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for them to wait like i'm sure they've all seen what's happened in europe. and the call to collapse there was just nothing kaddish and now the european need to see. east africa already in a very bad state like then they got told us they have been there they still are just. as if you look at the situation in somalia the pirates can be argued that they used to be fishermen and then foreign told us came from the fish they have no income so i think it's just common sense that the country is so waking up.
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to want to. then you must use your own post this huge costs and then do most of them assume i'm not good. to men married to god would never make good on people but. it should be nice to my leftist he's not exactly nothing to be did not matter. and this instance didn't turn him into. the. ticket.
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ok. let's. say the song. yes you. know that's like yeah but it isn't the money. it's the soviet economy. who think you can actually instruments. you out of. funds from your well give up. comes well up. and i was. able to sell i think that's an upcoming. season cut.
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completely please and doesn't come to you i don't think. it's because i could not. possibly but the folks. they call in bold we change the chamber to make sure there is no bullet in the child. so when they're stalled they're all safe there are no bullets and then when
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we do them which are temporary again and when they come back we check the champus will make sure that when this told there is no will that man and they moan and groan so i'll still see where i want to go. to any good you can go. back cause i don't want it that way please stay there i want to tell you something if. not one. piece of the list also nine hundred fifty of us mailed out today waiting for him and the higher calling back he was to be over here.
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these made me want to hire more. and i think that's the sweetest thing it used to kill whales now it's protecting them. see show but befriending the worry also in the southern ocean so each of the new you still go down to the way you see shimmer was the only one window on there. and. the most impressive story was how we see shepherd stood up to that and that in between. the. new steps and the processing stance and prevented him from being able to transfer the whales onto that process which. was the end there.
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and you just. paid. a million dollars and so flight. would be. able to. be able to. pay. you.
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in between. to stop this with. your. children to see. between their. hands. through the water. will. all. be. extremely. mayday mayday mayday call stole. all. the way. they had already crossed the.
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so the board barker. been seeing but it was very very close. now after these we had the injunction come against that we cannot go five hundred meters close to this is an injunction from the u.s. court and that's the weird thing how the u.s. courts have dual use diction in international waters to a crew that is international to a ship like the netherlands but still we are respecting this injunction do not engage in illegal activities this flag. at the moment we don't use it in africa. there is a piracy situation and it's very tactful unpolitically correct to fly a pirate flag of course part of me always looks back to these days. to be
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had legs your old toller and saved their life for seven hundred way of course you always look back to the people who you work with these accomplishments i think all of us nice but then. we have been in the direction caesar but has taking because for me personally are you fishing and overfishing has been my thing. i hope it would do more for the fish they don't scream when they die and nobody knows what's going on with them like they are the underlings of the planet in no way so for me to see these collaborations with governments putting more. work into fish dream come forward.
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forty. pounds so we're still here and really persia under surveillance for. real watches were they did i'm a good surgeon general but the word it was put up were the two lots of. interesting shift gears it looks like it's a research ship it's been interesting here for days normally you'd expect to freeze the ship to go from the floor to the fourth story it's been least possible on those frozen food journey but just to sit offshore the bunch of frozen food has been strange this is suspicious hot to say the. phone. you know unless. i had to sell the seats i don't
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have a problem you know they have to hire the right to do that. but they can also carry her anus up. as far as a higher level yet. blow this while while this does get to be three drove us to her the top of his concerts. while those i've heard recently he appears to be noticed the bigger units are still easy surveyors. were here in his words your. air of sir. suspect is your target audience i got it he.
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is this trend sure the fish the illegals the easy so we just want to inspect make sure you all. polish your the stuff it's under and will be going to.
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the strengths of the european union was very detrimental for the development of local and regional economies and only if these economies are developed and. they recreate a life into it for the people they will be in the final event see the stop of this i mean gratian from these countries. nobody got a lot of muscle in the. islamic state. claims it was behind the manchester terror
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attack by the militants front so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming i says so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me yeah why don't. believe given. all those numbers. you know. that in the case of. legality the. chatter resumed chinese coffee hope you sound good has got a. group of police to keep him busy with his show.
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please. do stick. out if. somebody. he's. got on the bus was able. to spend hours on the. open. us. the fall before we have an idea well many cruise ship.
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was. never in the same as it just went on both vessels think it was based on nothing give us permission and the interesting to me that you think. you know somebody i don't. know pretty. clearly you see nothing.
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to do. just look list for the if to say well i just knew much way it would do it with a letter still too much in order to let it go it's just the stick you. write about it. is a moment of truth. for the food source not for muslims a lot of stuff. because. if you didn't for. the. know that. you needed to keep the one one incident was the same all. the. sell stuff it. is less bubble was
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frozen fish. is a way i missed it is all i. am going. to. because there was no way to believe but and believe gold will be beneficent when the. dismissal did not make it personal. beliefs one nation from hilarious she sits in the very few times you come up with this. believe me missile screen you can see this is really. not much of. a different kind of good didn't understand. this stupid use of the wires. around here while my just one new month went to deal with what this group is not possible to. just seems to be in safe position
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a good time to go through here and go and do was enormous not possible for the special state of n.p.r. because too much women swear if you. do if you do not look different. what are you known people do about. how they got diminished on someone to be feared coming god. reveals a little mountain dew if you want to believe that you don't go to the one of them. thinking. as they. do for.
