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i. think. it's less than twenty four hours to go until germany's federal election we look at are the main candidates and their final push the window for votes. in artie's other world headlines would mean a deal or tutor france's president micron rushes through his overhaul of the country's labor code with a raft of executive orders amid scenes of violent protests against the ripple of reforms. also this hour altie travels to the syrian city of daraa still which is slowly recovering after three years siege by eisel terrorists
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. you're watching international live from moscow with mina david shooter and i'll have your world news a little later in the program but our main focus for now though is germany where it's the eve of the federal election live now to the election team in the capital. you know a big thing if the polls are right angle of merkel heading for four more years the . germans vote tomorrow for the first time since world war two six parties are expected to enter the bundestag including a group of right wing nationalist oid welcome to our special election coverage from the very heart of berlin with me here i want to score you beyond. beautiful view
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before the big vote exactly the day before the big day but the results of sunday's vote will determine whether chancellor angela merkel will remain in power for both time so the big build up to the nikkei she missed all of the action we've squeezed together the highlights of the election season thus far into fifty small circles. here is a game to understand. yet it doesn't. push any back up the whole thing. these are. what i find that. as the years it scared to.
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go there you have it in a nutshell the final campaign rallies have taken place in major cities across the country with candidates doing that most to breathe new life into their political and literally. chance for a good work of a showing for first aid skills at a rugby in northern germany were doing rather well don't have the patience of of the north of the sons of revolver a classic the preachers if you're old enough to remember it stayin alive we think that anger merkel is very much going to stay alive here the old so she may lose a few percentage points but it's looking pretty pretty much a dead cert she won't be curdle to the field directors doctors say by the way the songs tempo here hardly simple performing c.p.r. if you ever wonder if you're on the sphere there is going to speak. quite cheerful
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but in contrast to an earlier rally in munich here's what happened that. i. think the chinese feel good funded sucralose deutsche nuns. these huge strides. and america was founded we're still washing was trying to win over any floating voters around two hundred protesters tackled the chance of that under number one you can never. really work across tipped to be elected chancellor for a fourth time and by the end of the term there will be a new generation of german the would see no other leave in her in office merkel is self modes many of the royals have come and gone through her twelve years of a top official of dubai and ski joins us now. become a political survivor by the things through the main highlights of
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a chancellor merkel's korea vote for these three big terms the how is love. will not just political survival she is known as being the mother of not just germany but for some the mother of europe and some describe her as being a political dynasty now under merkel hopes that the results of that election tomorrow will see her when the fourth term in office will see her back at these offices that she's called home for the last twelve years now is the conservative c.d.u. this is her party wins the majority of the seats to more they will still have to form a coalition with i think then go on to form the ruling coalition she could see his help or it got him in office if she does that it means she will equal that all of germany's longest serving media in morton tellings helmut kohl the man who also happened to be her mentor during her early days in political office. so let's take
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a look now at some of the political leaders from europe and across the world until of merkel has seen or during her time in office. how. well twelve years in office is a long time and during that duration three terms so fall and go merkel has seen
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highs and lows and let's start now by the fact that germany has for a long time during her first term and even into her second term in office seen as the powerhouse the engine over europe in terms of its finances but that was hit slightly during the euro crisis that we've seen over the last ten years or so with germany having to bail out many other countries and forcing the european union to help bailout many other countries including greece we've also seen the migrant crisis with around a million refugees coming here to germany and then of course they have the many incidents of terror. with those issues of terrorism. and those terror attacks that not just in this
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scene but other parts of germany have been some of the reasons with the migrant crisis actually saw a big dip in the polls in two thousand and sixteen with some people thinking that she may not even contest this election for a fourth time but two thousand and sixteen was a long time ago kevin and she has rebounded in the polls since then she's been seen as a political animal a political dinosaur the person who's got the strong silent type of power that has really moved and molded europe during her in office but some say that she is also a person who is canny enough to know that when her own policies are not reflecting well in terms of the public opinion and she's been known to take ideas from other parties some of describe her as being a bit of a flip flop when it comes to policies. those who have been prosecuted more refugees
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displaced by war should be allowed in europe than is currently if i could i would turn back time many many years to prepare better together with the entire government and those responsible for the refugees. well that's not the only issue that she's flip flopped on during her time in office the c.d.u. the conservative party that she leads has long opposed gay marriage in germany but again that was against the public opinion and she decided to allow the parliament to vote for legalizing gay marriage but she took a stance and she still voted against that so there are many ups and downs in anglo merkel's twelve to twelve years in office her three terms it is very likely if the polls are correct that her party will come out on top to morrow but it will still then have to form a ruling coalition if she is to gain another few years in this building. kevin back to you. if it's twelve terms well hey well i'll see it some point in the
