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thank you so i. know where when i started going. with just one day to go until germany's federal election are two looks at the mean candidates and their final push to win over voters. france's president mark from brushes through his overhaul of the country's labor code with a raft of executive orders i mean scenes of violent protests against the reform. and human rights watch accuses the un a failing to investigate war crimes and iraq claiming the security council missed the opportunity to consider abuses by all sides not just islamic state.
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it's just turned four pm here at r t h q in moscow i'm jacqueline thank you for joining me i'll have your world news a little bit later but our main focus for now is germany where it's the eve of the federal election this time tomorrow voters will be choosing who they want to represent them and the next bundestag election team is following all the developments from the german capital. very good at you know the beautiful alongside the river spray here in berlin the german elections almost upon us just a few hours to go really welcome to our special coverage from the heart of the german capital now the results of all someplace votes going to determine whether chancellor merkel will remain in power for what will be incredibly. case you have
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missed any of the build up to the votes which squeezed together all the salient points of the election build up here it is round into just fifty seconds. and. here is a. minute or so than a few people tried to push any fact off the whole question hunch think that's what i do these are. quite adept. find that there can be all this once a month. as if it skipped just. as
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you can see there all the leading candidates are still working pretty hard to garner support they've been busy making last ditch appeals to the voters the final campaign rallies have been taking place in all the major cities right across the country although candidates haven't always received the warmest of welcome. i. find it you know a bit too late the pundits who clearly don't shun the show this has started to be called doesn't like it not everybody loves her she was booed and she was whistle while she was trying to win over some of the floating voters around two hundred protesters were heckling the chancellor a number of them were arrested. but i'm glad michael is tipped to be elected as chancellor for what would be a fourth term that would make a germany the longest serving leader after helmut kohl remember how he dominated
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throughout the eighty's and ninety's michael knows that many of her rivals have come and gone through her twelve years at the top party correspondent has more now on how she's become something of a political survivor she is that ran a source ranks of politics should. my much like the dinosaur. extinction twelve years in power and then when you think she was nothing but you.
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could get. out and she lasted this long while you are at our students they say you got a migrant crisis you wouldn't tara. i mean ian migrants in a year welcome to germany voters scott cold feet but merkel she's a survivor a political prodigy who has learned to work the whole way out of anything to say exactly what the voters want to hear and isn't it's all those who have been persecuted who are refugees displaced by war should be allowed in europe and then
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his current if i could i would turn back time many many years to prepare better together with the entire government and those responsible for the refugees you tell us a one of my speciality take gay marriage fall back this mrs merkel is pathetic since two thousand and five you supported discrimination against gays and lesbians and did nothing to bring about equality merkel's pods support as opposed to gay marriage public wanted. she led parliament legalized but did they get to save face. space steal the ideas of others and take undeserved credit that's pretty bad picked saddle unfairly by name given the ceilings they really went beyond the fifty nine ceilings i wound up doing what was even after. the thing that has taken.
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me i mean. if it works it's worth stealing for the first time merkel's campaign posters plus the with the national flag which is a symbol of the nationalist anti immigrant opposition. we're in times where right wing populists are stronger and we don't want. leave patriotism to these people in twelve years merkel has practiced her tricks to think sure yet the problems with. the asian is becoming harder and harder to win on these issues does she. that's not the way she and staff. leave. here in canada where it gets to. our correspondent on the whole can still say right here and then he's been busy gauging the political mood finding out what are the public think about this
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election what are the media saying and what are the big issues that could just decide to vote. the last campaign rallies were held yesterday some being held today as well before it's all decided tomorrow some commentators are saying we could see perhaps a surprise a result which nobody predicted like bricks it all the election of donald trump most they were calling the election for what it really is which is to be honest at all bit boring some of the media headlines coming out this morning that. going with this headline for the volley we want free elections campaign placard obviously from quite some time ago but the article itself on the front page talking about younger voters how many of them feel disillusioned with the election at the issues they think are not relevant to them as voters in the younger generation developed one of the biggest german newspapers in fact going with something a little more philosophical perhaps quare. where you go in germany saying this land
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has seen better elections in time gone by when we talked about more important issues but now instead of looking to the future we speak about returning to capital and car tax reform really though tomorrow will be less about groundbreaking change than more past the litmus tests and exams were. killed it. hope policies over the last few years the key issues being of course immigration open door policy the economy social reform all of that will be on the agenda now one of those controversial parties is taking part in this election is the alternative for germany party the polls predicting that it will actually get into power for what would be the first time that's despite the fact that it's being called radical by some even. and that is despite. the leading lights of the policy refusing to accept those accusations. that are the kind of
