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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 22, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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clued in by a public broadcasting system that has sold it sold for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must. say. was was your reaction to the night this past weekend you probably saw some of the wall to wall hurricane irma reporting it was mostly a name vapid coverage as like this you know when you can alter it and you can surround yourself with couch cushions you know if you can spy and brick structure well we're back on the story of the big bad wolf the people who live in the struggle to cozens are usually the stories of people who live in stone structures like this letter put the who literally jumping the american populace down to the nursery rhymes i'm.
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seriously no where there was very little mention of climate change or ecological collapse you know you know people often say that we're the frog right in the slowly boiling pot of water but we're worse we're frogs in a slowly boiling pot of water with program porters standing there going it's getting cut to warm hannity yes i can feel a little sweat on my breath no basis i'm saying stay when you're almost and jail it's not so boiling out here ok. so i decided to off fix the corporate media the arctic hurricane coverage if you look all over and here that's where we're here and the way to really make it go by. so a lot out there if you look you'll see this is what i'm actually going to like her are among the strongest atlantic hurricane. ever recorded and said i don't come
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back to mexico in the caribbean sea. just blows. and eighty five mile per hour winds for the longest duration ever recorded in program perhaps the largest evacuation at her in the us just two weeks ago hurricane harvey was the largest rain event to ever hit the continental united states the wildfire was one week ago was the largest l.a. fire recorded and this alone just. for the obvious but look ok. it's not. recorded on the planet are turning it off after it's thanks to you and on better capitalism. but since we in the media won't even mention the reality of the. real sickly murdering future
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generations. children and children. in the rest of climate change i don't know how any of my sleep at night he. will prostate problems that i keep. up just. be. that fat. that's what our hurricane coverage should look like instead or corporate media rarely talks about climate change and when they do it's part of a debate about whether it's real or not well we've had our nasa scientists tell us we're screwed now let's give equal time to a french fry cook for my behalf of course as it's right i'm on top of that our politicians are literally passing laws against doing anything about climate change in twenty twelve the new law was passed in. north carolina banning coastal tellings
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from preparing for so you level rise. what is that even mean why is it you're not allowed to get on your tippy toes i like. it in florida governor rick scott bay as it's a tour of climate change from being used wide wide florida's emergency manager mocked for not being able to say the words climate change. what were those words you're using i use climate change but i'm suggesting that maybe as a state we use atmospheric reemployment there might be some. sutra versions of our mitigation plan will be required to have language discussing that issue when it should be sure that you mentioned earlier regarding. yeah yeah it's that bad i'm surprised florida god did buy herbs since normally
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branding science works like a charm i don't like like when the church imprisoned galileo for saying the earth orbit of the sun and then afterwards the earth cut that out. dead you know that's how they work you can imagine it's science it's ok it's and we're all going to die today you can make a buck from big oil so you can have three houses and did six cars and seven kids by five wives you. want to be clear god unplugged the world medial twit he is but this is not his fault we have known about this impending destruction for decades the fossil fuel companies knew and yet we subsidized them to the tune of trillions of dollars shell oil even made a video twenty five years ago that they then suppressed. guys. energy consuming way of life may be causing climatic changes with the
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consequences for us all. now i'm not saying that would have be drastic park at the box office but the point is they knew that baby was real and boston fuel has spent billions funding climate denial bold now our entire government is made of big oil donald trump made the head of exxon mobil he's chakra terri of state hillary clinton flew around the world promoting fracking as secretary of state obama laid more oil pipeline than any of them george w. bush invaded other countries just for oil the entire corporate state is it or you'll a gas orgy when everybody just just just talking and each other think they'd like to try rather find out who's foot is in their crowd. thank you thank you.
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what is it. that kissinger got there. yes i'm sure i only know and and they don't care they don't care and you know why they don't care because the poor suffer the most and the soonest from climate change they they can afford to replace their homes or their lives or buy new cars with when their george doesn't coverage and by the way of course the surest isn't going to cover it they've never covered i don't know you know you did and on the initial application you you didn't put your car smelled like cat urine and that's ok that's a preexisting condition i'm sorry so yeah we're not we don't cover that in the case of blooding bikes we will give you this for a stress reliever right here you know just squeeze down every time you think about how you lost your cat pets car that's right easy he's crazy. horse suffer the most
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amid recent global flooding more than fourteen hundred people in south asia are dead and tens of millions more have been affected by monsoon rains the worst flooding in a hundred years has left one third of bangladesh submerged in nepal almost half a million people are food insecure meanwhile the rich after profiting off of this catastrophic system or largely not in trouble in fact many profit off of the new found disasters and here's the most maddening thing about this the solutions are here the answers to our energy and environmental problems are already there they'd already exist wind solar title geothermal you to strap on a car battery to chris matthews jalousie i'm pretty sure we. think the answers are already there it's the delay between proven solutions and their application in the real world gauges the ability of the socio economic system
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to adapt properly if the social order can incorporate them to further ecological balance improve public health solve problems and increase prosperity then there is a structural problem inherent let me rephrase that if we have the solutions to the destruction we're seeing and we don't use them they were out of our goddamn ah it's alright your voice is gone robert thank you thank you thank you. kanye west on a bad day look like deep octo pran pro football all right. we are switching to bastion of to these solutions because we have abandoned the pursuit of a well functioning world for the pursuit of money meaningless dollar bills will kill all of us and only eight percent of the world's currency exists as physical and physical cash so it's not even. physical thing and it's
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a thought i can see to your head is like the placebo effect or the difference between democrats and republicans just for the meaning behind sports all right it's a magic diary. i mean here there's or here there's a we the people just have to demand them do not support or vote for any politician who was funded by big oil block the pipelines put the solar panels in it's time for a new world and or move. the leader. because you are thought to. believe there's actually decide.
