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let me see design like this please prepare please prepare some o. the b.b.c.'s not for nothing to or not. no to the baby don't the british fart broadcasting this not foreign. so do you have any idea of what you know they're not a foreign agent obviously therefore aggrieved on what not a foreigner as you delay american won't do you hear what they know you didn't know their wives are natured they are not why not all modern american teens and most americans agree three x. you not you simply and i would advise the russian government to think what they're feeling about what i'm saying it is in their interest to the following good advice that i hear from you which is to stop it and have the various years of this entire conversation this is absolutely unseemly how you guys are simply have no idea of what you're talking about and something tells me that might be why you're here. all right gentlemen thank you so much for your time out won't wait thank you thank you
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so much for your time line all media analyst and from the cut of the columnist with the political website the hill brant budowsky thank you very much for bringing being with us today and u.n. human rights experts are voicing their concerns over the spanish government's bid to block the referendum in catalonia more on that after a short break. and when else should seem wrong. why don't we just don't call. me. yet to seep out to stay. active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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we cannot stop the technological revolution in any area whether it's stem cells you know the ability to grow certain oregon. on the skin of a human being for computer technology in a general way or any other technology because it's driven by human curiosity. is which will make. the most get a little bit because it was one. of the most i knew but i you. know both of it was but i guess sort of kind of this side of this yes or no but if you dump it out and just you know she refuses. to. wear the blue he won't get
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a good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this is been a active area. yeah . you know what when i started no i. welcome back with an independence referendum in catalonia looming thousands of protesters have been taking to the streets of barcelona decrying madrid's tough stance against sunday's vote for more on this let's. now across large to r t is
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medina. idea you're in barcelona right now what's the atmosphere at the moment. well jackie just as you mentioned castle line is poised to vote this sunday despite some fierce opposition to this move coming from madras now to prevent the straps random from going and have the spanish authorities have taking some harsh measures fourteen cattle on authorities have been arrested so far acts through police have been sent into the city security services have been ordered to shut down old polling stations un experts are calling these restrictions and these measures warring as they fear that they may violate fundamental human rights but here in spain it really seems that the two sides are at the moment irreconcilable. what is being at sometime next sunday has been declared illegal by the
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constitutional court and the courts are asking that it doesn't take place this is the law in this i'm absolutely determined to make sure that. if you. understood by. anyone describing the current situation i would think that in catalonia there hiding weapons of mass destruction a nuclear arsenal where the world's largest drug the description is quite apocalyptic in which the whole state has put itself into motion two out of every three anti-riot police officers and i mean canceling it to stop what something is terribly criminal is a referendum this is not only absurd but it isn't going to stop the referendum. meanwhile as the first word dros near the splits within council and society is getting more and more avid and with protesters now taking to the streets both for and against the vote and council and police are left caught by east. between the
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two they have to have the orders coming from mandrake but at the same time they want to stay and the good graces off local independent supporters. the commitment of the catalan government is very clear we want people to be able to vote but we also have to accept that we're a police force with legal responsibilities we have this ordered we cannot forget this and we must carry out our obligations without creating bigger problems than your ones that we're supposed to avoid. while this is the biggest constitutional crisis spain has seen in decades and neither science seems to be willing to back track and meet one another halfway. artie's material question of us staying across this story in the run up to the sun to sunday's referendum thank you so much for the update. now it all comes as pro independence activists even
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printed out packs of ballot papers at a secret location and volunteers are handing them out to people who want to vote our correspondent went to one of the warehouses where parrot papers were seized by police. the national guard the police has been sent over this morning to these areas here as you can see probably behind me and they have been asked by the general attorney of spain to stop anybody to going in or out with any material whatsoever this is obviously to prevent the material that is supposed to be used for the election to be handed over to all the. as break all across barcelona so let's try to talk to the local people to see what the people around here think about what's going on with the police and for the referendum this sunday but i'm not i don't i don't think the problem is the presence of the police they're just following orders. forces that we have right here continuously
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trying to invalidate the vote trying to confiscate the ballot boxes as if it were a cocaine or heroin shipment because of them this is worse than drugs. we discussed the issue with several political experts who told us spanish authorities are discrediting themselves. probably was not. the wisest of the moves and. the spanish government felt that they hadn't to do something and they had been so adamant that they would not allow the referendum that at this point they have to do to do something so it may have a political backlash and more people would be willing to support the independence of catalonia i really do feel that anything that looks like a clampdown from national government on a regional government on democratic expression of speech and expression of use is not the way forward for any european union member state spanish authorities have
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been shutting down websites informing calends about the election but wiki leaks created a mirror of a website that helps voters to find a polling station that is open we spoke to a member of the catalan pirate party which is also helping referendum related websites stay active they are doing the right thing because it's not a matter of it's a matter of the mocha see some other civil rights over rights are being raised by government because they are prosecuted we've got over against science they only hold information of the referral. well thought. of. science for unfair and. wiki leaks has been accused of meddling in the cattle and referendum but they're not alone in that respect according to an lp article russian hackers are also interfering by ensuring certain calland websites