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no. so it's quite different it's nice to have the government to be able to actually stop. the fish in the back what's going on. it's a different experience but it's a good development they don't like yeah usually that's the case here we go to like the pharaohs or they say get out you know or. you know about that place they don't like us very but they're all. in the farrows because we don't want them to kill the pilot whales and so you know they have this long tradition of driving the pilot whales with their small boats and driving them up onto the beach and killing them on the beach. and so we've gone
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there and interfered with dogs there is you know is there's a whole layers of legal issues there because it is illegal for the you and your whales and the pharaohs are potentially part of the you are they playing god. they tried in years past to pass laws against us and they kept getting they were the way they were that they wouldn't enforce them so i think believe this year they they have succeeded in keeping us from going there i know the ships can't go and. i don't know if individuals want now how that will work out but we're not going there on a campaign this year because of that because of the prohibition there and then we have other issues now that we're tackling like this illegal fishing which is a huge problem all over the world.
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if you want to know for example you just go to a supermarket buy a can of tuna open it and you enjoy it because with x. rays. but when you see how it's catch you start to singable these huge fish and birds are seen fish already in big trouble we kind of go on but there's still a right to assume a several meetings and then the persona board starts through or pulling the nets and nets to start with is getting tighter and fish squeezed all the lemon and in this moments of the sea really turns red. just to seal the last. number of nets it's called the scoop metal ring just gold to go into the big nets
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and scoop all of the fish. in one shot and we've just been runs as perceivable we counted fifteen scoops. you say on each book so. that's one catch seventy five tons to win out and they do it several times a day. almost every day with a big fleet six or no you get an idea why the ocean is over fished. we. expect to see. that one friend stuff up so i guess the fish are going to touch. it. it's to see a little. bit of the fish. that is. going to. be
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an interesting. ok we interrupt the program because we are going live right now to new york where russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is giving a media conference a day after his address at the u.n. general assembly let's listen. in the u.n. in june has not been exhausted and we have not heard any are reasonable arguments in response to our proposal to start working quoting to the surat map and we have not heard any reasonable arguments by our partners including the united states
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cannot do this let me remind you that this or old map is very much in line with the four nos as formulated by rex tillerson about a month ago and we are convinced that the un security council should take up this position by the united states and use it more actively as far as exchanging threats is concerned of course this is dead it is unacceptable to watch the reckless experiments of north korea with missiles and nuclear tests but it is also an acceptable to start a war on the korean peninsula he for those threats are converted into practical actions this is what will happen so we need to cool down some hot heads we need to . understand that we need to take a pause we need contacts if anybody's willing to act as
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a mediator we would welcome that. there were certain european neutral countries that were willing to act as mediators this is what terrorists mentioned he for the un security council has such a request he will do his best to act on it so. we have quite a few countries quite a few parties willing to try political options instead of a military option and let me remind you something that i mentioned in my speech at the un general assembly yesterday all the original aleutians by the u.n. security council in addition to sanctions speak of the need to engage in a political process when our western partners refused to follow this direction they do not deliver on the obligations they have taken up according to the u.n. security council resolutions so we will continue working with china seeking
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a reasonable approach not an emotional one we shouldn't be like kids in the kindergarden fighting each other and nobody can stop them thank you very much. c.b.s. news you said and ambassador now ben zia. you said that you are hoping to save the j c p o a is the russian federation open to negotiations or talks on sunset clauses missiles or syria either within j. c.p.o. a or on a different in a different context thank you. but it's not just a russia that says we need to save this program. specifically the general comprehensive plan of action on resolving the iranian nuclear program all european countries involved in the talks said the same thing and this is what most. members of the u.n.
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say is will this program is complete it's been approved by resolution of the u.n. security council so to open up this program would undermine everything that we have achieved so far and everybody understands this perfectly will the u.s. has some concerns with the regards to iran if somebody else has certain concerns with regard to somebody else all those concerns have to be addressed with dean special formats there is a special. negotiations format for syria and on missiles as well there is a special regime that doesn't ban. ballistic missiles as such of course there is for human rights there is the. human rights council it would be wrong for us to confuse apples and oranges especially in complex matters like the iranian nuclear deal.
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yes but as a minister thank you so much for asking this congress for a hug from bloomberg i was wondering can talk about the u.s. russia relations given that are so many issues there seems to be increasing tension on north korea iran syria ukraine how's that evolved in that front on the chum presidency. snit's we've got those of us who you know you put everything together korea iran syria ukraine. and all these problems affect russia u.s. relations i don't truly enjoy the effect that certain politicians tend to blame russia for everything russia and china have to sort out. the problem with north korea russia has to do something about syria they say and they also blame us for other
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crises even for yemen even though we have nothing to do with yemen what affects russia u.s. relations is not the fact that we have certain conflicts it's because the previous administration at tacked us. they set this time bomb for russia us or i did not expect in noble nobel prize winner to do such a thing but he really showed his true face and we're still suffering from the consequences of this action and we also saw for from the fact that he campaigned on raising doubts as to the illegitimacy of donald trump selection is still going on the people claim that russia meddled in the u.s. election and they don't offer any facts any evidence yet there is the fact that de servers the d n c. were hacked by an
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insider a person who is staffer who worked at the d.n.c. it was mentioned only once and then disappeared off the radar you should remind your readers about this fact it's been a almost a year that all sorts of commissions have been working on the issue of meddling and nobody was able to produce any evidence at all nobody has produced any facts any evidence showing that we medalled the new france or germany and now they're talking about sweden you know we used to have a prosecutor general in the soviet union his name was under a ski so. when he participated in trials and it was usually just a day or two not more than that he would say the best evidence is if. a person pleads guilty. and guilty plea and americans went through.


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