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better than blue the things that i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight the president of the world bank patzers until many seriously sent us an e-mail. well you know that they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in the small boats next to the hard pool of ships and it's. not something to. the little self to be told fish already ninety percent of the dot and it won't be calmer. contemplations coops seventy five tons they do it several times a day with the big fleets now you get an idea on why. we have to understand we can all stay still and just. be with this all the
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deal going to the arms. i'm doing this because i want the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. like so many who tumbled into the world events depressants without forethought david carr michael did so unaware of the potential dangers when i was on x.
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so we had no idea katrina delusions or none of that was having or about to me for so many years you just assume my doctor knew best and what about the side effects the hard way it's like. i'm too busy worrying when everything happened and i had just finished a day for my friends who knew my father they just knew that something was wrong because they knew who my dad was and you just were never in a million years think that he would do something that he did. currently was a high priority might be the best care possible. her ravenous ways. yeah. yeah they become michael had been on sixty milligrams of paxil for two weeks when he and ian set out for one of their favorite father son activities a b.m.x.
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bike competition in london ontario. yeah. what i've learned in this journey is i no longer take for granted even one breast. things get reduced to the minutes and he you know that you have the strength for that minute if so will. actually imply. have. a place they are there and i were friends in college we're both accounting majors david was that funny brilliant guy that yours wanted in your group david was a guy you'd want to be around and start about the best way explain when you met him he was good there is he was open he was funny was very witty my dad was a very caring father. very funny too it wake me up in the morning singing whatever group i was into at the time it was spice girls when i was little. so
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brilliant auditor auditing for a major corporation is stressful and there's a lot of things that go with that if you want to do the right thing david was a guy like any of us had his share of challenges in life we all did we went to the psychiatrist in early two thousand and six and he said well what about prozac you have a chemical imbalance. it's the standard of care it's what they do it's almost a marketing strategy that works in oh. i have a disease within days of ingesting prozac david crespi became troubled towards the end of just talking back and forth he said do you ever feel like life is too dark to go on it's crazy it's not the way i think those thoughts are natural to me i recall a few events from the day before that would suggest that he was going psychotic david was jumping out of the bed and walking around to throw rug and hitting each
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corner and then jumping back into bed and i'm going what are you doing is it just feels good well now i attribute that to act the zia. tragedy was january twentieth two thousand and six on that day took the kids to school left to go get my hair cut left the girls in the care of their loving father they were in as a spent time with him when i came back into the neighborhood after being gone for an hour and fifteen minutes i saw a police barricade and i saw some of my very concerned neighbors coming towards me the police officer asked my name and he said we're going to need you in this house . so much. i called my dad in california and i made sure my step mom was right next to him and i said you know dad i have to tell you something really hard i said i am in the
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back of a police car and i've just been told. david killed them tell us what he did to. stab them so how many can begin to fathom. having to make a family care a little bit harder. i know i know it's real their affair i really don't know why i'm kathy my step mom adored salman taseer as we all did started wailing and i could hear her on speaker phone and my dad goes and he dave would not to that david is not like that you are mistaken and i wish i were about i am in the back of a squad car. crispy children respond to the police and were told nothing until kim arrived at the station they really thought that their dad had killed himself my mom came in and told us that they're telling me that your dad killed your sisters we had to use the language they're telling me because we couldn't believe that that's what actually happened. idea of him
