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see. were hacked by an insider a person who is staffer who worked at the d.n.c. was mentioned only once and then disappeared off the radar you should remind your readers about this fact it's been a almost a year that all sorts of commissions have been working on the issue of meddling and nobody was able to produce any evidence at all nobody has produced any facts any evidence showing that we medalled the new france or germany and now they're talking about sweden you know we used to have a prosecutor general in the soviet union his name was andrea was she in ski so. when he participated in trials and it was usually just to do it to not more than that he would say that the best evidence is if. a person pleads guilty and guilty plea and americans went further
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to them it's not a guilty plea to them as long as you're indicted the indictment bringing charges against someone he's the best evidence and this is really an obstacle that stands in the way of developing our relations we never invited ourselves to be allies but we have been allies and we fought together quite successfully and now we have huge potential for our bilateral relations that's not being used that he's even reducing because of there are so far because he's tyria. suffering and international affairs are suffering because russia and the u.s. are unable to work together for example on syria we have this what you call a de conflicting de confliction agreement this is not enough when you're fighting terrorists when the you're attacking iraq there is or there is this kind of
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division of labor you might see but to fight terrorists and affectively you need more than two conflicts and you need to coordinate your. strikes and the u.s. military is band to coordinate with russia because there is this demand by the u.s. congress lawmakers are not interested in resolving conflicts. and develop business ties with russia which would be important for u.s. businesses they're interested in sending all sorts of signals so that's what they're engaged in libya. but what's what you're doing in syria you had said taken a position that once. defeated you would want to see all the dishes and or forces out of syria have you had this sort of like. time frame when you were talking about the departure of or forces from syria are you in
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discussions with iran is that any permanent presence that would be a diff despite your efforts good efforts for. the north and get on in the passage it's called the law can you tell us what it is and who's going to be influencing it was never never heard of it. but now you did so this is i'm serious and i don't go there for love anyway so the point is that kindly could you tell us could lay the fears of a de facto partition of syria can you tell us who is getting what in this distribution of influence and is that a priority for example the iranian was there or from syria and. what the timeframe not only later on thank you. first of all we have to. finish our fight against terrorists and then we need to start thinking we can
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rebuild the syrian arab republic we cannot allow any kind of division for syria this will have domino effect throughout the middle east and probably certain people would like to see those who are interested in keeping it in the care os it's in a mess and the use. has been far from manageable for a long time. we said from the very beginning that this would be something temporary the six month period. during which this concept will work even in this case. simultaneously with the discoloration areas we will initiate the national reconciliation process we will launch a national reconciliation mechanisms between the government and the deescalation
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areas we want to start in the national dialogue we need to. start to with the groundwork for a political process this is in addition to what is happening in geneva there were certain well known and not so well known politicians syrian politician represents engineer they've been living abroad for a very long time and now the us turn up a process brought together at the same table the government and armed groups that oppose the government forces on the ground in syria i think this was a tremendous breakthrough and this is. as important at least as talking to immigrants who want to help resolve the syrian crisis these are people sitting together talking face to face people who just recently opposed each other on the battlefield. so now with these deescalation areas they are no longer
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amos the at least they should be partners in fighting terrorism as far as international presence is concerned there is a legitimate presence based on an invitation based on the request from the official government of that country which is a member of the united nations and then there is a legitimate presence the presence of the u.s. led coalition and special forces from a number of foreign countries who were never invited to the syrian arab republic but still they were deployed there to help coordinate. opposition groups so. the first step will take after we defeat the terrorists we need to. move. all those who are in syria illegitimately. as regards forces that are there legitimately it's up to the leaders of this syrian state to decide that after the political process of time in your mind when we pull
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off a place they told us you know. we had a timeframe. think in the year two thousand when the middle east quartet adopted the road map said that we should resolve the palestinian israeli conflict in one year it's been seventeen years since that time so it's better to stay away from artificial deadlines for this kind of process it's a very complex crisis and it will take a long time to resolve it. so in your speech before the general assembly you. praised president trump as you said you know laterally. has defended and will continue to defend principles such as sovereignty my question
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is about the gulf crisis to what extent do you think that the thought embargo. conforms or violates the principle of sovereignty as you talked about it in your speech and to what extent do you feel that the security council ought to do something about that in terms of condoning or condemning the embargo thank you very much so they certainly got us we have got the problem addressed this issue more than once soon after four arab states. announced their decisions president putin had a telephone conversation with most leaders of the countries involved in this conflict including so to arabia qadar egypt and i talked to foreign ministers of saudi arabia qatar and the just recently i was in
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a goal for emirates kuwait. just recently i was in saudi arabia and jordan and in all those contacts all those meetings we send the same very simple signal. now that we have the situation where in there where countries for some reason are accusing each other they talk about an agreement they had in twenty fourteen a confidential agreement they had and they now say that this agreement is being violated these countries have to come to the negotiating table they should that in the ultimatum is and they should look for a solution together they have to address their concerns then they have to find mutually acceptable way to address those concerns i believe this is doable by the way speaking of sanctions imposed on carter are i have to. an interesting example
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of a different treatment the way. common faults are treated in the car terry and the way people in syria are treated you know that the european union and some other countries imposed harsh sanctions on syria and they're actually these sanctions played an important role in causing serious humanitarian problems that the syrian arab republic faces today we are encouraged we urged those who imposed those sanctions more than once and these sanctions undermine efforts to deliver humanitarian aid into now provide a decent reason living conditions for normal for dinner and people coming back to carter about two weeks ago we heard calls to lift the sanctions imposed on carter at least as far as the affect the lives of ordinary people and i think it's been like three months right well in syria it's been going on for six years so i urge everybody to leave sanctions that affect the lives of ordinary people in syria.
