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tv   Headline News  RT  September 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we've just one day to go until the federal election all to look at the main candidates in the final push to win over those undecided voters of what sort of many. in other world headlines with me jacqueline bouvier france's president mccraw rushes through his overhaul of the country's labor code with a raft of executive orders amid scenes of violent protests against the reforms. and human rights watch accuses the un of failing to investigate war crimes and iraq claiming the security council missed the opportunity to consider abuses by all sides not just islamic state.
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you're watching r t international broadcasting live from the russian capital i'm jackal muga and we'll have your world news a little later in the program but first our main focus for now is germany where it's the eve of the federal election live now to the r.t. election team in the capital. yeah stuffy hi everyone well why don't kids course who growl behind you here in berlin it's six of the seven when it started to rain as the weather forecast said
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it would put question is will it dump of people's spirits for this big election right in the very heart of europe so welcome to our special election coverage with may have been going on of course nick here on with me a liar the result of sunday's vote a term and where the chancellor merkel will remain in power for at all so you case you've missed any of the build up of us fall we squeezed together all the highlights of this election season to just fifty second. this. is a game to understand you. know in a down side and a few people come to. me to fuck up the whole question hunch think that's what i do these are. what i'm going to find that they're more
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cocky albeit. not. as here's a schedule. that's a useful fifty second divination that the final campaign rallies took place in major cities across the country with candidates doing their utmost to breathe new life into their political ends. showing off her first aid skills at a rally in northern germany to the sounds of the rhythms of course of the beaches if you're old enough to remember that your classic from them will stay in the law if we think she's going to stay alive in this question is how much she's going to be dented maybe a couple percentage points i think in this vote don't just say that song's tempos highly suited for performing c.p.r. we don't think she's going to need it we never moved because what
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a year it's been nikki what would trump with gregg said well last year but you never know if it will take that these days well there must be it was quite cheerful at the event as you can see but it was it is strong contrast to an earlier rally in munich thank you look at this. new the in. the trying to look at the pundits who clearly know it's done for the show this has started. the angle america being down to we're still down babylon she was trying to win over any floating votes is around sealed hundred protested the charge for that and a number of people were even arrested you know i'm going to pull the somewhat of course so without offending it could be described as a political dinosaurs and to love us for that she has though been in power for twelve years now unlike the dinosaurs she looks no where near extinction she's going to make it through by all accounts if she is elected for a fourth time in office could equal vote of her mentor in the longest serving the
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that helmut kohl. what an eventful time it's been for her as well over the years angela merkel is had a fair share of crises to say the least a your crisis than my current crisis and of course a number of deadly terror attacks.
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coming into the country in a year that's a heck of a lot of people can contend with on every level the admin the social side of it. look after these guys have been off the top of many a politician but not merkel she's made it through she's carefully shifted a stance if you look carefully at it over time to come to the public mood. and using those who have been persecuted who are refugees displaced by war should be allowed in europe and then it's current if i could i would turn back time many many years to prepare better together with the entire government and those responsible for the refugees but one thing that angela merkel is rather good at is making you take gay marriage for instance. pull back this mrs merkel has had it since two
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thousand and five you supported discrimination against gays and lesbians and did nothing to bring about the quality of. one point merkel's party opposed to gay marriage but the public wanted it so she let parliament legalize it voting against the movie itself partly to save face apart from u. turns on the vocals also from the taking or maybe stealing credit too for some of these things. that's when you buy pick sound when feel you've been in the ceilings when you have these feelings i mean they are good. well look even after. the evening it has taken. over for now on how angela merkel is seen through the lens of different regions of germany. cast an eye over this german election campaign and it seems like a dog dale angola merkel will remain in the chancellor's office just behind during
