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tv   Headline News  RT  September 26, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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to shape out just to come out to it and. because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the way. ministry of defense say it has hit terrorist i post weapon warehouses in provinces in syria the russian military strikes were far from civilian areas us rebels coming into this in the last hour. the face. germany party resigns over internal strife just two days after the right wing groups break through in the federal election entering for the first. tweet stoking tensions north korea says' be u.s.
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presidents online insult as a declaration of war. just after ten am in boston ten pm in hong kong and five in the evening here in moscow this tuesday september twenty sixth welcome to r.t. international we begin with breaking news this hour russia's defense ministry has launched earth strikes on terrorist positions in syria's. problem says the strikes targeted. post this drawing military equipment arms depos the russian military stressed that all the targets were away from residential areas and of a safe distance from u.s. forces earlier the controversial u.k.
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based monitoring group the syrian observatory for human rights accused russia of conducting air raids against civilians in libya. while moscow has this mystery allegation saying the claims are substantiated based on anonymous sources it all russian planes target only terrorists positions with high precision strikes they supported the statement by releasing footage of the earth strikes in problems. the claims made by the observatory science and anonymous witnesses ovo into traditionally unfounded and serve as an informational smokescreen for the actions of militants meanwhile the syrian army supported by rushes or force are fighting to eliminate. the foothold in providence they were some of the strikes we saw the earn our breaking news earlier in the bulletin the liberation of the city has been widely seen as a major breakthrough in the war on terror after being honored to have a siege for thirty six months residents there are not trying to return to some kind
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of normality while the city's youngest are now experiencing a new way of life and tastes for the very first time rock as the of his more. what these people have been through is indescribable joy and saw. you know how to little out of saddam in the way he didn't need. to count on my left hand counting the hand he did it we can hear about it we can read about it watch it but we won't truly understand but it ought to be a need to our own money make feeling but one last thing i mean an end as always it was the young and the elderly hit hardest that died first and again the last thing ok let's do it do it a little hard to hide it and then i do agree insulin is certainly sound i know.
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if it wasn't hunger it was isis shelling if not that i lack of medicine but the city survived life even did as order is still far from normal but at least they won't be starving to death anymore going of the times when people would fight to the death over scraps of food now convoys are coming in day and night with food with medicine as well as things like vegetables fruits candies these are things that the people of datas or haven't seen for three long years. and the my a bill of one ninety. four ninety. four no i desire the microphone was what i for syrians all know what dead is or has been through and the nation's heart goes out to its citizens even the older kids can't remember eating anything that wasn't
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grown locally. or. just. let me see. of course news that someone was giving out free but not as quickly spread at first it was a dozen children. then it was dozens and. i . the more enthusiastic children ate the skins before realizing that something wasn't quite right well it was worth it just to see the smiles and. there are still plenty of challenges isis still holds
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a small part of the city is also reconstruction providing clean water and fuel but despite all that these. born again. from syria. ok to. strike some terrorist in syria and some of the allegations that have been leveled against moscow in the previous days i'm joined by international affairs commentator jonathan steele the have you on the program. russia's defense ministry said these latest strikes which you've just come into us in the last thirty minutes or so far from civilians on u.s. backed rebels why do you think it needs to it feels the need to actually add that information to put the proviso that civilians are not being attacked here. because of course there have been accusations that civilians have been killed.
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it's true. there's no chance of civilians have been killed while the for the latest allegations that have been coming in no concrete proof indeed even before that has been given to back up the claims that russia has killed civilians while targeting terrorists but the allegations do continue to appear time and time again. well i think you need live food so much more space spread out the area may not additions if you remember we're concerned with the question of a part of december last year which was a very concentrated urban area where the rebels were sort of mixed in with the civilian population using the civilians as human shields in some cases so it was impossible to drop a ball more on a civilian. area gravel building without possibly killing some civilians who were sheltering in a bunker underneath but to live is a much more spread out area. so i think the chances of civilians have been killed
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is very very small and the russian defense ministry also was said that there are many questions hanging over the u.s. laid coalitions of operations. do you share some of those concerns. well it's the same problem with the russians the americans are using. cruise missiles and sometimes. civilians in the same building as the rebels swords exactly the same issue. you can't be absolutely sure on the ground underneath. it's really better in many cases to use infiltrated but. if they've got superiority in the infantry because there's more likely to be casualties on the sides. with what's happening with the americans it's very similar to what's happening with the russians one of the aspects i think moscow was talking about there were no signs of fighting but u.s.