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thank you and that's the lever off here in new york during their discussions we often hear from western leaders their words pragmatism we've heard it from my stomach wrong when he talked about trump's war. and had talks with about his own son with talking about don't you think that this general assembly is a notable one and that in the west so the western countries on realizing that we have reached the bottom in the relations between our countries and that we need to return to normal relations. well i wouldn't call this it turning point. i had the same number of meetings as in previous years send the contents of our discussions is a large list same last year in the year before that when i had by. literal meetings with the my colleagues the old said the situation is
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a bit normal and we need to fix it you may be right that. to day they are more acutely aware of this fact. and i heard assurances that the west. is going to stop playing these sanctioned games sinan will respect the interests of . our mutual cooperation well i wouldn't say that i have heard anything like that. yet but gradually this realization will come to them we have never asked. to lift sanctions so we never suggested to we do something else instead ha i think that life itself will force them to abandon this approach that leads them into debt and . as you know the biggest humanitarian crisis is going on and there are kind state and. in that with a muslim community more than half
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a million people they took shelter in bangladesh haiti turkey so what is your position already got countries positioned to these biggest humanitarian crises. it should have to shell since the last little and i had a meeting yesterday with the foreign minister of bangladesh we discussed the situation. we'll you said that the authorities of myanmar which you. responded to comments from the international community they are now taking into consideration the need to take care of the humanitarian aspect of what they're doing because they'd done just denied that they were extremists attacks here but civilians. should not suffer. and yes. we can say on a positive note that the myanmar authorities are already working on the recommendations that the international red cross committee send to them
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and. they're cooperating with an independent commission led by our. patriarch call for diplomacy coffee and i think by now everybody has realized that this situation has to. be converted into a political dialogue just like in the other countries like venezuela for example. thank you very much mr foreign minister and welcome back to the united nations when this you it us letter a from the associated press. china and russia have proposed a freeze for freeze initiative to try and spur. talks in between north korea and the united states and the
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other countries affected in the region but this has been rejected by the united states in view of the escalating rhetoric that we've seen especially in the last few days is there any other initiative that you can think of any anything else that might help reduce tensions and bring both sides to the negotiating table thank you evelyn this is what the words the first. sort of sort of sort of. this is this is a war to award toward the first question and i don't think i should repeat the answer to the first question it's absolutely the same question of whether a russian chinese initiative is dead and the votes should be thrown to the on sort
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of this i think in full. i'm sort of for well is about always think of you having a good i hope so they give you all the time. ok mr minister in your speech yesterday you mentioned that you have difficulty with the o.p.c. . chemical weapons in syria they seem to have pointed to both desh and the syrian government. why do you think they're prejudiced and why do you not support whatever they might find. first of all that's what it is let's just take a look at. the nationality of experts working in the fact finding mission in syria set up by he o.p.c. w there are two groups there. in this fact finding mission group one
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looks complaints coming from the opposition and another group reviews complaints by the government saying that the opposition has used chemical weapons as well and they are both groups are led by. the national soul for western state that takes a biased. anti-government approach do you think it's ok i think it's not a kate's not normal and most experts hired by this commission they all belong to the so-called group syria friend set up by the obama administration and this group only includes those who want to see a regime change now let me give you some specific examples on april fourth there was an incident. where immediately. white helmets reported. that sarin was used here they pleaded b.t.o. the water won't get shown that the crater. there it could not be created from
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a chemical bomb. the american said someone with the. aircraft in delivering this. bomb took off from the side right airbase that is controlled by the syrian government forces had a leader after this incident was the americans as to force the syrian government to allow their inspectors to visit. this field was because they wanted to catch them red handed they said we told them almost immediately that this syrian government is not only willing to let their inspectors visit the air field and they would be very much open to this and we reported this to washington and they said immediately no we're not interested thank you. i think they just realized that they are not these they were not going to find anything there still we invited the fact finding
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mission of the o.p.c. w. led by the nationals to nationals of the same state of the same country to visit both the airport and the place of incident they said this was not safe because the incident eerier is controlled by al nusra and the here feel the they were reluctant to go there they said that we don't need to go there even though this is exactly what the americans asked us about but when they gave us arguments against visiting hunchy hoon citing that the place is not safe suddenly the old p c w announced that they don't need to go there because they have samples already and these samples have been tested in three of the member states and the french and the british announced themselves that these were their labs and that they tested samples delivered from hunchy this bags the question in
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french and british colleagues. have received these samples from the area that the o.p.c. w. thinks is not safe this means that. both london and paris are friends with the people who control. this area or at least who have influence with the people who control the syria this is so obvious. but this is obviously wrong this is abnormal nobody can prove us that the samples tested in the paris and london. have not been tampered with. and have been delivered securely o.p.c. w. rules require. and finally based on those tests they published a report saying that most probably this was
