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it is capable of attacking japan and the united states. say the americans and japanese if. we would with nuclear weapons. bungle merkel wins a fourth term as chancellor of germany but it's not her c.d.u. party that is celebrating. the immigration alternative for germany party takes third place in the federal election entering parliament for the first time. and it's a night of disappointment for martin schultz and his social democratic party with their lowest share of the vote since world war two.
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are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our two international i'm sean thomas with special coverage of the german elections let's get right to it so there is a shift of power in the buddhist stogie after a close fought campaign on his election team has been following all of the developments from berlin. welcome to our special coverage of the german election live here from all studio in berlin with me makes me eric tens of millions of voters have now decided how they want hollywood to live in europe's most powerful nation angela merkel is on course for a fourth term as chancellor merkel said to be the night of disappointment closest rival last insults and
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a time for celebration for the alternative for germany party. i've. seen friends this is a big day in history of our party we've made it we've entered the store and we would change this country to achieve what happened today at six o'clock these are pollution. thank you all this li the c.d.u. would have hoped for a better result but we mustn't forget that we achieved our strategic objectives we are the strongest party we have a mandate to form a new government and no government can be formed against or without us. thank you different. democracy now. after losing our. we lost the federal election. ok let's bring you up to speed with the latest breakdown of the numbers the results
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are now in from two hundred ninety two out of the two hundred ninety nine constituencies so that's around ninety eight percent of the ballots leading the way after expected is angela merkel's christian democratic union with thirty three percent martin short scientists social democratic party are in second place with twenty one percent for the main two parties their results look to be their worst in post-war history that's incredible but a strong showing for the alternative for germany party and they're now set to enter parliament for the very first time with thirteen percent of the vote and in one state saxony they are now the largest party so let's go into more detail about all ghibli the main winner of the day the anti immigration euro skeptic alternative for germany party they will be getting ninety four seats which is almost warns that the total in the bundestag you can see behind me now and one of his party leaders that
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is vital had this to say. the very first thing we are going to do is deliver on our promise we're going to establish we're a commission against. which to look very closely into what this lady has done to the. many voters especially the younger concerned over the party the radical. and people have turned out to protest in cities all across germany including in holland cologne and in france but it is the a.f. days that forces celebrated the results inside their head cool to scaring protesters a quickie downside. was . that i was.
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i was. this. least that's just going to send a signal with a even shake move these protesters that i've found out tonight and yes if you weren't was listening to me thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you was you easy i was actually i was you thank you thank you thank you thank you take it was do you want somebody that was you was very angry and seen you see your eyes and anything was fully a.f.c. and beatrix inside all the coaching and i was and i also wasn't for
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excessive would be what i'm up to see you just have to know the game he was in you so i do you get forgotten a little bit in this democracy you should always say i wouldn't want you to moment has knowing that you should really states you can always still keep chasing this migration responding to what you see here oh yes. yes i see little advocacy you know what you mean and all those evolution only had one on stewart and me it was empty we did what we were going to do to redo the borrower's we knew what the hell just the accepted and there are other which. are as i said that with similar types of movements just like this one just like with the national front in france with strong supporters in the us that is why the regs think out the anti establishment it makes them because they are actually egged on by protests by cause they think they only work if there were reasons to galvanize and kind of get together band
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together more strongly was certainly the sense i got was a med school case was to the way i was supposed to out how they told me about the. night now want to be on that wage is one of the same thing acceleration was over gandhi's no less which said the first they'd know you then they lost you then they might see you there heading your way now i guess being in the a.s.d. camp they probably think that they've gone from the loafing out to the beginning stages. ahead this thank you thank them very thankful that it was their task yes thank you and god that was a good idea was not to. thank god people who they are going to was thanks have left the building the way they have all been quietly
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a school out the back door say they are protesting now at an empty venue over that but take a look at what it was the right was celebrating the apple was just a couple of hours ago. i was. i i. now as i mentioned also notes if a gemini party has taken a narrow lead in the state of saxony which is in the east of the country the a.f.p. is on twenty seven percent that's just a fraction of a percent ahead of the cd saxony is the birthplace of the anti migrant group ikeda movement and a stronghold for the a.f.p. it's also been well known for its anti refugee sentiments dutch journalist joost
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nirmal it believes the election result could force the government to rethink its immigration policy i think basically it's an enormously psychological breakthrough for the germans itself that the a of d. just became an important part of the bullish stock now so there will be no for the first time in the blue stark real discussions about immigration which never happened before and i think this is the most important thing you can say and mrs merkel she made one of the biggest decisions in after war germany by letting in one million people without calls a lady in the people themselves without any real discussions in the lusaka to try and she did get an enormous slip in her face because of this and i think it will take more time to really know what really happened at that moment but america will yes she will still be the prime political force in germany
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burst she has to deal. with parties who are told you only on the left side like the liberals and the greens she has to go into politics what's another way around and. that will be a fairy bat for her and i don't i don't see how she can. just over seventy five percent of germany's sixty one million eligible voters cast their ballots that several percent higher than in the two thousand and thirteen election as things stand idle americal studi your party is on course to win two hundred thirty eight seats in the bundestag out of a total of around six hundred martin scholz and his social democrats come next with one hundred forty eight seats while alternative for germany in parliament for the first time will have ninety five seats so with the shifting forces in parliament and on merkel will need to find a new coalition partner so let's now take
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a look at the likely path for the chancellor. the german parties really emerge with a solid majority from the elections so when it's over the try to make friends which is not easy after having tried hard to undermine each other's policies during campaigning but the good news is for the politicians you can always see sure we can't keep our election promise because our coalition partners won't let us which is not good news for the voters though they might ask what was the point when you place you could get a program that you didn't vote for. there is no guarantee that what you would like to have. politics will really turn out there is no guarantee that you will be in the middle of the election and therefore there is no guarantee that what you as a voter want to be transformed into politics will really work out in this way.
