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no i. think. i'm nicky aaron and welcome to our special coverage of the german election live here from our studio in the heart of. what i'm going merkel is on course for a full term as chancellor with more than half of votes now counted it's also a night of celebration for the alternative for germany party however one person's success often leaves another disappointed and tonight that person is off as a leader martin schultze tens of millions of voters have now decided how they want
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parliament to europe's most powerful nation. i've danced this is a big day in the history of our party we've made it we've entered the blunder star and we will change this country to achieve what happened today at six o'clock is that evolution. thank you all this leave the city you would have hoped for a better result but we mustn't forget that we achieved our strategic objectives we are the strongest part and we have a mandate to form a new government a new government can be formed. thank you first today's a difficult day for social democracy we missed out in the election. after losing our central region we lost the federal election and. now let's have
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a look at the preliminary results after more than half of the votes have been counted leading the way as the expected is angela merkel's christian democratic union with thirty five percent of the vote martin schultz and his social democratic party are in second with twenty one percent of the main two parties the results looked to be the worst in post-war history but big gains this year for the alternative for germany party they're going to enter parliament for the very first time and so far scoring just over eleven percent let's go into more detail about obviously the main winner of the day the anti immigration euro skeptic alternative for germany party and one course to win ninety seats almost one sixth of the total in the bundestag which is huge still for them however many voters especially the young people are very concerned over the party's radical agenda as the a.s.d. supporters celebrated the result in spite of that eight q outside protesters were
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gathering in fact have turned out to protest in cities all across germany not just here in the capital but also in hamburg cologne and in front. was. i. crowd has been rallying outside the alternative for germany headquarters as we said and polyploid our correspondent is there a force. base at least that's just going to send a signal with a change of these protests does that sound out tonight. language
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really the president has success that the n.a.s.d. he was celebrating there in this building just office it where the protesters have gathered young precedented success that the populous policy has had this evening now i can show you some of the fact that they still here are some pretty weird ones actually we've got some people who might need a spelling lesson in english. but they have been calling the people. not only the thank you thank you. thank you only the open wasn't even it was leaked it was leaked was a baby when to. think it was maybe. not being a candidate and if you weren't politically sick yeah
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exactly you know was what you really meant to be i was well you may also want to thank you she was thinking this being taken to god. thanks i was. very angry that there would. be so few l.g.b. see well. interesting ratings i. wonder if they know that one of the main contenders for the leadership team is in a funny game really. but nevertheless to the big crowd very young protesters as well as people that should be much older f.t.
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politicians who are just what i saw right in that very. very smooth syndic they were very happy with their results now one thing that springs to mind when you see these very angry people is that it might be quiet right. next to it now the national competition from the a.f.c. ans eyeballs seeing c. or ice and me being school the a.f.c. at beatrix still inside all the coaching the stand and i also are about was at a protest as would be take a listen to what she had to say so well that is democracy you just have to know the game he was it from opinion says i disagree you have forgotten a little bit of this democracy the initial way i live it was a new home and has none of that stuff we just paid to see about we still keep chasing this migration responding we'll see here oh yes so see this is the little
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advocacy you know you reading all those cases only had one on syria sending we did what we were going to do to redo the borrower's we knew but then just the accepted their other would you give that up to your father as i said that with similar types of movements just like this one just like with the national front in front of some supporters in the us. regs it crowd the ass. she established was that they are actually egged on by protests like this they think it works to give them a reason to galvanize and kind of get together band together more strongly last sunday the sense i got was a med school case. suppose about how they told me about this. tonight now i want to be on the. beaches want to ride this week the seat being acceleration was a way of lowndes no less which said the first they'd know you then they lost you
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then they might see you that way and now i guess being in the a.s.d. camp they they probably think that they've gone from the loafing out date to the smoking stage was. ahead this. point is that the number of people that have come out to protest against. that want to say things like it was not. i think that was the people who they are referring to as. have left the building. they have all been quietly a school out the back door say they are protesting now and i'm seeing venue for that but take a look at what it was the right eye how celebrating the apple was just a couple of hours ago. financial muscle may have come out on the small but this is the policy that is taking a pretty good job of grading on the way they have come to like it according to
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preliminary results on the bed in that they decamped is incredibly she will examine speeches from the two top candidates already talking about taking the extreme back and very reminiscent of the lady from the probe greg sing out in the u.k. from the forces in the us and the support from sing this song. it's a story very much days before i know just how different it would be even elsewhere as well you know it and not happening with the immigration policy in particular i'm going back to the decision to lessen but i know for a million refugees that things are on the scene taken more tells the a.f.c. home sometimes.