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killing us and sam was so foreign but they knew something had happened and that's how the whole thing started i went to the doctor and i can remember saying i'm afraid i may hurt someone or she said your compact too compassionate to do that that's just the depression talking never was anybody ever saying the medicine could do this psychosis the drug killed our daughters why. was his jealously altered my dad in his right mind wouldn't have done anything like this i can remember this battle of these thoughts are real because when you have a complete psychotic break like that and you kill two of your most treasured people in your life people that every other day every other day he would have died for them what i did was. illegal drugs we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible just because something's the. legal doesn't mean
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it's right. for all of that reserving two back to back licenses. with. her. july thirty first two thousand and four i had been on paxil for three weeks i took him into a hotel room in london ontario and at three o'clock in the morning thinking that he had permanent brain damage that he was a living hell he was going to kill my daughter julian and he was going to harm other kids and my wife was going to respect them which were my five delusions i strangle them and i sat with his body for six hours until i called the police in one o'clock in the morning very calmly saying that i had committed homicide and opened the door for in that i was arrested and charged first degree murder when the police came in and arrested me they asked me why didn't i run i said i want to stay with my son is in a better place now he was
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a living hell and i stay with him as long as possible. for fourteen long days david carr michael was psychotic and suffered drug withdrawals in his jail cell before awakening to the ultimate tera psychosis lasted for two weeks and african on my psychosis a couple weeks after everything happened i was devastated i cried for three days in segregation the london middlesex attention center i cannot believe what i had ian was laid to rest by david's family it would be months before d.n.a. tests indicated that carmichael's body was unable to metabolize the paxil he didn't just did and that the drug was the likely cause of this unthinkable act dr peter bergen says he's seen it all before nenni people do not have the a rare event zines in their livers to properly destroy s.s.r.i. drugs when they get no bloodstream so the judge pairs the liver and they don't get
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quote metabolized me they don't get broken down so you might get the equivalent of a ten milligram dose of an s.s.r.i. but your blood level is thirty or forty and there are studies out of australia correlating the violence with the lack of the enzyme for these trucks the public has no understanding of how part or other as a society trigger homicidal psychotic episode and they may not care now but there is evidence based on d.n.a. that asked what did cause me to kill my son and it's something that i have to live with and i want to mourn the power you know my stigma is after church to produce their own met loans us other people beat me up emotionally when i'm out there that's why they'll never be me up as much as a be myself a pro-lifer for her part jillian who was only fourteen when the tragedy occurred says she grew up the day she grasped what really happened to her father i realized
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who he was before who he was during the period of time that he was taking medication. and i realize it is two different people david credits julian is the reason he did not take his own life while in prison there were several times or i was either in jail or in a psychiatric hospital where i related to my own life what kept me going was my daughter julia said one line and it was i'm a good dad i'm going to be a dad again and that was my hope and you know jillian whatever she was doing wherever she was was thinking that she wanted her dad back in her life to how could i not accept him back you you know he's an amazing man he's my father and i love him david carmichael was found not criminally responsible for his son's death as two psychiatrists one working for the defense and one for the prosecution both agreed that he was psychotic at the time of the tragedy i was like a care about this another is the apathy for me but i think you know when i tell you
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what i. have. there the pain will never go away ian was just an amazing person and he was an amazing brother and he was an amazing friend and amazing son he just he had so much life yeah. sorry. by two thousand and four the british government had virtually banned s.s. all rise for children and young adults in light of the real risk of suicide and violence but in america the us f.d.a. remained unconvinced and demanded more studies for over twenty years thomas was head of f.d.a. psychopharmacology division and had been in the sick of the s.s.r.i. controversy since well before the one nine hundred ninety one prozac hearings lawson left f.d.a. in two thousand and twelve and started a new business dedicated to helping drug companies get f.d.a.
