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human beings they wouldn't kill the day or other day the day that would do that's the issue and this really is the root cause is what most people that is over there well aren't we i i i know you can't criticize the united states but let me i mean we are we are the best recruiter are these isis house i believe that yeah i didn't mean that. and i mean i spent seven years in the middle east that's the tragedy is that when you are orderly tone deaf to the aspirations hopes and rights of others and you respond exclusively in military force as the south africans did. then you create what the world sees us as terrorism but alternately it doesn't succeed would you agree but as i said. people would do money is it right as americans are saying when a young way of going to said but you can it is
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a gift believe but you will give me death run and hid with pride in your own cousins what the pulling of is what one of the guys who say we're not going to die who would a. that is it wouldn't think so now who would do this with. if that. desperate it's who do this who cause them to desperate acts right. thank you i was president of now maybe i gotta go. they're bad actors over there but me these young folks we know what japan is launching a competitor and typically mining space rush is coming in competitively john
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mcafee's going to get into the mining business so there's going to be a lot more competitive in the mining business so the big main kind of play to monopolise mining is under attack as well because the world's competitors. please. please.
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just to. unhide it was. a. syndicate. has got a book and i get clambers god i can with a heavy gate supreme as and. how will get locked. up. to something like. much in fifteen minutes next one and not tell you want to be. on now been a. number seem a cheap. pick the significant. amount of. magic has up to an option. that isn't hard to get enough to teach us can think
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and zenit to the death. and we have to make it easy for. me not good. at what is or at least you could get it going game and evasion islami when duckling doesn't choose to kidani. but a c. is a document of wicca to the husband that big to negate the need to big money and his own kit that has. to be a summation of what i'm on publicly i was human issue to come as a niche as you were just making. and you blew it not keen enough that they'll mean hey you know the nominee into congress to me. i didn't want. one of.
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them. to. design a tank. running. included in the morning jesuit. out of eighteen and see what i can get a new. team. that gets injured again by what i know for work to moderate the brain but i bet he is. charged up on a sudden and begetting name and see that the tube. pierce yeah neetu a whore to ask a teacher task question. with an alcoholic in the uk where patients get a mohit to prison. you better get a mistake you knew that expression. in
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that he had a this heavy of his human with did this so he. yawned he wanted to tell you there's a route to design a paedophile and i scared him. as did a family who were numb all by getting on my. love how are the sunny and there could be like her feet don't we have to be really . really good it will soon be revealed. that am a very icky deal been a diffusion of the problem could have been that of us maybe it's a good day. i've lived.
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it. i love how subtle i fucked up but i found. out i. you want. a loon bike in your head only rethink about women's rights in the other thing was doing to her. being pretty you know
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a little curveball ugliness of the especially when you're. being part of the new would probably. charge by schools fight here in the middle east which is really needed. all together bring them up to. this meeting i was in do not know it's kind of felt like i was wasting my time. working then go and. are using a lot a lot of stopping here lol i was that was the. one i saw this will to be you doing here fighting. i want to do that too why should i stay where i can fight. especially when i saw the implosion of the women i was impressed it's pretty
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uncommon thing to see women fighting especially on a first front line i know this my first style who taught you should indulge you do everything. to get how much time to take it's just that come five minutes. pretty much. i simply must search on the internet till one joint or two few days as he attacks me so i can bag a new. five six knows i was clue parker is to save up for the plane. first i tested to tell my family of this ideal the local. star that's a long article it or a five six false or just spirit. told me when i arrived a little bit angry as they were relieved i was the. well when it's already a part of you know where you're by your words there's a friend got his license. lick
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your ticket live. live. their lives. look. to clint. listen if you look it up unless you tell me who headed the in the one equation you can get him and pedal on that. when you come on pashto got it cannot.
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carry. the only reason i need to have a sheet tattoo i need you to have a lot you stuff which i just love. i get cool and a vision establish a kettle on the moon an ambiguous because of an additional just lets you say that getting. and.
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here's fish fish. fish. and i want. to see if. it's the history on that. board. that i seem to be.
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able. to. see. to feel. that you should. mention that you really do. need to. be honest. and i been double vitiate made a minute of giving this to not just because i think how to. move and knew that i'd be a high horse that just a myth about the need of it to solve a marriage and waved them on the mind you couldn't manage you know that that was.
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the best thing to the bottom of one of the put on the moment and then. cut i'd keep you as they could it be to finish with that we should not. have any. movie shows how film lover to have a husband and as a concept yup i get. the kind of kindness to them from the moment you tell him not to do this on a moment on a fan of the compass. not. cheap skate mom who clearly.
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the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability to. prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because. the missile capability is capable of attacking japan and the united states north korea can say to the americans and japanese if you. we would you with nuclear weapons.
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i mean can see that you know that i think we all. know that. you know that i generally. assume you feel somewhat a monkey man. when hot it is that cannot. be kind of that this awful when they are lit and that. any numbers to show it will be coming and i do feel. the. suburbs it's over but ross tell me is that he saw but the army. never knew how
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and how good. but i feel that i'm going to do not. what i'm most of. us a little on. we didn't have and. what had been the what the hotel how a shot in the snow to monica. i can an o.e.m. will play. the. occasional little sob did. come with me and this being the end of it when. you must remember. some of the. others.
