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how interested they are with these government people here money money their ears perk right up and they're interested i think i think the chairman of the virgin group branson i think you might but necker island up for sales thing got all the scrapes you got to move right in there ready to go maybe that could be on our short list of potential locations this is. as always illuminating or is your next stop on his good the great roger tour where he's headed next headed to silicon valley next actually takes me on the show thank you max all right well that's what i do for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy i would like to thank our guests roger there just to catch us on twitter it's kind of report it's a nice time. the war zone you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to do stocks credit so you could be gossiping
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probably but. i. think you. might. be although we've already got one. we cannot stop the technological revolution in any area whether it is stem cells you know the ability to grow a certain oregon. on the skin of a human being for computer technology in a general way or any other technology because it's a driven by human curiosity. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying
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a decade's debt. studying so hard it requires trust. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. one paci dead sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the us. where one of fields are usually human in hard to reach areas often controlled by which guards goldblum terrace the girl still appoints a local supervisor who grants business by mission to grow we the skills and rights to grow the group does down from father to son. these guys studied helping his father when he was just down. twenty eight because two kids of his own . dream used to be drugs and open a car repair shop
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a legal business he can pass on to his children to do that he needs thought up capital and he hasn't been able to save enough so far. because he's considered a continuous amount told in money one dollar almighty one of the. remarkable want to hear live music that even though not the bottle. olympic the olympic of money won when one can rank up to the war in community. and out of here. losing his crop to the army didn't just take away this guy's income he still had to pay for his new rig ation system that had been destroyed even so despite the very real risk of losing his group again he won't stop growing weed it's still more profitable than being a regular farmer. why you grow marijuana and tomatoes let's say. or something else why do you prefer these type of. capacity to see
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if the moth they look at my. will see see will not allow them i. almost also point out. the best. except when they don't. in. the form of ink that made passes on thanks. to them i did one of four. pieces. that. he. might want to use to cost more in suno and that made growing it even more profitable after cannabis was legalized in some american states cultivating it became legal to however the drug dealers losses and nothing compared to the farmers the price of
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a locally grown marijuana is two hundred sixty times less than the average price offered by illegal sellers in america in the us a kilo sells for seven thousand dollars here it makes just twenty seven day they do it because. most times the government. knows what they do and they do nothing because in a way day the deep inside know wall that they're not doing their job to provide you know a new industry to generate jobs for them so basically it's like it's like nope it's all been secret they all know it's like a game in the end is just like again it seems like to me it seems like they're playing a game the plaintiffs chase these people in these people are playing to hide from them in indian everyone gets away with it you know what i mean. the numerous
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creative. is still a part of the i will. for the fatal one the only advantage in there for. it was you know in your game you're out of. seattle you know record throughout it will vary and. you put your mark is a potential. you know you have already is trying. to much. less. form of us are you about in the fourth or level carol the you know you are. you're never. the government's widespread unpopularity dates back to their this time the bad guys are often seen as perfectly ok to believe next door you knew them as kids and when drug lords make money they often help their friends and neighbors and even the town we were told of drug lords providing electricity
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building roads and throwing public bodies. estimate sanchez is one of many thankful volunteers helping with has a smile there this beret estefan was once a politician but no good came of it he lost everything area home and family. in fact he was like you to stay a life he believes that mulder and the alone helped him to get back on his feet estefan found joy and purpose in hugh's new job as a clown he says it's much safer than being a high official or drug lord it may mean less money and attention from the ladies but clowns certainly believe longer. they have been. placed on the end of a hint that they don't see a b. then didn't mean i will be enough for you you know you easily gave up with it isn't it i don't mean i was on top of the young when is it ok mike in there in this and i'm a like it doesn't appear that would be able to like you advocate is present an allegation
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and all that it was which is a growing stand down the if you don't dump it out ok ok isn't that what i think of it nothing else in that order and that i could be the one who just say it i will does it look at my reality when no heading for the small town of course alone if you months ago over a thousand refuges from this in whole or highlands traveled there they've been forced out by the ongoing conflict between government forces and the drug cartels. this friend of mine he was a journalist he was doing his job you know doing the best geisha and all that he was a very by shin a guy. he published some revolts he had this warning. and. doing and then someone told gil you're done man coming after you so he run away he moved to another city he moved to the city of her music
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which is you know going off. and she is stuck doing the same thing. and this time people just just got to him and we never. saw him again. he was disappear was you know she was killed and then she was born and the. just war just spread the wealth. so that was the sign and that's just an example of what it's like being a journalist you have in first started the first army from issue and then you have to censorship. but. if it is a simple issue with. some of the scenes and we just see the film million the first one. was a familiar from bristol it was
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a new nothing nothing nothing yes they did it so i will close off a few of them ten thousand believe in the small town of course so another thousand is a challenge many left behind everything the old then trying to rebuild their lives and getting no help from the government. limits office couldn't explain why so many people suddenly left their villages and flooded the town or what they were supposed to do next most refused to be on camera talking about why they had escaped they were too scared off camera many said they could run away from special forces helicopters that appeared out of nowhere apparently searching for the curious drug lord who may have been hiding in any one of their homes. go the next thank you and . it was a little pretty. funny it's funny. israel's
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neighbors are this is the way i hold it and they didn't want to see if this is kind of putting. the. chanting there. the socialists and launching east it bade us for the among. the girls a couple days in the. not on the. money and. it is. put on also to tell us how it is not. only. was the look and the little the fun of the. bill the little numbers but the almost being not as simple as. a lot and i'm not a sports. pages. to see if they will not the first couple of days yet only because this whole. thing.
