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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 1, 2017 11:29pm-12:01am EDT

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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter all about again this network r t is in the spotlight and under attack now the russian authorities are pushing back what is called the in for wars is heating up should in the news consumer be allowed to decide. cross talking real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow mark slobodan he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dmitri bobbitt she is a political analyst with sputnik international and in london we crossed to adam garri he is a writer for the duran dot com or a german cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate adam let me go to you first in london i think over the last few days of the first time the the russian authorities are beginning to push back on attacks on our t.v.
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and sputnik meaning if you read in between the lines that if you mess with r.t. and sputnik while western media in russia can expect the same kind of treatment and i think the network c.n.n. was brought up it's about time i'm not surprised but it's really a real tragedy that. western media and the political elite want to go down this rabbit hole because like i said in my introduction and i'm more concerned with the news consumer not the ones who determine what people can see in read and click on go ahead out i'm. well they're exercising a nine hundred fifty s. because the attitude in an age where the old drug senator wouldn't have had the kind of reach which she did in the fifty's and even that by the late fifty's was increasing the we live in an age where the world is at the think of a phone of a computer of a multitude of electronic devices and so they're really barking up the wrong tree by harassing or t. and if they take. step which will not cut off access of americans to o.t.
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but if they take the step of using the corporate industrial complex to kick out of the united states well b.b.c. c.n.n. and c.b.s. all these all the alphabet soups that are in moscow right now well the road does indeed go both ways keeping with the macaw of the analogy it really has come full circle in the nineteenth the communists were everywhere and they were going to get you nothing happened in the eighty's it was heavy metal music and prints records which were going to poison the you know that of america obviously nothing how now it's russia i kid you there were congressional hearings in the 1980's about how also your support and prince were a danger to national security so when you look at the various threats that mainstream american politicians and media go for whenever they don't want to take responsibility for her own economic mismanagement well it's
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a strange list and i guarantee you in fifteen years' time we'll look at this russia gate thing a bit like the heavy metal gate well which maybe we'll look at it fifteen years from now if we have an open media which i have my doubts right now you know mark it goes back to this fundamental assumption and over the last year or so which has given r.t. a lot of notoriety i must admit and thank you for that. for the people doing this against us but you know you can't have it both ways you can't be miniscule unknown keystone cops and then you have to be you know double zero seven i mean there's a schizo schizophrenia view of russian media in the united states in the u.k. it's either all powerful or it's marginal but they seem to want to have it both at the same time or that. that going to either extreme depending on which propaganda narrative you are pushing about russia whether it's a failing country with dying population and no economy or it's an all power.
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full supervillain controlling what americans think because of russian links facebook adds the grand total of one hundred fifty thousand dollars when hillary clinton spent one point two billion dollars on her election campaign it shows the falsity of the argument that this gap demonstrates that there is no reasonable rational dialogue conducting this going on in the united states right now and i would like to personally highlight one article by c.n.n. this week it was a c.n.n. exclusive fake black divest accounts linked to the russian government. to the russian government black to this right black to block of this so the actual evidence that they had was the twitter account blocked of this provided several clues that in hindsight in the kids that it was not what it purported to be in
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several tweets it evidence to awkward phrasing that a native english speaker would be unlikely to use it also consistently. you have an apostrophe facing the wrong way. it's instead of it ok ok now i know i was in american academia i can tell you just how you literate people are these days ok. i know a lot of russians and poles. write english better than native speakers are going to speak for it i think everyone on facebook this guy over here over and over twitter that i know uses absolute perfect grammar of as dikshit all the tigris and black to vests those guys a real grammar nazi look at you know if you were one of the thing one of the things that is so nonsensical to me ok mark brought up twitter so you know i want to introduce facebook into it as well is that somehow. maniacal forces related to the russian government. are individuals who are close to rush or you know all these
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little things here that they could actually use black lives matter and racial strife the grief of fright and then put in a couple hundred thousand dollars and they could actually flip the united states and complete chaos you know. we all unfortunately have to go through this crucifixion of watching the american presidential cycle and we know you can't avoid it in our line of business but to tell me that an outside source of force was was stirring up the pot there it was pretty stirred up ok so i cannot imagine how any other and even if force could do it it would be mass observe on the money would be very very obvious and then you have you have senators saying to twitter and facebook go back and look go back and look i did find it ok so look this is absurd that main crime that these russia connected blacktip is did they attract attention to control like trump not to like the fact that people from their national