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wish list to see shocking indeed and the selection. who. will it just so cool vick tides. often many houses down to should stay. safe and see a fabulous rhetoric tom it's all about political correctness and i'm so you know these
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are things that define the policy and they haven't been scared about being provocative it was about one thing that's basically meaningless and to me that the advertising campaign based and that they had during the run was relaxed and maybe change women in bickley were saying well she's been to the south the fact is any day and they talked about me being told my picture is. pregnant you may chime in. eighty rather than having people come into the country and become the chairman of the debt load of course if i see the say that they deal with this guy like the mainstream media the mainstream political parties it won't have anything to do with them the foreign ministry here in germany respects them i see but that's the sort of thing that tends to work like a red rag to to kill its proxies like this it may go on at most of the it's the end of a very reactive happy politician. because this really is a watershed thing because the party that was the sets up in two thousand and see
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now they're going to be guessing that it's ten minutes a week even for them and they're going to beat them a joke the issue was often i think it was fun to not influence as well so the a.n.c. celebrating a victory was. well ahead of the vote all the major parties was scathing about the a.f.p. . and in india it is wise to recognise that a party like the f.d.a. is not only a challenge for the christian democratic union but a challenge for all of us in this parliament and it is about preventing a party of agitators from entering parliament on sunday if the f.d.a. is elected into the fund to stock market in the grave diggers of democracy and to parliament for the first time since one thousand nine hundred forty five i am telling these people here in but you are our enemies and you can't say i want to live in the country use the opportunities provided by the democratic system and
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then disappointed by something vote for politicians who will destroy democracy is fine example from a political point of view he is the anti liberal and take civic party or i was going to talk german politicians who see the a.f.d. party as a threat a lot of media outlets do too many study it might be better not to vote at all than to vote for the a.f.p. . and claim the party could actually pose a threat to democracy in germany. an update now for us two hundred thirty nine out of two hundred ninety nine constituency results have been received by the bundestag election commission so not many more to go but we will be with you throughout the night and waiting for those that results now earlier we spoke to political analyst stephen buys know who told is the breakthrough for the f d a party is entirely down to angela merkel who seems to just sort of. go with the flow and whatever is necessary at the time she does
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and that seems to be it because if you look at what she used to say back and about ten years ago or something she said we had enough problems with the immigrants that we have and we have to concentrate on. as you said multiculturalism is doesn't work that's what she said like twelve years ago and today she's saying. i will make it somehow we'll get all these people in the jobs and we'll get them educated so whole time that orbán was building his faces she was out there saying frances don't hold back people you know and all the well fences do hold back people as it turns out that saved like you said her put a political bacon but she was fighting tooth and nail the whole time that that doesn't happen that these borders don't get built increase and just apparently seem so gone directly to the. so she's weakened she has moved the party
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from right to center party to left center party like significantly to the left and moved so far to the left that a big part of the population sees no representation of what they believe in what they were important to them and that has left basically a massive gap on the right side of the. legitimate political spectrum which has now been filled by a new pope. so it's her fault that the f.t. even exists it would never have existed never of a risen under say. he would never have allowed this he never would have moved the party the way did so america has destroyed the s.p.d. by basic crush on the left but has opened up a massive gap on the right which is below been filled by the deep they're going to see in you is going to have to face up that they need a new candidate that's a real weakness of this new year there's nobody there she's basically eliminated all their opponents within the party all these years so i don't know where they're going to get people that are any good. stephen mine is now one of the many guests
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who have been guiding us through this election season now just over the week which is a votes have been counted as things stand anglo-american c.d.u. party is on course to win two hundred and thirty nine seats in the bundestag as i was just saying that's out of a total of five hundred ninety eight miles in show sun two social democrats come next with one hundred fifty seats while alternative for germany divisive group in parliament for the first time will have around ninety four seats just over seventy five percent of germany's sixty one million eligible voters cast ballots and that's several percent higher than in the two thousand and thirteen election artie's daniel hawkins has the latest from the cd you had cool to take a look. at that very easy we can cross over to function but it seems i've stumbled upon a pause here to see that causes tightness to play music like the one at the
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foolishness of a sheep playing with its excellent human heaven and she doesn't yet believe it's all part of my life. shot slowly made shots at the feet you become a dog. but we can predict you know the results that mean it's all right for defense you be the social democrat. the big losses for this new well i think i would pay for that if the as well as the three we have democratic party local has the other challenge will feel like a coalition with policy with whom she does have differences off the ball to. help out the p.c. playing second fiddle to my eyes may have been the last. buckle to pull the stage with a patient but here she spoke of the many challenges that party in the country face
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you know the child will be ok if there was a lot of meticulous care. there is a big new challenge ahead of us the a.v. party will be joining german parliament who want to win back those who voted for the empty to find out their concerns and worries they. never go to the coalition as we mentioned earlier there were several possibilities here before with the social democrats will be perhaps even up the far left feeling could join a coalition that has been pulled out of its job lakeville told us that as he was saying before dickie about the coalition just to summarize what that means it's the coalition between the c.d.u. we didn't have a cross he had to reach but there are always differences as i mentioned all the environmental policy big things for example the wanting to shut out a lot of those polled fired up how long that will be something nobody has a couple was all quite coming in from the free to democratic policy to all the
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budget say the sixty billion euros going to crawl schools which any of them is a lawyer in the side. has an audience you're the pro politician that would be very much rocky path just to go shake their freedom democratic politics well in response to most shills pulled himself out she also said. let's think about it to get more of a three month cycle about the float like things out take the public want to buy things and fought for the consensus was that a lot of shills to stretch this month open might but this sunday will be a position you still might take weeks perhaps months alone when asked if she'd be confident about a coalition by christmas. said she spoke to mr she is being done about that five local this is a cost to me as well as your main chance for. sixty
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years that will be cut she starred in the fifth film a sudden shot so that in germany assuming she sits out home coming up we'll take up golf with helmut kohl the full charles lee foster way in some a few summers this year i'll take to be the longest serving child from multiple to small to the german empire in germany. so it's possible that three five o'clock really costs for an election which was considered the litmus test and exam a popularity compliments of the public policy she has been shot now for quite some time she seems now that will remain so many young people who don't mind or local was chancellor possible remains the political backdrop of.
