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i didn't notice anything weird about them they were polite he was a construction worker and his wife had been in the us but she'd lost her job and drank a lot the news came as a shock to me i never had a clue what was going on. it's chilling and self course horrifying details in that story we have more information coming in all that site how ever the police now suspect according to our sources that this couple had been killing and eating people since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. difficulty tales to listen to calls for if they can cross that up thanks for that. you're watching aussie international your next world news update from me just over half an hour. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to the press this is what before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first city. with little make this manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final larry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million real new.
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greetings and salutations history or at least a version of history was used this weekend to continue pushing an agenda of offense when n.f.l. players decided to take the need to take the protest against police violence many were triggered insisting the act was an affront to veterans but some vets like this ninety seven year old world war two vet told the world quote those kids have a right to protest and he's right the very first amendment to our constitution is the right to freedom of speech protects us from being forced to participate in any nationalistic actions like saying pledges or standing at attention what's really odd though is that francis scott key star spangled banner is on one hand an anti-war protest song about not wanting to drag the us into the war of eight hundred twelve but. the first that we leave out it was the side of key that most
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would love to ignore it's the race this one that celebrates the blood of african americans being shed in the name of war see us history is in fact complicated and nuanced especially when it comes to our system while one verse of a song may oppose war sometimes the next one opposes peace now look or of our discussion about our national anthem here in the us is about veterans from so many feel need to be defended our of it seems that the corporate media politicians and activists only care about the issues of veterans when they can use them for clicks and votes according to the u.s. department of veterans affairs nearly eleven percent of adult homeless or veterans seventy percent of those have septa's substance abuse problems of fifty one percent of homeless veterans have disabilities where's the outrage and support every day when another twenty two veterans commit suicide so while others worry about the point spread and jersey sales let's actually speak for two veterans and start watching the hawks. told you the.
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real deal with. a large apart of. the like you like i got. a little. bit. welcome everybody to watching the hockey time have a go while this and joining me to get out of veteran's perspective on patriotism is science scientists writer and speaker chris and maggie thank you for joining me today maggie. thanks for having me on chris in new orleans saints quarterback drew brees had this to say about the take the knee protest saying that it's ok to protest quote but if a protest becomes if we're going to sit down or kneel or not show respect to the flag of the united states and everything that it symbolizes and everything that it
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stands for and everything that our country has been through to get to this point we know that things are not where they should be but we will continue to work and strive to make things better chris and as a veteran do you feel like this protest which is about police violence disrespects your service and the armed forces. absolutely not i actually find no direct correlation between the protest that has shed light i'm pleased violence through not standing for the anthem i find no correlation between that having anything to do with my time in service or the oath that i took to the constitution not a song it's often said the veterans we fight for our right to protest when a protest that calls into question the failures of a system that's supposed to protect as we're often told that we should just sort of shut up and be respectful is this is just another side of the sort of political correctness coin but now using pawns and how do you feel about as about being used
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that way. it bothers me a lot to see veterans used as a crutch first off i do not speak for all veterans but i did spend nine years on active duty and i'm also a disabled veteran. what i find ironic is military members and also police officers take an oath and are also may not be exactly the same but they all are grounded in upholding the constitution so as a veteran when i see tons of athletes and public figures and average citizens protesting the national anthem which does not have the same meaning for everyone i personally have not sent for the anthem in seven years since i was honorably discharged for my own reasons but what as a veteran i see all these people opposing injustice through police violence and i as someone who took an oath i want to hold felt that fellow government employees accountable to about oh so if anything this should be inciting activism from other
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veterans not not offending them why do you think that is the veterans because the truth is when i'm speaking to people who are veterans i haven't really heard a lot of people saying that they're offended it's people who say they support vets who didn't serve but think they have that back where is the disconnect between this sort of commercialized idea of supporting your vat's the way the n.f.l. did i mean they took money in order to just say they are vets are great they had to be paid to do it so where's the disconnect between the people who really get what what's going on there and those who just kind of grasp onto it because it's the you know pseudo patriotic thing to do. well whole idea of supporting the troops to me is such a blind form of patriotism because we're only supported when we fall in line with. scuse me ideology mandated nationalism when you have veterans like myself who are trying to promote individual liberty and peace you have these people whether they're veterans or just average civilians or they have family members who have
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passed on while on active duty day they hijack our personal experiences and are our personal dedication to american history or why we joined it's because of the propaganda that is just spewed out through commercials during. events that people just they hide behind it as if it's a religion saying i support the troops but you don't support us if you silence us because not all of us agree with what some are speaking for us about it that makes sense history's really important and i know you as well as i american history's super important you got to know how it actually works you have to know what the founding fathers actually said so which makes me always sort of giggle because i watch people and it's saying our founding fathers would be turning in our graves and i feel like no one's really read say the federalist papers or really understand what's going on there you've spent a lot of time studying this tell me what do you think our founding mothers and
