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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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headlining a. german chancellor though it's not her posse who are considered the winners in this election. the euro skeptic alternative to germany party celebrate victory it's the first time they've been elected to the. protests across the country against the. news american military hardware is spotted in islamic state positions in syria the russian defense ministry has aerial photos to prove the plane.
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monday morning at ten here in moscow on calling the rest if you will news a little later but first the focus is on germany because it's been a bittersweet election victory for the german chancellor. right-wing live to berlin now to the riverside for the results and the reaction so far with. we welcome to our studio in berlin on the banks of the river should raise our teats not to news its coverage of the german federal elections the big story just woken up is that i'm the bad guy has to get what is a fourth straight or is the german chancellor as expected a christian democratic party getting the most votes bennett with much smaller
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proportion of the electorate than they would have expected would have hoped for social democrats not that for them suffering what has been described as a crushing election defeat they only got twenty percent of the vote that's the worst result since the second world war but on a brighter note for the right wing euro skeptic alternative in germany party it was a night of major breakthrough for the first time they gained enough votes to actually enter the national parliament. with obviously the cd he would have hoped for a better result but we mustn't forget that we achieved all strategic objectives we have a mandate to form a new government and no government can be formed against all without us. three of us today is it difficult for social democracy we missed out on our electoral go after losing our central region and we lost the federal election.
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i've danced around this is a big day in history of our party i made it we vented to the star and we will change this country to achieve what happened today at six o'clock is that evolution . so the results of a let's get reaction now are to course one of peter all of us based in berlin joins me now peter we expected a victory but not in these circumstances what's the reaction been we'll have all start with a quick look at what the daily papers saying here we start off with the. tongue they going with the jamaica coalition being gone merkel needs to do that to make a coalition of course is the coalition with not just c.d.u. c.s.u. grouping but also with the greens and with the free democrats as well that you make a coalition it's called because well their party colors make up the colors of the
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jamaican flag we go with the berliner morgan post also talk about make a coalition the reason so much is going into that well the reason for that is it's going to be really difficult because if angela merkel wants to and this is in the national the frankfurter allgemeine saying very similar things saying that is going to need to do a lot of talking in order to be able to come to some kind of ripple more with with these other parties we're talking essentially a four party coalition here this is literally point though isn't it because you know all the papers are saying ok fair to completely there's only one option left the jamaica option that's not true is it there's a lot this might not happen i love that you've us this deal it's one of those you are the one that goes for that option off the top shelf yes there is the chance that they could go and i could go for a minority government but that has never been done before the idea that one party
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would lead does have a lot of connotations he historically the fact that they would be a leader. has a problem here in germany it isn't usually accepted the fact that there would just be one party in charge that she has to go into as far as the did general conception is she has to go in the perception is she has to go into coalition with somebody it's going to be who it is and how that works what are the sticking points. like i said everyone thinks there's ok there's only one cake on the table everyone has to eat it but there's going to be issues in forming a job to make a coalition these parties don't get on do they know i mean what we're looking at the moment is they may say yes we all want to be part of this angle or we all want to be with you we're on your team and then as soon as it gets to the crucial issues that their vote is there a lecture it voted for they go no we're not we're not into this for the greens this would be things like trade major major. major major. trade deals the greens are on are against us we i think we're hearing that we can
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go to actually a press conference from the day right now the germany we're going to go we're going to go out right now after somebody will tell me as soon as we are about to go to a live while we're talking about all of the things though we can go back to the point you made so the greens won't be strong they will say no to the deals that the forward by angela merkel the free democrats they may not want to bail out greece again so these are all going to be his shoes that are going to come across what is a very bumpy road ahead ok well done peter you're trying to steal my job let's go to this press conference say it is the alternative for germany party to see one of the leaders there speaking now. which as i say. given to us mr gallant i do not want much to this and you can read it in the newspapers today it is a success of course first of all but it is also the defeat of the other parties i read in the build newspaper that mr ball said yes. unfortunate left lots of
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space to the right and this is the case the c.d.u. does no longer represent any contants i was a member of the c.d.u. and i got a different party unfortunately also the s.p.d. is not able to reasonably run the country what are you supposed to think about it apply. where mr gardley a little foreign minister. has a refugee welcomes button on his label three days before the elections he says the refugee policy was wrong what are people supposed to think about these types of parties so yes i know that we have. got a lot of trust from the voters and will make all efforts to also. accept. this. it's up to the others as well and we put it quite clearly
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we want to be a clear possession column and. a border stark must again we discuss social issues but this was no longer the case i said it yesterday already and i said it during the campaign rallies us while i remember when i was a young man i remember the major the pains between. it was about the policy it was not a policy all momentous had tried. just to mention one reasonable debate in the parliament mr bush but set the same thing reasonable debate about the end of a. russia sanctions or. the saving the euro etc there are no longer any of these debates we want to introduce a new debate culture in parliament which makes sure that populate the population knows what decisions are taken and why and who is in favor of what this is out task and we're going to fulfill it. over to you mrs pitifully. good morning