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approval for their drugs but he was not alone at the intersection of public service and personal profit i do not find from the evidence today that there is credible evidence to support a conclusion that an ide to present drugs cause the emergence and or the intensification of suicidality and or other violent behaviors when dr daniel casey resurfaced nine years after the one thousand nine hundred one prozac hearings he chad he did so as a paid expert witness for pfizer attorney andy victory conducted the deposition you were the chairman of that committee for several years right yes the chairman of that committee who is moderating it in a public building in a public place was wearing a bulletproof vest dr casey did you wear a bulletproof vest at that meeting yes. i do you ever wore one part of that well have you ever worn one set you know because either one of the family members of the people men or my president would shoot him you certainly did not believe it was
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felt from the eli lilly side of the coin did you know no conflict of interest and yet that would not affect your objectivity so your testimony yes. the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability to. prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because. the missile capability is capable of attacking japan and the united states north korea can say the americans and japanese if you assist south korea we would with nuclear weapons. little bomb go off on a marshall and. islamic states claims it was behind the month just
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a terror attack by the. front so kill the priest every time a terrorist attack happens all these people are out there screaming to go ice is so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me was like yeah why don't you do something. you. told. me that if. you challenge the. checking. i was going to get rid of you take a listen let me show. you
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the numbers. in a remote town in western canada the stephan family was facing a life and death struggle in the shadow of the rocky mountains two of debbie stephens children were exhibiting the same symptoms that had ultimately claimed her life joseph was becoming frighteningly violent and his sister autumn was succumbing to severe bipolar with its mecurio mood swings their father tony stuff and was
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desperate and searching for any way to save his children when drug after drug failed the answer came from what seemed the unlikeliest of places micronutrients mainly minerals i remember the earlier days of you know doing the the testing with nutrients and and different things i think they were trying to reduce some liquid mineral thing too you know so it's not like you to drink or cup of something it could be an ounce and i don't think it works very good and it smelled funny i remember the smell and i can still taste in the back of my throat i think they burned it i'm not sure we put him on a cocktail that contain vitamins minerals and he our students an amino acids i was absolutely livid when i found out that he had taken joseph off of his medication and i said some terrible things to him i told him that it was on his
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head the next suicide in this family was going to be has fault i remember about six weeks into this program that we sat together on the couch and he said where was i. what happened to me why was i so angry all the time said don't go there you don't have to live the day you're here in the present it was like one day waking up and a fog had completely lifted and that was amazing it was it were very real turning point in my life with joseph on the mend tony stuff and then turned his attention to his daughter autumn who had been in and out of sight woods. i won't say that i forced her to do it because it doesn't some politically correct but i constrained her to do it you know and she she just didn't believe that this was going to work at all it was just just keep taking your medications i don't care you know take your meds take this weather just keep taking it so they waited until i had a little med breakthrough and i went rummaging for
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a knife and there was and screaming involved and he and this friend of his who happened to be a psychiatric nurse. stuffed me with a bunch about a van and pope made a bed and then while i was still really nicely sedated began force feeding me the concoctions back in one thousand nine hundred six when i first met autumn string him it was the first day i also met her father tony stephan and she was sitting there in front of us completely normal very bright very articulate very charming young woman. doing very well on vitamins and minerals but she had lived through this horrible horrible period and could remember it so vividly it was very impressive you knew that you were hearing a true story and i think that that has come through consistently with autumn these were just three people from southern alberta who believe that they had fixed two
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children in tony's family and they did it with vitamins and minerals off the shelf and they just desperately wanted a scientist somewhere to take them seriously and do some research when stefan and true who approached dr caplan in one thousand nine hundred six she was the director of behavioral research for the university of calgary as a scientist she was highly skeptical and sort the notion of utilising minerals for mental illness was simply proposed for us i thought well that's impossible you can't do that there's no way it would have that effect but i think that line of thought. is reflective of our lack of education about nutrition and the fact that blood is bathing the neurons in our brain every minute of every day bringing oxygen and what micronutrients to make those brain cells work stephan and his co-founder created a nonprofit called true hoop and after years of experimentation they developed
