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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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you know. when i started no i. covered the german federal elections where it's. one of. the above. what is in this election. i. took the germany part of the celebrating. the first find that they have actually been elected into the protest. against the right wing policies. and the headline story with human rights watch accuses the u.s.
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led coalition of killing at least eight hundred four civilians including thirty children. monday morning at eleven here in moscow on calling brian. a little bit later on in the program first the tension in germany sweet victory in the election for the german chancellor with. a surging right wing life to the riverside now for the results reaction so far with. have. good morning to you scully said we're in berlin down by the river spray and
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if you'll forgive the pun that's what happened in these elections the votes were sprayed all over the place and it was a party that had a really disappointing result but it did secure a fourth straight to the german chancellor paid to the christian democrats gained the most votes but it was a lot less than they'd expected social democrats suffered what's being described as a crushing election defeat only twenty percent of the vote for them that's their worst result since the second world war but for the right wing euro skeptics the alternative for germany party this election proved to be a major breakthrough for the first time they have gained enough votes to enter germany's national parliament. thank. the cd you would have hoped for better results but we mustn't forget that we achieved our strategic objectives we have a mandate to form a new government and no government can be formed against all without us.
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through the difficult for social democracy we missed out on our election. after losing our central region and we lost the federal election. i. did for this is a big day in history of our party. we've entered the star change this country to achieve what happened today at six o'clock these are evolution. joins me in the studio now you are the months talked about this been covering it for many many many years now it's all about context isn't it because one party loses votes another gains but it's all about what they expected realistically what are the media saying about the results well we'll start with a look at what the papers here in berlin are saying everything everybody the zeitung for one the people in a morgan post for another all talking about the. make it coalition that's the
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coalition of course that's made up of angela merkel's christian union the c.d.u. and c.s.u. we the free democrats the greens all together is walnuts for parties for agendas everybody including even when it comes to the nationals in the front first or i'll go mine and everybody talking about how difficult that is going to be but one day in news that we have had just in the last few moments has been about alternative for germany and what's going to happen with them next now this is what i find surprising normally you would say ok the party that come thirds with a reasonable chunk of the vote surely they're going to have a say in the political shake up but nobody wants to touch them. well alternative for germany certainly going to have a big big chunk of seats they going to have a lot of the money that goes with all of the money that goes with that all of the stuff because with that two seats just behind me in the office buildings in the complex as well as the seat exactly behind us in the blue state building itself in the right state building where the ballistics itself. but they're also. going in
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are going it seems at the moment we've heard from from a petri who was one of the main leaders of alternative for germany she's just can on this monday morning saying she would not take up a seat in the bundestag would listen to what you have to say right now. we want to create real policy and that's a long consideration i decided not to be a member of the parliamentary group in the understand i would like to ask you for your understanding i will not answer any questions on this. so that's what she says after all of this remember this is a party that four years ago i was reporting on it was their first ever election they didn't make it into the bundestag she was one of those that helped build them up and now she's stepping away is that it's you got to tell you what you need is a shock did that not shock you know did it do it shock to me clearly not enough to get rid of my hiccups but yes. it is
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a big shock she has stepped aside we don't know what she's going to do next she says she wants to help the party get into government in twenty twenty one that's going to be a big ask for a party that's taken thirteen fourteen percent of the vote. yet that she walked away from it as it stands at the moment and that has left a lot of people who've been watching alternative for germany quite shocked i think this is one of the problems that when some party achieves what it wants getting into parliament the next big problem is now where do we go maybe they'll be some infighting you know that could happen yeah ok you have to go time is up could you take that was with you placed myself in. i mean you're on the phone yeah because i will speak to you next hour. now all michael's victory was widely predicted the upside of the election was indeed a great result for the alternative of germany party of voters gave them their first seats in the bundestag this is the big problem now where do they go from here and it's upset a lot of people as well. i i i i
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i i i i i i you can see just some of the people there rallying against the right wing party protesters shouted down to national slogans they were actually standing there looking for trouble to standing outside the building where the leaders were celebrating the surprise success. followed the post-election demonstration he was even doing a pretty good job of raining on her movie with the idea of the wife was. these noisy story very much like be mine was not me me me me elsewhere as well yeah and i'm not happy with the immigration policy in particular bank of america decision to let in
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a very million refugees that you was going to be seen be having scared about being provocative in the international i. i. i was was. was was. was was was. i. i. was was.