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ladies and gentleman. also extends the origin of just one half years to hey if you don't enter the german parliament the origin of success for a culture of debate. we've got almost thirteen zero salient. you know we are number one in saxony in my federal state and we are ahead of the c.d.u. party so we. got the victory of the election out there and all that shows is that the u.s. citizens in this country would want a strong party and they are desperate because of the major party season espied million people out you know so hoping for a new strong party in the ninety's. and want to understand this is why they voted for us to be an opposition in a national parliament is
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a huge task and we always said we want to remain. in low and we will be in your position during the first four years but i could quite clearly see l. at all as an opposition party we want to prepare to feel in government in situ thousand and twenty one because we can't see a major or sweeping change in two thousand and seventeen we are expecting a gym i could call ation between the grades f. repeat if target to make a call else we might get a new major. so. we published the contents and money or festo since two thousand and sixteen we all want to send a staff to parliament so asked to make this opportunity electorate this should have
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said it was jointly done. well ladies and gentlemen. sometimes we were quoted wrongly at all. and this does not really reflect the quality of the fifteen leaders and in this context i would like to thank the combat payers of the f.t. . most of them did i compare and valleys on a violent chilly basis i would like to thank them for having done the campaign violence throughout the country they have made a success possible let me make a last statement i should think we should be friends also some disagreement within a if he was shouldn't remain silent they should because the people are asking us to have an open controversial debate which they have seen said in two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and straining to be able to. run the country to be
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part of the government and well you all know what the you can also be successful in opposition and of course. don't want to prepare ourselves to be part of the government ladies and gentlemen we want to create policy absolutely we want to make real policy and good policy. and washington is after longer considerations i decided not to be a member of the parliamentary. group in the bond market they don't transmit i would like to ask you for understanding that i will not answer any questions on this afterwards will be available for your questions i would like to thank my colleagues on this vital alexander's own and york margins and i'm going to leave the train now thank you very much. either but only. does it appear to
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be the finnish kitty i speak to me. ok just quickly wrapping up that was a press conference by the f.d.a. we had the party leaders saying they're going to open up new avenues of conversation political discourse perhaps weren't allowed to flourish in the past in the form of partly they're for compared to saying that she believes the body's been going to misrepresent it in the way that they've been quoted in. in the past now about merkel's victory that was widely predicted the upset of the election was that party that the alternative of germany party voters giving them their first seats in the buddhist part is a party it's only been around since two thousand and thirteen and it's upset a lot of their opponents. people have rallied across germany against the right wing party protesters shouting
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anti nationalist slogans outside the building where its leaders were enjoying a few celebrations you can understand after garnering more support than they've expected return to germany party as you mentioned only four years old but it has made huge gains in germany. every now it seems that no election these days can pass without allegations of interference by the russians the government because i don't think it was actually decided who's doing it let's cross live to.
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see how the alternation deep and complex and. who the. beast will be. we should pull back time out to me how damaged. ok we sort of belatedly brought you that assessment of the alternative of germany party we're going to go now to political commentator marion henri joins me live on the line very good morning to you mary i know we want to talk about with you if these claims of the russians we heard they were coming they're coming they left it seems almost after the election german media now finally reporting that thousands of russian automated accounts let's call them infiltrated the internet in germany
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to promote views in favor of the alternative for germany party that's unlikely to you. well they haven't been too many reports about any russian interference during the election campaign and some commentators also said that even if russia wanted to actually intervene in the german elections it didn't really have to to do so because the majority of the german parties are pursuing the would pursue foreign policy which is more or less favoring russia. if russia supposedly interfered in the us presidential elections what's to stop it interfering in the german elections how do we know that it wasn't the russians who got into what surprised a lot of people four straight to. actually even they all the. americas party is one of those parties who are not data
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much. on the side of of russia's interest because well the majority of the parties would rule out dissensions against russia right now or or wouldn't even. have started to see do you is is one of those and the degree is actually do so. day david only sanctions after. completing its share of the scheme and. what about the alternative for germany party result i think you're polling around ten percent the pre-election posters got a pretty badly wrong there and look closer to thirty was this a very big surprise. while of course compared to the polls it is a surprise because they get around three percent more than what was predicted in
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the polls but it's also not a surprise thing into account of the voters are the ones who are most likely. to share their views with the pollsters because they are afraid so. the fact they have become the biggest party is can be interpreted as a criticism of angela merkel's refugee policy and. blaming it on the russians with. a clever idea because then it would well like the acknowledgement that there are actual problems in the card in the party which is the main the mainstream parties fail to address. you know the polls than just underestimate the f.t. they must be overestimated the christian democrats proportion of the vote to keep this up posters are going to be going out of business political commentator marion or in many fronts could speak. now let's take
