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tv   Headline News  RT  September 22, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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north korea threatened to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific just hours after washington slapped the state with yet more sanctions. russian submarines fired rockets at a looser terrorist positions in western syria the russian defense ministry says all turkey targets were hit. and with the german general election just two days away we'll be going live to berlin where last minute electioneering is in full swing. this is r.t. international broadcasting live from the russian capital i'm jack thank you for
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joining me. the leaders of the u.s. and north korea have engaged in a fresh round of name calling amid the escalating nuclear crisis first kim jong un slammed trump as mentally deranged and even sent the internet into a frenzy with the sentry olds a centuries old insult dotard which means a an old person who has become weak or senile trump hit back on twitter branding kim jong un quote a madman the verbal tussle falls terms first speech at the u.n. general assembly earlier this week and now joins me live with more on that. caleb tell us more about their reaction to trump speech. well the united nations general assembly here in manhattan has not yet concluded but already we're starting to see the results of donald trump's debut performance now at a podium it's usually used to promote peace and dialogue we heard donald trump
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launch into attack and attack on several countries now the top target in trump's remarks was north korea threaten to destroy. he said that it imperils the world with nuclear conflict and afterwards we now see north korea threatening an unprecedented weapons test in the pacific as washington has just slapped them with more sanctions let's take a listen to that exchange the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself words out we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime through their kind of measure will be taken is decided by the chairman of the state affairs commission. but i think that the strongest ever hundreds of might be tested in the pacific. now iran was
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also targeted by donald trump in his remarks he accused iran of exporting violence to yemen syria and other parts of the middle east he furthermore denounced the iran nuclear deal saying that it was an embarrassment to the united states and hinting that it should be revised in ways that put more restrictions on iran now iran stepped up the iranian leader rouhani president of iran he spoke to the un general assembly and we are now hearing that ron is iran is actually going to boost its missile defense systems let's take a listen to the exchange on iran. the are a new government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. with the you like us when we would increase our military power as a deterrent we will strengthen our missile capabilities we will not seek permission
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from anyone to defend our country. now at this point we've heard a number of speakers a number of world leaders take the podium at the u.n. general assembly and it's not only been you know long time rivals and opponents of u.s. power that have the head of criticize the united states france and germany both took shots at donald trump in the aftermath of his presentation criticizing his remarks at this point questions are being raised about what could be the results of donald trump's rather loud and groundbreaking speech at the united nations people wonder if the nuclear crisis on the korean peninsula could escalate people are also wondering about the iran deal and does the iran deal now hang in the balance a lot of questions are being asked as the united nations general assembly proceeds in the aftermath of donald trump's controversial speech. thank you for that update that was caleb ma been reporting live from new york. and now to
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syria where the russian defense ministry says that some marines have targeted terrorists in the province of idlib artie's were among kosar of is falling to developments for us submarine of the russian black sea fleet which is currently stationed this part of the naval group in the mediterranean shots caliber cruise missiles towards terrorists or gets into syria according to russian defense ministry also argue that have been destroyed and among those are terrorists command posts training bases weapons storage facilities or the calls and of course military power as well now all of those have been destroyed now defensive ministry stresses that some of the targets had been those that militants. who ambushed it's twenty nine a russian military police personnel in the hama province on no wednesday now the
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russians were heavily outnumbered by that but despite that they were able to fight back and the russians have not lost any matter whatsoever but three of those men have been injured so you could say that's a couple of days later after that ambush a russian defense ministry came out with this so-called vengeance. almost ninety percent of syrians terror syria's territory is now liberated from islamic state this is the latest figure from the russian defense ministry on the ongoing battle against the terrorists since the beginning of their campaign two years ago russian air forces have killed more than fifty thousand terrorists russian fighter jets have conducted almost one hundred thousand air strikes during over thirty thousand flights to eliminate terrorism in syria one of the country's main battles is now in daraa zor where syrian troops backed by moscow are trying to get rid of remaining pockets of jihad ists are to travel to the city to talk to people who live there
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for three years under i still see each. i have no money to buy food for my children i've only been able to feed them program months in the last few months shell exploded and killed many innocent people children it is or has been soaked in blood. that i would play with them i was pushing them and trust them i was like a mother and a father took it over to die. suddenly when i went outside to push through it and massacre my mother she was sick she had a strange kind of heart attack when i was injured by a shell must what can i do now i used to do all the housework and stand in line to
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buy food now i can only see and cry. in catalonia thousands have gathered outside a court and barcelona demanding the release of a dozen regional officials there arrested by spanish authorities and a crackdown against the region's upcoming independence vote which madrid brands illegal here's a look back at the events surrounding the cattle and referendum. this legally legitimate thousand year old nation the life lessons of this lonia river bridge that will be held in the sunday the first of the type.
