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tv   On Contact with Chris Hedges  RT  September 26, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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welcome to contact today we're joined by the president of namibia. didn't have to do it and that's been the things that i was with. and we thought of both but because of ten independent. disparate it is. political we do said the phrase this out of the goodness of history. with chris hedges. the african national congress on the eve of assuming power under nelson mandela in one thousand nine
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hundred four apartheid south africa was pressured by the international monetary fund and western powers to walk away from the socialist promises in its foundational document the freedom charter south africa's mines would not be nationalized the huge apartheid era debt would be honored taxing the wealthy to help the poor and fun development would not take place the global corporations that have profited from were not required to pay reparations the state budget was heavily constrained by the many demands of global capital as a result is that south africa has one of the most unequal income distributions in the world and white landowners and foreign capital is still dominate the economy independence without economic independence remains a form of servitude and countries in africa in the developing world must battle the chains of powerful global banks corporations and western governments that seek to extract natural resources and exploited cheap labor now maybe i would go. order
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south african achieved its independence from apartheid south africa in one thousand nine hundred is struggling not to repeat the mistakes of the african national congress and chart a path that brings with it economic development and justice it is a delicate and difficult dance one that poor countries around the world know intimately and one that illustrates the almost on a saleable and destructive power of global corporatism. president hog is the president of now maybe he was the country's first prime minister wanted to achieve independence in one thousand nine hundred from south africa he served again as prime minister from two thousand and twelve to two thousand and fifteen he was a member of the central committee and the polish bureau of the liberation movement swapo that led the armed resistance struggle against the apartheid regime in south africa mr president thank you i want to begin by and i know it's something that concerns you how a country with
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a population of two point four million how you achieve control over your own economy in an age of global capital and we should be clear. in a country that has an inherited structures of perhaps economic racism in the same way that south africa has done. thank you very much that. small. then of the belief. that is because it when compared to a and we actually were alone to know. and so brave people small as we but after that independence. the drivel inside it was so sad to us to try to wipe that place is economy was in one hand only and we were about about ten percent was why i pressed. and then. we had to
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midwife. united nations in that sense of the dreaded less than five countries came in when they realize that. manage change can go wrong way so they thought it was a big hole and do come in as some and where do they have said. colonies like zimbabwe and then going south africa they thought they should somehow save the interest of the white people therefore they came in to get involved and eventually with that forty five presentation four to five that is calling for us with vice elections of course it should go through negotiations it's give and take all the ideas we had to give up to the no given date there was kind of. proportional representation which will come because that will allow smaller parties to come into and most whites who are there now not got elected but because of that
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principle is that what i thought wanted you did swapo have something to the equivalent of the a.n.c. is freedom charter you have an economic which was a centrally socialist even marxist did no no you didn't have to go in congress but congress. or this is on the way that he was so but in see that for a long time but the n c i mean when this is some in you know afterward. some critics like ronny cuss real's and others have said that the mistake they made was that they at and mandela would be included in this is that they set aside the demands of the freedom charter thinking they could deal with it later and yet they haven't and so inequality the control of capital by predominantly white. has not been resolved but it's been working the same with the new constitution you see. protection and that instrument in the
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in-situ going to change it's the lens memphis and then it is and the property that it's so pro by the little you own can appreciate that and we should be clear that a lot of atlanta especially in the south was stolen during the genocide in by the german summers and which you know many of these farms are still there is that correct this is from so therefore you have to discredit the low and most do by let people buy because of the we didn't we didn't support. it we headed now it's on to we're going to revisit that put in said and then confidence i had this one we did after independence with. and who couldn't touch that it was very difficult to do and so how do you deal how do you deal with those structural issues and you have the force of global capitalism you know the ability and an
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instant to put a stranglehold through international loans that you know we've seen it how they use that instrument is chile being one of best examples how how do you run that kind of fine line be between controlling your own destiny and having these forces dominate your country or physically. there's a new man do primitive decision. no loans from i may have and what was i came from struggling with basically the opposed to this and then loans from i mean and well bank we thought they were using that to take two countries so we said no no so i don't know them have those you know chinese loans. and there's no no not loans it's it's been doing something right they that's how they did it they would bring in to bring that structure and they pay and then they don't repay them but they don't help us so don't we said you know so phone concept is soft of course we
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had it a bit that way and now the russians. yeah but they're doing a great job. we had good hands there they want to hear about it because the program it was written for get these to be comfortably history when we're fighting when a sub with it but with sometimes days let's face it right the socialist countries where there's like the chairman and soviet union well swallow was branded a terrorist organization by the state department and look at that yes i was the president i was the first british and i and i used to deceive that one and. also the kind of mob and then we'll call that's in six years in this instance to go to the post office to lose say i didn't ask for that. and if you say you must sign and become a foreign agent so i was the first to move that but. we went here we mobilized the people here like i just had town where i'm going to go it's really different