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this was at least that's just going to send a signal with a chain of these protests is that i've found out tonight. one guy really i can show you some of the fact that they still here have some pretty varied ones actually they have been calling the people that know only. one thing that springs to mind when you see these very angry people is it may be quite frightening experience for any elected now national politician from the a.f.c. that i'm up to see you just have to do that and he does it for nothing you say i disagree yes forgotten a little bit in this democracy and there's always a lot of that was needed was a momentous night that we just face you know i would still keep chasing this migration of the stunning you see here against the sea this is the it was to see you know if you can call it was. only had one on syria to be able to send you to
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see what we were going to do to leave the room when you but then you just will accept that there was that finger you want to be on that they actually did want to see this evening at celebration was known jesus no less which said that first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they might see you that way. and it seems that no elections these days can actually pass without any allegations of interference by a particular russian hackers a recent old schoolmate in a german tabloid claims. hundreds of russian automated accounts that to you on twitter were allegedly used to promote the i have these messages political commentator marion henri though isn't the believe if she thinks that as usual the allegations like evidence while the government to many reports about any russian interference during the election campaign and some commentators also said that even
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if russian wanted to actually intervene in the german elections it didn't really have to do so because the majority of the german parties are pursuing a foreign policy which is more or less favoring russia influencing. twitter on the side of the a.f.d. is well partly the best way to actually affect the german elections because only a very small share of. german people are using twitter most of them are using facebook and while many of the. voters or possible voters who are from the german working class they are even less likely to use twitter ok if you just woken up children you want to find out the provisional results model to put down your cereal you might get a shock these are the numbers of the bundestag seven hundred ninety six with the c.d.u. in line to take public spoke to the biggest chunk but only two hundred forty six
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seventy less the last time the social democrats are on calls for only one hundred fifty three seats the big disappointment ninety four will go to the newly elected alternative for germany party. means is that we're going to need the formation of a coalition and probably not the one that's been seen in the past it's going to tough job for anglo american hawkins takes a look at the challenges she will face in her fourth term as chancellor. so many angela merkel is the important of stability in the face of crisis and diplomacy with a firm hand and sound. decisionmaking well as for that skill this term has been marred by a series of setbacks firstly she decided to open the doors to asylum seekers at the height of the refugee crisis almost a million flooded into germany in twenty fifteen alone while some more welcoming others started to worry the country just wouldn't be able to cope.
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a year off to mark a lot to open door policy germany saw a rise in modern crimes one of the most shocking hundreds of women alleging they were sexually assaulted in cologne new year's celebrations by men of north africa an hour of appearance. the events in cologne took their toll on merkel's popularity. the chancellor's controversial refugee policy is also blamed at least partly for something much more sinister and dangerous a rise in is the most terrorism. poorly
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vetted or later radicalized migrants cross the border germany saw multiple terror attacks take place markel faced the biggest leadership crisis. or. the three of. them hold the gun to be one of wonder all finally the g twenty summit presents an international p.r. opportunity for chancellor merkel but while she advertised hamburg as a gateway to the world protest groups had other ideas. welcome to. the authorities failed to provide the chaos. the city descended into roy it torched cars and street battles with the police much
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of the media held accountable for this even choosing that venue to start with she may still be queen of the polls but merkel may need a fourth term just the right some of the mess she created in the third. so that her there while third place for the alternative for germany party is a source of dismay for some for others namely european politicians quite a few of them this is a major victory artie's paul its leader explains the surprise that the leaders of europe's far right are full of congratulations for the strong showing of the a d here in france you have marine le pen who said that not only is this congratulations for what you call to a fifty allies she called it a historic when saying that it is a new symbol of the awakening of the european people world is the far right dutch leader said that we will fight for our countries and our people and in similar sentiments coming out of italy's populist northern league salvini the leader
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tweeted the desire for change is growing it's up to us as expected parallel to these comments you have european leaders coming out in support for aguilar merkel you have the french president who phoned to congratulate her he said that the two will continue with determination the vital cooperation for europe and for the country's north of spain's prime minister saying that locals relations would still need to quote the promotion of the good key and integration project if it came time to have concern again for the strong showing of the if t.v. first easy you diplomat to comment. after the results came out from brussels the commissioner for the economic and financial affairs for most of a cheat he said that the f.t.c. entry into the buddhist stuff was a major shock and bluntly reveals to you quote in society not these same timmons were echoed by major jewish organizations both here in the u.s.
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and internationally and they have expressed alarm and dismay at the strong showing of the far right party. so as germany and indeed europe wake up to the new shape of german politics we are expecting reaction to go right across the continent join me here in berlin next thousand bringing more analysis. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around core. corporations run washington washington controls the media the media and the voters elected to business to run this country business
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because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so you want to present . it to going to be this is what. interested.
