the many things you want to change and you're getting rid of nuclear weapons is a good start at that. citing treaties like retard was
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a good start that would you go throughout history you know the thing is everyone talks about the nuclear threat of tomorrow but we can also talk about the nuclear threat of yesteryear i mean let's talk about this since the since the first nuclear test explosion in july sixteenth one nine hundred forty five at least eight nations have detonated over two thousand nuclear explosions in the hold up to forty five built the bay. these test sites are all over lot more in china to the tolls of the pacific which had a horrendous horrendous effect of those people and also inspired godzilla a good zylon as you know about syria were france conducted its for its first two good ways western australia where the u.k. exploded nuclear weapons the south atlantic kazakhstan and across russia i mean it's incredible eight hundred that they maybe they don't really you don't think about and people don't often understand is that most of these test sites were in the indigenous places near indigenous population and nowhere near where the leaders
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live right it's all import areas they were shot either up into the atmosphere which causes radiation radiation to come down or underground and none of it was bent out of the grammy you know that faith that happened a lot there yeah it really was a result i'm not god and everybody's i mean people wonder why we have so much can serve horrible things like that today i'm sorry five hundred twenty eight nuclear weapons were detonated in the atmosphere in the atmosphere. and they wonder they wonder all right as we go to break arc watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered facebook and twitter see our poll shows at r t v dot com coming up journalist and author max woman of the hawk's nest to discuss the war mongering and ratings chasing fast food journalism with c.n.n. better keep watching the hawks.
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thank you for new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media over the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . strength of the european union was very detrimental for the development of local and regional economies and only if these economies developed and. recreate
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a livelihood for the people with the high in the event see the stop of this i mean gratian from these countries. nobody thought of a marshall and. islamic states claims it was behind the month just a terror attack by the militants for all six killed a priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming to go ice is so bad someone needs to do something against them for me was like yeah why don't. you. know all. about it if. you challenge them. talking. chinese hafiz only hope you sound like it's got
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a good plan this gunman who killed innocent let me show. you. why the white house is dead set on a brutal bare knuckle relationship with the news media many members of the fourth estate have enjoyed the prestige that comes along with being the president's most public enemy but even though they may do battle on camera with modern history as well. at least popular administration what else are esteemed mainstream journalists really accomplishing with their revamped reading as newly recovered audience well let's take for example the current reigning prince of mainstream cable news jake tapper of c.n.n. believed under the guise of unflappable neutrality mr tapper has as some have
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realized and reported been promoting a very particular agenda one promoting america's military industrial complex and washington's and less war machine to discuss mr tapper's record and more we are joined by max limit on best analysis and senior editor at alter net good american oh always a pleasure to have you all know. a lot you've done a few articles a little research and. see. you know a lot of that a lot of people could have come to this perfect case study in mainstream media is political would judge if you really look at what about his background and style makes him the kind of poster boy for the establishment i watched a lot more tapper than any human being should be subjected i'm sorry about that but i think it's like if it had been inside the chamber and bob graham it would have been appropriate but you know i why i've been watching tapper ever since the trump era began and he's really ramped up kind of
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a narrative of regime change but this actually started maybe towards the end of the obama era and i just noticed that he rarely misses a show without promoting regime change against one of the non-compliant nations you know venezuela iran north korea there's the russian interference narrative and syria is a special place for jake tapper's really cheer lead for war and i wrote about his strange shady sources which have not been scrutinized by c.n.n. editors but you know i also went back into jake tapper's past you know this is someone who has crafted for himself an image as the consummate centrist in the beltway and it's almost like he's planned his path to the top of cable news he. it's salon dot com which is sort of a progressive magazine one of the first online publications that had a progressive brand i also wrote for them and so i worked with david talbot who was the founder of salon and i went back to david talbot and said what do you think of what jake tapper is doing and he said you know it's absolutely abominable but it's