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so what kind of government might germany get so bittersweet results for angela merkel tonight our correspondent daniel hawkins was at that headquarters the c.d.u. let's take a look. at. this you become a party because you know that. but i mean historically for the case he the social democrats if they could also support this you well i think it would pay for that if the as well as the three i believe democrats ought to buckle the other side it will feel like a coalition with policy which does have differences off the ball to. help out. the playing second fiddle was they have to have enough time to pull the stage to see a patient of his but. look at the many challenges that was in the country faced
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him at the time it will be ok if there was a lot about this that there is a big new challenge ahead of us the a.v. party will be joining german parliament if you want to win back those who voted for the empty to find out their concerns and more it's never go to the coalition as we mentioned earlier there were several possibilities here before with the social democrats will be perhaps even up the fall if the link to join coalition that has been ruled out is to play killed us that's the coalition between the c.d.u. we did have across he had dreams but there are always differences as i mentioned all the environmental policy big things for example the wanting to shut out a little bit coal fired power how long that will be something that we already has a couple was all quite coming in from the free to democratic policy to all the bodies say the sixty billion euros going to crawl schools which any of them is
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a lawyer in the side. has an audit you are the problem politician that would be very much rocky process to go shake up with if we didn't have a product called well in response the boss would himself out she also said let's think about it to get more of a very much i think about what things. i'll take the comment was the place thanks a lot for the consensus was that a lot of shows the stretch this month pope would like but this sunday will help you know my position you still might take weeks to months slow what austin should be confident about a politician like christmas. will say she's missed she is the one that i'm glad pulis is a cost to me as well of. both for. sixty years that will be cut she started the fifth film a sudden shot so that in germany assuming she sits out cold coming
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up with a couple would have been told the full charles lee foster play in some a summer this year i'll take to be the longest serving child of all from multiple to small for the job and put it all seventy full. time i remember she was always there i mean i can remember a time when she wasn't like the chancellor and i don't even know who came before her mission a mission to underline that as an event on us to move on to the mac of
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a said i think she was elected in two thousand and five for the first time i was like seven she's just been around for ever she's always been an image she's been in power a long time there's a piece is when mankind don't have the size also. i've never seen an adult without under an article governing. in two thousand and five she was elected for the first time i was only thirteen. a boy from my school died in a traffic accident. in fukushima the core melted people died. i went to mississippi for a year as an exchange student. blacks voted obama whites mccain barack obama became the first black president. and i'm all over that way.
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as the early results started to trickle in on sunday night the social democratic party leader martin shows well he was unable to hide his disappointments. thank you thank today is a difficult day for social democracy now. after losing ocean she retreated we lost the federal election. and the looks on their faces there really said it all it turned out to be the espy's was elected in performance since the second world war twenty years as it were quick to add insult to injury caustically congratulated moss and so on his high energy. while the others suggested most mr schultz may not
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have where lies this was a national election and not a local race and there were some hostile comments too with one user describing the s.p.d. formants as pathetic well here's a quick look at what the former european parliament president is best known for among voters.