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hundreds of times so it was a good job you did. yeah but that's not. much to fish. with. and no one called to dash to let them out at this. clearly. don't understand. what the animal caught in. the live we do. the. and i. can. plot i know much more on the. ten minute check and. then. i know it's going to.
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walk to. the shot in that short a sudden the. idea that the to me that i was of need. to sit in the thought that i would need to be but that. will still be going to be the mode hard on my definition we're going to know but the thought it fit. and. did. not. know much about. when put one foot out was it.
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out. of the going to show up yes. that's a little bit. of. a sort of look at the. problem you're going to do. on a. good beginning. to do the.
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job of it is a little bit up. to the book but you know. isn't. that a bit of a. good. description of a good machine judgment of the moment which not just because of the. passage of the question to level that up and then she didn't maybe wouldn't but then we. brought that up with other than the shift to the shot of it throw it right out of the can seem. a clinical an essay queen into a deal shall blockheads just how. out of the she did how to.
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gene into a fade. late then i want to show they haven't. told . anybody and there. were no. i guess there are you cold air tomorrow if you say tonight there will be terror. every time a terrorist attack happens all these people. they're screaming and i says that someone needs to do something against them someone needs to do something against them and for me was like yeah why don't we do something against them because it's our problem islamic states claims it was behind them on just a terror attack on our top story group from from bangladesh.
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they killed the priest by cutting his throat on the russian airliner in the sinai desert during two hundred twenty four ice is acting community in every country and it's like people are paying attention for one day two days and acting as if everything will be normal and. that's not just not right. ten years of military experience that will stream to their professional snipers. are. the first isis video i saw of kids maybe ten twelve thirteen years old and they were trying to train how to shoot and it was so cool because they used
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schumann's as targets living humans as targets. and that was the moment i realized ok this is really really bad actually seeing that things shall let the synthetic caffrey out of the way for them as with the inshallah. it will. be a little bit around it. still is that was there and you know that is not all that about the role. but a lot of life like you. liked it doesn't feel good and i get that. but unless you are. very good at. all you. know that.
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there was. a cry for david when i saw someone on our team actually having both of his feet from the knees down just got blown off and i was like ok i cannot live with this i can't live in a wheelchair and i told my two friends their combat medics if you guys see me stepping on a mine and i lost my legs just in pain killer skin macadam in you know turn to it's just let me die happy. go get. a lot of it didn't help my life build up a blog or it. goes all. right one point i found this book and germany at a train station and it said something like this guy joined. by p.t.
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ok i have to go with that when i'm back home and i try to apply and it worked out. when i told my girlfriend she was like you there you go to syria or you stay with me but. if you leave you leave me too and i said yeah ok i have to do this why. i think sometimes in life you have to. figure out what your purpose is. a very comfortable life for a long time and enjoy that but. for me there always was just it was the cold inside. and whatever i did. it was always there. and since i'm here it's gone it's completely gone. oh good. there's nothing in it you just see just
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a cigarette butt in the barrel. there was bruce to be just gave me. the story studied till i do understand what you know. what happened to us. both to die they would like to read it. and i actually don't worry about it if you don't like the one thing that it actually put me with my kids. because but i let your game be told well will you let it to me on the first want that to read before you get on the plane the second one of the on the plane. on the first lead is that you're reading this before you board a plane you turn around right now nobody's going to be mad at you everything will be the same. they let it go on the plane but if you want to come back and
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the third letter was ok on the ride just so you know while i'm riding that you're playing with my daughter in the kitchen and i can hear you saying. to her mama it's not the all. i'm paul t. you look at me i'm your ran away. after his view that's when i really. all. you got it was. when i tried to leave police was showing up at my house and they told me ok fighting with. why p.g. is ok but be prepared we will not help you in any kind of way and i was like ok i can do that no problem but something's changed in the last few months i know four
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guys in germany being sent to prison for murder for killing isis guys dash a few days after i arrived in syria my mom told me all police looking after you so awesome friends in the police and they were saying to me you're in terrorist this no. the whole world is watching terrorists attack. and there are a few people who actually come here and fight and just sort of punishing people when they go back home it makes me really actually know there is no chance i'm going back to germany right now and probably not even in the next five to ten years . in case you're new to the game this is how it works tomorrow the economy is built around corporate corporations washington washington controls the media the
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media the. voters elect the businessman to run this country business equals power. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. i'm john harshman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't so it's big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. they're bad actors over there but me these young folks well you know what japan is launching a competitor and typically mining space rushes coming in competitively john mcafee's going to get in the mining business so there's going to be a lot more competitive in the mining business so the big main kind of play to monopolise mining is under attack as well because i was competitive.
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young warns that a missile strike on the u.s. mainland is inevitable after american bombers fly close to the north korean coastline. president rushes through his overhaul of the country's labor code despite a furious backlash on the streets of paris. and the syrian city of dare is or starts in the slow road to recovery after a three year eisele blockade. that does it for me i will be back tomorrow but we'll have more news coming up in a flower time watch march international there with.


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