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fathers would say about people being more concerned with a flag and a song than violence by police officers against u.s. citizens. well i have no idea at what point in history society hijacked the writings of our founders and kind of molded them into meetings that i don't think that they would want us to believe i believe that our founders really really were against anything mandated as far as like religion or you or any political stances they didn't want anything shoved down anyone's throat they really just wanted a cohesive peaceful society and that kind of falls in line with the history of the flag you know at the time that the flag was pushed upon the founders to help identify themselves kind of like teams have office and defense and we've molded into this like religion this i don't mean this in a negative way but like this cult like nationalism and all of that is used as like a motional layer over all these atrocities that are occurring and i think our
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founders would roll over in their graves if they saw that the use of power and racism that has been occurring systemic lead throughout our nation and sadly throughout the world and by saying that your feelings are hurt because people refuse to acknowledge a song that has a different meaning to them meanwhile completely ignoring what's going on around the country it's to me that is what is un-american. what do you think that you know do you think it's politics and politicians in that machine that makes it worse and turns these things because as much as we want to you know the left says we should all stop being divisive and stop talking about things that are divisive but is standing up against police violence which doesn't isn't just about you know people open their eyes it's a much larger problem than just african-americans being shot or people you know people have their their livelihoods they have their property stolen by police there's a much bigger problem how do we get people to open up and see that it's patriotic
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to stand up because this cult mentality is very dangerous no matter what side you're on. well i think if today we the mindset of today looking back at what the founders had did they would be viewed as rogue people they would be do it as people that were negative and unappreciative as they are doing to people like myself but what's what's really important is that like you said there's so much more to this protest regarding the anthem in relation to police violence. it's not just the videos we see in social media it's not the settlements that are quietly publishing media it's these police officers who are posting pictures of civil asset forfeiture it's them taking pictures of seizing a plant that has been known to help countless people the issue is here is we have a double standard and this is where i think when you start opening the discussion there are people who are federally protected like utility workers and police where
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you promote or initiated by against them your punishment is more harsh you have additional charges but when police abuse their power or the use excessive force or they misuse government money and assets and property they don't have a harsher penalty so if we really want to quality in this country we need to start inside our government which means holding all the. from employees military police politicians all of them accountable if you do something wrong you're held to the same standard as if someone had done something to them it's it's not happening currently and that to me if there was more called ability we wouldn't see some of the issues that we're having now there just seems to be a disconnect between the of the level of responsibility the job entails and how much leeway we're supposed to give for bad behavior yet you know someone uses their first amendment free speech rights to literally just go down on one knee and
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nonviolent protest they're not saying the flag is bad or anything else. as a veteran what's the message you would like to say to people who have that view of this idea that america is this is turning into this sort of. disturbing us versus them kind of thing what what what did you learn being of that and how does that make you feel and what's your message to people out there about that how do we get past that. well one thing i think we need to acknowledge as a country is that we have this almost a form of nationalistic narcissism we are a great nation we are and there are countries who have less freedoms than us but that doesn't mean that we should accept the oppression on some of our freedoms that we're trying to preserve i spent nine years on active duty and i did join after nine eleven and i'd say by your seven i slowly started to realize that what i thought i had been doing was not necessarily what i had thought and i many people
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who join the military i'm sure we all have the mindset that we think we're fighting for freedom really want to help promote individual liberty and peace but what we need to do is we need to stop this imperialistic mindset we need to stop policing the world and we really need to look at ourselves we cannot better anyone else in this world and so we better ourselves and what we have to do is stop blindly labeling every single person in a profession and hero not all military members are heroes the most and all are selfless but we really need to stop just filling the blanket hero label on cops and other members of government because within those professions there are major bad apples there are bad missions and there are unjust orders that are given out so what we need to do is start listening to better and start listening to people on active duty and like for example when people thank me for my service it's always an awkward conversation and i always say thank you but i prefer you to say thank you
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for your sacrifice or thank you for being selfless because i didn't feel i had a service and that's sad but i feel like i'm doing more now for this country being in my civilian attire talking to people like you spreading this about cij so i think that we just need to stop demonizing people who have different perspectives because as a veteran it's very painful to know that i'm supported until i speak out against unjust issues in this country i think absolutely right and i thank you for your activism actor and i thank you for the sacrifice i thank you for the selflessness obviously but i thank you for having the strength to be there and talk about these issues because it's so important christine magen scientist writer and speaker liberty advocate i would like to thank you for taking the time today and speaking on this issue. thank you. as we go to break don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter at r.t. dot com and coming up we'll be joined by palming a professor of international politics university of southern denmark to discuss the
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ongoing issues of catalonia and independence to watch in long. for warren buffett she's the landed gentry living on the right side of the interstate apartheid wall you never has to deal with these scams to larceny the malfeasance of wells fargo bank directly she's cashing in on their criminality and this credit freeze recommended by the bank carly equifax catastrophe is similar to these but hurricane this is a hurricane of the kind of markets brought on by moral hazard writ large.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us is it actually just the long also the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue nothing's better to see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight not the president of the world bank so you're going to write me seriously send us an e-mail. this morning with a guy that can know the most get a little. well several more than you but i you. know those are the ones that i guess are kind of. this yes or no but if you dump a lot and there's no she refused.