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it's just us that has the problems in this case the spanish justice system and not the some one hundred twelve my as. i write this aggression is outside of the north it damages the state's ability and all of the constitutional guarantees. this referendum can organize it was never legal or legitimate i i. was. earlier we heard differing opinions on the issue from a political analyst from madrid and a pro independence activist from barcelona. the referendum
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it's our legal it's against the law. of the of the regional law that is suspended by the highest court in a spain it was. young it was the only of the house of the original parliament sums that simulation democracy is legal we have voted with absolute majority of the members of our parliament and if they have a problem with democracy they will have to justify it to international community because this madness natale government members being arrested private people that they all know where house they are being arrested and then being questioned is not only against the spanish law on the european revolutions it's even against the. most important things right now. they have to restore their order their under law in dr ian. we're not
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going to step back we will talk with all the international committee. with which we already have thousands of treaties the main places that they are selling their things and their business is the rest of the country so. business in catalonia without the rest of the country they are they all can do anything so that is an important thing and madrid is not forcing anything catalonia is a dynamic i can treat with. gives our net result to the european and europe we are not deficit terry and we are once a most exploited and i want to receive the most the international investment. there is not compromise on the referendum they have to drop that idea and to leave the referendum back because that. he's not going anywhere catch on an asian nation
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he was all right to be three hundred. go they didn't they got it when they just we are just correcting we're just amending that mistake it's little surprise catalonia is bid for freedom has the backing of a number of other regions in europe where talk of secession is also strong one of which is of course scotland i think is of concern anywhere is for a state to seek to deny the rate of people to democratically express their will and the right of self-determination is an important international principle and i hope very much that it will be respected in catalonia and if we did a survey and there's a chance for glaswegians to stand with the people of council want to go and stand with them on the basis of fundamental democratic values we believe that whatever your views on the indian independence the catalonian people themselves should be the ones who have to make to choose the future course of the country i feel barrie
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proud and that's well very moved to see scottish people especially glaswegian people have been living for a year to see that they demonstrate in favor of the government process that we're leaving that we should we shall have a referendum we will cover it for in the and that we will we will vote and so yeah i'm very moved to saying that. in fact catalonia is push for independence was very much encouraged by scotland's own attempt to go it alone it held a referendum back in two thousand and fourteen but fifty five percent voted against leaving the u.k. however following the brics that vote of two thousand and sixteen when a majority of scots went against the national decision to leave the you talk of a new referendum emerged again we discussed both scottish and catalonian calls for independence with columnist lesley ruddock. for the catalans and for the scots the case is being made as an aspiring saying these are nations who want to become states now do you tend to think as an onlooker what else can the catalans do if
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their attempt to event haven't thought is resulting in such heavy handed approaches so it looks like it will be in practical terms it may be impossible to halt but the question is what next. over to germany now where the general election is just two days away the latest polls show that two parties angela merkel c.d.u. and martin schultz as s.p.d. lead the race however third place could play kingmaker should there be a minority government delling or the left is among those contender an r.t.s. peter all over joins us live now from the rally in berlin. here to tell us a little bit about what's the mood at the rally right now. just right now the supporters of the left party hearing a speech from one of their senior figures going to go he's addressing them from the
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stage right now so it's all very quiet we have seen music and other events taking place here just to talk a little bit about bit about who the left. they are on the left side of the political spectrum here is the name suggests they're campaigning on this election for a rise in the minimum wage for caps on the rents in cities like lynn and other major cities across the country also they want to see. more investment in health care and the dissolution of nato this strongly against the alliance they also want to see higher taxes a tax rate of seventy five percent on high earners has been flaunted but this campaign has been ruled by infighting between the link between those who see themselves as traditional socialists and not holding the what they see as the traditional socialist values of the party and between dosing. some of accused of just wanting to do anything to get into power and one of those that's some controversy has been one of the candidates for.