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there's a time with what we had a democracy done but. i was. just. there not that i was there because some of the confusing by the we had a time where we had let go and become this by the sense that it was real democrats i thought i was going to ask you later what i'm going to ask you now since you brought it up i mean. you were here you were studying at fordham the new school. you would come out of a refugee camp because the you were even as a student involved with the resistance movement i think i read somewhere that you when you were in class you were down at the u.n. being ignored by all sorts of countries. but you had contact especially think with the black power movement. and then you went on for many years what twenty six years or something and swapo and became one of the leaders of one of the great
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resistance movements liberation movements in africa we rolled backwards our movements were destroyed our democracy atrophied and probably died we vomited up this figure like trump from your perspective of somebody who was often a target by. the united states what happened what do you think happened in the united states what did we do wrong. well. when i was a freedom fighter i used to say anything so there were no consequences. right i'm not up on the people about it about god but the truth is that i was ready discarded disappointed i used to live here and when president reagan came in we're all declare that as a pro he would that not to end a marriage but you had you when did you have i didn't read i did not even though you were you i had read it on my right as it passes with oil in fact they said are
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you kidding this one now this time men have been getting many have passed so fast with doesn't matter they said if you price so to be prohibited to enter here and you have to apply for for me to get a waiver to come in here and i was admitted to the american red lady here but you didn't have so once you are out you must pay outside for ten days and i apply and they have to waive so you can come in but any way to go we were getting a visa which came in the. we went now going back to the olden days as you say that was it best for me as if i had i had i post to go to this people in the not the next come see you before you went to africa well i know it's a he went to africa when they came to africa in cairo us keep in mind i wanted him when he came back so when they came i sort of made
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a note to his i went to his audience was that it and i mean i'm going to have one and that us that's good for me as if we don't get a young guy to get his revolution out of famine in this country because it's going . but no of close time does have to move on so even though i do and then it would mean i was called. in that you have him do in the room. with and then after and have been as and i was talking and looked at me and says. i have a say in this i'm going to institute we're going to be fine have done that evolution who said this is one that is there to and then he said today you have something that says bit of. that have it didn't go for the foot of the day you had to plan ok but but i do want your analysis of what do you think happened here i mean you know this country you watched it from the position of being in many ways condemned as an antagonist what do you think happened. my friend jennifer had to be
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i'm but this is the no i'm going to. go ahead i would have. as a president that happens happens as things have changed over the world right but there has always been and we have to ask things have tens ever do it and that's why we're independent today because things have turned to the economy and put on ice and we thought of course but things have to end their independent. government own country we don't know what disparities we have no political freedom we declared second phase of this that of economic emancipation which is in some ways as hard as it is hard to work because had i because it. forces a group that i don't deface in the west i got to love it don't have a zero enemies but now you have all kinds of most of the brightest and even i would know privacy. so it's not easy but that's
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a feat if i do know ok great when we return we'll continue our conversation with president of i maybe. i'm john harshman and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help big picture we'll go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. you know one old lady angel street looks like a real bitch this would be analyzing this game from the bottom it. seems like what the play like you did not i got. because we. could predict that this was going to.
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limit. the mission of news with it is to go to the people tell their side of the story our stories are well sourced we don't hide anything from the public and i don't think the mainstream media in this country can say that i think the average viewer knows that r.t. america has a different perspective so that we're not hearing one echo chamber that mainstream media is constantly spewing. we're not beholden to any corporate sponsor no one tells us what to cover how long the coverage or how to say it that's the beauty of archie america. we hear both sides we hear from both sides and we question more that journalists are not letting anything get in your way to bring it home to the
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american people. with chris adams. welcome back to on contact let's continue our discussion with president of now maybe a hug a gun go. so we were talking a little bit when you said the economic independence was even a harder form of independence because these forces were sole multitudinous and also in many ways faceless. talk a little bit about those kinds of forces as somebody who seeks that kind of independence for your country and what kind of pressure they're able to put on a show you just brought in warm with a great union busting corporation wal-mart. was a minister of tweet but what i'm what you should. and you know so the good with
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them is that if the good going to improve. the eyes and said them a few conditions would definitely i wanted to quote i loath the physical under supreme court and we won and would sit down and say you must include small and medium enterprises there must be hope with things on the shelves so we didn't have doesn't know that we are for the well that's probably a good example but these these corporations are so powerful and. what kind of obstruction have you have they been able to impose on what your age i know you've been fighting hard to address income inequality with some success since independence declined this but talk a little bit about how those global forces impede the vision you have for your country well we used to quote them once those days those good days.
