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sighing. piqued my interest so i went. to ask somebody what is this is somebody is going to mutate and they tell me this is susan for a day five believe i'm waiting to go fishing oh my god will and that's kind of interesting. kyra you know. well you know the pirate thing we're kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long but. really. the world is changing our tactics such a endings and we are working along to get that we've government needs to tie for them to wait like i'm sure they've all seen what's happened in the i'll go fishing
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biggest empty call to collapse there was just nothing cabbage and now the european lead to the east africa is already in a very bad state like then they got told us they have been there there's still a lot of his name in the ocean so if you look at the situation in somalia the pirates can be argued they used to be fishermen and then foreign told us came to fish they have no income so i think it's just common sense that the country is so waking up. to.
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simply wanting to run it then you must. come down the steps to come soon and then goodness i'm not going to consume i'm not good. to men married to that wouldn't make good on you for. it to be nice to leftist he's not exactly nothing but even if you. look down to this him. return. to.
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the same song. yes your. job if that's so yeah but it isn't the money. it's still there so he probably. liked it the officer. who think you could actually instruments. you ought. to feel well give up. because well. i guess. this. will sell out they cut off my. sleeve and cut you. completely. listen muslims you know
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a lot of. points but. the truth. was possibly the last. book oh please please. please. please. please. when they come in bold we change the chamber to make sure there is no bullet in the chamber. so when there is told they are all safe there is no bullet and then when we give them which are the temple again and when they come back to
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check the champus will make sure that when this told there is no will that man and a mole and going so i'll still separately have. him. go up. in it that way please. was there. something. that was. the start of the list also nine hundred fifty of us below that's a way to keep the higher winning deck used to be over here. these would be. when the heart for its
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needs. and i think that's the sweetest thing it used to kill whales now it's protecting them. see showboat are threatening. in the southern ocean soul. needs to. go down. to where you see sugar was the only one window on their. little sucrose of story was how we see shepherd stood up to that and got in between . her blue ships. and prevented them from being able to transfer the whales onto the process since. they're more bold next to the hardcore ships and it's just yeah he did scary new trend but then again throwing paint bombs versus. illegal fishing vessels
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taking them out of the action to save millions hundreds of thousands of lives. we would get very very close to when we've been able to basically block them from transferring that way to be able to play c.d.'s to them by. putting defensive lines into the water a really nasty bomb stream today they can only pay into them to symbolize the bloody dismissed they are doing i think the walls impressing their campaign called zero tolerance. model the way in fact three of the. facts that a ship. fuel tanker to come together they need to get the feel of this is what we do. here in between. to stop this review an immigration bill seems to. they won't be able to deal with. chile if
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you let's see two ships need to come together so that. alongside the fuel tank and we have our work sheets there in between there. days. we reach ten. water barges in general. he. just kept extremely. mayday mayday mayday call by i have no engines and all. the way and they had already crossed the main mast.
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so to. but it was very very close. now after we had the injunction. to go five hundred meters close to an injunction from. court and that's the weird thing how the u.s. . action in the international waters to a crew that is international. but still we are respecting the. do not engage in illegal activities this flag. at the moment we don't use it in africa. there is a piracy situation and it's very. important to fly a pirate flag of course part of me all these days. that we had. seven hundred way. of course back to the people who you
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work we. think. of us nice then stream we have been the directions these are but has taking me personally fishing and overfishing has been my thing. i hope it would do more for the fish they don't scream when they die and nobody knows what's going on with them like they are the underlings of the planet in no way so for me to see these collaborations with governments putting more. work into. the dream.
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for. you just to shift gears a bit so you research and it's been interesting. girl you expect the first ship to go to the. police possible. but just to sit offshore frozen for his feet strange this is suspicious.
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we know they have a hard life if you have legs and also carry her anus up. like assholes in harlem yet. this while this is going to be a drove us to her it was. one of those. recent years to be noticed a bigger units are still easy surveyors. were here in his words you're. for the rise of serwer and this is fresh air because your heart is just inside god and he is this trend ship the fish the illegals the easy so it is once fair make
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sure you're his lefty that's all part. of this is not black it's under a long. time . when the old maid just manufacture consent to steam to the public wells. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the final merry go round the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. real news is
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really. one hundred years ago the first computers were actually. people who were hired to do you know additions or multiplications that's gone that is now done entirely by computers. fortunately i think translation is not yet there but it is one of the easier things to do by computers that will be gone in the next in the next twenty years most translators will probably be out of a job i mean i'm sorry for them but this will just happen this is inevitable. the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability. to actually prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with. the missile capabilities capable tack in japan and the
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united states north korea can say oh the americans and japanese if you. are left. to. go with. somebody. who doesn't own the bus was able. cases windows in the. home
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only. cost above if we have an ideal well many cruise ship. yelling the same as just went on both vessels think it was based on nothing give us permission and the interesting to me that you think. you know somebody i don't.