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put away from mrs merkel's popularity nationwide there are pockets of the sent those that are unhappy and frustrated with the policies of berlin like here in dresden despite the appeal and so of the whole town the city is the capital of one of the poorest states in germany it's a conservative hotbed as well in fact it's the only major city in the country that leans politically to the right dresden is also the birthplace of the anti immigration protest movement piggy while the numbers have dropped off across the country as we can see here in dresden still drawing a crowd. why don't we support merkel because she with her open border policies and whatever she says isn't moving us forward now the refugees are here and she should stand up and admit her mistakes but she doesn't she should offer solutions not
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model through the issues politic i'm not happy with this whole refugee policy that's been in place a the last two years the german people have not been asked if she decided this all by herself takes longer why should i support her with throwing bombs so we get a few jewels the big problem is opening. and you've got millions of people coming to germany. but you didn't know who is it what do the vote of the doing or your this makes people rarely. do you of course are bazza future i've traveled around five hundred kilo. to the northwest to the port city of hama and the problems people were telling me about and bribes them well they don't seem to matter as much as the people here does this version as does hope this is probably because there is extreme clarrie station happening in our society but the reasons for such political division in our society have stemmed from the government in previous years to make have the country poor or even middle class almost nonexistent and the reach even richer the second largest one of the richest cities
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in germany humbugs also home to fall left and ana kissed groups in fact just over my right shoulder here is the floor now this form of the it's a squat it was that a lot of the demonstrations for the g twenty well organized but as we remember from the g twenty some of those demonstrations ten violent. in politics violence is never the way it must be always we want peace and we want that everyone puts all civil rights that's right you know so strong the opposition you know michel because at the moment the politics. that is the rich the rich get
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richer and the poor get poorer it could be argued that angle of merkel has been so long lived as german chancellor due to her claiming of the political center ground for her own but as she looks set to claim a historic fourth term it will be with voices of dissent from both the left on the right peter all of a. while those polling stations are not open for fourteen hours yet they open eight o'clock in the morning here sixty one and a half million people have got the of the age of eighteen have got a chance to vote of course hawkins. has been busy gauging the political mood right now finding out what the public really think about this election and where the main fight is going to be playing out here is. there's no major surprises being expected no shock results being anticipated this election is more about the changing landscape of domestic politics in germany and more of a litmus test for. popularity and voters confidence in health policies who put out
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in central but in all they speaking to people this is the word on the street we have kind of a stalemate you know that nothing's really moving politicians i would translate she's pretty good on one hand side on the other hand side says since twelve years now in office and so i think this is definitely time for a change to have fresh power even if she is a powerful woman overdoses i think it will stay more or less the way it is it will be no groundbreaking difference because merkel will carry on and that's good for america to start this morning that is just as predictable as hillary clinton becoming the next u.s. president so you never know and i hope people including myself about trying to vote should teach you to avoid. going together with the. because that will be the kind of near liberal coalition that many including myself want to avoid having i mean we were happy that she did not many things going to change because i think
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a lot of things are pretty ok so pick change always comes as a big big risk as well. oh i think what has to be changed i for one am not a fan of marco no one that i know is a fan of merkel and i hope that we will cause a change so i think many commentators would agree there's no deep divisions or heated passions for this election but really the voters can be divided into several distinct groups the michael finds who think the c.d.u. is the way for they're happy with the status quo those who feel it was the for change and force and fresh. bases but within the confines of mainstream political discourse perhaps voting for the the social democrats all the freedom democratic party a few people within the centrist framework those voting for fringe parties and those voting to stop those fringe parties they may be the a.f.d. they've made some surprise last minute games going up a couple of percentage points they could be in for the first seats in the bundestag the first the right wing party far right party considered by many to do so in
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modern german history can they be the next german opposition party that is could be the biggest change coming out of this election will find out soon enough but. not because if the a.f.p. is a radical anti immigration platform all the leading parties have already ruled out forming a coalition with it both merkel and shows often have to make a pact with them at the up it now let's talk about the greens it's a relatively small party and they only have a very short history but they do have a very notable background they do the party was on the founded in one thousand nine hundred first entered parliament three years later it's already been part of the ruling coalition for eight years and it's then leader even so this is the german foreign minister one point a party member tell us what they're standing for this time around. it's obvious that go to the last generation who can survive this planet and you can see all of the catastrophes all across the globe coming extreme weather in west africa and in
