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tv   Headline News  RT  October 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the challenge now that. i. fifty eight people are now confirmed dead at a las vegas music festival in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. islamic state claims responsibility for the attack but the f.b.i. says the shooter has no connection to any international terror group. emotion exult. propensity to believe i'm supposed to teach and. that's what spain's prime minister had to say after the independence referendum in
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catalonia in which almost nine hundred voters were injured in assaults by military police. thank you for watching the news headlines r.t. international here in moscow on cake. islamic state has claimed responsibility for the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history fifty eight people are now confirmed dead and more than five hundred injured after a gunman went on a rampage at a las vegas music festival the incident is being treated as a lone wolf attack and police say they haven't found any links between the attack and terrorist groups and warning you might find the following video disturbing.
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well the shooting took place during an outdoor performance by country singer jason aldean at a three day music festival it was attended by around twenty two thousand people the gunman five it crowds from the surgery second floor of a nearby hotel and casino there were at least three rounds of rapid fire with the longest of the last in around nine seconds here's how some of the witnesses described what they saw.
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well the suspected gunman has been identified as steven patrick a sixty four year old from nevada he was found dead on the search a second floor of the mandalay bay hotel along with several weapons but he also questioning a person of interest named as mary lou donnelly a woman believed to have been with the gunman before the shooting here's a video from the scene of people taking shelter in a tent at the festival. we
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spoke to an eyewitness called abdi he told us how people were scared but had to remain quiet as no one knew if the shooter was still around. at the time i was actually working security at the of and what had happened was i walked away from my post. that i do and where i was supposed to be standing was actually there for me was in front of the main stage where the jury of the stuff was happening and. i left my post and i remember walking towards my friends when i heard the first round of gunshots and i thought to myself that it was the music but when the second run the gunshots came it was clear that it was gunshots and it wasn't the music messing up. once i heard and i seen people started running completely
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just dropped everything and just read it there was police officers maturity there are actually ran into a complex and just remember going inside this guy's house and there was a whole bunch of people already in there and they had all the lights turned off and they were telling everyone to be quiet because it was still near violent and we didn't know if the shooter is walking around or not. and i can now cross lines james conway a former f.b.i. agent and global security training consultant well james thank you very much indeed for joining us this evening well as we've been hearing now isis have claimed responsibility for the attack the f.b.i. there says the shooter has no connections to international terror groups do you think that i asked claimed it just to sophia. well we've seen this in the past and isis does this they claim responsibility for a number of things around the globe because of their desperate situation but there are and it's early in the game the f.b.i.
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the police will drill down in social media they'll drill down on the subjects who was involved in the shooting they'll drill down on all of his connections email and so forth and they'll make a determination if there was a terrorist ideology behind this but at this point it doesn't appear to be he certainly doesn't meet the profile of an islamic jihad as terrorist one aside from the f.b.i. and there will be other agencies looking to see if there's also a link what do you think is the main challenge for the all thought is right now in trying to ensure the public safety or the sense of safety. well whenever you have an event like this an incident like this police always are first and foremost concern with public safety so they're going to drill down to see if there's any connections to a larger plot to any secondary attacks or tertiary attacks it doesn't seem to be the case here but the police have acted very rapidly and actually if you look at this in spite of the fact that fifty eight people were murdered in cold blood during that concert there could have been hundreds of people murdered without the
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quick and the very professional response of the police who were able to react very quickly and get to the shooters room within four and a half minutes that's almost incredible and able to put a stop to this rampage. we'll see in the coming days it's early in the investigation we're just hours into it but we'll see what unfolds in the coming hours in the coming days we may never have an answer for the motive behind this but in terms of the mind and about the motive present at the the practicality how he how he how he executed this whole thing he had ten guns in his reign from what we gather he booked a room on the thirty second floor doesn't appear that this attack had a lot of preparation. absolutely and any of these here and these are indicators that police and intelligence folks look for is that planning cycle where individuals will identify a target conduct surveillance of that target set out to look at their their
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opportunities look at x. gate routes and so forth victims those are the kind of things that police look for in to try to get out in front of these things but obviously a lot of planning went into this this was not a something that was impromptu he put a lot of planning into place he carried a number of weapons into the room and this had been this had been set up for quite some time but also looking at those number of weapons that i mean the fact he had ten weapons as you say carried a lot of them into his room do you think that that hints at a lack of security. well look. it's difficult again this is a soft target there is there is security at hotels in las vegas but you've got to remember that literally hundreds and or thousands of people pass through those lobbies every day and hundreds and hundreds of bags pass through those rooms as i think this hotel has something like forty or forty five stories of hotel room so
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a lot is going to pass through there could somebody secrete and smuggle weapons into a room absolutely we may see some protocol changes here down the road in las vegas we may see more security and a screening of bags as i have seen in europe and in the middle east and in africa when i travel there i see screening of bags we may see that look richard reid tried to smuggle a bomb on board a liquid bomb on board an aircraft and now we cannot carry more than four hours of liquid on an aircraft for the past ten or twelve years so you see protocol you see . operations change when it comes to security in this incident may or may put into play security measures at hotels in place we've seen doesn't james conway former f.b.i. agent and global security training consultant thank you very much indeed thank you . well we're watching developments in las vegas and we'll update you as soon as he have any more information.