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controversy suggesting the berlin wall was a necessary evil also her views when it comes to refugees and migrants. receive a cream pie in the face from some of her party members or some of those that support the party anyway who say that she was too critical and even closer to the populist alternative. policies when it came to refugees we spoke to. senior member. where they stand on the refugee crisis. in their opinion. in twenty six tino washington university study revealed that most refugees coming to europe originated from countries that were bombed the second group is economic refugees when the west destroys other economies which are not competitive with in demand free trade and say we want to sell our goods there and if the economy turns to
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ruins we don't care about it. when it comes to want to link you can expect all the left can expect to take when it comes to polling on sunday that currently set around eighty percent depending on who you listen to. and that number they aren't going to be of course one of the main parties they could potentially win it but they could fall into a coalition however that coalition certainly will not be with angela merkel c.d.u. she said she won't stand with the linky she won't stand with alternative for germany on the right so that leaves us in a situation other we're counting down the last final stages of this german election campaign and one question that is being us though is what the russians going to have. you know.
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expectations that russia would try and meddle in the german vote half and being met but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been interference that house just hasn't come from moscow german researchers say they've tracked down online trolls who've been posting attacks against angle or merkel and other leading german current idiots while putting online and promoting support for the immigration alternative for germany party. a lot of the stuff we've seen in germany can be or at least inspired by the movement in the us the german cabinet meets every wednesday morning just behind me and that is that this week's meeting the interior minister came out and sounded almost disappointed that they haven't uncovered a russian plot to the favor asli fiddle in this year's federal elections we don't
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see that putin has meddled in the election campaign maybe they didn't try maybe it's still common since mr seems to think that the time is possible for her to see should look into the german government's own election software since it apparently only took one susie it's not too long to find holes in it we have found several fundamental errors in the p.c. will software had tasted fourth of july twenty seven c. including insufficient protection of the service and lack of encryption the transmitted results the weaknesses and now influence an election results in various attacks and are issues with fewer than two days to go before polls open fear mongering over a russian hacker if the election come to nothing perhaps with this election being something of a foregone conclusion it's no wonder that we've seen conspiracies and fantasies about foreign intervention and interference being
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a little more interesting and more exciting to pitch than talking about the race itself peter all of our. stay tuned because in about two hours we'll be going live to another rally by the s.p.d. with martin schultz headlining and don't forget tomorrow we start our special coverage of the german election two thousand and seventeen.
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in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington or washington. voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals. bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. strengths of the european union was very detrimental for the development of local and regional economies and only if these economies are developed and. they recreate a livelihood for the people they will be in the final event see the stop of this i mean gratian from these countries.