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future thanks for that for now so you can't write off you looks like she's going to get through albeit maybe with a smaller majority then the. time will tell it's. thirteen hours yet just before those polls open at eight o'clock in the morning here in berlin and we're going to be here with our correspondents all across the country and gauging the reaction after a correspondent daniel hawking is even gauging the political news finding out what the public think about this election and where the main fight will be playing out this take a listen to this. there's no major surprises being expected no shock results being anticipated this election is more about the changing landscape of domestic politics in germany and more of a litmus test for current popularity and voters confidence in health policies who put out in central but in all they speaking to people this is the word on the street we have kind of a stalemate you know that nothing's really moving politicians i would translate
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she's pretty good on one hand side on the other hand side says since twelve years now in office and so i think this is definitely time for a change to have fresh power even if she is a powerful woman over i think it will stay more or less the way it is it will be new ground breaking difference because merkel will carry on and that's good for me to start this morning that is just as predictable as hillary clinton becoming the next u.s. president so you never know and i hope people including myself about trying to vote should teach you to avoid. going together with the. because that would be the kind of near liberal coalition that many including myself want to avoid having i mean we are happy that many things going to change because i think a lot of things are pretty ok so pick change always comes as a big big risk as well. oh i think a lot has to be changed i for one am not
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a fan of merkel no one that i know is a fan of merkel and i hope this will cause a change i think many commentators would agree there's no deep divisions or heated passions for this election but really the voters can be divided into several distinct groups the michael's fans who think the c.d.u. is the way for they're happy with the status quo those who feel it was the for change and for some fresh faces but within the confines of mainstream political discourse perhaps voting for the the social democrats or the freedom democratic party a few people within the centrist framework those voting for fringe parties and those voting to stop those fringe parties being with the d. they've made some surprise last minute games going up a couple of percentage points they could be in for their first seats in the bundestag first the right wing party far right party considered by many to do so in modern german history can they be the next german opposition party that is could be
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the biggest change coming out of this election will find out soon enough. or yeah that's the question and that's what's going to be controversial if it happens all turns over germany is of course one of the most controversial parties in this race because of its around him a great platform it's being called radical even nazi boys accusations one of his leading figures refuses though to accept. the colleague i thank the in the of the three. list storming out of a television debate following that accusation her party has long been accused of having radical views for its strong anti migrants it's been a constant critic of merkel's open door policy from the start we spoke direct of vital who describes the priorities of the party right now and it's demand that only those with ballot papers show. to germany. we have strict priorities
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lynn sure domestic security but this is something that's all parties are talking about these days including those that created the problem in the first place now they want to logical these presence even though earlier they rejected this idea this party is still insists on an open borders policy without passport control every day we're dealing with this problem and the problem of crime in our country we want to see our borders save guarded in effect of we who want the boom this pulitzer to protect our borders and conduct him to be do checks and to into the country must only be granted to people carry unveil his id documents we also advocate having a clear distinction between the concept of asylum and immigration these priorities . can be tricky navigating through the numerous parties running in this election the possible alliances that could be forms but don't worry we're here to guide you through it and to help you better understand the ins and outs of this worker's put
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together this little quick guide. unless you all season then german politics understanding the ins and outs of the election isn't exactly a piece of cake for starters each person will be asked to cost not one but two votes the first for eight district representatives the other for their preferred political party then comes the magic of proportional representation with each party's share of the vote translated to seats won in the bundestag the complex system prevents a single party from winning an outright majority so unlike in the us or france where the very usually produces one clear winner even once the german results are written there's still the mystery of who teams up with who to build a ruling coalition polls put. marco's party the christian democratic union well
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out in front and martin short says social democrats are likely to come behind in second but there's real intrigue in who finishes and could potentially be kingmaker if michael wins she still needs extra coalition partners on top of her sister party the christian social union already excluded and. see alternative for germany and left wing. this could pave the way for the renewal of the so-called grand coalition between merkel's party and martin says social democrats whether she will agree to become the cd use junior partner is another question entirely so far he seemed unwilling to play second fiddle.
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because as governor. if an alliance with shills isn't an option this is the man merkel is likely to call next christian. the leader of germany's free democrats the pro-business liberal party that teamed up with merkel and her allies the for by the way isn't just a pretty face he could confront call on some key issues. such human rights for choosing your place in the world i'm not being harsh this is . speaking. even with lynn this handshake in the bag merkel might still need extra help to get her over the winning line and that's why the green party could come into the fold with their top candidate green and.
