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the counter drugs on campus. we walk through the streets around new york university with a hidden camera and. after twenty minutes of searching become across this student we'll call him josh. siri. and. it. just doesn't seem to be shocked we ask him if he consulted sound like. friend. like one or two people like. the student got to prescription from a fairly unobservant doctor. sunni militants using. so josh deals the twenty five milligrams that he doesn't use and sell. after a few minutes of negotiation he lets us buy one of his pills ten dollars for thirty milligrams of amphetamines you can't go until they do here you are.
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going to get. ten percent of students who take drugs become addicted. a lunch is very familiar with this phenomenon a journalist at the new york times he was one of the first people to raise the alarm. but i have to succeed i have to get an a i have to get into the best law school i have to be in the in the cream of the crop if average is no longer acceptable we're all in very big trouble among the most fragile students these pills can cause violence police nations and suicidal thoughts. despite the risks a real traffic of these drugs has developed over the internet. this classified ad site well known by americans has dozens of office full study trucks. to attract students these miracle pill. have even been renamed study. in order to get hold of
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them a simple phone call will be. one. zero or. the police have been looking at these new internet quite some time. oktober two thousand and twelve operation dots called to the rest of twenty one who are operating on this site. among them a student at n.y.u. . the aim of the authorities is to break up any traffic where doctors may be involved. on campus the addresses of the specialists being exchanged illicitly we went to interview one of them. and it was like this because this is. what is going to you know before i take a test or something and i pretend to be a student who is having difficulties over. the years would. say.
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exactly. no no health no verification of my student status instead of any medical examination he just hands me a sheet. with. do you have problems organizing yourself or concentrating do you have memory problems you know that this questionnaire put together by the world health organization helps diagnose attention deficit disorders among adults. it will so works as a medical guarantee for this doctor. who will be able to. read. both the. bridge and return to a large person and yeah exactly this goals or. to protect himself from any possible prosecution the psychiatry's made to sign a disclaimer. would support for it ok. as it was.
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in two thousand and nine almost six million prescriptions like this were issued to young americans every month in four years this figure has more than double the to succeed other students hedge their bets on another system of co-working which has stood the test of time. back at the university of kentucky. these great big tuireann like buildings are home to the famous fraternities on the front of each building greek letters identified. ronald reagan george w. bush steven spielberg mark zuckerberg all of them have been through these exclusively male secret brotherhoods. although they encourage support loyalty and integration as a code of conduct many americans consider them as violent and sectarian.
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after a few weeks of negotiations some of them allowed us to film them. it's rush week the week for selecting new members and tonight it's operation charm at the sigma alpha epsilon house. so the owner is going to be the aim to find future flatmates for this brand new house located in the heart of campus inside there's a fireplace a club arm chair paintings of the former. you could own. us forget that students live here and we retire so these are all of our general championships. tonight the fraternity will only be create the university's best pedigrees. graham has been an essay member since two thousand and ten and he knows the selection ritual well. for the house event so there are also events. we store in
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a short history. there you go. the atmosphere is rather relaxed everybody's trying to make a good impression you're going to take a look at the house in a couple of guys together and go see you. good for their candidates the first visit is only the beginning of a long process selection hazing initiations to get a place here they will have to get through what are sometimes violent challenges but not tonight discouraging the contenders is out of the question their attack is still focused on the competing for eternity but for how far down the street they're building this new house it's going to feel like one hundred square feet here in ars just to be bigger than ours but they're doing it like a two million dollar west budgets are struggling here for eternity is operates with huge budgets entry for the sposi students cost between one thousand to three thousand euros a year. the wealth of these fraternities is mainly gifted to them by former members it's you know kind of like a swede almost for two people but. benefactors who will become sponsors of the
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students once graduated this is a fraternity's main strength building a professional network the ratings order a little bit bizarre presence around it's kind of his role model. these fraternities are mainly home to young white anglo-saxon americans. it's a great way of continuing a system of the elite and privileges spencer that they are a very bad place to hang out. this student in the red shirt gets a slightly warm up welcome spencer is a different kind of candidate to the us. now i mean you know that i feel as i do my big head. you know. you know it's. right there at the s.a.e. house spencer is already a little at home. his place in the house is reserved it's
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a family heirloom. you're. very secure. you prefer. their preferences. or it's courteous or. at the university of kentucky twenty five fraternities shared the campus and the pick of the students quite apart from their parent teaches him they also indulge in fierce competition in terms of pot and alcohol. what's up both. for and this is what gives a fraternity its reputation these nights of heavy drinking at the end of the afternoon and up on a campus delta sigma fi house has already started to party we need more pitchers. delta is saying this is a new channel twenty two he's organizing the feeling he's in charge of the
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fraternity social life his mission for the days to motivate those who are choosing the new members and they begin by going over the classics. a very great joy. it is a game best was made it is better says i i knew that it was there was a book for turning it gets a rally and we chant this song and yeah y'all. rushing forward l o t yeah but it's welcome like well well you know what i would still stuck up with all these much obituaries have only one objective tonight the process for life who i would post reminded me i was up by a good five guys like you even though i thought i would go forward to. aside from the camaraderie the fraternities also have another purpose to enable