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backed militants were advancing rapidly against terrorists in. in syria that there was no documentation of actual battles taking place yet they were moving on quite comprehensively and quite easily i think moscow was trying to get a grasp on why that was happening and how that was occurring. be that artist people are retreating. because of some kind of sinister agreement with the americans but to do that all of the americans are hoping i'd survive in somewhere. and you can speculate but that you can be sure of any allegations of collusion. these people are clearly losing and it may well be that they want to retreat to make sense for an army that's. under chiefs severe pressure to break. and run but it's also true that the kurdish forces circle syrian democratic
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forces which are kurdish. are the americans trying to advance as far as possible to get to the oil in the. province before the syrian army gets there is a kind of very scary because these are very valuable as. it's huge it's really hard to control a million years potentially if the americans go first as a bargaining chip with the syrian regime and. with the russians we appreciate you giving us your thoughts on the latest information coming into us on the russian air strikes against terrorists in a number of syrian provinces thank you very much international affairs commentator jonathan steele. moving on the co-chair on leading figure of the alternative for germany party for ok petrie has resigned amid a split within the party it comes right after the group secured seats in the german parliament for the first time in its history or europe correspondent peter oliver
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brings us more broken petry has stoned alternative for germany and all of those watching german politics by announcing that she will step down and leave the party this follows that historic victory for the for the a.f.p. as they took their first seat in the boat the stock in sunday's federal elections that the announcement that she will leave the party follows a straw to put sweet statement on monday that she would not sit with a fifty members in parliament. we want to create real policy and that's a long consideration i decided not to be a member of the parliamentary group in the bundestag i would like to ask you three understanding i will not answer any questions on this. for petrie had been the face of alternative for germany since she took over the
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leader of the party from bend luka who she helped oust in a relic of sorts within the party a few years ago she had pushed a more moderate view for the party certainly a right wing view but far more moderate than say the likes of alex on the golen door to idol who were running as the candidates for chancellor the special candidates as they're called in this most recent election we can see what it comes to t.v. appearances certainly petry far more composed at times than some of those that will remain in leadership in alternative to germany. in violation of our economy guys thank you thank you. thank you it does seem that the relationship though between petrie and others at the top of the party has become well frankly toxic we heard from vital saying that has self and alex on the galant haven't spoken to get
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paid in months this is as they were fighting a campaign election campaign against a lot of opposition here in germany to try an end to the bundestag the fact that this is existed and gone on for so long it was clear it must come to a head at some point and it seems that they've done not mediately post-election petrie's not the only one who's going to be leaving the party we understand three others including her husband mark is quite still to say and a very influential figure in the party will also leave as well the question that's been left is did they jump where they pushed. ok let's get into some of those thoughts that peter was bringing up bring live doris vaughn saying that who's a regional head for the e.f.t. party you're very welcome to the program this hour yet before the election russia
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was accused of meddling or russian hackers anyway but no the media has switched its focus expressing surprise over russia not delaying it brings up a lot of surprising remarks this that you can't win either way. well it depends on how you look at the problem i think it's always a kind of propaganda and i think we had a very good and strong fight and therefore we had a very good result and outcome of the election it has nothing to do with with russia or anything its own power that made us come forward that strong well the media the don't really believe that do they claim russia helped alternative for germany's brick through in the election why is russia being singled out you think. well it's part of a long campaign against russia the media even accused russia of pushing
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the election of president trump i think it's kind of. giving bad thoughts to other people and voters and trying to minimize the strong result. and tarnish it just about the actual election have there been any reports of recurrence are voting irregularities and also as an aside to that do you think that your party was was treated impartially in the election build up. well there are. scientific calculations pointing out that the outcome of the elections in any federal election that we had in the past was a faked i mean there's always a number of votes. which show which that there might be
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problems in the counting but the outcome or the negative outcome for the fifty in the past is scientifically proven quite high and therefore we had hundreds of people all over the country watching the counting off the votes after the elections were closed yesterday evening we thank you very much for coming on the program this hour f.t. regional chief doris vuln saying that can shine like there are plenty more news coming up after this year with our two international.
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cliff. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. let you go on to be this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water.