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similarities call this cd f.t.p. and the greens would make an exotic mix known as the jamaica coalition which has never made it to national government before so in case you're wondering why there's no clear winner come monday morning all the details of the final coalition contract could take weeks to finalize the system is complicated but it is considered the fairest of them all for a vote says it can be frustrating though i caved in the early political parties end up breaking campaign promises and in germany there's always the convenient excuse that it was all their coalition partners fault. that we're all explained simple wasn't it no fun to watch the moment with great coverage for the rest of my all through tomorrow and of course monday as well because the polls open
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as i just to morrow morning. over the sightseeing from central berlin with special students we can see it has been raining heavily it's expected to warm night into tomorrow couple of hours off hopefully won't put the voters off we've got the brightest the best and it will be drawing coverage of the war will it make if they stay with us but you surely will pick up with a new what after the. they're
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bad actors over there but maybe. but you know what japan is launching a competitor in the big point mining space russia is coming in competitively john mcafee's going to get into the mining business so there's going to be a lot more competitive in the mining business so the main kind of play to monopolise mining is under attack as well because i was competitor. welcome back to moscow studio with me to david cuba time now for our top stories of
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the day paris has seen more protests off to president micron signed five executive orders to rush through his controversial labor forms on friday although largely peaceful there was some clashes at the main demonstration. thank. you thank backgrounds former rival in the presidential race joel new carolina show announce that over one hundred thousand people gathered to protest against the president's policies our correspondent reports from paris well i would estimate that there were easily around a hundred and fifty thousand people where i'm standing in the bastille square and this follows a promise that was earlier made by the leader of the french leave milan sean that
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he would be passing in people from as many as three hundred fifty cities today saturday and since the early hours of this morning we have seen people the riving here where democrats are to france is becoming far less democratic now days even more decisions are taken by officials not by the french people the people who was. killed the rights to it that again is the place to. get work with. people want to show the don't agree and told us what's happening with the decisions of the government decisions that are almost always in favor of the ruling classes who have money and people who work there not so thoughts about which is why we need to show that we're here to stand up for our rights talking to protest that they are taghreed basically angry with the statement that mcconnell made not so long ago calling them slackers for sure they didn't get it minister and i will be absolutely determined to do that i will not yield in any way not to sarkozy of not to cynics
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not to extremists music from now days that is quite imaginative find our way out. and we're making our way down to. our. around us here there are some kind of. what the french police radar seems like be repeating themselves. it was. the. that. the last thing much of the protesters here are speaking today and what they're most concerned about is that later. the trade unions lose power it will all stay in power companies to be able to be fine people
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so really the mood on the ground is one that people are not going anywhere until mcconnell himself make some changes. the syrian city of tire is always slowly recovering from the horrors of a three year long tyra's siege auntie's marred gas to the polls. a semblance of normal life he's beginning to return to a sword but it's a symbol it's because no man it's his steal away so we seize it traumatized city and its people are me just beginning to come out of shock they have gone through one of the longest speeches in modern issues three long years cut off from the outside will see one of the most terrifying groups in modern history i say it's really the only way to reach the outside world with spire a dangerous and didn't frequent helicopter ride which are mostly reserved for soldiers in the ministry to be honest with you with this sometimes difficult
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listening to the stories these people have to tell simplied this those that supplied this siege for example the staple diet here for the parts year or so to speak such mixed with bullets and that seats three d. it's a brand that's run right out a long time ago but the vegetables fruits young children three four years old that never tasted anything sweet in their lives one man was standing south in the early days of the siege sold to the spot build dicier for fifty kilograms and she'll go back with sugar was still available in the black market now of course the situation is better this is. simple condition yes but food is a right medicine is beginning to ride but there in lies the problem reaching that is or is it difficulty in itself it's cool hundred kilometers from this source to the more reaches well supplied west and west and that syrians for supplies have to
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be trucked four hundred kilometers across school teaching deserts and their rights to a people that have nothing no money and little in the way of valuable sold themselves sometimes that houses in the bottom of. in order to buy food for their children cause the siege continues isis is still in the city about fifteen percent up but davis sword is still controlled by isis and it's full of people that isis is either keep it to host the tool using is stupid shields the russians say that within the next few weeks they believe they will liberate the entirety of dead his own city and up to that it's the rest of this sort of province itself. run up of the news is out don't forget you can fight it's all over social media facebook twitter and of course our web site that's all to you don't come i'll be back at the top of the.
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prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some sight was all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects why . was this child likely all to when i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. one hundred years ago the first computers were actually. people who were hired to do you know i dismiss or multiplications that's gone about is now done entirely by computers on
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fortunately i think translation is not yet there but it is one of the easier things to do by computers that will be gone in the next in the next twenty years most translators will probably be out of a job i mean i'm sorry for them but this was. this is inevitable. time when the frances is broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight hoover may lose its license to operate in london and the news comes after the regulators say the company does not meet its public safety standards also
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a possible change in rhetoric the u.s. has yet to reveal what it wants changed in nafta this comes as negotiations on the agreement continue in ottawa we are live from canada with the latest and the organization of petroleum exporting countries opeth met today in vienna to discuss continuing production costs we'll talk with former u.s. trade commissioner bart shelton and get his analysis of this impact and the omens related to opec's decision stand by us starts right now. researchers at rice university and texas a and m. at galveston have spotted problems in the catastrophic flood danger map.


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