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it's exactly what i expected not only was he a centrist he was a john mccain groupie and so i looked at some of the things mccain tapper was saying back in two thousand when mccain was running for president he compared himself a verbally to mccain's hostage he said i'm patty hearst and you know there's no way that you won't come under mccain's spell in fact he likes to call me tanya this was when he was a white house correspondent who was covering mccain and he's continued to be mccain's groupie to the president if we remember last week john mccain went on jake tapper and said you know north korea needs to be extinguished it needs to be we need to see the extinction of that regime and jake tapper just nodded along and then he said you know how's your family doing how cindy house. you know. how many. gets thrown out there there's what kind of you know allusions to death and destruction just kind of thrown out there on the show and other shows on c.n.n. and other moves and it's kind of like oh cool how are you doing you know is everything ok all right and there's something about it being with jake tapper
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especially. i remember the first time i ever experienced his work was when he wrote an article years and years and years ago about going on a date with monica lewinsky. and i was at it you know pretty horrified and as a as a young woman under the age of eighteen that this was like it was horrifying to me that someone would do that and it calls back what i was unemployed for a while and fat watch c.n.n. all day and i now and looked at jake tapper as being this like well yes he's fighting for the middle ok that's what kind of people thought and that's that's what i ask because that phrase is that. jake tapper is easy even handed he is neutral he's all of that but one of the things you talk about and one of the things that's really important to look at is how that even handedness that guy is that neutrality is actually pretty morally dishonest can you kind of walk us through that idea yeah i mean first of all we could do goes on
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a date with one woman and then writes a whole article about it so like that's bizarre like you just ok that's just weird i don't even know what else to say and he's not going to go out on this date to write the article yet really tell her that yeah you know but well i mean the reason he writes it after lewinsky becomes this at the center of a scandal that it perfect for his you know social climbing in washington and so is his centrism and he'll go wherever the center is and as we know the center is constantly moving to the right especially on foreign policy so tapper is affected this image is trump's greatest untag interest in mainstream media is his ratings have gone up something like fifty eight percent since trump has been elected and then he tries to convey an image of objectivity but as we know in washington objectivity is just a guys for deep seated establishment terry and conservatism which jake tapper often takes out on the left on particularly in social media and he chooses his targets carefully he likes to show that he's attacking the left and the far right equally
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meanwhile his guests consist pretty much of neo con marionettes whether it's adam kinzinger from illinois who just never met a war he did like except maybe with north korea because they have to turn a capacity john mccain adam schiff who is kind of the adam kinzinger of the democratic party and loves bombing countries and jake tapper has personally for a military strike on syria which would have been you know turned a country in the heart of the middle east into libya and afghanistan i mean his one principle criticism of obama when obama was leaving the white house was that he did not attack syria then he went on to recommend an important middle east expert on social media someone who he'd be. pumping up on his show was a seven year old girl named bad who is actually a regime change prop cultivated by the government of turkey and public relations firms he has never had a syria expert on his show but a seven year old is who he turns to along with another shady character who is the
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regime change operative in washington who brings all the politicians to the syrian border who brought mccain to meet with syrian rebels who'd been involved in kidnapping shia pilgrims this was tappers other source who he referred to as simply a syrian activist was mostafa the doesn't seem to be a lot of words but one would begin journalism years with beside us the soldiers with their side us to sit with us let's give each side a fair shake you know for people to be better informed well look there's nobody scrutinizing tapper for his warmongering nobody except for maybe this show and that's shocking you know he gets rave reviews in g.q. and ask why are in all of these glossy supermarket aisle ornaments for taking on trump and liberals just simply don't care about issues of war and peace so he has a free hand to host to basically be the state department's megaphone every day do you think that this this kind of relentless assault trumped by. you know and everything else i mean do you think it's all part of the ratings game i mean is
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there any conviction to what toppers doing is a really just i want to be the most famous news anchor to be the highest rated channel and let me answer that is that is that is what they're doing and the kind of thing that jake tapper is doing attacking other journalists sort of lowering the bar in a sense and trying to play this both sides of the game is that actually hoping this administration by causing confusion or setting the stage well c.n.n. helped this administration it helped create this administration jeff zucker was the producer of the apprentice he helped make trump into a national figure beyond what he was when he was just going on howard stern the. jeff zucker and c.n.n. ensured that during the primary trump received more favorable coverage than any other republican candidate i remember seeing a special puff piece on malani of the business woman on c.n.n. and so now they've turned the switch on trump because ratings are good and trump's
