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tv   Headline News  RT  October 3, 2017 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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u.s. history. and a fresh round of strikes.
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up the stairs and. here. on the floor. the. presidential election and is ready to show. all of us here a very warm welcome. america is now mourning the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in its history fifty nine people were killed in the massacre at a country music festival in las vegas among them husbands wives mothers teachers
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graduates police officers a sunny melton was at the concert with his wife he was fatally shot in the back as he shielded her from bullets nice but it died in our husband tony's just minutes after she posted the photo of the two of them at the concert jessica was a single mom who died leaving her four children behind many families will simply never be whole again here's how events unfolded on that night.
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i. think. every time there is a great. we need a truck we just need to get people out of the hospital ok. literally .
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stephen who sent bullets and tear down on thousands attending the concert in las vegas lived in a retirement home in nevada and committed suicide right after the rampage police say he had no record and no military background also according to the f.b.i. he wasn't linked to any terror groups and the shooter his brother says he never saw what was coming. he would have his car. every time i mean he played high stakes video to be able to stay home and. there's no no logic no. for me or my brother would have done this. there's no. there's nothing the witnesses have been recalling the horrors of the rampage this busways the las vegas music festival. time is any of the many here on the
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site just siren after siren after siren and you simply think what happening in a lot of my friends are stuck on the strip and they were saying that the shooters in the town strips i was worried about all my friends some of them are actually stuck out here i think he was shooting from above and like they were just sitting ducks that they couldn't go anywhere that just that's a different kind of evil to me i never imagined this this could happen here in vegas suspicion because it's such a tourist city and you would think that you know they have and alone security tight security here but it just goes to show you that no place to exempt people are absolutely horrifying after the largest. in u.s. history and you can just imagine some children waking up to not having a mother or father because they were at a country concert last night now some eyewitnesses said it was absolutely
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horrifying to see someone as like he's reloading and then that's when everyone pretty much started running there's this little space that people could get through and so people were trying to run through the spaces shooting everybody people are getting burned on the barbecue and i did see a lady standing there and this. was covering her whole face her huge just bloody staying there and her guy lawful maritimers you just see people this laying on the ground just like we don't know if they were shot. if you had been trampled. everybody crying everybody crying everybody's sure especially the gunman behind the country's largest mass shooting on record he has no criminal history but he does have a very large record of gambling in las vegas casinos and earlier we did hear reports from isis that they were claiming responsibility however authorities including the f.b.i. have said that they don't suspect terrorism authorities are calling
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a lone wolf at this time well they've declared a state of emergency right now due to the shooting that happened in las vegas and motives are still unknown at dorothy's found different rifles in his hotel room and of course you know the argument over gun control will be reignited once again and surely revisited in this country and in las vegas and sweets. and we discussed all the events with a brit who was working near the scene of the tragedy and who was personally affected by a notorious shooting rampage in the past. one of my friends who is is pro-gun and so there needs to be stricter laws you can go to gun shows here and buy guns without any id you can buy an unlimited ammunition so it's just insane for me to think that we don't have stricter laws and i know that there are people that are so pro the second amendment. the world is changing and we need to consider also
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changing these laws because how many more mass shootings do we need until we realize that these laws are outdated and we need to change them something i am from originally from the sandy hook area so when those shootings happened in twenty zero i did it the funeral of one of the victims so i've been personally affected by gun violence in the us. overnight strikes are said to continue for another day across catalonia on tuesday
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following the violent actions of spanish riot police during the region's independence referendum ninety percent of voters chose to break away from spain and offices raided pope polling stations they beat voters and fired rubber bullets into crowds.