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football league you know remember. people mishandled by the police but all of them eric and media has been talking no nothing more seventy four exactly oxygen absolutely besides the russia russia russia story and let me remind you of that all the american media said back in that time when he would clinton ran against obama they have been saying that hillary clinton is a division of candidate so democrats. are going to career a device of this for thirty years these seduction is going to divide society why do they accuse the russia of trying to divide society to their credit already been divided by the american media because a lot of their other arguments and fail absolutely peter has mentioned that very important thing you know this is the first time that the russian government is trying to push back and i think this is an important moment the russian government has been trying to not to quarrel. with the west to call it here not to leave it
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warm for so many years the russian government supported study each during their action in serbia of course pro-west them they're actually going to even now sometimes people say that it was not that was very unfortunate we're trying to kind of you know engage them but the word is appeasement ok i different. about the normans of truth. you know where. united states is trying to declare our tea and sporting a foreign agents that is the moment of truth if the russian government lets it go or whether you know there should be action at it let me go back to you in london what i find remarkable here it's so obvious at the same time is if you're going to look for foreign agents influencing or trying to capture and used to advantage facebook and twitter why don't we look at a lot of other countries that like to influence elections in the u.k.
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in the united states and all around the world not a peep about that. we're going to ok we could do the list is very caring the brags that. this is so long but if you look at the media right now twenty four seven is only one country might be one country potentially one country potentially some people but when it's glaring that there are so many other influences influencing domestic politics in the u.k. and the united states but not a word about it go ahead out of. well i think there's two reasons for that first of all there's not really much of a russian law be in the united states russia has this weird idea that it can use various media outlets to let people whether in u.s. u.k. france caps alone you spain tell it the way they see it where other countries israel being one example spends millions on law being of course they're not spending that money for nothing who would. i think the second reason goes back
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further and it's a psychological phenomenon again going back to the one nine hundred eighty s. i recall a russian film made about the united states a dog you meant tree which touched on the seeds of the end of the day in the west didn't it talked about the racial injustice inherent in the justice system it talked about homelessness it talked about the gap between pay and the price of general commodities up to housing talked about these very important which hinted at what george called and said that the reason they call it the american dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it and rather than address the needs and you have on the way that russia address oh neo liberal nightmare in the late ninety's and early two thousand head on the solution has been to put the head in the sand everything's ok the flag is wonderful everyone stand even if you've. not address the issues this scapegoating it using russia mark last forty seconds in
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this block here is there anything wrong inherently wrong with our t. and sputnik advertising itself on facebook and twitter like everyone else yes there is because while every other media organization does the same thing takes out. advertising promoting its own articles it's completely different when russia does it because russia russia russia russia russia russia. well. i mean what is facebook what that tweeters these rumors you know when do people. when the mainstream media feels that if you can get reliable official information then you go and listen to or not equally when people know it is propaganda and what they're getting from gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we have to go to a hard break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on real news with ard.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to. have to try to be for us as a white woman for three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. welcome back to crossfire we're all things to consider and i'm peter remind you we're discussing some real news. ok let me go back to diem one of the things i find interesting over the last i
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guess now it's starting into thirteen months we're in we're in october not finding any evidence that they want to find they're looking for something usually when you there's an investigation there is a crime and they want to find out how it happened and who was involved we have something completely turned upside down here they're hoping to look for some kind of crime here but the longer they look the deeper they look they find their own corruption in the deep state in the media itself in the political establishment well that corruption is quite open i mean talking about elections remember how obama came to britain right before the bridge at ford and how it all advocated for that state was remain what now. you know. why sheryl openly said that she would be three or if hillary clinton was elected president can you imagine what would happen if they said the opposite. now any alternative upside down let me go to adam on this here out at what it what what what would be the reaction if so berg's wife's head said that she would be thrilled