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me calling bright next a new human rights watch report accuses the u.s. led coalition of killing at least eighty four civilians including thirty children in syria the report cites two coalition air strikes back in march which hit a school in a market near the city of rock a human rights watch says the actual death toll is likely to be much higher as bodies could still be buried under the rubble the coalition claims it's still looking into the allegations racket used to be of course i saw capital in syria in november the u.s. backed forces launched an operation to rout the terror group i was discussing with jamal wakim he's a professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut welcome back. these attacks are being investigated what response from washington do you expect if any to this. well i believe that. complete denial it will deny any responsibility for the action.
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but i believe that we will see more. civilians killed by u.s. troops. in syria or iraq especially at the time when the americans had to intervene directly because they could no longer lie on their proxies in the region to be successes achieved by the city an army and their allies so that's why i believe that we will see more and more victims by the us. in syria civilian casualties are a sad fact of any conflict like this is it ever possible to avoid the metol that pretty. well of course in such conflicts it's. hard to avoid civilian casualties but at the same time when the whole american involvement in syria is illegitimate it's illegal because it was not sanctioned by the syrian government the way it was for the russian involvement in syria to
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counter terrorism so in this case the whole of american presence in syria is illegitimate and all actions can amount to crimes of war that could be sued presented to the international court of justice so that's why i believe that the americans have to be blamed. and had to be in had we had for example an international law that is forced by an independent establishment globalist establishment we would have seen american soldiers sued in front of this . human rights watch says the coalition didn't send anyone to expect the scene of the strike what do you think that says about the quality of the coalition's assessment of these things it is just batting it out of hand. well i believe this is intentional because they are aware of the crime they had they committed they want to raise any. evidence or fact that's why they wouldn't send any
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commission or allow any independent commission to go and investigate them not to they wouldn't. if any accusation is raised by their opponents they would only send a spokesman for the. army that claim. that it was. a mistake based on false information that they received from their allies the way they did in previous. incidents and keep an eye on responses to this for now the professor came from the lebanese university in beirut thanks very much for your time. same with syria the russian defense ministry says it spotted american military equipment in i saw positions just outside the city of law and provided aerial photos as evidence one of them appears to show an armored vehicle northeast of the city and in the same direction the similar vehicle is seen near a terrorist stronghold two other infantry mobility vehicles have also been spotted
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close to the area the russian military says there's no evidence of clashes between u.s. backed forces and these locations. we've asked for comment from the u.s. led coalition about this so far we have to hear anything when we do we'll let you know meantime military analyst come out alarm points out that american equipment of course ended up in terrorist hands before the last few years not just isis but also the al qaeda in syria which are linked to the syrian opposition they have consistently had u.s. equipment and a lot of the height whether it's how. it sounded to me sounds somehow all the u.s. workers and terrorist parents so obviously these pictures could be quite damning correct as mentioned the russian military in syria that we can really get serious here vs the fighting in an area which is very crowded and it seems to be that. from what we can verify from the pictures these positions are all of those devices
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were standing side by side with b.s.t. at which are allies of the u.s. and using their equipment and while the battle for syria's directs or is not yet over humanitarian convoys are now regularly delivering aid to locals can finally get goods that they haven't seen since i saw besieged the city years ago children there are seeing some kinds of fruit for the first time in their lives when i've got steve has the details. what these people have been through is indescribable joy and saw that. you know how to solder in the way he didn't take. my left hand come in handy. we can hear about it we can read about it watch it but we won't truly understand what it ought to be a need to our know when money makes feeling but one that has been in an epic as always it was the young and the elderly hit hardest that died first and again none
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of them are doing ok unless you do do it little hard to hide it is not it i do agree insulin is to me sound i know. if it wasn't hunger it was isis shelling if not that i lack of medicine but the city survived life even did as order is still far from normal but at least it will be starving to death and the more gone are the times when people would fight to the death with scraps of food now convoys are coming in day and night with food with medicine as well as things like vegetables fruits candies these are things that the people of that has or haven't seen for three long years. and to my a bit of one and he. for ninety. i desire to myself and was what i for
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syrians all know what dead is or has been through and the nation's heart goes out to its citizens even the older kids can't remember eating anything that wasn't grown locally. yet you see. yes. of course news that someone was giving out free but not as quickly spread at first it was a dozen children. then it was dozens and dozens of. the more enthusiastic children ate the skins before realizing that something wasn't quite right well it was worth it just to see the smiles and the us who
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needed to do it wasn't common how did i get it wasn't on the national and there are still plenty of challenges isis still holds a small part of the city is also reconstruction providing clean water and fuel but despite all that lease lease is a. born again more i guess dia. from that is on syria. and that's it for now we'll have your latest german election reaction in half an hour with all the surprises among the relative predictability of the results you're watching r.t. international. for
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the real. i'll make this manufactured consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling pluses and protect themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. to ignore middle of the room sick. real news is really.
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