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a sarin. used by syrian government forces yet the entire report does not contain a single clear statement all their claims are interspersed with the words like most probably we believe may be and so on this is scientific especially when you're dealing with a situation that is extremely serious and very key it was. a joint investigative mechanism. so-called jim. after we. talked a lot about this scene in there the u.n. secretary it and with the. states that. have some leverage with the secretary after all those efforts jim sent a mission but again not to the airfield where the plane equipped with chemical bombs. supposedly to go off it went to the mascot's instead and again
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these. government answered all their questions and we're grateful for the leader of this joint investigator mechanism you know we really hope that their experts will soon go to the shire at their base because from the very start the you said that the plane carrying the chemical bomb to go off from that airfield i don't know if this is not enough to answer your question. i hope this is enough. my question is about the significance of the security council and the world not hearing. in the process of the of these sanctions from the d p ok under article thirty two it says that the t p r k should be invited to the security council they've also asked to come under about the joint exercises they've sent numerous letters to the security council and yet we're told they don't want to go she but if the security council
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constantly doesn't even follow the charter inviting them. how can they have the sense that this is any process going on within the security council when you say russia's position about having an invitation the way article thirty two provides for a country that's being discussed and hearing their side of the story and i think. when the security council considers boys that had question regarding any member state of this country has to be invited and this country has to be offered an opportunity to present its position in the u.n. security council i absolutely believe in that especially since what you said this is mentioned in the u.n. charter but it's not just up to us other permanent members all the u.n.
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security council can. veto or mean we titian of any other country but still this requires consensus and it's not just up to us james j. space or marriages or english if i can take you back to the beginning of the week to choose state a president trumps speech and his comments threatening to totally destroy north korea or to pull out of the iran nuclear deal his comments about cuba about venezuela do you think that his language his tone and his approach make the world a safer or more dangerous place. in the world would be easy to answer your question because our think i already responded to all these question marks yesterday when i delivered my speech at the u.n. general assembly i supported the conceptual approach that the us president adopted the need to respect the sovereignty and we need to take the lead by being
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a role model be needed and not to interfere in other countries or fears and i said that anybody can subscribe to these. words especially if the u.s. consistently pursues these principles in practice i have nothing to add to that we never supported unilateral actions we never supported threats that the never achieve anything and we never supported interference in invasions especially with military force and we have to talk on all the issues you mentioned. same reason up to from the new york times eight months into the trumpet ministration had you expected or hoped that u.s. russia relations what improve would have improved and what do you make server of the of the probe by mr muller he has been gathering data from all kinds of
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sources including most recently facebook i wonder what your assessment is of that as nate zero zero three zero. answered. regarding all those hearings in congress investigations hearings. i watched a. special prosecutor it's been almost a year of this thing going on these rumors about the russia supposedly meddling in the us presidential election in that we've never seen any evidence not a single fact when i asked for example iraq's tillerson does he have if he had any evidence that russia's meddling is well documented he said there's nothing i can show you because this is classified i don't believe that firstly and most importantly to the you know in the united states all sorts of information gets leaked out so if there is this huge number of people involved that hearings all
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those investigations he shared a single fact this would be leaked and this far as facebook is concerned i think the white house commented on this and i have nothing to add to that journal i'm back here. mr glover of can you tell us what you think is the link between the position that the trumpet ministration has taken on the iran nuclear deal and the crisis with north korea and whether you think if the u.s. withdraws or opens renegotiations it would affect up potential talks with north korea and bringing them to the negotiating table if you're discussing earlier so. you know renegotiating the. global comprehensive plan of action we don't want to do that just like other countries there they don't want this to happen and how this
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might affect this situation how the iranian situation may affect the situation on the korean peninsula. the foreign minister of germany is ignore gabriele spoke at length about this so i don't want to steal he's ideas he said if the united states withdraw from the iranian deal and they go back to unilateral sanctions imposed on iran. and then lifted two years ago this would be very wrong signal for north korea currently what they're telling not gori is if you give up nuclear weapons we will lift sanctions so if they go to. the uranium deal now north korea you will see. why can't i how can i have a deal with you if you break the deals you made and you take back what you've given
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i think it's very obvious and i really hope that this example. this this will not become a precedent that over. your. first book it was amazing to hear you when you talk about the scene ski there was saying incredible was great to hear. but the question is about. this is about libya. here we heard the special seller may say that libya the big problem he's people that wants to start the school because everything will be solved by the secretary general a few days ago said here in this room there for him to leave is there a show internationally showing this moment they will be easy to resell.


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