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south asia and some of the for the united states in the caribbean and this is why we are lobbying for these issues we readers we are also on have people with our own government talking a lot of climate change a lot but not doing a lot we're going to change definitely have a closer and then and then more and more. of the problem with the nose and then the social democrats by you to be honest i do not care who. do what you want them to do so and so do our goal is that to be common in. a government program and get more climate change in this country most social justice in this country and more liberty and freedom. low however confident the chance lantis steve harvey may be main rival the social democrats lead him often so that he refuses to believe he's already won something as he hopes the last minute swing could still happen we can see what i've undecided voters the only european parliament president is
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positioning himself as a man off the people. martin shoots angela merkel's fish right when the race for the german chancellor his how the world knows him as the leader of germany social democratic party and also as the former president of the european parliament but what many don't know at least outside germany are the ups and downs that have marked his early days let's start at the beginning and shoots his troubles began at high school from which he never graduated he wanted to be a professional footballer but a knee injury put an end to those dreams. started drinking and was diagnosed as a serious alcoholic by the time he was twenty four it was so bad that he even contemplated suicide luckily he turned his life around opened a book store and eventually got himself elected as the mayor of his hometown. his rags to riches story paint in twenty twelve when he was elected the president of
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the european parliament transforming him from small town mayor into a powerful year across. the perks reportedly included to limit and over thirty aides which angered some fellow m.e.p. the queen of sheba probably had less stuff certainly less refers i can't decide if martin schulz is a bowling bolshevik or a few a gruff federalist. was also accused of using his position to help his good friend the european commission chief and former luxembourg prime minister. blocking the probe into. luxembourg scandal in which big companies got generous tax breaks now back from brussels to seeking to dethrone angela merkel accusing her of americans while presenting himself as a man of the people. given
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the struggle she was in jordan his early days it's likely that many relate to him as a man who understands real hardship more recent brussels baggage indicates voters might find it difficult to tell him apart from the iron chancellor he's trying to oust. what's the right for central perlin so ferocious so mickey earlier all germans are known for being precise and precisely when the weather forecast is that it would rain at six o'clock a look at the weather forecast it's going to rain through the night and just more as well interesting if it's going to turn into the polls tomorrow they open in fourteen hours time just a bit less a spoke of the morning sixty one and a half million people could turn out to vote which way is it going to go we've got great coverage coming up for the rest of the evening also tomorrow on a monday as well so be sure to stay with us for now though it's kevin owen and nikki so let me see again in just under an hour.
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the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability and needs to actually prevent japan and united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with nuclear. and the missile capability is capable of attacking japan and the united states can say oh the americans and japanese if you. let that. one hundred years ago the first computers were actually. people who were hired to
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do you know additions or multiplications that's gone that is now done entirely by computers. fortunately i think translation is not yet there but it is one of the easier things to do by computers that will be gone in the next in the next twenty years most translators will probably be out of a job i mean i'm sorry for them but this will just happen this is inevitable. welcome back the syrian city of dare is or is slowly recovering from the horrors of a three year long i still see each artist reports. a semblance of normal life he's beginning to return to a sort of i say semblance because no man it's he's still awaits the cizik traumatized city and its people are really just beginning to come out of shock they
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have gone through one of the longest speeches in modern issues three long years cut off from the outside world to see one of the most terrifying groups in history i see it's really the only way to reach the outside world was a dangerous and didn't require any call to write which the most dangerous of the soldiers in the ministry to be honest with you it is sometimes difficult listening to the stories these people have to tell supply routes those that sucked by this siege for example the staple diet here for the parts year or so to speak. mixed with bullets and that seats three d. it's a brand that's run right out a long time ago but vegetables fruits young children three four years old that never tasted anything sweet in their lives one man was standing in south in the