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remain active however the spanish ambassador to russia so that no russian trace has been found and that's also confirmed by the catalan part party member we spoke with . we don't know about any russia. or argentina helping catalonia or to get it in the band and we don't think it's a real thing we think it's our money pollution from the spanish media i don't really know why i usually go back out. last election but they think it's an issue go to how you know we fight against you. a humanitarian and human rights nightmare that is how the u.n. secretary general describes the ongoing situation in myanmar which has already resulted in the mass displacement of the rohingya ethnic minority hundreds of thousands have fled to bangladesh to escape what has been described as ethnic
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cleansing by human rights organizations. the situation is spittles into the world's fastest developing graph huge emergency and the humanitarian and human rights nightmare. for her. and now there are claims that the plight of the roman just is being exploited by a terrorist organization no less the pakistan based militant group is distributing leaflets asking for donations the leaflets have appeared in newspapers and mentioned mosques and houses destroyed in myanmar now let's take
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a closer look at the terrorist group itself it's one of the biggest islamic militant organizations in south asia and was reportedly funded by osama bin ladin if he is accusations of conducting terror attacks and was recognized as a terrorist organization by a number of countries including the us russia and the e.u. we spoke to paul co-author of the book pakistan terrorism ground zero he thinks the terrorist could capitalize on the crisis using raise money for their own purposes. we have actually seen not only for life inside your tone issued which is the charity to front office credit but the religious ultra right. has been given a new life time to the crisis in myanmar there is a possibility. me use this crisis for us is number one as i have said believe me when you believe this crisis to claim more legit you may see for
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a bit existence number two the me use these finances for data activities inside and outside pockets on. russian sappers have started to do mine the area around the syrian city of daraa zor to clear routes for humanitarian convoys that's after the syrian army backed by russian air power broker a three year siege of the city by islamic state. meanwhile the operation to clear darrow's or of terrorists is ongoing as pockets of eisel resistance still remain these are the latest pictures from the front lines and according to russia's defense ministry only twenty percent of syrian territory
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still remains being held by islamic state. will be back and short after a short break with shock in france at the court ruling on a man who had sexual relations with a minor that story more shortly. when gold make its manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million more you don't need.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out of the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answer. the. question. right now we're going to include a. scene over next. and this is a very special. i will be you asked me to do that not just moments on multimedia tonight. i could introduce you eat. most drug.
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tomatoes at city. hall of the people at the bottom. nobody wants the people. you're. busy with. the. most times the government knows what they do and they do nothing. a number of human rights organizations are furious after a court in france dropped rape charges i can say twenty eight year old man who had sex with an eleven year old girl attorneys argued that the girl consented to intimate relations with the man are to charlotte devinsky reports. beds being anger
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and shock in france often it emerged that a court ruled that an eleven year old girl consented to having sex with a twenty eight year old man the girl was lured from a paris park by the man to his home she was told that he would teach her how to use instead he had sex with a child who was younger than the age of consent of almost every country in the world she thought it was too late that she didn't have the right to protest that it wouldn't make any difference so she went into autopilot without emotion and without reaction. well the age of consent is fifteen influence the more is gray when it comes to sexual offenses committed against a minor without violence constraint threat or surprise now
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these acts can be punished with a five year sentence and a fine of seventy five thousand euros but it's more important what the law doesn't specifically mention concerning rape charges. how could anyone even imagine someone who might be a parent himself that an eleven year old child could give consent for a sexual act with a man of twenty eight years the age difference is enormous they are almost incapable of sexual relations at this age so this is an act of rape how could an eleven year old child who has just left school who might be scared who might be too afraid to speak how could she say no this is unimaginable. the charity is also concerned about the impact this case will look at the child. we don't know and this is also one of our goals how she is and that's another
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problem to see how this child will be taken care of psychologically especially in light of the media coverage and how she will be protected loved ones are all for is now calling for the who to be clarified so there's a child under the age of fifteen cannot give consent it says that is the only way to completely protected child from sexual predators and bring from in line with a move that's already in place in almost every other country in the world so what do you can ski altie paris. a special australian helpline set up for people who are worried there for. runs or relatives may have become radicalized might turn out to be a flop as it's received only five calls and over two months the hotline cost more than three million u.s. dollars and this plan to operate for three years but it's not just the hotline that's got low traffic only around eight hundred have visited the associated
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website but despite the high cost the new south wales counterterrorism minister remains positive about the project we only need one successful phone call and the helpline has paid for itself david elliott also insists that the community has welcomed the initiative and that it has received positive feedback we spoke to anti terror expert jennifer braden who told us that australian muslims don't believe the government can be trusted national security council of australia they're sort of intelligence community started this hotline who are suspected terrorist activities in the wake of the world trade center attacks and attack on a certain police officer in australia and security forces from from radicals from extremists helpline only got all those because it's just a counseling service they won't even investigate these people they will quote counsel them to radicalize and nobody in australia especially the muslim
