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i'm going to just. your walk through your. reading and salutations back in the eighteen hundreds most popular and sought after beauty products were laced with toxic substances like arsenic and mercury which along with making their skin pale gave women this translucent look also gave them kidney and neurological damage fast forward to today and the products considered a luxury are the most organic nontoxic and also the most expensive while the mass produced products accessible to poor and middle class women are laced with cancer causing brain damaging and hormone trashing substances see in twenty seventeen
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safety comes at a price and if you happen to be a black woman that price is too darn high research in a new study from the american journal of obstetrics and gynecology found that racial inequality in the beauty and skin care industry is literally killing black women they found three areas of particular concern were products specifically targeted to black women and women of color. first skin light nerves while most would think that these bleaching creams are mostly popular just with asians around the world they're actually rary popular in places like jamaica where colonization meant for more than at least a century lighter skin meant access to privilege not afforded to darker skinned citizens the study found that dark skinned women across the world are using lightning creams that contain mercury which even in trace amounts when used regularly can lead to mercury poisoning neurotoxicity and kidney damage second texture products like relaxers specifically those targeted to african-american women in the united states these products were found to contain
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a class of preservatives known as parents and chemicals from animal placentas that mimic estrogen activities in the body these substances in your body can cause uterine fibroids tumors premature puberty and destruction finally feminine hygiene and odor reducing products are often targeted specifically to african-american women in the united states based on slavery era stereotypes that black women had a naturally offensive odor of course this was a way to oppress and you humanize them but when it comes to modern branding and big centuries of psychological and chemical oppression isn't as important as the almighty dollar see those products contain plasticizers these are chemicals used to make plastics harder order reducing body of voters also contain towle which has been found to cause gynecological cancers and endocrine disruptors isn't it time we start asking why african-americans who according to nielsen hold a trillion dollars of buying power in the united states alone are being physically
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fleeced and let's talk to a skin care act spert stop poisoning ourselves and for a bit of pretty and start watching the hawks. as. part of. what you are going. to. do. we. welcome everybody to watching the hawks on top of the wall is and joining me today from charlotte north carolina is skin care expert and founder of eyes or a but tactical beauty for sadie's at me welcome to the show mercedes thank you for having me thank you what mercedes one of the things that comes up is these mass
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produced products specifically targeted at where men are filled with these things that no one no one no one should have on their face what one of you see is a coincidence i mean i can look at this from many different angles is this coincidence is this conspiracy or is this just the effects of capitalism. and it's definitely got a cord didn't it i'm not it could there be. capital goodness partially to blame but what this namely the main issue for this is definitely racism and this is a byproduct of where this bill and the mechanic the high black human being was really in you know beauty products that. the aim for that is always to try and shift black women are darker pull women all of the races towards the euro century you know metric of beauty and data has been
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for hope least one hundred years at least in the saying especially in america and other countries where you see that happening and that's why you have all these lightning cleanings and the relaxes and all these the saying because in our society what is looked at as beautiful is. u.s. centric or more on more looking out what white basically right what's interesting is that this week this last two weeks was really on us line came out ventana got a lot of praise simply for having a much wider range of darker colors which sold out very fast but also ended up showing that she she found a spot that no one thought really was needed and that was for people with albinism are people of very light skin as well who couldn't find not think how important is it with the beauty industry that there are products that speak to us. it's very
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important every woman should be able to walk into a sub four and also boys have a blue store and be able to find their fallen nation color in two thousand and seventeen there's absolutely zero ease and for us to be able to go as a store and say wow i really like these products but they don't have lie in tolls and the reason why that's happening is because a lot of companies frankly just don't care enough about black women. to want food. investors hiding and the lady in the research tools making these darker chill and realises a black woman she saw that she saw the need for it she started needle in the dark but tell me if you thought i need a lighter section and i think it will i'll be an ism is that the majority will walk out on the line those are said to be a lot of black people so you know that all of those dubs martens on her part let's
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talk a little bit about what the study said in toxicity obviously some of these are products that that all of us you know as women over the last twenty thirty years probably used i even as a as a white euro centric woman have used skin lightness because you know even if you're white you're not white enough and somehow you have already set in bright and you know your hair is not straight and i still like no matter what i can't even imagine is because of worse women when you get less white than me other even though i. there's a functionality to it but what is it you know victorian women i talk a little bit in the opening about how toxic they you know these rich women putting mercury on arsenic what are the kinds of things that are in everyday view to products that your average working class woman could afford how bad is that stuff for you. that they do with that is even with certain things like we say talk about heidrick with only. they even i remember it meant reading of