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thank you. thank you. so was alice vidal's storming out of the t.v. debate following such an accusation against her and her party the longer the case of having radical views for its strong immigrant stance been a constant critic of anglo-american open door policy from the start we spoke to who described the priorities of a party and its demand that only those with valid papers should be allowed into germany the ideals that we have strict priorities will insure domestic security but this is something that's all parties are talking about these days including those that created the problem in the first place now they want to live as you please presence even though they rejected this idea this part is still insists on an open
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borders policy without passport control every day we're dealing with this problem and the problem of crime in our country we want to see our borders save guarded ineffectively the one the boom this policy to protect our borders and contract individual checks entry into the country must only be granted to people carrying eighty documents we also advocate having a clear distinction between the concept of asylum. and immigration these our priorities. you know when it comes to the deal of the leading parties of ruled out forming a coalition with it but both that maclin prepared to make a pact with some of the this the greens are relatively small they all have a short history but they do have a notable background nevertheless. the party was only founded in one thousand nine hundred first entered parliament three years later so ready being part of a ruling coalition for eight years and it's then later served as the german foreign minister party member told us what they're standing for this time around. it's
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obvious that you're the last generation who can survive this planet and you can see all of the catastrophes all across the globe coming extreme weather in west africa and in south asia and some of the for united states in the caribbean and this is why we are lobbying for these issues for years we are also all happy with the government talking all of climate change a lot but not doing a lot we're going to change definitely have it closer and then more and more affiliation of the problem with the nose and the social democrats by you to be honest i do not care to. do what you wanted to do so so do our goal is that we combine into a government run program and be get more climate change in this country most social justice in this country and more liberty and freedom ok and just to explain this is what happens in the world politics you see a bus behind me if it looks
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a little bit strange you can see the people standing on it or got their mouths taped this is a protest if i just read what's on the bus it looks like it says my german says that for all through all with everybody i'm not quite sure what the message they're making is we'll try and clarify that for you but that's what happens in the buildup to elections people making their points clear and trying to get their message across to maybe. some people who haven't decided who they going to vote for say something like that maybe that's why now i know america is facing criticism anti immigration campaigners are angry with her because of a refugee policies the leftist movement they're blaming her for why didn't that financial gap between rich and poor with more nazis be to. cast an eye over this german election campaign and it seems like a dog dale angler merkel will remain in the chancellor's office just behind during put away from mrs merkel's popularity nationwide there are pockets of the scent
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that are on happy and frustrated with the policies of berlin like here in dresden despite the sort of the old town the city is the capital of one of the poorest states in germany it's a conservative hotbed as well in fact it's the only major city in the country that leans politically to the right dresden is also the birthplace of the anti immigration protest movement to give while the numbers have dropped off across the country as we can see here interest in still drawing a crowd of american the i don't we support merkel because she with her open border policies and whatever she says isn't moving us forward now the refugees are here and she should stand up and admit her mistakes but she doesn't she should offer solutions not model through the issues in politics i'm not happy with this whole refugee policy that's been in place over the last two years the german people have not been asked if she decided this all by herself takes
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a longer route why should i support her with road bombs so we get a few of the big problem is opening. and you've got millions of people coming to drama new refugees but you didn't know who is it what do the blue your vote of the doing or your this makes people rarely. do you of course are bazza future i've travelled around five hundred kilometer. to the northwest to the port city of hama and the problems people were telling me about in britain well they don't seem to matter as much to people here just as fashionistas hope this is probably because there is extreme clarrie station happening in our society but the reasons for such political division in our society have stemmed from the government in previous years to make half of the country poor or even middle class almost nonexistent and their reach even richer the second largest one of the richest cities in germany humbugs also home to fall left on a kiss to groups in fact just over my right shoulder here is the floor now this
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form of the it's a squat it was that a lot of the demonstrations for the g twenty well organized but as we remember from the g twenty some of those demonstrations ten violent. in politics violence is never the way it must be always you want peace and you want that everyone puts all civil rights that's right you know so strong the opposition to you know michel because at the moment the politics. that is the rich the rich get richer and the poor get poorer it could be argued that angle of merkel has been so long lived as german chancellor due to her claiming of the political center
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ground for her own but she looks set to claim a historic fourth term it will be with voices of dissent from both the left on the right. peter all of a building. so whichever party does win these elections it's almost certainly not going to get more than fifty percent of the votes so what it's going to need is political compromise is going to need to coalition and the various formations that that could take and ultimately what it means is there are a lot of people who don't like the status quo who want their message to be heard for example like the protesters all month buses just departing behind me they're off to spread their message to perhaps influence some votes ahead of tomorrow's big moments what else can we say about this election but more analysis next hour.
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we will bring you more of our special coverage from berlin live next hour and after the break more world news.