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the time i remember she was always there. i mean i can't really remember a time i sure wasn't like the chancellor and i don't even know who came before her mission a mission went on until i met her as only madonna's catalog in the mag of a said i think she was elected in two thousand and five for the first time i was like seven she's just been around forever she's always been an image she's been in power a long time i think there are some pieces i disguise from my kind don't have a size also. i've never been an adult without under american governing. in two thousand and five she was elected for the first time i was only
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thirteen. a boy from my school died in a traffic accident. on the core melted people died. i went to mississippi very year as an exchange student. blacks voted obama whites. barack obama became the first black president. and i love. the way. they do it the social democratic party martin shows was unable to hide his disappointment at the early exit polls he spoke to his policy and supporters a little. thank you thank you. thank.
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you the last two days a difficult day for social democracy we missed out on our electorate go after losing our central region and we lost the federal election of. lots of shells was michael's main rival let's have a quick look at what the former european parliament president is another full among voters.
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well let's take a recap of the latest numbers now seventy six percent of ballots have been counted angela merkel's christian democratic union leads with thirty four percent of the vote the social democrats are in second place with twenty percent but they've rolled out forming a governing coalition with the c.d.u. but the big winner of the night is alternative to germany variously described as nationalist anti immigration and euro skeptic party was created just four years ago and has seen a groundswell of support since the my current crisis not going to ends a parliament for the first time so far as scoring just over eleven percent but i'm sure of the newspapers who also be focusing on the fact that the smaller parties
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have been very successful in this election well we'll be back with our special coverage of the german election the top of the hour do stay with this don't join is that. here's what people have been saying about rejected in. the long. view only show i go out of my way to you know some really packs a punch oh yeah mr john oliver of archie americans do the same. apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of low down to the next president of the world so very. seriously send us an e-mail. i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents that tell the
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story about the ugly side of. corporate media written uses to talk about news car news companies i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing how to love corporate conduct has become a model these are stories that you know in no uncertain terms my pepto your post to the american. question. there's a real irony going. you showed like a lot of things that a responsible choice anymore and there is always a well that's what i think it was always seen examples of thinking and we've seen your little more area now wholesale surveillance you feel you have all made while those who and who do so since the end times has used the social media site while i always saw my story goes it's garbage in real genuine. i do not know if the russian state hacked into john podesta emails and gave them to
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wiki leaks but i do know barack obama's director of national intelligence has not provided credible to support his claims of russia i also know he perjured himself in a senate hearing planned three months before the revelations provided by edward snowden he denied the deep n.s.a. was carrying out wholesale surveillance of the us. the hyperventilating corporate media has once again proved to be an echo for government claims that cannot be verified you would have thought they would have learned something after serving as george w. bush's useful idiots in the lead up to the invasion of iraq. it is vitally important that the press remains rooted in a fact based universe especially when we enter an era when truth and fiction are becoming indistinguishable. i'm jesse. what. was my world
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come along for. the world according to. today we're talking about two of the biggest problems in america heroin and the lad. highly addictive opiates are being prescribed legally bar doctors but. which can get rid of toxic lead is considered illegal how does this make sense. the war. governor opioid addiction gets worse in america every single day all across the nation people are dying from opioid related overdoses these highly addictive drugs include heroin synthetic opioids like fenton all and prescription painkillers like oxy cotton coating invited in all the united states is home to only five percent of
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the world's population it consumes nearly eighty percent of the global opioid supply a bipartisan panel has now called on the president to declare a state of emergency stating quote with approximately one hundred forty two americans dying every day america is enduring a death toll equal to september eleventh every three weeks governor i know that your marijuana advocates recent studies show that marijuana can curb opioid related deaths and addiction and yet unlike prescription opioids marijuana still is not legal nationwide why not what gives we'll want to know it and what gives is going to take us a few moments here because why not and what gives is a multiple choice same answer first of all you've got big pharma you've got the liquor industry the tobacco industry and the status quo that even though we live in a capitalist society they don't.


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