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when we watch france has also suffered an i.c.l. linked to terrorist attack on sunday a man armed with a knife kills two women at marseilles main train station where minutes later the perpetrator was shot dead by security services. i. don't know we heard women screaming outside then running in people that know what was going on were taken out of the train and then practice. also it is have since admitted that the attacker was detained for shoplifting and
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released the day before the attack he was also known to police for drug related crimes of any from france's national front party lays the blame for the tragedy on the government. issue you know is that someone is done in your words what do we do the issues is that in france we do nothing we let them go they can walk freely in our streets and then become terrorists with a knife or something else so once again we don't take as a good measure this is the issue is not our. is issue is that we are good government is fishery mr collins grammont. almost nine hundred cattle on voters were injured in assaults by military police during the spanish region's independence referendum on sunday madrid deems the vote illegal but defiant its efforts to stop the referendum from going ahead the council on government has already published the results with ninety percent supporting
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catalonia as break away from spain while the spanish prime minister addressed his country just minutes before the end of the referendum which he denied had taken place. oh he'd be gone if i didn't feel that i mean if you think of them. we have to feel. good about it we're both issued a going to stop. but if you're not you're not going to be a few. cars . to much you don't implode but i don't. well the violence erupted moments after the polling stations opened while people were standing in line to voters here's a recap of what happened on sunday. i
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. i. i. i. well the way a civil guard officer is trying to disperse the crowd has a race concern here you can see people holding up rubber bullets that were fired into the crowd well as we were seeing on the film that madrid claims the police response was professional on proportionate but let's take
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a look at some of the videos that have spot public outcry here you can see peaceful protesters facing police demonstrators have their hands up as a sign of long. islands but officers start hitting the with back homes well this incident took place in sharona in northeastern catalonia and another video has also sparked outrage and a warning you might find it distressing it appears to show one of the officers trying to remove a woman and twisting her wrist in the process she claims her fingers were broken intentionally well after a day of massive violence in catalonia protesters are taking to the streets decrying police brutality but in a question about has been one rally in barcelona. this is not like the telly aware as you can see the protests continue here on the iconic sware of the barcelona says he hundreds of students have gathered behind my back to protest against the events that we saw here on sunday they are protesting for the independence of catalonia
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they're clapping they're shouting slogans including goodbye mr president good bye mary i know that for you now there are trying to remain peaceful and they're also protesting against the violence unprecedented crackdown on polling stations that we saw on sunday and indeed there are a lot of unhappy people here on the streets of wasilla now we didn't deserve this kind of treatment i think our people serve more freedom. is putting us under we have seen a lot of repression against the people people who are just waiting in line ready to vote as we have seen scenes on the park police on the side is wrong it's this place children of the people i front of the polling stations. some of my friends were in barricades to defend the honest basis for. my friend told me that she was going to and this one said that he was also he had done enough i think.
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we have been receiving more reaction coming now from the consul on a story to us this monday. now the president of counsel line and said that the government has decided to create a special commission to investigate the events of sunday and to create a special commission to investigate possible crimes against humanity that might have taken place here on over the weekend he also believes that in order to find a compromise between madrid and barcelona as independent body is needed so as you can see the concrete the situation here is so complicated that even authorities are ready to acknowledge that there are unable to find a way out without the help of another independent side now the president of consul demands that the forces of national police a will leave the region he says that for many years and many times people of council on
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a work protesting and never there's been violence on the streets so it is really the biggest constitutional crisis spain has seen in decades and it really seems that it is time now for both parties to sat down and try to negotiate in order to avoid further escalation. we're back with more news to the short break. but i'll try to draw. why don't we just don't call. me old yet to say proud to stand up to. it in detroit because a trade. would suddenly find themselves worlds apart if we choose to look for common ground.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington media the media folks voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . welcome back now a top u.s. congressman visited wiki leaks founder julian assange in london in august it raised hopes the u.s. government which is thought to want to extradite the whistleblower publishing government secrets want to deal with
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a song however not everyone in washington wants an agreement to go ahead well for more on this that's after so mean. well hello bessemer i mean can you tell us more about this. well it has only recently emerged that republican congressman dana rohrabacher contacted the white house trying to negotiate a deal that would pardon julian assange in exchange for evidence that russia wasn't the source of the d.n.c. hacks and the congressman claims he's been trying to bring this to president trump's attention now julian assange is the founder of wiki leaks the website that's responsible for releasing tons of information much of it very embarrassing for the u.s. government has been hiding from extradition in the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k. for the last five years however when asked about a pot possible deal with the songe donald trump told reporters on sunday he hadn't heard anything about it congressman rohrbacher believes president president aides are preventing trump from learning about the possibility of