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welcome back they spoke has agreed to release to congress data about ads allegedly bought by russia that's amid the ongoing investigation into moscow's alleged interference in the two thousand and sixteen us presidential election we are actively working with the u.s. government on its ongoing investigations into russian interference we've been investigating this for many months now and for a while we had found no evidence of fake accounts like to russians look to russia running ads and when we recently uncovered this activity we provided that information to the special counsel we also briefed congress and this morning i directed our team to provide the ads we've found to congress as well we may not
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always be able to share all of our findings publicly but we support congress in deciding how to best use this information to inform the public and we expect the government to publish its findings when their investigation is complete. facebook's claims it's discovered three thousand paid for political ads that could have links to russia they cost one hundred thousand dollars in total and were bought between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and seventeen the company adds all the purchase advertisements are linked to quote an authentic accounts the kremlin has reacted to facebook's move saying it has never placed any political ads on the social network meanwhile donald trump has reacted on twitter saying the accusations of moscow meddling in u.s. elections are just quote a hoax we discussed the latest with the founder of the unseen encrypted server chris kids well they're running out of time they can't prove anything that russia did anything with the with the american election so they're obviously trying to you
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know put some news out there to make to try and keep the story alive well they're contributing to the russian hysteria there are you know there's two sides to this there's president trump and then there are the other people and the other people lost power they were surprised they lost the election and now what they're trying to do is get back at president trump it's just a simple and what's happening now is they're finding that their whole russian story fell apart right in front of their eyes because there was nothing there and now they're trying this so it's going to be it's another bit of nothing they may try and use this is a way to try and regulate people like matt drudge or other with news websites to say well you're accepting ads from you know potentially from foreign people but you know there's no way that a news website really even knows who the advertisers are. back to our top story this hour iran has threatened to boost its missile capabilities in response to donald trump's speech at the u.n. general assembly earlier this week i'm not joined live by
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a slimy how the world and foreign policy at the top news agency. now trump called the iran deal quote an embarrassment for the u.s. why do you think he chose to lash out at to tehran and his first u.n. general assembly speech. thank you for having me the american president in his first speech in the united nations try to have two parts in his speech on one party tried to talk about harmony and sovereignty but in this second part event in contradiction to the first part of his speech invade she threatened and said the. event here i'm just so i north korea but he has some part against iran that the question that why he wants to. go harsh against iran when it's constantly acadia the reason is that the american president president seems to have another session with on doing everything. merican
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president barack obama has done so the nuclear deal is one of the things which was achieved brings the past administration so i think he wants to do that as well this second point that he wants to do you read in the clear the illusion that he wants to put pressure on iran by saying that he will be certify iran's come flying stay in the to the nuclear deal pass it to the congress in this way he wants to put pressure on iran or mostly on european allies in order to put pressure on iran to add some additional parts to it in the clear meaning to start to make some changes to the chase c.p.a. which is in the clear. tromp administration believes started the rationals in the clear idea is something which needs to be extended beyond twenty twenty five they
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also believe that the wrong missile program needs to be included in the in the clear. as well but on the other side the randian administration on the three shows all along said they will not be negotiated or they will implementing the deal so far as they have done so far and then they can isn't so verify that. the international atomic energy agency juran has done commitments so far. in future as well as the renter present wrong so i just keep implementing the of that is being now no completion or no additional parts or changes can be made today whether it is the idea that we have or it has to go away if they want to make any changes now trump has been criticized for his one sided approach by other countries but the u.s.
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envoy to the un nikki haley admitted washington's always put america's interests before other nations let's take a quick listen to what she said it has never moved the u.s. to care about what other countries say what doesn't the president is are we doing everything in the best interest security interest for the american people. do you think that's a good approach for the u.s. . it seems that there america first seems to be the american only that is the criticism the europeans have made against the american administration but it seems that the american president mr trump whether he is really mean to undermine the international treatments for the united states or he's trying to play the theory of research was done in the nixon richard nixon in the past but. whatever it is their point is that
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many are arguing. that he is. the you neither this by this role which he's going to. be it's in their national through that it could the ability as well mr was done i'm sorry we are going to time i want to thank you so much for your time and your comments that was a slimy head of world and foreign policy at tasman news agency thank you so much. that's our roundup of the news this hour i'll be back in about thirty minutes thinking. lindsay francis is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight the securities and exchange commission. a while ago now the half hours have made money on dolan information also.


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