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they're bad actors over there but maybe these young folks but you know what japan is launching a competitor in the big point mining space russia is coming in competitively john mcafee is going to get into the mining business so there's going to be a lot more competitive in the mining business so the big main kind of play to monopolise mining is under attack as well because i was competitor. human rights watch has accused the un of failing to investigate war crimes and iraq the group claims the security council also missed a key opportunity to address recent rights abuses in iraq. he was referring to a u.s. backed resolution to set up a team of investigators to probe islamic states crimes in the country but human rights watch complains the initiative ignores atrocities committed by other groups
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one example highlighted came early this summer that's when it in video emerged apparently showing iraqi police torturing a terrorist suspect in mosul the executive director for human rights watch in the middle east told us she believes the u.n. needs to probe crimes committed by all sides. this is obviously a flawed and selective approach because it misses the opportunity to investigate crimes committed by all parties to the conflict human rights watch has of course document to very serious abuses by isis forces but we've also documented very very serious abuses by iraqi government forces militias and members of the international coalition we have documented numerous cases of detainees who have been executed tortured brutalized by iraqi forces we also have a lot of concerns about the bombardment of u.n. security council knows very well that organizations like human rights watch have repeatedly urged to expand the mandate of this investigative team to include abuses
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by all parties to the conflict. despite ongoing protests president mccrone signed five executive orders yesterday to rush through his controversial labor reforms they will come into effect in the coming days now this is the first of many changes that are planned for the future potentially causing more public unrest now let's talk cross now to our team's policy clear for the latest from paris. paula what is the current mood in paris after the signing of the new rules. what i would estimate that they easily around a hundred and fifty thousand people where i'm standing in the best deals where and this follows a promise that was only a made by the eat of the french leave to milan sean that he would be bussing in people from as many as one hundred and fifty cities today saturday and see only hours of this morning we have seen people in the driving i've been talking to them
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for the last two hours and they say that they furious they will continue to come taste them a bit old they say if we can work protections and they still angry not to be stable with mckone calling them so that because take a listen. because she didn't get to finish a i will be absolutely determined to that i will not yield in any way not to suck because you've got to cynics not to extremists using. now these new you propose it may bend over forms will see the influence of trade unions lee said it will also become easier for companies to fire employees and this is among the slogans that people here have been shouting and holding up posters saying off with mccrone we did not vote for you because to the work because there is also a very heavy security presence the entire area has being filled in told by police
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who are very afraid of seeing a repeat of what has happened in the past when such protests took place. but. now the protests here began about an hour ago it's scheduled to gone to another to ourselves so we have course we'll continue to bring you updates but we're keeping our eye on the area just behind me where they were has been clashes in the process and of course this is something that concerns people here whether or not a crown will be able to keep a lid on the growing so straight should on the streets of not just crevice but across france. thank you very much for staying across that story for us will of
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course be following that very closely artie's poll of sleep here. now our special coverage of the german election continues in about thirty minutes what they are to election team and berlin as we count down to sunday's vote then i'll be bringing you the rest of your world news so do stay. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death. like everything in my family was literally coming i had planned. to. water.
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so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effect. was. what i did was. just because. they were going underground on the day a representative of the victorious outside government in syria takes to the stage at the un general assembly after years of british backed rebels coming up with a. new liberal.
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speech. and the british people are losing. his party conference in the south east of england. who voted against the war former labor cabinet minister lord chris smith outgoing chair of the regulator of british advertising. the queen of mean. seventy eight percent increase in hate crime in the u.k. winner of ru paul's drag race insults comedian. twenty nine us states to be fired for your sexual orientation and continues its trail of destruction we speak to the caribbean rebuilding their communities. decades of new liberal imperial rule from westminster. coming up in today's going underground well what was u.k. prime minister theresa may all about when she decided to use one of the world's greatest basilicas to outline bricks into plans ahead of tomorrow's german election we caught up with. him about that and what he thought of his friend donald trump's
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latest broadsides against north korea still being denied talks with the great powers niger you've been warning all along that european countries that all referendums on leaving the european union never get to leave the european union is that what the florence speech is very much i mean look today is a great day for westminster it's a great day for the political class great day for goldman sachs. national business because effectively what the prime minister is saying is we're going to stay a full member effectively of the european union for a further two years and it's a two fingers up to the seventeen point four million poorly educated unwashed voters that voted for. the poorly educated but that's what they've told us that's what they've told us all the way through we've been told but it's stupid with pig ignorant we don't understand the real world and this is the establishment
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trying to regain control ironic that it won't even be enough as regards european bureaucrats in the negotiations anyway well that's the point isn't it but if she thinks by saying we'll pay twenty billion pounds over the course of the next two years that that somehow is going to satisfy mr. i mean she's all moonshine because all he's going to say is you paid for two years access to the single market we want this big divorce built on top frankly i do not think anything she says today is going to satisfy anybody in brussels but when does the so-called deep state start telling brussels be a bit nicer to britain because we want them in well that i think has to come from a different direction that i think has to come from member state governments you know the new german chancellor except and i think the sensible thing would be for the member states to say that. you are acting as a european union in your own interests you're no longer representing the needs of
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individual companies or workers around the member states of europe you know they may have managed to reverse the irish referendum the danish referendum ultimately they can delay this is long as they want we are going to leave at some point in time the will of the british people is strong and we are going to leave what i don't want is this this to drag out for year after year after year and it looks now little be at least five years. before anything fundamental changes the same old german. arguably so it may not happen if there's if there is no hope if there is no hope of getting any reasonable position coming from brussels then the time comes for us to say you know what this is a was a great big world out there there's america australia india good didn't even show you that there were proposals for a single european military. joining in the past few weeks i thought you.


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