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something is something in america. all these banks are complicit in. ok let's see how we did. it for the money is highly. covering the german federal election building right behind me. when the majority of the seats will be back in a few minutes we'll continue. headlines with pro and anti independence protesters face off in. the referendum.
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i. watch accuses the u.n. of failing to investigate war crimes in iraq claiming the security council missed the opportunity to consider abuses by all sides not just islamic state. or for me in the. news in a few minutes time but our main focus for now though is germany of course where it's the federal election this time tomorrow voters will be choosing who they want to represent them in the next life now to the election team in the capital.
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good morning alongside the river here at the studio the german election almost the palos welcome to our special coverage live from. the result of sunday's vote that's going to determine whether chancellor merkel will remain in power for what would be amazing. ok she missed any of the build up to these elections bald work for you we squeezed together all the highlights of the election season to fifty seconds. and. here's a. minute on some of them. from. the fact of the whole question hunch thing and that's what
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i. find that. as the years it skip to. the polling day there is still an awful lot to play for here as a result the candidates been busy making last ditch appeals to voters the final campaign rallies they've been taking place in the major cities right across the country not always the warmest of welcomes for the candidates. trying to. you know the two little the funded through college don't shun the seanad this has started to.
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ensure they have been in power for over a decade the bank of america a lot everybody loves the booze and whistles as you heard there she's trying to win over the floating voters but around two hundred protesters called the chancellor the number of them being arrested. tipped to be his favorite to be elected chancellor for what would be a fourth straight term and that would make it germany's longest serving leader after helmut kohl who dominated throughout the eighty's and ninety's michel notes that many of her rivals have come and gone throughout the twelve years the talk of these drugs they have reports now and how she's become something of a political survival. she is the rana saurus rex of politics. my team much unlike the dinosaur. steamship twelve years in power and you know when you think she won sometimes you.
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look. out and she lost in these long one yard our students they say you have a crisis of migrant crisis you wouldn't tara.
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and meet me in migrants in a year welcome to germany voters got cold feet but merkel she's a survivor a political prodigy who has learned to work the whole way out of anything to say exactly what the voters want to hear and isn't it all those who have been persecuted who are refugees displaced by war should be allowed in europe and then it's current or if i could i would turn back time many many years to prepare better together with the entire government and those responsible for the refugees. it's a one of my speciality take gay marriage back yes mrs merkel is offended since two thousand and five you supported discrimination against gays and lesbians and did nothing to bring about equality merkel's pods support as opposed to gay marriage public wanted. she led parliament legalized but did
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they get to save face. failing steal the ideas of others and take undeserved credit that's pretty bad picked saddle unfairly by name get on the field and sealants they really went beyond the. do it once again after. the thing it has taken. i believe. if it works it's worth stealing for the first time campaign posters plus the with the national flag which is a symbol of the nationalist anti immigrant opposition. we're in times where right wing populists are stronger and we. to leave patriotism to these people in twelve years. has practiced how to treat us to think should get the problems.
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it's becoming harder and harder to. leave. you might leave here and where do you see. ok let's continue our look at how germany is getting ready to go to the polls our correspondent dan hawkins has been moving around the capital we're showing you a few of the sights i believe that this hour is down by the brandenburg gate warner no down is just how much anticipation and excitement is there going into the elections if indeed there is any what exactly is the mood like today. well neal the christian democrats and the social democrats held their last campaign rallies. and some of the smaller parties have them today it's all winding down
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though before we see the big day coming up tomorrow now some commentators are saying we could see a surprise here something unpredictable like the election of donald trump or bricks most though being more realistic they're all in the election for what it is which is slightly boring there's no major ground breaking shocks really predicted the headlines are mixed this morning in germany. talking about the younger electorate under thirty saying. we want free elections a group called from a while ago. talking about an article saying how younger voters are feeling alienated saying that the issues being discussed by politicians are not necessarily relevant to them what about the alienation there of some voting groups. one of the top german papers here don't want slightly more philosophical headline perhaps.