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ok let's return to our breaking news story russian earth strikes of this strong terrorist positions arms depos in syria and he joins life from central moscow with all of the details and brings up the speed with what we know here. well we have received a lot of information coming from russia's defense ministry and according to the statements released by the ministry the strikes that were conducted by russian forces targeted i still in positions now the russian military stress that all the targets were located away far away from residential areas and at a safe distance from u.s. backed force now there is a reason for such a comment coming from the ministry as earlier the controversial u.k. based a monitoring group of the syrian observatory for human rights have accused russia
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of conducting air raids against civilians in syria's province now moscow has dismissed of these allegations saying that the claims are unsubstantial and based on anonymous sources and also added that russian planes target only terrorists positions with high precision strikes and now the ministry has a support at these statements by releasing food h. from strikes in the province now russia's defense ministry has also published syria's satellite images showing us special forces that are camped out inside former i sell positions and now the ministry said that there was . no sign of fine having taken place in order to take a position so away from the terrorists and the minister also said that there is a warring a lack of any being conducted in the area to alert these camps in order
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if that in case the terrorists want to come back and try to retake these positions now russia's defense ministry has demanded an explanation for this absence but so far received no answer. ok with the latest on those terrorist positions being hit by russian earth strikes mean a caution both thank you for. a protest staged against friendship present a manual mccraw giving a speech university has seen fighting break ip tween students and police. was was. was was. was was
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the clashes erupted us the president was speaking about plans to reshape the european union up the sorbonne university students have also been under it by the government's decision to cut france's education budget by three hundred million in europe. north korea's foreign minister sees donald trump as the cleared war. on war and all of countermeasures it's after the american presence inflammatory comments about the north korean leader on twitter. since the united states declared war on our country we will have every right to take counsel measures including the right to shoot down u.s. strategic bombers even when they are not inside our countries as space the question of who won't be around much longer will be on so then. it's important to point out
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that north korea's foreign minister was responding to comments by donald trump on social media specifically on twitter donald trump said the north korea's leader might not be around much longer and so we have this response from north korea's foreign minister now we've heard from the pentagon they have responded to the comment from the foreign minister saying if north korea does not stop their provocative actions we will provide options to the president and now we have a response from the u.s. not declared war on north korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd it's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters our goal is still the same we continue to seek the peaceful nuclear is ation of the korean peninsula that's our focus doing that through both the most maximum economic and diplomatic pressure is possible at this point there's been quite a back and forth between donald trump and the leaders of the d.p. r. k. the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend
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itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. what kind of measure will be taken is decided by the chairman of the state affairs commission. but i think that the strongest ever hundreds might be tested in the pacific. now it's important to note that at the beginning of september north korea tested its first hydrogen bomb a much more advanced nuclear weapon than they previously have tested and proliferated and furthermore they are announcing at this point they intend to carry out another test of a hydrogen bomb but this time it will not take place within north korea itself but rather in the pacific ocean so many are wondering what will happen if north korea
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does indeed test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean what response will we see from the united states as of yet it's just a war of words but people are concerned many people around the world are no doubt concerned that this could lead to a catastrophic conclusion. credibly dark story no from southern russia where police have detained what is alleged to be a color bowl couple suspected of killing and eating up to thirty people or money is in the city of cross nadar his report includes graphic descriptions of what is alleged to have happened there. were standing outside his attention facility in cross that there are a city in south in russia that was there recently should absolutely horrifying events a local couple has been are taken into custody for murdering and dismembering a woman moreover now they're suspected of cannibalism as well are the source in the local police said that the pair confessed to killing the police uncovered the details thanks to
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a road workers who discovered that said the phone allegedly belonging to the suspect on this very street after they opened up the phone they discovered absolutely a picture of flying images of a. i'm posing with the bloody dismembered body parts of course they alerted the police right away and they began an investigation now the images from that phone already began circulating online and the media are now speculating about the real number of their victims after seeing the horrific telephone footage the police did saying both suspects and here's artie's exclusive footage when the authorities searched the home all day keys couple and even the more shocking discoveries well they found more remains of their recent victim but her body parts that stash in the basement of the building and also all their body parts that were placed in a can saner some kind of a salt solution and also unspecified food or frozen meat fragments in the kitchen
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experts will now try to determine whether those are human are not the locals a certainly in shock and a wary of the media but we managed to find one person a shopkeeper that says lives in this area and you the couple pretty well as they were her constant client says the live right here let's have a listen. then mystic ation is ongoing but there is a suspicion that the couple have allegedly been killing and eating their victims over the last sets once a year so perhaps we could see some more developments more horrifying details in this story as the investigation progresses from on call story of artsy craftsy garcelle the russia loss where we leave our news stories for now i join me again at half an hour's time for more here on r.t. international.
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