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early days of this siege shoulder these old dicier with fifty kilograms and she'll go back with should still available in the black market now of course the situation is that's just an obstacle condition yet but food is a right medicine is beginning to ride but there in lies the problem. is a difficulty in itself it's cool hundred kilometers from day to the more reach and well supplied west the west. that syrians for supplies have to be trucked four hundred kilometers across school deserts and their right to a people that have nothing no money and little in the way of valuable state sold themselves sometimes that houses in the pockets in order to buy food for their children because the siege continues isis is still in the city about fifteen percent of the data so it is still controlled by isis and it's full of people that
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isis is either keeping the hostage will using stupid shields the russians say that within the next few weeks they believe they will liberate the ship that is own city after that it's the rest of this old province itself. human rights watch has accused the un a failing to investigate war crimes and iraq the group claims the security council also missed a key opportunity to address recent rights abuses in the country as well that's a reference to a u.s. backed resolution to set up a team of investigators to probe islamic states crimes in the country but human rights watch complains the initiative ignores atrocities committed by other groups one example highlighted came earlier this summer that's when video emerged apparently showing iraqi police torturing a terror suspect in mosul the executive director for human rights watch in the middle east told us she believes the u.n. needs to probe crimes committed by all sides this is obviously
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a flawed selective approach because it misses the opportunity to investigate crimes committed by all parties to the conflict human rights watch has of course documented very serious abuses by isis forces but we've also documented very very serious abuses by iraqi government forces militias and members of the international coalition we have documented numerous cases of detainees who've been executed tortured. by iraqi forces we also have a lot of concerns about the bombardment most u.n. security council knows very well that organizations like human rights watch have repeatedly urged to expand the mandate of this investigative team to include abuses by all parties to the conflict. paris has seen more protests after president micron signed five executive orders to rush through his controversial labor reforms on friday although largely peaceful there were some clashes at the
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main demonstration. i. think go micron's former rival in the presidential race look monzon announced that over one hundred thousand people gathered to protest against the president's policies our correspondent paul fleer reports from paris. put into organizes these at least hundred and fifty thousand people now this is a reaction to president my confines of those five official orders and talking to people here looking at the plaque cards they really saying no to these labor reforms now this is an amalgamation of both lift wing organizations an anti mcconnell protest as people have been bussed in since the early hours of this
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morning some are save some for me from up close range cities we all see him in from the leader on the fringe leave him alone but they will continue to. belabor a little. worker protections and it will finally to be like this in the coming days and the coming weeks talking to protesters yet they are angry they simply angry with the statement that mcconnell made not so long ago calling them slackers who didn't do diddly misrule at i will be absolutely determined to the i will not yield in any way not to sarkozy not to cynics not to extremists music's been nowadays. quite a magic. pill and we're making our way down this road weighed. down with. around us here there are going to. come what the french police radar seems like be repeating themselves.
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but as we march with the protesters here speaking today what they're most concerned about is that. unions lose power it will all same power companies to be able to more easily find people to read. the mood on the ground is one that people are not going anywhere until mcconnell himself make some changes. our special coverage of the german election continues at the top of the hour with the r.t. election team bringing us all the latest developments live from berlin that's it for me but my a colleague than a dear tutor will be here to bring you more on today's top stories.
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prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life. like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site water who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was likely all to what i did was done on a cocktail of illegal drugs. just because
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something's legal doesn't mean it's. their bad actors over there but me. you know what japan is launching a competitor in the big space russia is coming in competitively john mcafee is going to get in the mining business so there's going to be a lot more competitive in the mining business so the main kind of play to mining is under attack as well because the world is competitive. thank you thank you i asked was do you think you did. this past weekend you probably saw some of the wall to wall hurricane irma reporting it was mostly a name vapid coverage like this you know when you can hold her and you can surround yourself with couch cushions you know.


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