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that was on. the fifth but i mean this we. could not get a lot of these e-mails this out of here to here you know very good idea to say i've been there and i get up. and this is now here in this memorial day is almost over they say he died one hundred and seventy years ago but with each passing year ever more people believe in his miraculous powers. agreed to give money to the church which then has to be superman's those in the most made even though some donors prefer to remain anonymous people still know who they had their taxes are. still just gotten so. they still want it
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a. year. it's. there it's. used to say i need to see what people. think they feel like don't. beneath it i just put away you know me to let out that what if i could only say yes if you look really sad maybe don't yeah yeah that's it not even a thing because now there is this a liberation had been an exciting day but it was no when near as dramatic as what happened in kosovo it was delayed by the time with thinnish talking to people who fled their highland villages because of the special forces the sound was set in the weather was beautiful and we wanted to film with this seemingly ideally before leaving the ancient little town. suddenly on
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demand appeared from an alleyway most wore black and looked very determined. late to learn that they were security guards were can put the drug cartel made to go papers and equipment we took some explaining and if you phone calls but we didn't get everything back. then just lost our camera man suffered the most he was beaten forced to his knees and had a gun held to his head. the bullies will literally just around the corner. unfortunately we had no chance to feel what happened this is all we were able to catch on camera. that look at the color of the gun and look at a. little bit of blood. on my lips it's
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going to be small. it's not like me i mean they were very very aggressive very very aggressive and they were. using to go into a time machine. there is gun shooting but. we were scared and . we could really feel this mob decide to say relaxed beauty which is around us same thing kind you can field any minute any moment and you were summarily modder like today was they lie i mean you are not suspecting anything but that this intuition will leave with a. story to. make guy nice peaceful place.
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hard to believe that something might happen to. the modern international order centers on two basic principles the sanctity of sovereign borders and self-determination and disregard the kurdish question is particularly vexing and even dangerous will some thirty million kurds ever. it's taken these children's homes. now threatens to take the future. of all came here could erupt again at any time. most
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people have a strong choice. live in poverty. which going to. put some following a different. boy . that's a lot. crosses commemorating the dead every way and click on every year thousands die in clashes
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between drug cartels or in gun fights with government forces this crosses one of the most prominent they're always fresh flowers here are still members bring them for their former boss and probably the most notorious drug lord of our time. in two thousand and eight his son. was shot dead on this very spot galant less than men were killed in reprisal whenever someone is stealing his family. grows in the same it's bad where he was killed because it is believed that he daily do that day the spirit of the deceased would be just you know romi cd you would know these so they would gross's as you can tell that we can drive across cd and you're going to see a lot of crosses just like it is similar to
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a click on process every we're in now that the scary thing is discloses their use now as a reference like you know let's meet in these plates you know world dishonorable jump was the yeah yeah me i'll meet you all you know were you with skills oh yeah let's meet. alberto ruiz came terror if i'm saying the name of the person directly. this man was killed here a few years ago during the shooting which was happening over there and he was trying to save his children who were together with him and a guy he was breaking up and he was shot missed my. class is that's the choreo i mean why would a c.m. but then the military and i this summer i mean not so. well i was there was an example of how to. handle and that's bad in this unless and.