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to. wear the blue you won't get a good area for immigrants it's this we never really know for sure but this is been to the area. that you're selling. yeah i. know but when i started no i. predating the concepts of human rights equality and even modern democracy the ideal of self-determination has been a guiding force in shaping today's nations and societies thanks to historic moments
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such as our very own declaration of independence and revolutionary war india's nonviolent struggle for freedom from the british empire or even the diplomatic chess match that resulted in the unification of germany from hundreds of vitamins kingdoms and city states our understanding of the modern world has become intertwined with the idea that distinct communities have a right to determine their own governance and form of nationhood the less we take this nation notion for granted we are served well to remember the many across the world must still fight for this right and this we can nobody is fighting harder than the people of catalonia spain's northeastern region that is one way in one way or another has been struggling to regain its independence for over a decade to discuss this issue and more we're joined with professor john make a son an expert in international politics and territorial disputes thank you for joining us. we're getting is i mean there is a there's a referendum on cattle it is in the pan it's coming up this sunday october first but that national government has apparently ban fighting tooth and nail to keep it
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from happening can you give us a little background on this conflict and what the two what the two sides are of legal standing as at this point. yes i think it is not too far a french to claim that we are facing the most serious constitutional crisis in western europe since the woolworth two depending on how those parish government handles the situation we may very well be in a position where we could have plenty of potential for territorial transformations in western europe on the one side we have the spanish government they have the upper hand whenever it comes to the legal argument it is crystal clear an hour to go to of the spanish constitution states very clearly that the. spanish territorial integrity is in be inviolable inviolable now they have the legal claim therefore they have the legal argument the problem with the spanish side is that that's the only argument they have they have either been too lazy to complacent or doing
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competent to perswade catalans for the past few years but the fact is that the catalans they have the other side they have the moral argument they have the south determination argument and i think the spanish government believed that the cotton politicians the catalan civil society the catalan public they were bluffing and what we are seeing these past few days is that they meant business. compositional matters aside actually some of the news coming out seems incredibly disturbing even outright alarming for example police have been carrying out raids on regional and city government buildings trying to i guess confiscate the physical ballots that would be used to vote and the government is even charging i noticed a radio host for quote endangering police operations by urging our listeners to stay alert and report on any of this police activity considering spain was under a fascist government as recently as forty years ago how do these movies resonate
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with with people in catalonia. they resonate very long i'm very clear some would suggest that the spanish dictator francisco franco didn't die in bed in one thousand seven hundred five but he is running loose in the streets of kabul lonia as you said the instruments we are witnessing. used by an astonished by the spanish state of practice not just the government but the state a practice in because a lot of our classic instruments of any of the retained regime they have been inflicting rigi most are in fear amongst a lot of the local population they have been breaking in the newspapers getting them was right was not right reading in private companies accusing protestors off to the sion are very serious crime arresting for do not remember officials arresting archivists criminalizing political opinion and also i must add i mean
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it's rising comes along in bringing tens of thousands of parliament tripoli's national police five percent spending because a lot of army and also let me share with the audience. the latest they have also been involved in michael like all of the return regimes claiming even that russia is involved in supporting the kind of call this is now pretty posters these look at chris again a reminder of the franc or spear. it in franco times he always came he had a magic sentence which was russia is to blame well it seems that these rousseau for you at the believe about it in the spanish state is once again coming out to the surface issuing allegations which are completely unsubstantiated well it's i was. to blame russia that seems to be that the easy way now how do you see this felt playing out this week and do you think it will even happen and if it does waiting thank thanks for lent. as you can imagine it is tremendously difficult to make
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predictions at this stage what i can assure you is that on the one hand we will see state repression of the returned repression and its best and we will see as well civil disobedience we will just we will not have a normal day where catalans will go and cast their ballots we will have a day where catalans will go in there the night before tonight before in order to protect their polling stations you know there to protect their ballot boxes that are all boxes in order to protect their votes with their bodies and if necessary. this is the only prediction i can make a distaste so i would encourage people to do to follow for example the street that are you following the conflict very closely even edward snowden has has been mentioning it so to follow very closely because what will happen on sunday is perhaps that spain will dismantle its own democracy and that's catalans will