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pictures of. the body in a culture of a who's been following the violent clashes in the region on the dana good morning expectations for today potentially more rest. yes potentially we do expect to see a lot of protest movements across the region of council and especially here in the council on capital barcelona now we saw the same events taking place yesterday when hundreds of people i took to the streets of the seat late on monday to decry police
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brutality during the independence a referendum that was held one day prior now people that went to the streets were carrying flags show independent counsel and yet they were clapping and singing and shouting slogans in support of the referendum they also protested again. the nun president has put he's proud down on hauling stations across the region that will witness on sunday as a result of those scuffles eight hundred and ninety three people were injured those people that get very different squares around barcelona late on monday were also protesting against a national plan their forces are still here and they're shouting to national police and demanding them to leave the region as soon as possible now we've seen on sunday we've seen police forces using force against different sorts of people from students to algae people they were pushing people out they were breaking down doors
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breaking windows of polling stations doing everything in their power to prevent people from voting so after talking to so many people here in wasilla now there's only one thing we see a lot of people being still in shock after the events of sunday. were just helping the people because they were throwing them promote up the stairs and throwing them down upon the public here in cuba so what is on the floor and there is a guy that jumps on the person that's down they went up and buried where they got this girl that was one of the organizers. a big grabbed her and. her hand if you imagine that that supported by democracy you were there is saying that's the law would you consider the law. this tuesday more than four c.e. unions and as so see ation star-crossed the region of council are calling for a region wide strike now we were told that there's going to be
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a lot of places shut down not opening this tuesday morning because of the strike so one's one needs to lead it accordingly now we do in fact you see a lot of protest movements on the streets of barcelona we know that many people many protesters are. gathering different calling stations that were on sunday a raid by a play lease so we do expect it to see a lot of different events taking place and again to see crowds of people here in the streets in barcelona. there's been a culture of thank you. we did discuss the situation with my coffee and i mean he says that the deployment of riot police in the end of the day is counterproductive i would just love it if the spanish administration come together collectively and read the history books let's make no mistake about what we all witnessed yesterday we saw member state government deploy a peace force to physically and violently prevent people from actually voting no
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make no mistake about it this happened in the middle east or in south america in some of the newer member states we would have e.u. members leaders lining up with the most vicious boards of condemnation it's not good enough the response from the or paying union has been the perfect it's quite clear to me that democracy took a big hit yesterday but so too has in the intervene and i was the credibility of the european union meanwhile spanish authorities claim the vote was illegal and unconstitutional the e.u. commission has issued a statement in which it refuses to condemn the violence and expresses trust in spain's prime minister who are keeping you up to speed on the developments throughout what is expected to be a tense day here on r.t. international.
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for. los angeles is suing the u.s. department of justice for slashing federal funds for immigration agencies the most who claims that the measure is unconstitutional. illegal immigration or u.s. immigration and customs officers have been conducting numerous raids and so-called sanctuary cities some five hundred undocumented immigrants have been arrested in cities such as new york massachusetts denver and philadelphia three hundred had previously been convicted of crimes. now the u.s. immigration enforcement authorities see these cities as safe havens for criminals. and types of people look sanctuary cities have a policy of not cooperating with federal immigration authorities they don't open up the jails or detention centers the way they see it they don't want immigrant
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communities to be afraid to report criminals or cooperate with police investigations we have a president who is bent on trying to vilify immigrants and punish cities that prioritize real effect of public safety over splitting up hardworking families by falsely claiming that sanctuary cities are havens for criminals nothing could be further from the truth this city will not be bullied by this administration into a big doody in our core values to coddle is a place where the american dream is open to all this works it has been working to not touch our money let us do what we do in these cities have become a focal point for resistance to donald trump's crackdown on immigration. and. now the new immigration chief says that these cities are simply protecting criminals and becoming a magnet for undocumented immigrants sanctuary jurisdictions that do not honor
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detainers or allow us access to jails and prisons are shielding criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and creating a magnet for illegal immigration furthermore in some areas locals have spoken up against the policy of shielding undocumented workers but my community has been a big story and illegal immigration and we're not going out with my people do what we're right come here and take jump the border the break into my house this is my house los angeles is my house and it's a shame and i'm going to speak up against it well many sanctuary cities whether we're talking about chicago or that we're talking. los angeles they operate as magnets to people who will break the law here's the thing if you come to america and you overstay your visa you've already broken a law what other laws are people going to be breaking when you have spirits that
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this is a sanctuary city you're calling law breakers to operate here here's an example that's likely to make the case against sanctuary cities a little bit stronger sergio martinez is an undocumented immigrant was charged with rape in july he had already been deported from the united states twenty times the local authorities in portland actually released him without letting federal authorities know now on both sides of the debate it's raging both sides say that protection from crime and the safety of the public should be the primary concern cable mopp and artsy new york plenty of news coming your way on the morning program here on aussie international today including apparently there's a way to prove russia did not meddle in the u.s. elections that's according to a u.s. congressman that story had more after the break. when else truths seemed wrong. why don't we just don't call. me.
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yet to say proud disdain comes to attitude and in detroit equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. thank you for new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media over the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before .