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a mineral based formula called m. power plus intrigued by autumn and joseph successful transformations dr caplan and dogs continued studying the formula for bipolar disorder a.d.h. d and depression he wasn't trying to build an empire when he set out to save me and joe it was it was not a deliberate act the way he's not of formulator it was a conversation that led to an idea that led to an answer and that's all he was ever in it for and he's faced so much opposition for doing the right thing he's faced a lot of opposition for that and i think it's changed the course of his whole life as it has with dr caplan when she first presented her findings about the true hope mineral vitamin combination to the canadian psychiatric association's annual meeting in two thousand and one she and the company were immediately under attack when i went to graduate school they did not prepare me to be personally attacked
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for just doing objective research that was a little shocking when you try investigate a new paradigm. the resistance is incredible i watched dr caplan go through this we had major resistance from health care the shutting down trials i mean here they are the government had provided five hundred fifty four thousand dollars so that she could continue the work health care that came in and swathed the trial they destroyed health canada not only shut down dr kaplan scientific investigation into micronutrients mental health they ordered true hope to stop manufacturing in power plus when the company refused they seized the product to the us canadian border and banned it for sale in canada why we're talking about vitamins and minerals here when true hope for back through the courts and one it wasn't long thereafter that health canada mobilized the royal canadian mounted police to conduct
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a guns drawn raid at the true hope offices in alberta despite farmers falsified science and billion dollar fines for fraudulent marketing and in spite of millions who were harmed by psychiatric drugs health canada decided that it was this tiny nonprofit that needed to be shown the full might of the canadian government there has been a huge bias against nutrition research whose triggering that who what what is the political agenda that is continually. bombarding us with the message that taking vitamins and minerals might not be a good thing i don't get that but the result is that the there is a lot of bias against people who say not only should we take them we should be studying it more and we should see whether or not there is treatment benefit from vitamins and minerals after nearly two decades of wrangling with health canada and three quarters of a million dollars in court costs and legal fees for true hope bonnie kaplan judea
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rutledge and others continue to investigate the use of nutrients as a primary treatment for mental health yet the road has been anything but easy. i was very aware of how many people were incredibly skeptical about this work i was trained as a scientist and we need to evaluate the evidence and what has astounded me is the obstacles that we've faced in order to try to answer what's a i think a very important question for our community i happen to think that medications are very important especially in acute crises but to me they're the supplement in the ideal world i believe that it would be more beneficial to a lot of people especially developing children to be treated first with everything psychosocial family therapy etc and nutritional which is not going to cause any long term harm and that should be primary intervention there are going to keep
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people who want to say that you know i'm just trying to make a lot of money off of a big made up story but my mother is dead in the ground her dad stead. and we all know how that happened. she had a prescription and and i'm not dead. and i've got four healthy kids and a great marriage and that's something i didn't expect would ever happen with me. the lesson of a generation's worth of psychiatric experiments is that regulators didn't protect the public doctors didn't protect patients journalists refused to us the tough questions the pharmaceutical companies played the system and profited handsomely and millions suffered died they came out dicts or otherwise harmed. these are the stories of those who have fallen and of those who have somehow survived many lost
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sons and daughters brothers and sisters and their tragedies forced these private people out of the shadows they wanted answers and were not interested in the politics of medicine if the truth had been afforded us decades ago millions would have been spared similar fates perhaps changes coming albeit too slowly but until it occurs we should take nothing for granted not our lives nor our lives or the gift of our families and friends as these letters from generation our ex have taught us there is peril in the conventional wisdom of treating so many people so indiscriminately with such powerful life changing drugs. as they move on every birthday every holiday every anniversary of a loved one's death. their only prayer is to stop this from happening to anyone
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media. voters elected businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. this winter with my. nose get a little bit because it was one. of the most i knew but i you. know it was a problem but i guess what kind of sign of this you. see a dump on a handwritten note she refused. to.
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wear the blue he won't get a good area for immigrants it's this we never really know for sure but this has been a act of their. neck you so i. know what i want us to have no eye. on hundred years ago the first computers were actually. people who were hired to do you know additions or multiplications that's gone that is now done entirely by computers. fortunately i think translation is not there but it is one of the easier things to do by computers that will be gone in the next in the next twenty years
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most translators will probably be out of a job i mean on i'm sorry for them but this will just happen this is inevitable. and so the big vote is finished now the results become a note shortly the powerhouse of europe germany is going to the polls today for me to put it well is going to be behind me in the low and a very warm welcome to our special coverage of the german federal election from our studio here in berlin lovely afternoon it's turned out to be just a stone's throw away from the.


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