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all power good and if they are we have to be careful about is that some of these things really didn't even go there has been slow to surveys of these guys came on and said old they are harmful to the system got not necessarily true so sometimes we have to be careful about how we speak of a certain credit certain ingredients because it sends a ripple through the market. you know based on not because of fear of people not one survivor product whether it's in some of those ingredients i guess they can see that the issue is not is based on lies and well how much of it inside of a product when you look at it like the asian markets if you ever ever went to an asian country you will see that even down to like the gulf brands they have so many products that are geared towards like making all the skins and when you know when to start using those products and using them for us and the effects on your skin
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can be disastrous and that's more of the issue than anything else the average person can go to the store and buy sometimes e-coli and or buy some vitamin c. of vitamin c. serum to use on their skin to help with hyperpigmentation or to you know basically help even not just game cold and that's perfectly ok but when you're starting moving products that have a high concentration of some of the things gradients that's when you start facing a problem because when to get past a certain percentage it starts going to your bloodstream and then it starts affecting a whole lot more things and that's partially part of the reason why places like johnson and johnson on the power issue is so why they're again cool because all these years you know you know we've been using these products not only allies ing that all of the ingredients in them the talcum is the side that is literally poisoning us. what is your skin now your your line x.
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or the tentacle beauty is designed specifically with women of color and mind and one of the things i noticed few months ago is that there was you know certain products that were specifically for african-american women or hair and he started to try to market them towards toward women like me and it all i use your products in full disclosure audience i use your products but i would never expect you to have to start like putting white models in the thing so that i feel ok about it why what i. want to feel or that about. i i think when it comes to my proudest because i regularly you know when i thought i would like bron exorbitant ical beauty i saw that as primarily as a natural thing to accompany it has been expanded a little bit since then but i still primarily have those types of products and they are geared towards black women mainly because of all the different types of skin issues and you have and frankly because i wanted to have products and ingredients
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in my products that you couldn't necessarily size it was followed for us so that was always my aim when i made my product there a lot of white women know why my products well probably maybe for days again i don't necessarily recommend it for the hair depending on. i guess the grade of good hair because they figure you know here is some pan use of the timing of how light it is what. my products don't really discriminating like what i make it very clear that this these products are geared towards black women because we don't have a lot of all brands and stuff that stand up and say vocally we are here for black women and that's something i have been noticing over the past couple of years a lot of brides very careful about how they should seize equally. advertise their products because all they want but black woman learning but they don't want to
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alienate other races so they tend to you know say it vaguely but i'm you know i'm very i'm very direct about that and just because you know i feel like. they are working resented in the beauty industry as much a question a few thousand seventy absolutely and one of the things about that i think is something that as a white woman as a hopefully trying to be an ally as that we all have to work harder at looking out for other women and that sort of intersectional feminine something of that i may be ok and most of my stuff is probably ok that i'm using on me but if i know that poor women of color are being subjected to the senate something we all have to work on as women how how do you feel how important it is for us to stand together because the truth is african-american women have a much bigger buying power per person when it comes to beauty and skin care
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products than white women you guys should be the gold standard they should be going after you and working to give you whatever you want and in those in those brands what what should us as allies be doing to challenge the brands that are selling to us to start opening themselves and being better at serving women of color i look at it basically. eyes as people who want to be our lives to watch in the lies groups the various ways to help by giving black women the platform to speak on these issues there is doors that we don't have open for and whether it's a white woman or or even a black woman was wanted to open that we could get into those doors. by you when those doors opened for us to have got platform as well that's a major help because a lot of times and often times where people fall short in our own ship that they tend to speak for the marginalized and that's not what we want i don't have
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a feel for the l g b c community what i try to give them the space on the platform to speak in areas that maybe they couldn't get into before that so for me when i see who you know white women i always call in the like if you really want to help stand up to all the white women stand up to white men and also hold open the doors about other black women can come in and speak as well because sometimes sometimes when we try to speak for marginalized groups it comes to a place of privilege and it falls short so it's better to go out loud to people who are in those groups to speak for them so thank you so much i think that's something important and something i say on the show a lot and is that as in our place to say this that they there's our place to support that and thank you so much for the work you do for putting out a being an entrepreneur of being you know i commend you for being a woman and
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a business owner and you've done a lot and you've got a lot of people who love you and your product means a lot not just to me because. it makes me sad i heard that it was that i think you don't know much about mercedes than a skin care expert and founder of his or a botanical beauty thank you so much for joining us today thank you for having me. as we go to break don't forget the less know you think of a topic you covered on facebook and twitter careful shows that r t dot com coming up most of the sci fi as john says upcoming interview with n.s.a. whistleblower karen stewart and redacted tonight naomi cara funny joins me to figure out why that happens some states are trying to raise segregated schools to watching. all the worlds and all the news companies merely players but what kind of partners are into america play r.t.