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joining us today here on r.t. international a republican congressman says there is a way to prove russia did not meddle in the u.s. elections and the mad with solid evidence is supposedly none other than julian. senator dana rohrbacher says he met in london back an organist and even promised him a deal a presidential pardon in exchange for the evidence the problem is he now meet with the whole trump in fact according to roll back he's being blocked from meeting with the president correspondent's american has more it's an undercutting of democracy when the guy who is elected his staffers take it upon themselves to make the decision rather than let the actual president make the decision when asked about a possible deal with assad president donald trump told reporters he hadn't heard
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anything about it julian assange is the founder of wiki leaks the website that's been responsible for releasing tons of information much of it very embarrassing for the u.s. government has been hiding from extradition in the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k. for the last five years now a white house official confirmed that for a backer to talk to white house chief of staff john kelly about his plan however kelly reportedly turned him down and said that the plan should be left up to the intelligence committee congressman rohrabacher believes the president's aides are preventing president trump from learning about the possibility of a deal with a songe this would have to be a cooperative effort between his own staff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the american people's throats so incredibly earlier this year by this live a congressman is most likely referring to russian collusion speculation that russia was responsible for the d.n.c.
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hack a sanchez always insisted it was non-state actors who leaked the d.n.c. files to wiki leaks. congressman rohrbacher ready to tell the truth but it looks like washington doesn't want to hear it. the man suspected of being a police officer. over the weekend in edmonton has been charged with five counts of attempted murder authorities have not ruled out a terror link a refugee from somalia. twenty twelve he was allowed to remain in the country despite being investigated in twenty fifteen for his alleged extremist views and police are still probing a possible link to a terror group outside. an islamic state in his. now this comes as the debate over the number of migrants and asylum seekers flocking to intensify as a leading to. between opposing sides. even a force to temporarily shut down one border crossing.
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between. immigrant protesters across several cities and provinces over the weekend . demonstrators have been critical of prime minister justin trudeau's immigration policies accusing his government of becoming welcoming towards refugees and also. what they claim is being true to. the u.s. . at the border. now in the meantime over twenty seven thousand asylum applications have been processed by canadian authorities this year i don't know that as many as thirteen thousand have entered the country illegally and unprecedented compared with the past. there is certainly an escalation of tensions because there have been some clashes basically between fascist protesters and far right groups. throughout canada i think
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a lot of maybe bring can file people who show up to some of these demonstrations could potentially be reoriented towards a different kind of politics the problem is that. we've had a large number of people coming to our borders and costing. the border illegally into canada and claiming that they are refugees we can't simply have people crossing the border and saying look i'm a refugee so i mean i'm not blaming people from somalia or from haiti for wanting to get to a developed country like canada but there's a legal way of doing it a lot of the people who have been crossing without legal status into canada. this year are coming from haiti which is a country that canada played a key role in destroying by by participating in several important ways the
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coup against the democratic democratically elected government there have been some clashes basically between fascist protestors and far right groups throughout canada and i think part of that has to do with the domestic issues of racism in the quality that we have a very generous asylum system anyone anywhere in the world can get into canada and then claim to be a refugee and then we have a very complicated system to determine whether they are all not refugees it could be up to ten or eleven years in the meantime they're getting social welfare benefits free housing free medical and have the right to work so i mean it's a serious problem for canada the costs are enormous. britain's top diplomat boris johnson is accused of being remarkably on diplomatic reciting a poem on his visit to the southeast asian state of me and formally known as. even
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the u.k. ambassador i felt obliged to tell him it was not appropriate. i see a truck and i have the story. sorry. for you. obviously boris johnson is no stranger to causing offense and yet again he's thrown himself into the spotlight footage of him while in an official capacity earlier this year in a foreign trip getting involved in an appropriate poem situation is certainly making the rounds here in the u.k. now this footage is part of a documentary that was broadcast on channel four this weekend and it depicts the british ambassador to myanmar also known as burma getting in the way of boris johnson getting himself into hot water by attempting to recite a poem by kipling that is telling a story through the eyes of a british servicemen in burma while of course this is
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a place that was colonised by britain for over a century of their reaction to this attempt of an artistic outcry has certainly been anything but applause there is a sensitivity about british colonialism and it is something that people in burma still resentful about british colonial times were seen as a humiliation and an insult of course one gaffe of many and it's not expected to be the very last previous examples include boris johnson writing a poem about the president of turkey involving goats as well as referring to barack obama as being quote part kenyan he's also gotten himself in trouble by talking about the people of papa new guinea referring to quote orgies of cannibalism and chief killing that certainly got people quite outraged so we can say that this list is considerable so it's only natural to expect more outbursts in the future. you're watching all the international live from moscow thanks for joining us so far it's just toting nearly half past eight on tuesday morning your world wide news
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continues in about half an hour. welcome to maximize your financial survival guide. looking forward to a year that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. in the u.s. a child can choose a nominee course in school. with retired officers as teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your chance to step up
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to an apollo so that point comfortable with yourself. you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first sure video game. it's play and that's because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah well you can't turn off your lot of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. with this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts only the one percent.


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