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and. i don't and they will say and they all. thought that either. i mean it on the out of must but i am. allowed to get on. the phone i mean i passed all get me on this side of a lot of those and that's wrong i got what i said to my table on the middle of the i don't like the. whole know. what i. said all along. that i. missed growth young. or. old. but then when we thought about it i like it and if they don't go so well last week they will survive and also allows them. to talk into
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carlos' would. happen to be when someone else was killed we arrived immediately. you know i've been trying to gather some information and i used the spoken. think he was the person that was killed was a traffic officer he was driving his patrol and then something happened with the new driver of the drive it just they got into this argument and they argue for some reason we don't know what was that he just the patrol which he's in which he's because he can make it cold and then a group of like. people armed people came in next. cue the chopping officer he even the police didn't say if you know that happened then what can we spank assume you
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know as a normal citizen i mean we live here but you know we're not saying i don't feel safe to be honest with you just for what i heard he just it just happened and they go like a what about you guys don't you get together no doubt more powerful that. you have more power then that. this is gone bust down in ohio. i'm here for just one day to see a concert featuring several four people bands playing and style known as narco. they'd be fomented ballots extolling the virtues of dealing in drugs owning guns and heavy weapons right in cool cars and hanging out with brady gills what a life indeed. this own seldom mention how short a life like that can be in mexico seeing the lowest state the public performance of such stones has been outlawed according to the state government there is already
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enough beilenson without narco curried oh glorifying it in the usa though. is still legal there are so many americans of mexican descent that misquotes and draw crowds of hundreds upon thousands. and. told you so your mind see a child rearing its freedom its real life is pretty much real life for you is your friend mexico so told we could look up its also not everyone. to know it all and make the me go full sank. the feces there's enough but if you come to you must get my. social reviews or a cup or so give us some of the found. nothing. i think. when you.
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think that you are able to get better at all i think it's a way of life i think being a not. like getting up every day and going to work night but it's been a lot of go you're riding around in a pickup truck with a bulletproof vest and a radio and. you think. i don't think they are americans more interested in terrorism to stay there isn't the threat. there with. those stars can afford the lifestyle ferrill drug dealer they've got it all money fame and women but it's wise to be cool shoes and romance good looking girls have been known to hook up with us even if they were already with a drug cartel member such triangles usually end badly with both dead. many young women i buried here at the hardin is dealt in my cemetery many could
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have been beauty queens models these tomb holds there remains a woman who was once and the story is drug lords mistress he was arrested in holland in two thousand and thirteen his lover was murdered the following day. and by whom is anybody's guess. i dare you i dare you and i dare anyone we can that you can ask any random person east city and they want to tell you they are all going to tell you so you know sooner or later that they have lost a loved one because of violence soon i mean i dare you we can ask anyone we can ask we can anyone we can go downtown and we. it's just about the questionable. yes. well in one blow up
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a deal. with the city. she had. to be. somebody. you know the girl. was killed. and i dare you i can tell you we can ask anyone in everyone every single person will tell you the same thing because of violence is war. i mean. you know the answer we all know the answer. to me will. be. so much out of. them are. legal. oh.
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there's no if. you're going to. look at. this like. this look you get. all right we should get a. senator's
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financial survival guide i don't find any i prize on a teacher's. thing it's not an almost a friday that's the last of my ex from the future. watch kaiser. we cannot stop the technological revolution in any area. them selves you know the ability to grow a certain oregon. on the skin of a human being for computer technology. in a general way or any other technology because it's in driven by human curiosities.
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in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long dead. studying so hard it requires strong. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci dead sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. is. the most get a little. bit cooler than. most of the world i knew but i you. know both it was a problem but i guess what kind of scientists you. see are.
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where they. you will get a statistic good area for immigrants it's. miss we never really know for sure but this is been a active area. thank you so on. yet i. know where when i started no i. was. never going to. see the rest. of.
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the. spains council lonia is poised to vote on independence from madrid but they will forties increasing pressure by moving in fountains of police to the region u.n. human rights experts from voicing their concerns. twitter blocks over two hundred accounts on the grounds of possible russian involvement in last year's us presidential election r.t. has also been implicated as the hunt for alleged russian interference leaks the media to some role that unexpected places online.


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