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approval ratings are down i mean it's one of the easiest things in washington to do is to attack trump and jake tapper's ratings up rates are up but so are rachel maddow as rachel maddow is ratings were in the toilet during the obama era so this is just part of sort of a careerist opportunistic ploy but you know beneath the guise of taking on trump beneath the fake guise of adversarial journalism jake tapper is essentially the voice of the one party permanent war state and he's one of the most aggressive defenders and promoters of their agenda and liberals are getting away with it so you know what created trump the war on terror created trump and that's what we're continuing this permanent war stay trump is benefiting from the tensions with north korea iran we just watched his u.n. speech i hold jake tapper and c.n.n. completely responsible for the fear mongering that has led up to where we are on north korea and to use those terms like fire and fury and i think i think really the people can do if they don't like this is simply you know not only to turn the
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channel but let them know you know let c.n.n. know jake tapper the lead people know that look we don't like this we don't like what you're doing we don't like what you're standing for please go back to being an honest journalist or we want journalism or asked airports and doctors' offices not to play them. because that seems to be the only place i ever see it is the only people who really watch it or that it can pick up a place you know about every night from and i want to ask you you know what do you feel is the best solution thirty seconds but what if it was the best solution to the scope of your project hours of the world they need to be hounded and you know he claimed that you know he's been promoted as this kind of fact checker well he actually needs to be fact checked because he's lied. repeatedly as i've shown in my three part series on him at alter net's gray zone project he's lied and promoted deceptions often state sponsored deceptions designed to get us into war and it's up to people who are concerned about issues of war and peace to hold him accountable
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and hound people like him especially someone as thin skinned as tapper will go thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure and thanks for having me. how would you like a fashionable isolation tank like hooded sweatshirt line didn't prison chic pink that will last you oh say a hundred years well it has been claimed that the baker miller pink is the only color scientifically proven to reduce hostility violence and aggressive behavior it has even become somewhat of a staple in american prison and holding cells known affectionately as drunk tank pink answer the relaxation hoodie with pockets like springs a fully enclosed that allows for an experience somewhat like an isolation tank and an interior that recreates the coming blurry experience of a drunk tank is what he will allegedly last year one hundred years strong enough to withstand wind sleet rain fire hammers nails and apparently common sense because
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users are claiming it works because of a euphoric feeling they experience while zipped up in the garment where oxygen flow is constricted and they would be. breathing their own c o two i'm just just saying and while drunk tank pink strait jacket what do use could be useful in that one friend gets a little too rowdy i'm not sure failed prison technology is the best basis for a fashion brand even if you can light them on fire only we could put jacob with a little all right that is our show for today remember of christmas. so i tell you all of you i am tyrone and ducked out of the was watching those logs and every great very productive. at the united nations us president donald trump described his vision of foreign policy as principled realism he also tried to convince the gathering of the general assembly that his idea of america first is compatible with this vision no less he
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sees the world no differently than his predecessors. well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i've been there in the small boats next to the hardcore ships and it's still. a lot tougher than. the little self the big top fish already ninety percent of it are gone and it won't recover. to conduct fifteen scoops seventy five tons torn up and they do it several times a day with a big fleet so no you get an idea why. we have to and we cannot stay still there and just. be with them this will be is the only going to give us. i'm doing this because i want the future
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world to future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean how we have. prescribed medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site water boy who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects while you was was jealously alter what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because
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something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. russian submarines fire rockets at all nurse or a terrorist positions in syria's provinces the russian defense ministry says all targets were hit. north korea threatens to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific just hours after washington fluff a state with more sanctions. thousands gather in barcelona demanding the release of a dozen regional officials arrested by spanish authorities madrid called catalonia upcoming independence referendum illegal.


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