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i. believe they can do it from behind senator rand paul stood up on the senate floor and said something pretty interesting two days ago our ra's today to oppose an authorized under claire and unconstitutional war on authorized under clear un cause there's a war i'm place a talking about are we being invaded by canada right they they probably want our natural resources like doritos you can have a when you pry him from my cold orange fingers. what we have today is basically unlimited war anywhere anytime. anyplace upon the globe. i. think he's talking about civil. well you see we have to be at
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war all the time because we have a lot of indoctrinated zina hormonal steroids all young men. you know if we didn't send them over there to fight we'd have to fight them here at home all right and i know from experience they gave me wedgies in gym class where my amendment would sunset in six months the two thousand and one and two thousand and two use of all through zation of force yes what rand paul is talking about is why trump and general mad dog mattis are still allowed to keep bombing anywhere they want anytime they want what lie as if the world is their firing range the authorization for use that kerry. i. used to use to be young and by. the authorization for use of military force was
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approved by congress in two thousand and two and egypt ministration has just kept using it as if it's a white shack for being. like like them paris hilton or something all right and yes she is still alive and she's tweeting things like my dogs live in this two story doggie mansion and they love it oh do they do that in paris do they. way to win back the nation's hearts and minds. but of course no one in this country winds and liz war well no one except congress. after rand paul's speech congress voted to throw out his amendment because a limited war is just fine with them in their defense the weapons contractors have paid to lot of money. for example democrat mark warner voted for and. this war
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this week and here's a shot of the hot tub he was able to buy with the fourteen thousand dollars he got from northrop grumman. when that thing every day. was it was it democrat jean jean he also voted to continue donald trump on limited war powers and here is her beautiful marble countertops she got with the twelve thousand dollars for rain. she's deep in the thing every night i see. the man in the green. republican mike quaid voted to shut up rand paul and take a look at his awesome robot sex doll that i. think cost ten grand which is how much he got for weapons contractor boeing he's actually he's actually not deep in that because he just hasn't found the right moment to make the move. he doesn't want to appear to ask for it.
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would you like to know if his watch a movie just what. of course those weapons contractors didn't really give that money directly to the politicians they gave it to the them in the form of campaign contributions a.k.a. legalized bribery but think about that two thirds of the senate voted to continue unchecked war powers for donald trump. but that let that sit what happened to the so-called resistance by the democrats you said trust you thank you for the past two years. thank you thank you the past two years telling us talk to one stable to be the commander in chief of the military remember you told us he shouldn't be allowed near any plans much less evolved button and now. your boating to continue its on limited war powers have you
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know souls you. apparently different distance has the structural integrity of one of those used car dealership wacky inflatable to man. that that thing that thing has a stronger backbone than the democrats are right. they go whichever way the wind blows and you know what he's better than the democrats because at least when you're dealing with him you get a car at the end of it. we have to go to a quick break but as i've mentioned before facebook and google are suppressing alternative media like us so if you want to hear about all our videos text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine you know get your signed up to our e-mail list for a we'll be right back. in
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case you're new to the game this is how it works mark the economy is built around core reason for a show from washington to washington media the media. voters elected to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to. have to go right to be precipices like them before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in the. first sydney.
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i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents the tell the story about the ugly side of cauldron of. corporate media really uses to talk about these car companies i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how cool blood corporate conduct is be called a model these are stories that no one else can take on my pepto to a host of americans question.
