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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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merkel wins a fourth term german chancellor though it's not her party who are considered the winners in the election. the euro skeptic alternative for germany celebrates victory it's the first time they've been elected to the. protesters rallied their cross the country against their right wing parties games. and other news this hour a human rights watch accuses the u.s. led coalition of killing scores of civilians including thirty children on earth strikes near syria's.
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thanks for chiming in this hour wherever you're watching us from our run the world welcome to moscow i'm in an o'neill ok first to germany where it's likely to be subdued celebrations for the german chancellor whose parliamentary power is now diminished following the twenty seventeen federal election the right wing if tea party on the other hand are marking what's been a historic weekend for them with more all of the results and indeed the reaction it's live to neil harvey.
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very good afternoon to you the sun is out shining on what's going to be a new look germany politically wise today angry about what has secured a fourth term as the german chancellor no surprises there christine democrat party didn't get most of the votes but the numbers are way down the social democrats suffered what's being described as a crushing election defeat only twenty percent of support going their way it's their worst result since the second world war of the right wing euro skeptics alternative germany party this election was a major breakthrough for the first time they gained enough votes to put them into the national politics. thank you would obviously the cd he would have hoped for better results but we mustn't forget that we achieved all strategic objectives we have a mandate to form a new government and no government can be fluent against without us.
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thank you mr davies a difficult day for social democracy we missed out on our electoral go after losing our central region and we lost the federal election i. thought you were different this is a big day in history of our party we've made it we've entered the bundestag and we will change this country what to achieve what happened today at six o'clock is that evolution. has been our building correspondent peter all of us right across all the build up to the elections. now we got the result so no angular merkel and the c.d.u. the votes are down but she's still the chancellor so who's losing popularity here is it merkel is it her party or is it both well it's been clear that germany wants angle of merkel as chancellor however it is a bit of both really when you put it like that there are certainly been people who
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change their vote who previously would have voted for angle of merkel we've changed there's also those that would have wanted more from her party to challenge those decisions made by the chancellor who have changed as well and good works that they've they've lost around a million votes many of those going to be the alternative to do any policy which she when she was asked a bold bows about the future because she's going to be chancellor we still don't know what kind of government she is going to be chancellor at the moment though. she was asked about alternative for germany she was asked would they have any influence in making the migration policy she had this to say very very to the point . no i don't believe that in i believe that the party should can go into coalition find solutions search for them there are some differences of opinion between the union and the greens the c.d.c. is you and the f.t.p. and then part of the s.p.d.
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and of course we will find that then and the coalition agreements depending on how the end that will be reflected in there but the will not have an impact on that. now it's a the angle americal making it sound a bit like i lost a lot of votes but it's ok i know where they are i can get them back now i guess you had an earlier senior german diplomat frank gelber saying this is exactly what the problem is complacency borderline arrogance from the people who have been in power for a long time now you've got the door open for the day just how far can they go well i think we can pretty much guarantee that alternative for germany day if there are going to be a dog in angola merkel side they're going to try and do that. as much as they can through this parliament they've announced themselves as the only alternative hence they may have to go americans government they are going to oppose every state particularly on her migration policy particular policy regarding refugees i think we can guarantee seeing that they've now got the seats just behind us in the
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bundestag that of course comes with a lot of money it comes with stuff that comes with the ability to try again next some kind of opposition to angular merkel but what they are going to do without is frank at petrino the chairperson of the. germany party has announced on monday morning literally hours after they had this this victory for their this is a search that they've entered parliament she said she will be taking up a seat there. isn't it is a shock if it came out of nowhere she wasn't running to be a chancellor candidate a special candidate as they're referred to here but we can listen to what she said it was a very abrupt press conference from prokop petrie have a listen now it's for god to create real policy and that's a long consideration i decided not to be a member of the parliamentary group in the bundestag i would like to ask you for your understanding i will not answer any questions on this.
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ok peter great as always and i'm in the studio. again roundabout covering the elections because let's be honest it's going to a long time before we have a coalition. i'm going to put i'm going to put my reputation on the line here and say that in a month we still will have a government ok we'll find out my thanks peter now the f.t. policy we're talking about received a lot of attention of course even prior to the election because of the controversial policies that have polarized the german public.
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witnessed as to how the alternation deep and complex and. who would be. willing to so cool next time out to me how do i do it. for every year when there's a yang is the alternative for germany party supporters and politicians were celebrating others less this night. and these were the same people rallying right across germany against the right wing party the protestors they're shouting. the national slogans brought us on the ferry
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same building where the party's leaders were celebrating the great results of his political was following the post-election demonstrations. of the one here was. this morsi story very much days before he finally stablish me when i mean as well as from us and i know what happened with the immigration policy in particular i give him a decision to last in a very million refugees balancing on the deed to having scared about being provocative and why should i still i. i. i.