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america offer much more artsy american offers. many ways a news landscape just like this you know real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never you're. so much parking all the world's a stage all the world's a stage all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money forget that that's thrown down a lot of boys that's how we lose in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm a troll on our to you america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the straight. to the.
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what do you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those for. now i may give you due to two more. i'm going to do just that and you're watching our trio.
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rejected tonight is a comedy gold i'm not saying by the corporate media. would you go after the corporations that just more your live profit over people at every turn. the data tonight for me is like medicine it's like a cancer joke from all the stress that the news puts you under redacted tonight is your show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical comedy news like this where it's at.
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it seems that since edward snowden startling revelations in two thousand and thirteen the n.s.a. has been nothing but an object of growing alarm and confusion of the public interest is only growing as news reports reveal that maybe after all the tweeter in chief may have about a point when he claimed that twitter that his campaign was wiretapped by obama's an essay and. f.b.i. all these stories obviously me leave many wondering what is it really like inside the top secret compound in maryland khalik suburbs to shed least some light on these questions and marshawn stone was joined by karen stewart a twenty eight year veteran of the n.s.a. and now an intelligence community whistleblower. i century had an interest in foreign languages and had a uncle suggest to me that i approach an essay for a career and so i i did that after graduating college and passed all of their tests the psychological evaluations the background investigation found no kind of problem
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with me whatsoever and so they hired me into a group at the time it was called a group it may still be but that group essentially was reporters who would take world events that were gathered through classified means and we would report them to the appropriate people in government or in military and so i spent almost my entire career basically writing reports top secret. reports for various entities in the government. and then in the last years twenty two thousand and six forward basically started to have some rocky experiences going on at the same time by the way there was in news reports we're talking about surveillance that was taking place of u.s. citizens by you know by the national security agency amongst others but did you start just start to feel that there was something illegal going on with n.s.a. in that time period of the bush regime really that two thousand five hundred
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a particular forward well i will tell you that the n.s.a. charter basically says that it is tasked legally with conducting surveillance against foreign agents in foreign countries. if you would have a foreign agent. come to the united states then n.s.a. is not allowed to listen or watch him or do anything if he's on american soil he they have to turn over let's say bill smith ok they have to turn over bill smith to the f.b.i. they have to say bill smith is a foreign operative that we have some concerns about but we cannot legally watch him since he now has landed in the united states so you have to watch him and if they would actually intercept maybe a phone call or e-mails or something by bill smith over in let's say germany or russia or somewhere like that they could intercept them and write reports on them
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unless it was found that he was writing to or speaking with an american so at that point they would have they would have to notify their supervisors this guy's talking to an american and at that point they would have to decide whether to not intercept anything or only intercept what the foreign person was saying and then totally delete what the american was saying and the identity so that's how n.s.a. was supposed to work but obviously we learned from later disclosures that that's not what actually happened but did you actually see any aspects of the criminal aspects of n.s.a. while you were working there i would say that i didn't see it until they came after me and then i realized that they were fully into criminal behavior. that people around me would. i would say that they didn't realize that either because they had been taught these rules and they were very stringent i mean one gentleman actually . basically intercepted and tried to see if you could intercept his own e-mails and
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he did and he was fired for it because he was intercepting e-mails of an american citizen and he said but but it's me it's ok with me and they said no the rules are the rules you're fired. so on the surface everything was very strict but with some of the news reports coming out we were starting to get the idea that something was not quite right and we notice after nine eleven that and this a security became very. crazy you know they would do things like accuse people of things that they never did and it would seem like it was to blackmail them one woman who was an american she was dating a canadian who actually came here and had clearance to work here and then they pulled her into security and queues tour of converting with a foreigner and she said are you kidding me he's got the exact same clearances that i have and he's working here so how my national security risk at this point so they were getting a little crazy and we didn't quite understand what was going on with n.s.a. security. twenty seventeen you wouldn't think we would even be considering
