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it was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. please. please. just. not in the bars at eight. o'clock dr dash. has got
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a can he get clambers got an i can with a heavy gauge the primers and. get locked. up . to something like. that. much in fifteen minutes not synonomous tell you want to be. done now been a. number seem a cheap. tickets. and. magic as up to an option. as that isn't hard to get enough to teach us to enter zero to the death of the. it and
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we have to make it easy. not good. for what is or at least you could get it going game and evasion islami when duckling doesn't get enough sleep kidani. a c is all documented wicca to doha seem a big to negate the need to big money and his own kit that has. to be a summation of what i'm on publicly i was human issue to come as a niche as you were just making. and you blew it not keen enough that they'll mean hey n o t nominee into congress to me. i didn't. want that. much. of a. desire to see that tank.
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running. included in the morning jesuit. out of eighteen and see what it takes to see a new. team. that gets injured again by what i know forward to moderate the brain but i bet he is. charged up on a sudden human begetting name and see that the tube. we need to keep your staff yeah neetu whore to task eighty a task question. with an alcoholic on my plate a patient get a mohit to presume. you better get a mistake. going with women that he had a high this highly of his human with did so she. yawned he wanted to tell you i
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presume you wish to design a paladin i scared him. as if our lives we were numb all by getting on my. love how are sunny and there could be negative. don't we have to be really. really good it will soon be revealed. that amador iraqi deal been a diffusion of the problem could have been that of us meet its utility. i've lived. it.
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i love how subtle i fucked up but i found. out i. live. let. alone women biking your i don't even think about women's rights in the other thing was doing to her. in pretty. little curve was ugliness of you especially when you're. being part of the new with. charges by schools fight here in the middle east which is really needed.
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all together bring about. this meeting i was in do not know it's kind of felt like i was wasting my time. working then go. are you doing a lot a lot of stopping here lol i was that was the. one i saw this will to be you doing here fighting. i want to do about two or should i stay home i can fight. special when i saw the implosion of the women i was impressed it's pretty uncommon thing to see women fighting especially on a first front line i know this my first style who taught you should indulge you do everything. to get how much time to take it's to come five minutes.
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pretty much. i simply must search on the internet to learn one joy out of your days as he attacks me so i can bag a new. five six knows i was clue parker is to save up for the plane. first i. tell my family in this article the local. star that's a long article it are five six balls they just disappear. taller when i arrived a little bit angry as they were relieved i was sick a while when it's already a part of you know where you're by your words as a parent got his license. live live live to it they get
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live. their lives. look. live can. you look it up unless you tell me who headed the way in the heaven equation you can get an impediment to that. when you can push the above economic. paradigm. the only reason i need to have washington
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i need you to have a lot you stuff which i just love. i get cool and vision is that get into on the moon and big news because of an additional just let you say that getting. and. it's.
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a few weeks years fish fish. fish fish. and i want. to see if. it's the history and the. research for the. soon to be. able.
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to. see this. that you should. make sure that you have a reason to go. to. be honest. and i've been double vitiate media minute. and if they've got i think how to. move and knew that they'd be a high horse that just a myth about the need of it to solve a marriage and would demand of the mind to get in on it you know that i'm not that . kind of the bottom of one of the put on the moment and then. thought i'd keep you as they cut it to finish with that we should not. have any.
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movie shows how filming over the vehicle and over the cost of the up i get. the kind of kindness to them from. the moment you tell me to do this on a moment on a fan of the time i'm just. not. cheap skate mom who keep.
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my. eye. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant to the public wells. when the room in closest to protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. going to the real news is. the world.
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well you know that they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. of being there in the small ball of sticks in a hard pool of ships and it's still. not up to. the limo self to be told fish already ninety percent of the dot i need to call it com or. concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons and they do it several times a day with a big fleet oh you get an idea on why. the fish. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be with them this will be the only going because i. am doing this because i want the future world to the future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have.
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i mean that's you know that i think.
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though that. i generally. assume that you feel somewhat among men. being one hot it is that. we can update the software when they are lit and that. there might be any numbers to show the ability to fuel. the. suburbs it's all about roads that is that you need so but the army. but i feel what i'm going to do not. what i'm most of.
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us a little on. us. we didn't have and. what i had in the what the hotel how a shot in modoc the irish. can an o.e.m. with what. the. little sod did. for any army and this being the end of it when i. was remember. them additional. on. my mind up to. one hundred percent because it was a good job did i think it would. yeah but that's not the. job but.
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no one called to dash. out at this. i'm caught. with an animal caught in. the we don't fit. the. bill pay it. and i'm on the on the can. i know much more wrong. then. walked in. that showed a sudden the. idea that the two need that i would need. to see. but that.
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you want to be dumber would hold on. to finish lincoln in the butt that cut it. there. was. no. women put one foot out was it. how can. i don't spend a lot of the guys up let's get a feel left of civilization.