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was. i. was i. was i was. going to leave that's just going to send a signal with the main tank these protests does that i've found out tonight i mean one guy remaining i can show you some of the fact that they still here are some pretty weird ones actually they have been calling the people. not only. i was going to my seat was very angry even if it might be quite right takes me
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right in that said now the national conversation was from a.f.p. that i'm up to see you just have to do that damn he was good for nothing is why does he have forgotten to do this democracy and this was out of the question you come in as nice at least the face he was so he chased you this migration snotty you see here this was see it was good to see you have the you he was such have only had one on syria to me it was any good the way we were going to treat the roads he knew but that had just will accept that there was that either one of the other that they actually did want to sweep the c.t.'s that immigration was the one g.'s their us that which said that first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they might see you sad you say. ok now the social democrats leader martin shills
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is speaking to the press right now would have us the question will he stays the party leader after a horrible result like they've had the worst since the second world war he said his party will not form a coalition with anglo american christian democrats let's listen in. please incidentally this is not going to post here it's a minute but it does you go your way it's on i'm on the bottom and i will be a member in the new no sag i will continue mike you know you as i know that he likes you and said so and will keep working working. with us on the on the obvious . it was we doing something like collins would welcome our new country with members knew. when to stock up with us and with us because i'm a soundtrack and always will be. in the parliament. my minister is it's lovely brand and social issues the habits of life out of office
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caucus on monday and i'd like come out and drown out this is that so yeah on the heels of their winter stocks facts are going to play as much as here in fact was it's almost also don't you see to be the chair i was like shining in the mosque a plea for me to play been too much of a man he. had a great. game that was a whole new c.e.o. a lot of our team and i am deeply grateful for some respect all per month for all his efforts and contributions to the post by a point of us all but one of these are. our friends respected his decision i was concise that this was i'm not in fear and if he did you know not to run. for that post of the chairman and. his word or not it's about time to listen i was democrat. and b.c. and collection of the stun gun needs to stay strong on the political landscape we
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are probably part teams on the c.p.u. by treaty that was a few more years of us are saying i was like these before but it can't import and some people are proud of what you're doing it's important to be because you own your form and progress there and you get to be always up in a stock and to falsify this what you chair is a forest crime you want to play for justice you don't need to these are the items you know i want to show you down we are going to you know when you as a was going to parliament was given a living will also talk about it to mcgrath i think it changes it and all they don't like don't understand you as a strong political. you know we see our well as attractive. to germany not one from that city will find any opportunity for your call with a shotgun this is i don't does it a bit but even the two have political will to beignets that do not have a quarter a very long time in germany when she had lost.
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we used to have a zoo politics moved out with us and we got our discussions you know odds with that so if. it was like a sleepwalking pauli wanted us and it's important to put. it on a shots what it is for not role of the opposition in the german parliament is a very. responsible one it's an important role of the democrats you know what about next term there ladies and gentlemen will just sit day. and the noise of god's name we saw in one of the parts that has enough courage to take the new challenges and away because there are a lot of looking at maybe state. and i'm joined in c.d.n. out by peta should say he's the owner and professor of international relations at the university of getting used to speak his appreciate you taking the time we just
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been listening to martin shows that one of the things that we just heard him say was that there's a need now to have conversations about issues that have been discussed for a very long time in germany what do you think he was talking about there in the question is why wasn't he raising these issues previously. and one of the reasons is that you have social democrats rip out of the coalition government they couldn't pick up its use which were controversial for example the refugee or migration process why couldn't that because they were responsible as well for the distance bridge which were only done in two thousand and fifteen of open then the gates for the for the tsunami off for immigrants. came into europe and basically split europe into it to us three parts of the east european and so the european countries are not accepting the deal or that means often. excepting the refugees and there's a deep deep split in the european union and there was never really put onto the agenda and discussed in freely and openly in the german public and this was one of
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the reasons why there was a protest against the kind of government which which is she was burning issues which are really concerning be your population and germany are not the culprit so the social democrats didn't want to talk about it chills didn't want to talk about immigration because his party was partly responsible for it now they'll be an opposition that mean we're going to see shultz alongside day after day attacking the christian democrats attacking america about immigration no definitely not but he will of course try to listen much more to concerned so for working with the forces that means of the trade unions. it was a bit until yesterday his story new card was their leadership they have to come out with those topics and the issues which are really addressing their concerns also for your nation and if they are succeeding in doing so i think that could be a conduit for a new beginning but if they are going back into the old motel for basically assisting the leading coalition government which we have and
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a couple of months probably between the source of the christian democrats the greens and they and if the liberals then off calls for the s.p.d. israel would be considered as a stick and falls and there will be no renewal process and i've heard they said by several guests now that the reason the christian democrats lost a lot of votes in a fifty game was because basically the government got very complacent there resting on their laurels they weren't listening to what the people wanted is this an argument for the fact that you need to have political change regulate otherwise this happens i mean political change is necessary in a democracy and in especially on and to and it has been hasn't happened and this kind of process which we see it's a moment didn't start in two thousand and twelve or in two thousand and fifteen with the refugee crisis two thousand and fifty and basically you've all seen the stroke which broke the camel's neck it started two thousand and nine with the. controversies over the euro and big and the greek economic and financial crisis and
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these prices were never really solved and the public opinion was very much opposed to offer of transforming the european union and current in a kind of social transfer union nobody wants this nobody wants to pay for the mistakes and that no one discipline of other countries and i think this kind of argument was very well exploited by the way of fifty and alone because the left parties didn't touch upon this deliverance route and now they're coming in there's a new effect or and i think that under the leadership of frist and in the d.f.t. period will be a much more pronounced and. but then the government as the s.p.d. balsam the great polish piece of preaching coming speech much appreciated peter should say as my guest on and fresh a professor of international relations at the university all. ok and i think that is all we have time for is at this hour so look.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the sixty's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch a lot of the really packs a punch. yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than that and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank paid. me seriously who sent us an e-mail. when almost seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me.