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thank you ah thank you. so many of you have probably heard that the u.s. has something called osha the occupational safety health administration which helps ensure a safe and healthy workplace. some of you are already laughing. you know it's one of the things in the federal government designed to help people you know you don't want to think left over from a bygone era it was created by that crazy hippie president richard nixon. anyway the agency recently removed its running list of us work related deaths from its brought home page and buried it deep in the web site for more on this we go to our senior labor expert now and again. we're so this seems a little sneaky on osha's part to suddenly hide this information now that being
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sneaky and being sensitive to the families who lost loved ones some of the deaths in the in the company didn't have a prior violation they're not publishing it at all. besides no one's reputation to take a hit from a one time freak accident. i once myself in the screaming spanker at six flags in the seventh grade. does that mean i should have been called poop the loop for the rest of the school year you. know what does it yes to come from pre-algebra. place of anything that was totally one brand for that right above me in a commercial congratulations but it sounds like corporations are being held last and less accountable for the safety of workers many of whom take great risks to do the job so it's not like they're done with safety they now feature formation on how companies can voluntarily cooperate with osha who was safe here. you know when you
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know how well corporations self regulate just just ask the big banks who pay the equivalent of like a parking ticket for defrauding the american people how. right corporations are great at self-regulating. look at this workplace safety video that a company voluntarily made in order to keep their workers safe. when there is. this just a recipe for disaster. whatever yes. ok . safety is the number one priority here at the manchurian center. yeah the most funny part was when that guy died i after. after seeing that and i'm sure these workers are going to you know they're going to take safety seriously now only corporations will always move towards the money and if
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that means a few workers die so be it look look at that look at the coal industry for decades workers have been dying of black along at young ages and they hardly give a i mean i mean how much money did that company even put into that safety video five bucks l no way it says right here that. ok yeah it was five dollars. ok but. that's still that's still one dollar more than the four dollars a year our government spends protecting each us worker from safety hazards right it would take one hundred forty nine years to inspect every u.s. workplace that's what corporate self-regulation is vital to that building and safety of inattentive mail warehouse employees with zero peripheral vision and terrible taste in music. the reason we're going to have more workers getting hit by forklifts or worse is because we let unions go to in this country vulnerable
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workers have little or no rights without unions yet they've been gutted by right to work laws this is the long time right there. were this this is really good will go a long time of republicans and corporate democrats for decades ok yeah well you are right that nowadays a strong union is as hard to find as control of my bowels on the rest of the letter . rectal reckoning i thought it was called the screaming sphincter oh no i heard both of those. but it was good wasn't it for them damn again. it was just like we thought the k.k.k. would just think of the past that now would be bad the same goes for segregation in our public schools for more on this raging controversy let's go to redacted correspondent only care of this.
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is the lyndon b. johnson department of education i will get there is something even uglier that is going on in this country. god i have seen parking lots with. more charm than. through a new strategy wealthy white communities are resegregating public schools in alabama and schools around the country ok kids it's back to school time grab your new notebook your new back tracking the meds in a civil rights lawyer the new form of segregation gets a little media coverage even though at least seventy one communities across the country most of them why in wealthy have sought to break away from their public school districts to smaller more exclusive ones the parents spearheading this operation claim it has nothing to do with race but the legal name of this process is breaking away as old says session secession why don't you call
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your new school district the schools against more of their new grass and your test prep academy that could be catalan at the center of the latest secession battle is in gardendale alabama a suburb of birmingham with population of fourteen thousand and eighty eight percent of them are white and it's located in jefferson county that's black i mean why not isolate this tiny town from my county multiculturalism is overrated if you only think the children and his daughter didn't intend for the picture of her and a friend to become viral and controversial the photo which we've chosen not to show to students in what looks like black face maybe they were just taking diversity into their own faces if integration is not an obvious solution to you i've got scientific proof attending integrated schools reduces the likelihood of
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incarceration and poverty for minority students and raises test scores while white children stores are unaffected oh you want more sweets daddies segregation means fewer resources for children. oh you want even more studies well that's too bad i have to move on. but now the south is undoing decades long work of civil rights attorneys like u.w. kliman so they have to come back to court and continue to fight this is so wrong he should have we're tired two decades ago the parents who waged a campaign to secede said that the media has twisted and turned this issue to make everyone think this is about we're ok if it's not about the raise why did the campaign take political advice from former state senator scott beason a champion of separate school districts who once called black people aborigines
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that is really offensive. to dictionary. you know to all this is the male smut that we can store garden city schools this year he's just like oh really didn't think that the scam would work. since two thousand when the department of justice oversight of school districts that needed segregate is on the decline and flowing to the government is saying hey south you do you believe you the civil rights attorney clement on the case tell already successfully fought against succession forty five years ago clemens and i never envisioned that i would be fighting in twenty seven to essentially the same battle that i thought everyone in one thousand nine hundred seventy one this is the time for us to raise awareness about resegregation and not forget the past
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and also one man means a break what the man we're tired for the love of god let him go fishing let him see is grandkids let him finish the chicks all puzzle of the white house that he's been working on for the past twenty years. this is naomi caravan e redact it's on my. show and we will be all next week but there will still be a new episode of redacted tonight v.i.p. next week and you can get new web exclusive content you tube dot com cyrus redacted i also checked over back to the night on direct t.v. channel three two one until next time good night ok for a. little more heartfelt you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battles they're going. to do socks for the tell you that
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would be gossip and probably. for. the talk about it as you tell me you are not cool enough to buy your product. of a heart that we along the border will want. i do not know if the russian state hack into john podesta scheme ailes and gave them to wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden keep.


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