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is a. good movie but we don't get a lot of. the sort of books at the school to do with. how much you're going to do that much of it. on a figure that. people begin. to do you cook the. books. to film a little bit about the kind of took them with you to the book with a. little. isn't. that a bit but the. good.
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news for the president my goodness she's just been obedient not likable it's not that easy to make up and leave the. sounds. of. fascism. to level that up and then she didn't maybe wouldn't but then we. brought that up with other than the shift of the shah to its own. out of same. clinical unless of course anybody who shall blockheads just how. out of these she did how to. gene into a paid. late then i want to show they haven't. that is at least
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a little. good treatment. and even then. there are you know old habits or the if you say that i know that it will be. every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming and isis is so bad someone needs to do something against them someone needs to do something against them and for me was like yeah why don't we do something against them because it's our problem islamic states claims it was behind the man just a terror attack on our top story group bad news coming from bangladesh. francais killed the priest by cutting his throat on the russian airliner in the sinai desert during two hundred twenty four ice is acting community in every
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country and it's like people are paying attention for one day two days and acting as if everything will be normal and. that's not just not right. ten years of military experience that will stream to their professional snipers. were. the first isis video i saw of kids maybe ten twelve thirteen years old and they were trying to train how to shoot and it was so cool because they used schumann's as targets living humans as targets. that was the moment i realized ok this is really really bad actually seeing those things shall let the sim get cafferty out of the way for them as with the inshallah. it will.
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be over the hour around it. still. there is you know that is how little left about the role. like you have. to go. like that it doesn't feel good and i get that. but unless you are. very good at. all you do. it well there was. a cry for david when i saw someone on our team actually having both of his feet from the knees down just got blown off and i
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was like ok i cannot live with this i can't live in a wheelchair and i told my two friends their combat medics if you guys see me stepping on a mine and i lost my legs just in pain killer skin macadam in you know trying to get just let me die happy. go to. a lot of it didn't help my life build up a blog or it. was all. one point i found this book and germany at a train station and it said something like this guy joined. by p.t. ok i have to go with that when i'm back home and i try to apply and it worked out. when i told my girlfriend she was like you there you go to syria or you stay with me but. if you leave you leave me too and i said yeah ok i have to do this
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why. i think sometimes in life you have to. figure out what your purpose is. a very comfortable life for a long time and enjoy that but. for me there always was just it was the call inside. and whatever i did. it was always there. and since i'm here it's gone it's completely gone. oh good. there's nothing in it you just get it but in the barrel. there was bruce to be just. the story study still i do understand what i would you know. stuff that happened to us.
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both to die they would like to read it. and i said don't worry about it if you don't but the one thing that it actually put me was my kids. because what i left gave me the old well with the letters to me on the first was that to read before we got on the plane the second one of the on the plane. on the first letter said that if you're reading this before you board a plane you turn around right now nobody's going to be mad at you everything will be the same. they let us know you're on the plane but if you want to come back and the third letter was ok. and just so you know while i'm riding that you're playing with my daughter in the kitchen and i can hear you saying. to her mama it's not the
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all. i'm paul t. you look at me i'm your ran away. that's when i really. all. you got it was. when i tried to leave police was showing up at my house and they told me ok fighting with. why piccies ok but be prepared we will not help you in any kind of way and was like ok i can do that no problem but something's changed in the last few months i know for guys in germany being sent to prison for murder for killing isis guys dash a few days after i arrived in syria my mom told me all police looking after you saw
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some friends in the police and they were saying to me you're in terrorist there's no. the whole world is watching terrorists. and there are a few people who actually come here and fight and just sort of punishing people when they go back home it makes me really actually know there is no chance i'm going back to germany right no. probably not even in the next five to ten years. and. it's. the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability to. prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with. the missile capabilities capable of attacking japan and the united states north korea can say oh the americans and if you.
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we would with nuclear weapons. here's what people have been saying about rejecting this actually does belong on the only show i go out of my way to you know what we want to do is the really packed a punch oh yeah john oliver of r t america is doing the same thing we are apparently better than that and i see people you've never heard of redacted. president of the world. i think they. sent us an e-mail. a hundred years ago the first computers were actually. people who were hired to do you know additions or multiplication that's gone that is now done entirely by computers. fortunately i think translation is not yet there but it is one of the easier things to do by computers that will be gone in the next in the next twenty
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years most translators probably be out of a job i mean i'm sorry for them but this will just happen this is inevitable. voting is well underway in the german federal elections i'm here in berlin to bring you all the latest. in our other world headlines with me you know neal here in moscow north korean media broadcast a video depicting strikes on u.s. military targets softer american cardioid exercises close to the hermit kingdom plus. i protests and arrests in the spanish region of casa lonia this week said pushes for independence from the.


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