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yet to shape out just to come out ahead and it against me equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. oh we're back in moscow and i want to update you on this story a new human rights watch report accuses the u.s. led coalition of killing at least eighty four civilians in the syrian city of rocca including thirty children without those the if has more from syria. in the unlikelihood more than eighty four people civilians were killed in two u.s.
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says strikes even and near the syrian city of braca and those eighty four people well that's just the bodies cool enough to identify. strikes allegedly targeted a school kids and the bakery putting to human rights watch which carried out an investigation and published a forty two page report previously the u.s. led coalition had said that following an internal review they found the claims of alleged civilian casualties back to praed ability well human rights watch visited these locations they spoke to the people when they looked at the evidence and they found that the u.s. led coalition given visited these locations they never spoke to the people they never looked at the evidence coalition forces have said that there is insufficient evidence to conclude that civilians were killed in the attack on the school but as far as we know they did not visit the school they did not talk to any witnesses if
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they had they would have found plenty of evidence that civilians were killed in this case the question they're asking is whether the u.s. led coalition somehow missed the dozens and dozens of civilians present in the snow cajuns or whether they chose to ignore them whether they didn't care about. he also said that isis fighters had these locations but so would dozens and dozens of other c.b.d. we can't rely on the americans with american military to do such a course investigates. atrocities on the ground in syria that would be ridiculous not be like you know. providing the evidence to be held against them later points in a traditionally so no i think we we have to accept organizations like human rights watch and all those will do the investigations will interview the witnesses later stages and that's really the beginning holes of the legal structure that's taking
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full now i mean i'm quite confident this is going to happen in the future i've seen it before the u.s. led coalition this month so when the pressure on another front here in the province of datasource the russian ministry of defense has released a number of satellite images taken two weeks ago showing us special forces as well as that. site i see a strong home strange thing ease that this new science of fighting could you and i see some receipts to be is that the syrians would take it without a fight which is highly characteristic of isis suggesting apps. these areas the russians also saying it's strange that the u.s. led coalition. forces have screening vehicles snow patrol sound more in the case of an isis counterattack which is very suspicious doesn't seem to be any activity that would suggest that they even fear an attack from isis which again would
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suggest that there is some kind of agreement has been made if these allegations are true and they can. not so far been a detail out of those allegations that of course not to increase the long held suspicions of many far from be. and packable enemy of our says in syria that the us is actually prepared to cooperate with the terrorist group and when it suits its interests. well we contacted the u.s. led coalition for comment on the issue of s.t. and forces receiving safe passage through ice cold turkey they deny the accusations but refused to provide any details citing operational security or are they reiterated that russian syrian and american forces share a common enemy in. well for more on that story plus the rest of a busy week and go to our t. dot com also their reaction to the german federal election i'll see you in thirty.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works my economy is built around corporations corporations washington washington media the media. and voters elected to run this country business because.
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it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be rich. but you'd like to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters of my house. there should. weary include a. senile working thanks to. these birds fish you. asked me to let my ears moments it's almost time yet for my. according to see you
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eat it is home to the wolves most ball full drug syndicates why you're growing marijuana and north tomatoes at city. hall of the full grown kid look them up in a portable but before nobody wants he put. them up there. as we. did i think he. must times the government knows what they do and they do nothing. well they are.
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in with a day when we have time to meet. the minimal. media tools and you know good thing will take one time as a team to. don't leave it at that tough and leave me. alone as of the meanwhile the north. east. the lot of you will settle down with but again with an open. it was i was going to move to the i didn't but i don't think. he. would. step.


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