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where are you going germany saying that this land has seen better elections in the past but instead of speaking about the future with speaking about issues like maternity capital and reforming vehicle tax basically saying that the issues are not really salient to many voters today finally the. talking about the rise of the right. for the right saying that angle of merkel's refugee policy has changed the republic has turned it upside down as saying that it's led to the the entering into the parliament of new nonces of the far right. there of course predicted to gain seats in the blender stock for the first time since the second world war of fact a part of considered very much to the right wing the far right perhaps of the political spectrum to gain seats there really though this election is less about groundbreaking changes and more of a personal exam
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a litmus test the popularity for mrs merkel and the major policies the major issues that she's faced over the last several years the refugee crisis immigration the economy social reform that's all on the agenda but as we said there's not so much about drum breaking shocks who will take part in the next coalition that's the most likely result of course there could be some first time results some new party entering parliament no could be some new party involved in the coalition is sol very much a gray area at the moment neil and for those of you not following the election so closely perhaps here's a rundown of who's who and what could happen. unless you'll seasoned politics understanding the ins and outs of the election isn't exactly a piece of cake. start says each person will be asked to cost not one but two votes the first for
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a district representative the other for their preferred political party then comes the magic of proportional representation with each party's share of the vote translated to seats won in the bundestag the complex system prevents a single party from winning an outright majority so unlike in the us or france where the very usually produces one clear winner even once the german results are written this still the mystery of who teams up with who to build a ruling coalition polls put marcos party the christian democratic union well out in front and martin short says social democrats are likely to come behind in second but there's real intrigue in who finishes and could potentially be kingmaker if michael wins she still needs extra coalition partners on top of her sister party
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the christian social union already excluded and. see alternative for germany and left wing. this could pave the way for the renewal of the so-called grand coalition between merkel's party and martin says social democrats whether she will agree to become the cd use junior partner is another question entirely so far he seemed unwilling to play second fiddle to the. american mind because as governor. if an alliance with shills isn't an option this is the man is likely to call next christian. the leader of germany's free. democrats the pro-business liberal party that teamed up with merkel and her allies the for by the way isn't just
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a pretty face he could confront merkel on some key issues if peace prevails refugees must return there is no such human right for choosing your place in the world i'm not being harsh this is lauren realism speaking. even with this hand shake in the bag merkel might still need extra help to get her over the winning line and that's why the green party could come into the fold with their top candidate dubbed green angular similarities to coal this cd you f.t.p. and the greens would make an exotic mix known as the jim a coalition which is never made it to national government before so in case you're wondering why there is no clear winner come monday morning well the details of the final coalition contract could take weeks to finalize the system is complicated
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but it is considered the fairest of them all for a vote is it can be frustrating though occasionally political parties end up breaking campaign promises and in germany there's always the convenient excuse that it was all their coalition partners fault. ok so we were trying to tell you a little bit about one of the parties involved in the election one of the most controversial ones in the running is alternative for germany party predict that it will end for the first time despite being called radical even nazi accusations that one of its leading lights is refused to. be kind of the. model for storming out of a television debate following such an accusation party has long been accused of
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having radical views for its strong stance its been a constant critic of merkel's open door policy from the start we spoke to who described the priorities of the party that only those with valid papers should be allowed to and germany. we have strict priorities sure. domestic security but this is something that's all parties are talking about these days including those that created the problem in the first place now they want to laws you police presence even though earlier they rejected this idea this pot is still insists on an open borders policy without passport control every day we're dealing with this problem and the problem of crime in our country who want to see our borders save guarded in an effective way the one the been this pilot site to protect our borders and comes out individual checks entry into the country must only be granted to people carry unveil his i.d. documents we also advocate having a clear distinction between the concept of asylum and immigration these our
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priorities. now however confident the chancellor c.d.u. party may be medicals main rival currently coalition partner about a social democrat leader martin chill says he refuses to believe that already says that he hopes there could be a last minute swing that could occur and seeking to win over undecided voters the former european parliament president les is positioning himself as the man of the people. martin shoots angela merkel's fish royal win the race for the german chancellor his how the world knows him as the leader of germany social democratic party and also as the former president of the european parliament but what many don't know at least outside germany are the option downs that have marred his early days start at the beginning to ensure his troubles began at a high school from which he never graduated he wanted to be
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a professional footballer but a knee injury put an end to those dreams. started drinking and was diagnosed as a serious alcoholic by the time he was twenty four was so bad that he even contemplated suicide luckily he turned his life around opened a book store and eventually got himself elected as the mayor of his hometown. his rags to riches story paint in twenty twelve when he was elected the president of the european parliament transforming him from small town mayor into a powerful year across. the perks reportedly included to limit and over thirty aides which angered some fellow m.e.p. the queen of sheba probably had less stuff certainly less refers i can't decide if martin schulz is a bowling bolshevik or for graf federalists schultz was also accused of using his position to help his good friend the european commission chief and former luxembourg prime minister john cord. blocking the probe into