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if donald trump would be elected ok i think there would have been a s. storm or you know during you know what i mean that i'm in london go ahead or if the brits of all that. yes well we're going to go ahead. well we would come face to face with the wonderful standards of the popes and these are of course double standards were people who fit in the agenda or about free speech in iran about to comment on events no matter where they happen but those who don't fit the agenda of creating hate speech as though hate which is just a strong version of dislike for those. and c.n.n. by and who might not be familiar it's perfectly legal of violence is illegal and breaking one's own laws including the first amendment is illegal but these very basic concepts are being lost in this kind of war where the a nightmare i think what will be interesting to watch is how the western mainstream media handles an election that's going to take place place in march of next year
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and that's a russian presidential will they be fair about the process they give interviews with real russians as opposed to someone straight out of a lunatic asylum in new york with a soviet pol support from one nine hundred seventy five. to maybe maybe i have been i don't know i have an idea here out of maybe we should try to convince our t. to hire bernie sanders to come and comment on how elections are stolen or not stolen in his personal experience here mark this same the same question to you the more they dig into this they more they really show how hollow and hypocritical that they are if you look at how they cover stories here i mean we know about pollution and we have to remind our viewers who she is not illegal ok unfortunately whilst year or so the word is is turned into something different i mean to collude but to use your platform that you say is neutral then it's more than collusion ok
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first let me reply to adam there we know there is a presidential election coming up in russia because twitter is the cia at cia is advertising on twitter and they believe in russian speakers of the russian speaking experts they don't have any. you know what they're looking for i know and you know this number of people would love that yes but you know diplomatic to ditch the answer that i think you bring up a really good point and it was it was something that you know because i'm older than you guys here i mean i was when i went to universities undergraduate there was soviet studies there was criminal law. you there was tons and tons of the indio do you money for it and you know and then when the cold war came to an end there were no longer any russian special services. gentlemen and women that are quite elderly right now than some of them really know this country very well but they don't get access because they don't have the right opinion this is one of the things that's
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really quite remarkable the cia is looking for people that speak russian and one the small correction here the russian election is going to be in march two thousand and nineteen so the fact that she is already interested in russian speakers indicates that these guys are prepared well in advance you know like they did in ukraine what is interesting is that they keep talking about russian boards and trolls who are right or wrong russian articles in the american french board expressed they invented this view which. well that ought to get out where russians are supposedly influenced in american and polish and they would gary in media that must be a linguistic paradise you kind of the people will write an excellent forty ish check hungary and a large tree and. it's unbelievable how many foreign speakers we are going to go holy god this is the truth is there are people in europe and people in the united states. government they don't trust their mainstream media that's why they write angry quantum's russian articles in the media but you know they just refuse to
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notice it and that what you said about corruption well there is corruption in the media and we have seen it when they use the russians or body in their american election via facebook. groups in the us you know it's amazing what you can buy four thousand dollars and up them for just that the commander of u.s. forces in europe said that brushing is an equal opponent for us in eastern europe after this west two thousand and seventeen exercises the problem is that according to a stall court institute for peace research russia's defense spending is twenty seven percent of the defense spending over nato as european allies we discard the united states here so mr. just is acknowledging russians using their defense money at least seventeen times better than the west i think russia is what russia spends on defense is less than what the defense increase for the. you know adam. used the word distrust here and one of the things that i think is a really growing issue i think it's vastly important here is to break facebook and
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google these are very dangerous monopolies we've seen monopolies broken up in the past and it's time to do it now more than ever because this is an information monopoly and that's why people most likely are watching this program because while we don't get along to play along ok i think this is an issue that is so important it is not getting enough air time is hardly any in the west right now go ahead and i'm in london. it's probably the single most most important with dealing with the web and dealing with social media these companies ought to be closed in the same way as a classic telephone company so you've got your eighteen t.'s and pac bells and all of these things they don't police the content if you're having an argument with a spouse if you're trying to order a pizza and they didn't put the right flavor on it they're not policing those conversations they're making sure that the line is clear and that it's not being sold to you for an inflated price those regulations are in place for telecom they