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them members to meet. this is mary gearin she's about to make out with t. ball thank their favorite targets aren't waitresses but sorority students the female equivalent to fraternities on campus thank you thank you nine pm in the deltas at a house the party is in full swing. thank you thank you thank among the thirty you so excited goes we see luciano delta six party guy. he's come on a scouting mission thanks. god that's our doing. thank you thank you thank you thank you to be on campus fraternities and sororities form a single community one big dating to the students from good families where anything goes thank you thank you thank you what happens here
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stays here was thank you god thank you thank you i normally it's the fraternities that host the sorority so that these young ladies don't have to pay each fraternity member contributes two hundred dollars perturb it is all done to encourage making connections times with pratt parties it's free however how you. cooperate on this site the only guys who really associates are hearing this or are you pretty much only talk to her right or any boys yeah yeah i'll. even give their it's you play live with them and your friends are dating guys who are turning to you say like that's just like you do but then we'll make fun of can we can make fun of like yeah people who are going to certainly have a name oh g.-d. i which is means i mean depending. on american campuses academic
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success relies on integration into these elite societies to get in some students will do anything even the most barbaric afresh the initiation. peacekeeping when it was only about maintaining peace between states as an essentially symbolic value when you have militias when you have criminal groups. the symbol is not enough you need robust force. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six points. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o.
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mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart associate. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it's not just you know a free market works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial can. and they're all in debt and what exactly divided society did froome the part of the government try to do most of my sleeve making. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how complex and work this is our comp abloom goes hopelessly dishonest recently room. capitalism requires capital which requires savings which requires a rate of interest that encourages people to save and that rate of interest has to
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be commensurate with the global more than this case america's risk reward profile in issuing bonds if i'm a wall street bond issue or and i issue too many bugs in the market can absorb i should watch the price of my bonds go down i know i just can't miss you bottom of goldman sachs every day billions and billions and that they never go down in price because the fed reserve is always going to print money to buy them that's not even remotely tied to capitalism in any stretch of the imagination that's a racket. is there which are with me. the most get a little bit because it was one. of the most i knew but i you. know both i'm sure was a problem but i just sort of kind of it was sign of this yes or no but if you dump a lot and just you know she refused to go into the city.
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where they. you won't get a good area for immigrants it's hit and miss we never really know for sure but this has been a active area. next year so i. know. when i started no i didn't. we had to hand over on the east coast of the united states. where we have one of the oldest american universities here upon leaving its graduates all among the
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country's top six highest salaries. in promotional images of an elite campus without history where one out of every two students is a member of a fraternity. was one of them just like his grandfather a brother before him. let's start. over here too so actually every time every time i want to go to sleep it's like underneath. the student isn't bitter however his initiation nearly killed him. they spared him nothing this was actually the night of rush everyone gets kidnapped and taken to this other spot where they don't know where they are. going to charge a lot of six cups of beer you know as fast as you can the first person here and they're dressed in blue. and in the winter. in contrast to the principle of support
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among fraternities hazing the initiation is a time of and this humiliation about the vomit couple pledges vomit into a pan and one of the patrollers cracked you know eggs and cheese and baked in the oven in the pledge. and juris no egg he has inflicted upon others the very same tortures he did out says daring to testify about them in one of america's biggest magazines rolling stone confessions of an eye for among these confessions there is something that no. but he has forgotten when i first saw the kiddie pool it was like a shock people vomited in people your news. people are jocular in. the year before someone defra kid in the pleasures would swim around and that's you're like baptized. at dartmouth his confession exploded like a bomb but once the scandal was over the university tried to bury the matter i
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tried to get them to investigate and they never did in a real way if you really want to know what i think yeah it is the money it's you know there were the alumni who give the most you know a lot of them are in for tourney's and a lot of them are on well some of them are on the board of trustees or were on the board of trustees and. you know millions of dollars changes hands and you left out months before graduating. even though he survived the fraternity violence others weren't so lucky. you're. ten am at the long island courthouse. jack omarion parte meehan have chosen to break the law of silence by pressing charges against their son's fraternity. to court to negate my son's stays. there until he died from alcohol poisoning. this civil trial marks the end of four years of relentless legal battle according
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to their lawyer this tragedy should serve as an example or get a gauge. that they're going to be. live on the plants for whatever damage that we can. get the jurors to work. for the loss of their son the parte millions are claiming damages against the paternity as president as well as two of the frat boys who were present on the evening of the hazing. the university itself is not involved the tragedy took place off campus. a man was nineteen years old he was the only child from jack a merriam's remarriage. and this is just before he went to college and the long hair was an a student. he was very smart very capable. among wanted to be a doctor but on the twenty eighth of february two thousand and nine history mz were
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crushed his hazing turned into a tragedy after he was very very drunk and that he was trying to stop drinking that kept pouring but about his stroke that's one. part of the span that they took my simple already had passed and they took him up to a house and. put him to bed good behavior i'm just going to let them there. just. the next morning the police discovered our mom's lifeless body the alcohol content in his body was seven times the legal limit. since the tragedy time has stood still at the parte means house but. this is. just. stuff in here right now so i just can't bring myself to take it out that.