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a luxembourg scandal in which big companies got generous tax breaks now back from brussels seeking to dethrone angela merkel accusing her of americans while presenting himself as a man of the people. given the struggle she was in jordan his early days it's likely that many relate to him as a man who understands real hardship but he's more recent brussels baggage in the case voters might find it difficult to tell him apart from the iron chancellor he's trying to oust. ok we're going to run across the german election build up throughout the delta but next hour with more analysis and updates for you for now let's play it out with a few images from the heart of the of the stray they have understood are going to fire a lot of tourists enjoying it it's a beautiful city nice day for
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a trip out on the river but. we should wait it. leg.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works and the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington to washington controls the media the media. voters elected to business to run this country business it. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. and i want other world news headlines now waving flags chanting slogans and burning flags while crowds of pro and anti independence protestors have faced off in the spanish region of catalonia over the upcoming independence referendum that. and a our iran were now and a our now
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was i. was there was. the vote is set for october the first madrid deems it illegal and has deployed various measures in an attempt to disrupt it numerous police raids have been carried out on local government offices while legal actions been started against regional officials in the latest move more security forces are to be sent to catalonia. i restart the last movie i finished considering the reuters developments the government decided to relocate to catalonia more security units to strengthen the state's forces already open in that autonomous community nobody is above the law all of us are responsible for our actions and whoever greets the law
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has to deal with the consequences. meanwhile around two thousand students have rallied outside the university of barcelona demanding an end to the government crackdown student unions a call for the protesters to remain there for the whole of this weekend. president trump appears to have come up with a new strategy for dealing with the north korean leader by making up different names for him and he may have settled on a particular favorite rocket man. you can have med men out there shooting rockets all over the place. rocket man should have been handled a long time withdrawal was the russian foreign minister the us and north korea to end provocative exchanges in favor of a crisis prevention dialogue sort of a lavrov was speaking at a media briefing at the un general assembly kalam open reports now from new york. in donald trump's united nations general assembly speech he referred to kim jong un
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as a rocket man and talked about the possibility of totally destroying north korea then there was a response from north korea's leader kim jong un said that donald trump was mentally deranged he called him a rogue and he used the old english term doto to refer to donald trump now donald trump has shot back and referred to kim jong un as a mad man now as these heated words and accusations and threats are being exchanged the russian foreign minister was taking questions from reporters at the u.n. headquarters in the press briefing room and he touched quite a bit on the crisis on the korean peninsula it's unacceptable to something that north korea's nuclear test but it's equally unacceptable to start with in the korean peninsula or china and russia will continue to insist on a move reasonable approach in contrast to the emotional one we see now where they behave like children fighting each other in kindergarten and nobody can stop them it's necessary to those hot heads we need to pools we need dialogue the one thing
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that was raised is that from the beginning of the crisis russia and china have had a joint proposal for what they call a double freeze they have called for south korea to end its provocative military exercises and in exchange north korea would end its nuclear proliferation and its provocative missile tests this proposal from russia and china seems pretty straightforward but no one seems to be taking that proposal seriously so a lot of interesting comments from surrogate lab robert specifically talking about the korean crisis he was saying people need to be mature and they need to focus on diplomatic solutions and not the intensification we've been seeing. human rights watch has accused the u.n. of failing to investigate war crimes in iraq the group claims the security council also missed a k. opportunity to address recent rights abuses in the country it was referring to u.s. bank resolution to set. a team of investigators to probe islamic states crimes in
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the country but human rights watch complains that the initiative ignored several cities that are committed by other groups. one example highlighted came early this summer that's when footage emerged depicting iraqi police torturing a terrorist suspect in mosul. the executive director for human rights watch in the middle east told us she believes the u.n. needs to probe crimes committed by all sides. this is obviously a flawed and selective approach because it misses the opportunity to investigate crimes committed by all parties to the conflict human rights watch has of course documented very serious abuses by isis forces but we've also documented very very serious abuses by iraqi government forces militias and members of the international coalition we have documented numerous cases of detainees who have been executed tortured. by iraqi forces we also have a lot of concerns about the bombardment u.n.
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security council knows very well that organizations like human rights watch have repeatedly urged them to expand the mandate all of this investigative team to include abuses by all parties to the conflict that's the news are out for now in half an hour the off the election teams back in berlin as we count down to sunday's five then i'll have the rest of your world news this saturday i'll see you then. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i decided like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects.
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was and likely all to what i did was on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. in. seen over. these. past many. years momentous moment. i could introduce you eat it is home to the most powerful drug syndicate. why you grew. tomatoes in that city. full of the full grown people at the motley. fool you nobody
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wants. to be. the government knows what they do and they do nothing. it's the kaiser report i'm max kaiser i'm here to talk to you about everything that you didn't know you needed to know but pretty soon you're going to be wondering how you brambles survive not knowing what i'm about to tell you. says max first i do is this how they.


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