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resegregating schools by race the map my group or would wait it seems that communities in alabama haven't gotten the memo and trying to just do that it is the law is that the economy or white supremacy pushing this new civil rights movement joining me now to help understand the trend and hopefully help us find some dark humor in the it is see is naomi care of any of our team marcus hit comedy news show or adapted to matt welcome having me right. what the actual hack is going on and put it lightly. bet should be the question so schools have been in the process of resegregating and now they're resegregating even more rapidly so schools are more segregated than they were forty years ago today and part of this process there's a number of factors one of them of which is the d.o.j. . is not watching anymore they're better they're busy they have
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a lot of other things to do but there's also the charter school movement. which is the. yeah and now we have betsy divorce promoting. that kind of system but one of the main factors that is that is causing segregation today and what's happening and alabama is these schools are these towns are asking for more local control and local control we just want our school to be white so anything that looks like common core because. common core. well anyways i did a segment on it last week and we should take a look. through a new strategy wealthy white communities are resegregating public schools in alabama and schools around the country ok kids it's back to school time grab your
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new notebook your new backpacking zagging meds and civil rights lawyer the parents spearheading this operation claim it has nothing to do with race but the legal name of this process is breaking away as old says session in session why don't you call your new school district the schools against more of the friend in your test prep academy that could be kaplan the parents who waged a campaign to secede said to the media had twisted and turned this issue to make everyone think this is about race ok if it's not about race why did the campaign take political advice from former state senator scott beason a champion of separate school districts who once called black people aborigines that is really offensive. to dictionary should grow as you. you know to all the. schools that he's just like
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oh really didn't think that the scam would warm. so surprised why is it that the people who are always calling for secession are always the ones who swear that the most like patriotic american. it's a quitter. as we know education is the great equalizer so many studies have shown that minorities tests test scores improve when they're among white students and the white student scores are not affected and there's so much data out there you still have white communities saying we want separate schools and want to do desegregation and brown versus board of so it's interesting because actually in the seventy's this process of secession was ruled illegal and poor of war your had to
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come back and fight the same case that he did in one nine hundred seventy one which he already had one. way or if you had w. kleiman amazing story because alabama wanted to he didn't get entry into alabama's law school so they said you can have school choice and go to columbia you say like ok i'm going to get a better education and then he went back to alabama and tried to fight school segregation and now he's fighting the same battle that needs to retire you don't have to be fighting again and we need to be about it about it's such a weird thing with education the idea that you would try to put these ridiculous ideas and dickheads teach sort of hatred and bigotry over this fear to kids is just yeah and what's interesting in gardendale actually they had a real social media controversy lately where there were students who dressed up for halloween. in blackface of course. just like i wonder why they're insensitive.
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made the news then maybe we should desegregation these children from their parents and be like no no damn near when you delete the problem yet it just seems like the parents aren't aware of sure i think there are a lot of people get caught up in no way it's just about it's not about race it's about this it's about school and i'm saying the fight yes the same fight we've been having for decades and decades and we'll thank you so much for bringing this story and everyone check out r.c.s. redacted tonight check out the you tube page you can see naomi segment and learn more about this ridiculous story thank you so much for being here having me. this weekend you could spend your time arguing endlessly with folks on line about why someone who is the worst of the worst really is or you could explore the outside of the echo chamber of social media and corporate news or you could.


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