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actually fight for counseling democracy but maybe even for spinors democracy i mean i may say that that exact the spanish government does not mean these is that if you allow me to to say that this is that the strong storm politics that spain has been using over the past two hundred years and these testosterone politics is precisely what led to the collapse of the spanish empire. there was a meeting at a loose over twenty two. over the past two hundred years and now it seems as if that sort of that's going to happen in a way the breakup of these large. empires that grew and grew and grew as the story of testosterone politics use that then it may be that if this big. aggressive thing and what you're seeing is more and more of these european separatist movement you've got scotland talking about it and then you know if you go down the route they're worried that people are worried that if catalonia gets independence then the basque raisins got to go do you think that's the worst thing for these a large
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groups you know this is where bracks that's coming from and the e.u. that these things are going to break down because community do you think that community by community is more important than the as a large international multinational sort of conglomerates of nations. i believe maybe too early to make such are you going to be able to do to do make such generalization or to come up with this argument i believe that everything starts on october the first and we have to wait and see what happens we've got to learn because we have many different potential scenarios one of the scenarios is of course that spain manages to crumble to crush the capital and throws secession movement which by the way used to be procession and now it seems to be a pro-democracy movement so we will have to wait and see what happens what we saw
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in scotland is that through police we really can inject intelligence with statesmanship you can actually the seats. in the president's movements what we see in spain is a different tactic is the tactic as i said of the star in politics so we will see which one is more effective for they did cameron i have to say the tactic to allow us cross to have their say was actually he scored a huge massive political victory by doing so how important a minute left how important is that independence and why do you think it's so important to people now. i think a few weeks ago a few months ago it was a matter of woodcutter that is viewed as their national grid. yes they are a nation therefore they have the right to become a state for the past few weeks this has changed and now it is no longer national right now it is a market of see the rise now it is the mother of democratic right now i'm not there
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of human rights because i'm out there so what we will see in barcelona on sunday is not just throwing the band people defending their right to vote but it will also be democratic it will also be republicans it will also be socialist it will also be people from a wide range of ideologies which will gather together. states. they will not defeat because i mean a military station. i want to thank you so much there is so much to sort of on the route with these these kinds of things as we've seen centuries of conglomerations of countries and now we're seeing places you know be independent and go through this process and i want to thank you for helping us understand the ideas of catalonia and what's going on there we look forward to having you on again thank you so much. expert in international politics and territorial disputes thank you for joining us. finally the max
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planck institute for solar system research was using the hubble space telescope telescope now in its twenty seventh year of service and they came across an asteroid that acts like a comet see in september of twenty six to in september attorneys explain the binary asteroid two eighty eight p. was recorded by hubble making a pretty close approach toward earth when did they notice that it was one asteroid but two that are orbiting each other and it's reactions to the sun mean that too is the first known by nary an asteroid but is also classified as a rain belt comet kind of crazy as demands from the many international scientists working on hubble and its data think this greater were by an aries system have been traveling companions for over five thousand years so today it's asteroid comics tomorrow it's well we'll just have to wait and see what the brilliant minds
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and the europeans things in this story and everybody else who continues to turn the dream of hubble into reality find out pretty exciting well that's our show for you today take care of each other and remember everyone as my co-host. always says in this world we're not told for a lot of the not so i tell you i love on top of the wallet and keep on watching those stocks and have a great day and. this . economy is.
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no. business now to run this country business. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been. the russian defense ministry denies allegations of civilian casualties and. video. after failing to find any trace of. the german election. on the from. north korea says the u.s. president's. declaration of war.


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