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make europe great again. as we mentioned watson so this has ruled out keeping the so-called grand coalition going between the social democrats and on the limit you now he will be the main face of the opposition but how much of a challenge so it will pose to muckle is unclear as he agrees with the chance along so many key issues as our correspondent mark gasnier explains choices choices choices to leave or to remain. in clinton micron or less all of them monumental decisions with global reckless caution now it's germany merkel this is should be nice this is not much of a different take merkel's refugee policy obama then says when i have
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a clear stance on any refugee limit which is that i will not accept it. and he is sure to translate mentioned some of those people bring also is more valuable than money that's what europe believes in the same story with europe they want more of it more you rock received more union and more brushed. with germany at the wheel apparently loping europeans who believe trans national democracy is the best model for us to stand up and break this silence up shoots a former president of the european parliament merkel the leader of europe's powerhouse as i think it we would be and have our thing in our own hands i'll continue to maintain that the twenty seven member states must work intensively together for our future and to make the two even share a dislike of if not hatred for the man in charge across the ocean orange
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in that hard to get there are lots of concerns about dead russian of the north korean dictator we need the united states of america as a peaceful power but we have to bring them on the path of rationality and that means diplomatic solutions but the problem the problem that we have with trump is that he is unpredictable in that sense who should be tool to not even a pre-election debate can get the two to clash or sparks to fly what was supposed to be a jewel looked more like a jew at the ball and delicate us of appears just doesn't. alter the inflation. staged. they have their mind the difference is this and that but as one german wheat put it the biggest difference between merkel and shoots is the. more i guess the g
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eight leaders have been congratulating anglo merkel on securing a fourth term also twelve years in power the chancellor has made a major impact on european politics but not all of her decisions have been welcomed by the other member states. or of all where europe is. being challenged as opposed to test to find the answer as one we germans have every interest in playing a leading role in this world that. look . i don't like it because of this migrant issue she was the one who told them to come write. me that you asked me very.
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we thank you. we. are in the city we have. live who still believe you so special the very next income from some of the new pushers of the old german interests their strengths the interests of the individual countries especially recently for not being given. a single good i mean i see a man who is going to be for the first time college and i'd like to help keep her job so that the kind of guy to let's close it goes we really need. such. limited good to get money fortunately germany has joined greece into a lab rat it has turned it into
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a german colony it and through greece of course the socially demolished old europe and its will give right to. live. free democratic policy which is in full places see this result as a victory and a major turnaround off to a plunge in popularity and. and yes it's young lady kristin has been credited with this dramatic revival. all of it has been back home. christian linda has spoken he received a raucous reception from what is continuing now is fairly subdued celebration here at the free democrats headquarters here in central berlin a lot of thought going into what comes next now what goes on in those tough negotiations very tough negotiations that are starting almost immediately as to who joins the coalition or how that coalition will be managed now christian linda when he took the stage he said look if you go to applaud every every line that i say
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we're going to be here all night he is very well received among the supporters of this party the thirty eight year old former dot com entrepreneur it's really dragged this party hope from the diabolical state it was in four years ago no it was that was after it spent four years in coalition with angela merkel they were and nial lated at the polls in twenty thirteen they took less than five percent they were out of the bundestag in the wilderness for the last four years back now with more than twice what they took in twenty thirty and it seems that a lot of that is being pinned on christie and linda in his successful leadership however how that pans out in coalition talks huge questions to be asked just off the top of my head if we look at greece and potential for a future bailout any potential future bailout for greece the free democrats they would be completely against not but when it comes to trade something that the free
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democrats are very much in favor of well if you look at big trade deals such as seats or tea tape the green party would be against those so how these two parties are going to come together with angela merkel and her sister party the christian social union from bavaria and form some form of government it's going to be a long tough task ahead and a lot of focus is going to be on christian linda here. being taped prior to this election as a potential new foreign minister in the next couple of angle or merkel have a little look now with the thirty eight year old former dot com entrepreneur came from and how we made it to the stage this evening. so how these two parties are going to come together with angela merkel and to assist the party the christian social union from the various and form some form of government it's going to be a long tough task ahead and a lot of focus is going to be on christie and linda he was being tipped prior to this election as a potential new foreign minister in the next couple of angle or merkel have
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a little look now with the thirty eight year old former dot com entrepreneur came from and how we made it to the stage this evening. and. since then with the then government come up in usually within a few hours will be settled which is in my mind. what the worth you unexpected surprises about in
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a particularly unusual election day stunt elephants has been filmed don't think around city center. the activists to organize the walkabout say they were fired by the english expression and elephant in the room they believe that the issue of a referee. renderer in germany is one such elephant and i come from a display that over seventy percent of people in the country one so that's a few votes on the political decisions however the german government is so far ignored that copes with us dunce has livened up what was otherwise a lot less election campaign in germany but some of the candidates still made the headlines with a range of striking posters here was some of the most memorable ones.
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thank you. thank you. special coverage from the german election it will continue tomorrow i'll be here at meal ha they will be here and of course kevin and do join us then.
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