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the poor of. the first char saw the three students sentenced to a weekend in prison an injustice for nicole and sister and a sign of impunity of these fraternities weekends in jail going on very becoming and certainly doing really good he said you know now they can all go down and get married and have kids and do whatever to run. i have kids downstairs hernando that they don't know this is so the pâté me and found a civil lawsuit to get compensation. the culprits were finally sentenced to pay a fine of millions of dollars in damages. on american campuses alcohol has become a real problem. once a year students from across the whole country gather for a heavy drinking session. we are in south padre island texas the spring break
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temple. sixty thousand students meet here every year it's three pm on the largest beach of the island rowdy has been drinking heavily ovett student discovers the joys of spring break for the first time we've heard during the really chilly way big really the girls are going to show you. what's in store for them dance competitions and drinking again. american students forget the pressure of the upcoming exams in the meantime anything goes for good or for showing very show there are agreed to give him a shot. from their families and what they used to these youngsters no longer know their limits due to drugs and alcohol many of them finish their afternoon in a medical tent set up a few meters from the beach there be hydrated there drop in this body later.
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accustomed to such depaul cheree the state of texas is not to mean with its resources two hundred first aid workers are hired so that the party does not turn into a tragedy in charge of fire chief bernie it's a sad sad greenberg's that or saying we have a disaster is controlled chaos. every day one hundred spring breakers are admitted to this field hospital. today about he has managed to get back to his home. now without any problems in the supermarket or not all but in the girls' room some haven't stomach the alcohol so well they get too drunk at the beach sure karen here in the past all the way down i'm going to keep going rowdy out and have that technique from the beach they came in here in stop drinking if they really can't drinking then they would have been and they were going to party and just like us. for these students spring break rules the effort they've made throughout the year.
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so they party day and night. a few hours later the show is going to secondly. emily and sherry are two students from dallas with a clear objective means we are hearing. it again tonight the team gets going. headed to was one of the biggest nightclubs on the island that's loose in the city spring breakers are the cause of many out to the sheriff mike is the tense this period of the year right now we're just walking around make sure that we're in the parking lot we're busy trying to make sure. the washing cars are trying to break into the steel. since last year mike has been able to rely on a very special form of support to help them control the situation feels. his
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ability to up there to watch things that people don't think about. a control tower several meters from the ground and downed with night vision cameras we have one camera it's ok they're on top. of the tower and what does it all the way around three hundred sixty degrees like you have here play station actually we can move a camera all the way around we can actually and you can feel me pretty close. mike has just received a call from the tower an individual has been spotted dealing cannabis by guitar do you know the story writing in the tower allows mike to arrest you don't sue infringe that will. take you in two thousand and thirteen the south padre island police makes three hundred and forty five arrests over eight days. we find rowdy in the queue for the night club. tonight he's planning to dance and
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drink all night he's out for a night. the problem is he's only eighteen what he was going to. see sir this student has a fake id he's pretending to be the legal age for drinking alcohol. and brain injury. so rowdy as mannish to gets past the barry unlike these under-age girls. it turns out that he an out and have been planning this for a long time like this. seems to. have a great night out these two boys have saved up almost five hundred dollars the equivalent of two months of student job salary. by twenty six still. a. lot of. places really. every year spring break
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brings in around one billion dollars for the american economy. after several hours of partying rowdy and elgin are a little hungry and just as well because outside a pancake stand awaits that and there are catholics from all over texas cooking at the stove that is shared living to take their pain to strain every really clear. every evening these volunteers prepare more than six thousand pancakes to help the party goes absorb some of the alcohol they've been drinking. in ten years spring break has become a nun miscible event on the schedules of american students tomorrow we get up early we go to the big news that we continue to just hardly get any. like cool spring break is rowdy and i will be going back to campus to take their exams. but there
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have to knuckle down in the united states one out of every two students leaves university without a degree. it's taken these children's homes. now it's threatens to take their future. the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most people have a stark choice. to live in poverty. which going to. put
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some a following a different. place to live. that point that hope for a better life. pct . ah ah. ah. ah ah.
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in the us a child can choose a school. teaches. we'll sisters if the cadet is interested in going in the military we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. so that. you can't go wrong. it's a great stepping stone for whatever you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first sure video game. it's played. like call of duty to turn off
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call of duty oh yeah. for these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told does it just need more recruits . activists occupy local schools to prevent spanish police from closing down polling stations with the region poised to vote in sunday's independence referendum. tech giants take center stage in the alleged russian meddling scandal with google now joining facebook and twitter in declaring it will testified to congress plus. today marks two years since russia launched its anti terror campaign in syria.


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