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communities trust the australian government that is predominately non muslim to be able to deep radicalized people when they have no knowledge of islam the way some of these people do these muslims that are trying to stop extremism the u.s. department of homeland security is planning to collect social media information and search results on all immigrants to the united states starting october eighteenth and the decision has already got lawyers and various privacy groups worried about how the information could be used we've got reaction from both sides of the debate from private investor and writer charles or tell and deputy director of the u.s. middle east alliance to support john. president trump was elected with a mandate to really clamp down on on illegal immigration and although these are illegal immigrants he's making a big push to make sure that immigrants to this country are assimilated and that includes you know weeding out potential terrorists and jihad is where i do draw the
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line though is i think that if you start with this wide sweeping search and let's say john's name or my name comes up does that government then have the right to make a search of my e-mail and me generally rise to the top of the list of priorities that is alarming this information in the public domain so if our government officials can use it. to to gather information on you know on people that may be susceptible to terrorist ties then by all means it should be done before we give a hunting license to our existing government to go and exercise this wide sweep you know we really ought to understand what tools are being used i don't think it's as simple as the postings and the actual words that are up there i believe that our government and companies like facebook and twitter and others and advertisers can use the method data the hidden data you know you hate to see this system being used in a corrupt way if you can stop a terrorist attack or interdict
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a you know a criminal activity before it takes place you know assuming it falls within the parameters of what the. homeland security or any other government agency lays out then that's good that's great i mean i'm happy to hear that that we can use technology to our advantage and not always let the terrorists and the evil doers of the criminal the criminals be the ones to to do to to to be able to use it successfully you know we really need to have a session i think understanding you know how far the government can go in abuse its powers before we will be nearly. you know embrace and let this new administration whether democrat republican or whatever have these expansive powers with no no real controls. a great court is holding a session today on the possible extradition of alexander vinick a russian national who was detained this july on charges of fraud and money
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laundering here's what he could face if he's extradited to the u.s. he could spend up to fifty five years behind bars he also faces a twelve million dollar fine in america but it's not just the u.s. that once him russia's also pushing for his extradition as he's being investigated on fraud allegations there as well his lawyer told us that they're going to appeal if the greek court decides to extradite him to the u.s. . if the court decides to extradite him we can appeal the decision and the appeal will be reviewed by the greek high court which is in athens and which is responsible for criminal cases this case is very new to greek jurisprudence and it is quite interesting for me as a lawyer and we also hope that the greek judiciary and judges will consider it a high priority and we will get the result we are expecting so far there has been no evidence political underpinnings but it is clear that the usa is very interested in our client being extradited to alexander via nick was detained on the twenty
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fifth of july in greece the united states suspects him of laundering about four billion dollars using the bitcoin crypto currency he is also accused of illegal business operations and a series of cyber crimes we spoke to his wife. i will never get used to it for me this is an endless source of stress every time i come here i can't fathom my husband is here who just two months ago was it who playing with our kids i will hold out hope that the great courts won't take on the responsibility of extraditing him that's my main hope but not matter ward i will fight to the bitter end just as a fight for him here i will fight for him in america when we are the country and till the end because i think justice must be served and justice will be for my husband to be in russia yes now i have some health issues but i don't see any reason to talk about them because it's nothing compared to what my husband is going
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through now yes it's hard but they have to deal with it because i have two small kids and i have a husband who i am fighting for. don't forget you can find us on all of your favorite social networks twitter facebook and you tube and of course you can always had to our website r.t. dot com to find all of today's top stories and more i'll be back in just a few minutes with more on today's headlines. capitalism requires capital which requires savings which requires a rate of interest that encourages people to say that rate of interest has to be
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commensurate with the global more than they see america's risk reward profile in issuing bonds if i am a wall street bond issue or and i issue too many bumps in the market can absorb i should watch the price of my bonds go down i know i just can't issue bonds of a goldman sachs every day billions and billions and that they never go down in price because the federal reserve is always going to print money to buy them that's not even remotely tied to capitalism in any stretch of the imagination that's a rock. it's taken these children's home. it threatens to take their future. of all came here could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice. to live in poverty. which going to. put
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some form. going a different. way so consumed with. that boy that hope for a better life. he's going. right now we're in. go go see over in mexico city and he says birds fish leaves. media man with. the misses on multimedia night. according to this you
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eat it is home to the world's most powerful drug syndicate why you're growing marijuana and north tomatoes in that city yet get pulled. over the grown people at the market a political drama for your body while the people. there. is a real. delight to be. a. little part must stand the government knows what they do and they do nothing. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taking your last bang turned. up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i
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never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. study so hard it requires tremendous. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. one part dead
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sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the us. twitter publishes confidential information of how much this tell us spends on ads as proof of alleged russian meddling and the us presidential election. it comes as wiki leaks reveals twitter's rival apparently did interfere in the vote printing e-mails from a top facebook official appearing to pledge help to clinton's campaign. finance catalonia is poised to vote on independence from madrid with the authorities increasing pressure by moving in thousands of police to the region un human rights are experts are voicing their concerns.


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