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a look at the important figures that come out of this election as things stand here are the official provisional results for the makeup of the bundlers dogs seven hundred and nine seats c.d.u. they're largely the biggest two hundred forty six but this is the key thing seventy left. in the last parliament social democrats are only going to get a hundred fifty three nine. the four will be taken by the newly elected on terms of the journey probably nobody really thought that was likely even just twenty four hours ago now the third place position for they will turn for germany is a big shock to many but some european politicians pursing it as a major victory let's go to our correspondent paula she's in paris let's see what the euro crisis saying about all this paula what has been the reaction coming from the european politicians. well as you say no surprise that the leaders of europe so far right awful of congratulations for the strong showing of the a d here in france
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you have marine le pen who said that not only is this congratulations for what you called to a fifty allies she called it a historic win saying that it is a new symbol of the awakening of the european people build is the far right dutch leader said that we will fight countries and people i mean some of the same demands coming out of italy's populist northern league salvini the leader tweeted the desire for change is growing it's up to us as expected parallel to these comments you have european leaders coming out in support of the merkel you have the french president who phoned to congratulate her he said that the two will continue with determination the vital cooperation for europe and for the countries you also have states prime minister saying that merkel's reelection would serve to quote the promotion of the european integration project but that same time you have concern again for the strong showing of the if the the first easy use diplomat to come in
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talk to the results came out from brussels the commissioner for the economic and financial affairs most of the chief he said that they entry into the buddhist stuff was a major shock and bluntly reveals to quote in society now these sentiments were echoed by major jewish organizations both here in the u.s. and internationally and they. expressed alarm and dismay at the strong showing off this far right party. thanks to our correspondent closely she's that in paris for us. ok if the results of the job elections and i know it's quite there was certainly a major tremor we're going to bring you right now listen guess throughout the day as we try to assess what exactly is this going to mean for germany and also more wider for the european union i'll be back with morsi next.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to talk to you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight not the president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. seems wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days active. and engaged because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. no other headline news this the russian defense ministry says it spotted american military equipment in positions just outside the city of dear it's or in syria and provided aerial photos as evidence that one of them appears to show an armored vehicle northeast of the city and in the same direction a similar vehicle is seen near a terrorist stronghold two other infantry mobility vehicles have also been spotted close to the area the russian military says there's no evidence of clashes between
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u.s. backed forces and i saw these locations and we've asked for comment from the u.s. led coalition so far we've not got a reply when we do hear back we'll let you know meantime military analyst can no. doubt that american equipment has ended up in terrorist hands before. the last few years not just isis but also the al qaeda in syria which are linked to the syrian opposition they're consistently out u.s. equipment and a lot of the high tech or whether it's humvees or anti tank the sounds of it sounds somehow all the u.s. records end up in terrorist hands so obviously these pictures could be quite damning and correct as mentioned the russian military and the syrians have been really good terrorists here vs the fighting in an area which is very crowded and it seems to be that. from what we can verify from the pictures these positions are of those devices who are standing side by side with b.s.t. at which are allies of the u.s.
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and using their equipment. all the battle for syria's dear it's or is not yet over humanitarian convoys are now regularly delivering aid locals can finally get basic food that they haven't seen since i sold the siege the city children there are seeing some kinds of fruit for the first time in their lives but i guess you have reports. what these people have been through is indescribable joy and saw. you know how to solder in the way he didn't take. my left hand come in handy. we can hear about it we can read about it watch it but we won't truly understand what it ought to be a need to our know when money makes meaning to all but one must not only in an epic as always it was the young and the elderly hardest that died first and ok enough of them are ok let's do it do it little argue it's not it i do agree
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insulin is to me sound i know. if it wasn't hunger it was isis shelling if not that i lack of medicine but the city survived life even did as ordered is still far from normal but at least it will be starving to death and the more gone are the times when people would fight to the death over scraps of food now convoys are coming in day and night with food with medicine as well as things like vegetables fruits candies these are things that the people of that has or haven't seen for three long years. at the maya bit of one. four ninety. four i designed a microphone was what i for syrians who know what that is or has been through and
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the nation's heart goes out to its citizens even the older kids can't remember eating anything that wasn't grown locally. yet you see. yes. of course news that someone was giving out free banal as quickly spread but first it was a dozen children. then it was dozens and dozens. of . the more enthusiastic children ate the skins before realizing that something wasn't quite right well it was worth it just to see their smiles and the yasuni in india do cam and.
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it was a find a national and there are still plenty of challenges isis still holds a small part of the city is also reconstruction providing clean water and fuel but despite all that lease lease is a city born again more i guess the odd see from dead is on syria. separately human rights watch has issued a report accusing the u.s. led coalition of killing at least eighty four civilians near the syrian city of raka in march that number includes thirty children with the rights group saying that the total death toll is likely to be much higher and says it was only able to assess two of the most deadly incidents the coalition claims it's still looking into the allegations the syrian city of raka used to be defacto capital in syria in november of course u.s. backed forces launched an operation to rout the terror group. and that's the way things look from here at this hour we've more election reaction from germany live
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from berlin in just over half an hour from now but i'll be here with the rest of your global news. the reason why north korea is trying to develop the capability to. prevent japan and the united states from assisting south korea in case of contingencies because with.


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