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should be in place on all social media providers and all search engine providers who have a user ship over a certain level they should be told that their job is to facilitate the technical and logistical ends of the communication but they're not there to censor the north of the press and they're not the promote in respect of any particular ideology whether it's a save the whales or save the calf and those you'll save anything else and this is what needs to happen it's related to anti-trust laws it can also be related to various as the seals and don't get me wrong i do not like big government and i don't want the government telling people what they can and cannot say but we need some concerned citizen in the public sector to say hold on this commission between the private sector and the public sector it's a corporatocracy it needs to and it's destroying the first american way and ok well
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first of all there of course is data mining of our telecommunications conversations they are listening to what we're saying and when you say enough words you get picked up by enough. you get to a real person second of all i think that this discussion of nationalizing our making. public utility does every country have their. own facebook and twitter then that is isolated after we balkanize the internet it seems to me that that is exactly where the united states government wants to go with facebook and twitter they want to take control of it so that they are really going to they already do terribly reading these releases from their already in collusion you know well i would put it in a little more general way you know the reason why the ultra liberal the globalist ideology or will rule is because it is tended to become a monopoly what did in the corners when russia was monopoly you know we remember of
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on television channel two or three radio channels that system collapsed in the same way you look at what's going on if someone openly in science you know it's a monopoly in the media it is slowly becoming a monopoly in a corner me where you have a few big companies basically control in the market that's why this system is doomed to collapse and us media and the social networks is just one expression one particular example of monopoly which is characteristic of this new terry and i go with your you know liberalism. because of the all pervasiveness of these monopolies here it's good to be politically since they have a very strong liberal orientation it's going to be very hard for politicians in the western world to get to galvanize themselves like they did against the oil. u.s. steel eighteen t. it's different this time go ahead. i think it's going to take
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a kind of ross perot character someone who comes from a business background but also understands that small business is as suppressed by big business as it is by big government and the small this business of war is one man talking to another man about their opinions the free speech business and we have this corporatocracy which is slamming these people down and this is another reason they're afraid of board they can ban people's facebook accounts over nothing they can be the people you can have people saying that you should lose your job for saying something on twitter but they can't get rid of tea because it's international and this international dialogue that's becoming increasingly broad china is joining the dialogue iran is joining other countries in europe other countries in southeast asia they can shut down the global dialogue and because of this fear that they have of alternative opinions they are working like crazy ok
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then let me jump in here and talk among american and let me jump in here thirty seconds barking at the last word i think the most important thing we see in this last week is a moving of the goalposts we went from russian hacking that has completely collapsed the department of homeland security put out a completely fallacious report this week that has been the bank by the states that they claim they were hacked the own states california wisconsin and others have said no we weren't so now we've moved to influence peddling russia wasn't trying to help when it was just trying to sow discord in american society because there isn't enough discord people are taking both sides of the issue on their own on that point and that's an excellent point run out of time here many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here our d.c. you next time and remember.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in night with the saddest full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch a lot of the really packs a punch. yampa is the john oliver of harvey americans do the same we are apparently better than that and see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank take. me seriously send us an e-mail. when almost seemed wrong most just don't call. me. yet to shape out just to come out ahead and indeed try to be close to trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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it's taken these children's hopes. now threatens to take their future. the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice. live in poverty. which going to. put some following a different. thing to. the point that hope for a better life. is
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keeping when it was only about maintaining peace between states i didn't essentially symbolic value when you have militias when you have criminal groups. the symbol is not enough you need robust force. economic development is all about numbers really pleased to report this quarter we are one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart a says c.n.n. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is
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not just a. good works. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the part of the government tried to do. might be making things worse. listen work this is. the wrong. body.
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ninety percent of voters in catalonia is controversial independence referendum say yes to secession from spain. over eight hundred forty votes have been injured in brutal assault by national police got heartfelt gratitude from the country's prime minister. has been very special things to the state security forces to the national police on the city. i sold claims responsibility for a knife attack at a mall says' main train station where a man reportedly.


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