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but now when you say anything at all. you have to be careful we also don't go to the human side. of that is a human face kind of thing and therefore some of them might it did a known situation the chance that they must hold the end of what is called a win win situation so we do negotiate with the the message is really over make them do the eye with that with peace that these men didn't pass and then that unemployment used going to rise up when they then are going to have your property. and move in the same direction somebody is i'm most of that is no no these days but still a company that is it's enough to make money and also no good if you look at those plays economy it's all raining up here and them now if you don't you're going to remain open right therefore you have to live conducive environment that those who are under good diamonds and so on that it had been some way by them and us so we
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can their schools and so on that's roads it's a. moving on let's talk about the u.s. . i think the u.s. it appears has kind of in many ways withdrawn from the african continent would that be a fair or is this you is in russia. you promise with true promotion both of them both of them because in the rush. to destruct and so you know you as the political landscape has changed from those with it have been liberated in the past to conservatives some bugs are just some nationalists some. because of a good and i'm going to go so waiting though in this that the so-so things have tension that some of the dems put up to anything to say are you when you were here we burned it. but when we're here we had three b.s. bed and baby bed and now as
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a prison i say baby bill that. things have changed so you is still a great country and its its role is china filling the vacuum left of would you would say within the continent they do they do most of the the fill in need and not only that i. was writing from. climate change which is the main issue affecting us and said going to feel it more is their form of i don't know if you want to call it colonialism how is it different from the way the united states intervened in the congo. and i just it's. not that bad if you can talk and do what you want i was there i would say is somewhere that though didn't do any kind of the they must know where you stand i went to china and i saw all the american companies to
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come as what's happening i'm going to go but he said no wait a minute thirty years ago we opened up but it didn't once in but. ever comes here comes on our attempts and i've been coming over thames a time when that would terms much in stock that's all. but my understanding of the chinese is that. the united states it was take the congo a direct intervention when you have a resistance leader like. he's assassinated you bring in a cia created figure like both do they create of brutal military apparatus to maintain control the chinese are not doing that or africa they're doing something different but never could and i think about of africa they go by that and they're coming in. developing countries we've got what it is here they're going to become
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it's a wow you say in the u.s. what they said no about those two states who it was a group of us to do it therefore they would have been. so momentary news with. electronics we know we see us with some countries so leverage that but they're going to do token and right it would nice if i did is a go to. this is a premise that they don't miss out that they don't there's an inlet both and i think that this isn't a time to that yeah. i mean vetted as an invitation to go to that when they had a good example and they would sit down and go as equals that is a pittance is given that way there's been quite a bit of money including in your country mostly with uranium development but also i think they have farming projects on but this has been true now let's say for the last couple decades where china did not have that kind of foreign presence i mean
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they the chinese may have supported resistance movements and stuff. but now they're building railway lines roads infrastructure projects and also developing natural resources some of which like the iranians say they need. this. and we need. the americans we've through them come out of the protests you have business somewhere as maybe and. this vacuum and when the development you somebody comes to that to help you and you had lived up to it but they know your time is that we dread we'd. better do a good job doing a good job but everybody must come under the terms they used to bring their own with us to push when but those are real and i went to tennessee with high unemployment among so intense that they didn't pay overtime we have our own laws so they didn't pay what ten alosi a month well what. twitter and it's going to read seven days after and i will get
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up so i think you also got them on the re-implanted you get them to recognize your union i think oh yes of course if they don't usually do yeah but you have to talk to people and i think they listen it is duke and thing behave like the us but on the contrary of what one billion people in africa roughly is what you have but so it's a massive segment of the population but you have so little voice in the world you're so marginalized one has to run the country on the continent no we have tried to move you and you from i mean a group of ten so you tend to call it to from it's original in africa and i'm telling you it as a most frustrating exercise but the example of the former how do you if you talk about democrats and live chunks of people outside to sit on a table they're not going to but if they follow along that is now for all five
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permanent members they don't wonder you have. had to get on that one and how does that how is that affecting the continent a negative way well you don't have one it's your message you must sit on a table with other clients not to visit him then they took and they pushed him down and it's true they invited some of us to sit on the but if really they decide. and you have looked at that bus and we have a way to do it to the result that uses sources who do it we need the help. they lend which is vice terrorism does state that the abundance so unless we do enhance to put it do to fight it is what do cause that of them they're going to be there and we're saying you must also as is root causes of terrorism i said it would . come out of conference with now and that's there i think to quote them and this.
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is now well put in there is assessed fighting for my basic human rights who quoted us to this day when we met seventy so yes his they said of us is it's as if the so why because i have met fighting for if you put out there that by the students and so on they are fighting the i ask them for that basic human rights that denied them human beings they wouldn't kill the dialogue or day the day that with you that's an issue and this really is the root cause is what most people that is over there well aren't we i i i know you can't criticize the united states but let me i mean we are we are the best recruiter are these isis house i believe that yeah i didn't mean that. and i mean i spent seven years in the middle east that's the tragedy is that when your orderly tone deaf to the aspirations hopes and rights of others and you
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respond exclusively in military force as the south africans did. then you create what the world sees us as terrorism but ultimately it doesn't succeed would you agree but as i said. people would demand is it right as americans were saying when i was here young way when i said but you can be said differently but you will give me death run and hid with pride in your own cousins what they already have is what people won't like us to see we're not going to die while i would die. that is the place where the thinking and the would do do obis with. is that. good despots who do so in closing the desperate actions. thank you i was president of now maybe i gotta go.
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i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't tell when you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create
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change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth artie's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american public what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out in the music business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer.


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