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know pretty. clearly you see nothing. to do. just look list for the if to say well i just will actually it will do it with a letter still too much shorter than. just the stick you have. to write about it. is the moment of truth. of the course not for muslims i will still. prefer. if you didn't for. the. know that. you need to keep to the one one incident was the same all.
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cells up there. is left was frozen. i mean was it is all. because there was no way. to interleave old will be better than one of. his friends who did not make him person. leaves one nation from hilarious she sits in the back of you trying to come up with a. missile to scream who can see this is really. different kind of kid didn't understand. this stupid piece of the wires.
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around here how much just one new month went to do with what this group is not possible to. just seems to be in safe position a good time. here and go and do was enormous not possible for the special state of the anchor because too much women swell. but if people want to be. here what are you don't want people to go about how they got to fish phone someone to be feared coming god. reveals that often do you come to believe that you don't go to the one of them. thinking. as they. do for.
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no. it's quite different and it's nice to have the government be able to actually stop . the fish in its back what's going on. it's a different experience but it's a good development to build like yeah usually that's the case here we go to like the pharaohs or they say get out you know or. you know about that place they don't like us very but they're all. in the farrows because we don't want them to kill the pilot whales and so you know
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they have this long tradition of driving the pilot whales with their small boats and driving them up onto the beach and killing them on the beach. and so we've gone there and interfered with dogs there is you know is the whole layers of legal issues there because it is illegal for the e.u. to the whales and the pharaohs are apparently part of the deal but they are. they tried in years past the passed laws against us and they kept getting they were the way they were that they wouldn't enforce them so i think believe this year they they have succeeded in keeping us from going there i know the ships can't go and. i don't know if individuals want now how that will work out but we're not going there on a campaign this year because of that because of the. and then we have other issues
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now that we're tackling like this illegal fishing which is a huge problem all over the world. if you want to use to know for example you just go to the supermarket buy a can of tuna open it and you enjoy it because of x. rays. but when you see how it's catch and start to sing about these. fishing boats are seen fishing already in big trouble we kind of go off but there's still a right to assume a several meetings and then the procession of old starts to are pulling the nets and nets just sartoris getting tighter and tighter fish squeezed all i can of lemon and in this moments of the sea really turns red bull. just to seal the last.
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number and that's the it's called the scoop with a metal ring just gold they go into the big nets and scoop all of the fish. in one shot and we have been the runs as personable we conduct fifteen scoops. you say on each course on. so it's one catch seventy five tons true enough and they do it several times a day. almost every day with the big fleets or no you get an idea why the ocean is over fished. we. see. that with friends stuck up so i guess the fish i'm going to touch. they tend.
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to it's easy to sleep at least a little bit differently then just sleep be an interesting talk at. length. led. to. believe there. will be. evening lovely girls things like that on these new troll. research on that.
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today in about half an hour. do you have any weapons or. sound of the mediterranean and some very over. this region there has been a lot of that you know fishing by the european industrial. they have been fishing here quite extensively the one nine hundred fifty s. well so that has also led to the fact that there is not so much to. so that is why and. other nations in this region are doing this inspection to make sure that they
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have the amount of catch on board that they are reporting. like you see she's a preschool she did. not sit next. to him she in a skit you. saw that you fish from a few days the. and by. her. charge you least like. also on fire shirts on the whole trip and just war hero of the year have you reported this by catch. your mother was. a good. book
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a mother of you know. my main goal will be about bycatch and i use illegal unregulated and underreporting fishing that is happening in the west african region. because it is estimated that between eleven and twenty six million tonnes of fish is being called to legally point three million tons of fish are being discarded by catch annually it's just being killed without being targeted. here you can see the net in the net you can see a lot of dead shards because the problem with the shorts is since they're left in a swim bladder when they lift the net over there before the net is on the day the sharks die because. some blacks have also just. because they do not have
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a home letter so if they don't move they will die in the. last year when we were here. we also had several cases of whale sharks getting caught in the net with a person or so on several occasions we had to cut up the neck to be able to save the little child and a release is from the entanglement in the nets and that is also a beautiful feeling when you see the whale sharks i mean away from the net. a tape.
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is there which will make. the most get a little. bit cooler than. you but i. know both i'm sure what. kind of. scientists your workers.
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she would be. good. for him and it's. never really know for sure but this is.
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germany's heading to the polls more of the same another. nobody. in our other world headlines would make north korea warns that a missile strike on the u.s. mainland is inevitable after american bombers fly close to its coastline and president trump takes another swipe on twitter plus. protests and arrests in the spanish region of catalonia this week as it pushes for independence from madrid.


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