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a deal with the signage. this would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the american people's throats so incredibly earlier this year. by this lie the congressman is most likely referring to russian collusion speculation that russia was responsible for the d.n.c. hack julian assange has always insisted that it was non-state actors who leak the d.n.c. files to him now according to congressman rohrbacher songes ready to tell the truth but it looks like people in washington don't want to hear anything about it. is indeed some miracle and thank you very much indeed. all right let's go back to our top story this hour the death toll from the shooting rampage at a last music festival has reached fifty eight people according to
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a local sheriff artie's caleb maupin now joins me live with the details. hi there caleb so can you tell us what more you know. well they're now calling it the most deadly shooting in the modern history of the united states the death toll is up to fifty eight with another five hundred fifteen people injured now the f.b.i. at this point is saying that there is no link to any international terrorist group however that has not stopped i sill from claiming responsibility and claiming responsibility for the attack now the shooter has been identified as mr steven craig patrick who is sixty four years old now what he did is he put himself on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel and across the street from the hotel there was a crowd of roughly twenty two thousand people that assembled for a country music concert a country western music from his hotel window where he had been in his hotel room
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with ten different rifles and he began firing on the crowd he was firing for five minutes straight from what we understand just continuing to shoot into the crowd now police say they believe he killed himself when the swat team and it is apartment he was already areas in the hotel room in which he was perched he was already dead now the police are at this point questioning a person of interest a woman believed to have been with the shooter prior to the attack now we all know that this is going to most likely ignite a new debate about gun control now people in the united states who observe these events in these mass shootings say that news of incidents like this is just all too common now let's take a quick look at some of the mass shootings that have taken place across the united states in the last few years.
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now donald trump has downplayed recent remarks by his secretary of state who called for a diplomatic solution to the north korea crisis the us president says that negotiations with pyongyang are a waste of time artie's jaclyn dugar picks up the story for the past two months the world has been watching the escalating tensions on the korean peninsula and while some in the trumpet ministration continue to strive for a diplomatic solution the president himself sees those efforts as useless. i told rex tillerson our wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man so term things negotiating with north korea is
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a waste of time honestly adding that the u.s. will do what has to be done the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson was in china talking with top diplomats there and trying to find ways to ease the nuclear tensions i think the whole situation's a bit overheated rights now i think everyone would like for it's a calm down obviously it would help if north korea would stop firing of missiles that have come things down a little but it's seemingly impossible for things to calm down with trump lashing out and insulting north korea and almost every chance he gets we are totally prepared for the second option totally destroy north korea that's called the military option fire and fury a military option like the world has never seen devastating. deficit devastating never seen before rocket man mad man is on a suicide mission for himself rocket man shooting rockets all over the place
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suicide mission for himself he has been very aggressive should have been handled a long time ago that's called the military option by fury it will be handled we handle everything over the weekend u.s. trolls were again carried out in the south china sea and all that is within washington's rights to conduct those drills many have called for them to be paused for the time being at least given how they currently provoke p.r. netting but despite terms insults and international disapproval of his handling of the situation some in washington still speak highly of his diplomatic skills i think the pitch the president is an effective communicator i think people know exactly where he stands we have had a good deal of success in pushing forward with our diplomacy campaign that hasn't changed one thing that definitely hasn't changed is the deadlock in the north korean crisis and the world's left waiting to see what exactly try. believes has to be done. now britain's top diplomats boris johnson is
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accused of being remarkably undiplomatic and insensitive after reciting a colonial poem on his visit to the southeast asian state of me and not formally known as burma even the u.k. ambassador was forced to tell him it was not appropriate well let's cross live now to anastasio check it out to get the details on this and so the nasty what can you tell us about what happened. well kate obviously boris johnson is no stranger to causing offense and yet again he's thrown himself into the spotlight footage of him while in an official capacity earlier this year in a foreign trip getting involved in an appropriate in an appropriate poem situation is certainly making the rounds here in the u.k. now this footage is part of a documentary that was broadcast on channel four this weekend and it depicts of the british ambassador to the un more also known as burma getting in the way of boris johnson getting himself into hot water by attempting to recite a poem which is seen as quite controversial a poem by kipling that is telling the story through the eyes of
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a british servicemen in burma while of course this is a place that was colonised by britain for over a century let's take a look it's. all right. well the reaction to this attempt of an artistic outcry has certainly been anything but applause. there is a sensitivity about british colonialism and it is something that people in burma still resentful about british colonial times were seen as a humiliation and an insult. well this is of course one of quite a handful of gaffes by boris johnson throughout the years there have been plenty of examples such as him writing a poem about the turkish president involving goats there have been examples of him
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citing things such as quote orgies of cannibalism and chief killing when it comes to papa new guinea which caused a lot of insults of course of course and also references to the likes of the former american president barack obama of being parts canyon so this is certainly not the last the first time and it's not expected to be the last that he gets himself into this kind of situation. in london thank you very much indeed. well for more on these and other stories go to. my colleague neil harvey will have the latest headlines for you at the top of the. but.
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