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lindsay friend the bus broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight a deadly shooting in las vegas leaves at least fifty eight people dead and gun stocks go up we take a look at an all too common trend on wall street also britain's monarch airlines was its fifth largest carrier it's shut down as of today stranding one hundred ten thousand passengers finally my guest tonight take a look at how artificial intelligence may lead the way to stopping cyber attacks room just starts right now. fears of gun manufacturers traded higher today after a mass shooting at
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a las vegas concert on sunday left at least fifty eight people dead they often spike following large shootings as investors anticipate the violence will lead to greater gun sales. four percent to fifty three fifty and american outdoor brands the parent company of smith and wesson rose three percent to end at fifteen sixty seven also all and which owns winchester ammunition hit an all time high of six percent to thirty six. and the euro declined and spanish stocks took a slide as investors responded to an independence vote and violent unrest in catalonia let's take a quick look at how the violence unfolded on sunday in spain. officials
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in the region which includes barcelona and accounts for a large portion of spain's economy say an overwhelming majority of voters supported independence from spain the central government says the referendum is invalid and illegal just as you saw close to nine hundred people were injured in confrontations with police who were trying to shut down the voting more than thirty place officers were also hurt the spanish i've x. index dropped one point four percent the euro fell from one dollar seventeen cents from one dollar eighteen cents.
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the days of fire walls are over in only three years we have seen the largest cyber attacks in history yahoo sony ashley madison now equifax my guest says the only way to stay safe is to develop better artificial intelligence and it's going to be a tough road please welcome todd shipley president and c.e.o. of euro software explain to us why the citadel concept of a firewall is essentially helpless. well we have to look at how it's been built over the past decade in trying to defend what we've been doing against hackers and it's built up a big system of dealing with lists of lists of bad things that are coming into our networks and it's just basically. the decision is made by the system it finds something and compares it to a list and decides whether it's something that's bad or not and then takes an
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action and so they're really not very complicated in how they operate and we've got these now these big listen these these listen come down every day from these wires companies that have been trying to figure out how to respond to this so they're not really solving the problem yet right we've got to train artificial intelligence to gather that intelligence and that takes time what's the speed situation for companies to bring ai on board after the major attacks as we've seen. well keep in mind that most of the antivirus companies have been using some form of a i for a number of years now this is not something that's just come out this year there are companies that advertise in the do they're doing it solely as their their reaction to any virus but most of the companies have been doing it microsoft announced this year earlier in june that they were going to implement that kind of thing in their windows ten products so that they could respond better to the problems they're having with their products so it's something that is going to take
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time to implement over the magnitude of the numbers of computers around the internet but it's something that eventually we hope will be part of the solution well it's got to go several steps further of the right than just detecting and intrusion it's supposed to keep it out to begin with not just detect an alert so heather adkins has chimed in on this a number of times that she's a founding member of google she said that that ai is good at attacking a system but not as effective at stopping what do you agree that with that statement well i think over time it eventually will be this is still. we're looking at this what we can do now and not the science fiction of what we think it should be doing in the future now it's still just machine learning where they're building listen to understanding what the other side is doing because keep in mind as these products get sold the bad guys are going to buy the product and try to reverse engineer it and try to figure out what the machine learning is doing within the system and be able to try to attack it that way too so it's a cat and mouse game that we're going to be constantly playing with the bad guys
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trying to prevent them from getting in the networks we make a good point about they reverse engineering from a corporate perspective someone said that would help companies fill cybersecurity roles but do you see that as a very likely scenario or would there be some roles that just will never go robot engineers will always need to be filling those roles i think at least in the near future that's going to be true because people have to look and see what the computers are doing and what action the ai is actually taking is it a false positive is it real are they able to identify things correctly because the theory of the system could crash completely because the ai perceives a threat in reaction to it and shuts things down and it may not be real so at least in the near future humans are still going to have to be there to see what happens with the and be able to respond to the problems that are associated with whatever action the ai takes. well what does it take to maintain a completely ai defense system as you point out its early days on this but sort of
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you know the concept is so broad it's going to be expensive even for the little guys right. oh most definitely this is not something that that the average person is going to be able to do they're going to have to buy a product you're going to have to get to one of the antivirus companies that are already implementing this technology and use it networks of a large size are going to have to implement large scale systems that are going to employ this kind of technology and it's still going to have to be managed by people this is not something that is going to be let loose and run by itself this is not you know the science fiction that we want to be it's still early on and we have to deal with the fact that humans make this humans attack it and humans are going to have to manage this whole program whose work in this industry do you think has the last chance of being successful because as you said these companies are going to have to buy a product you can't just develop this company by company by company. well companies
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that are developing i mean they're all looking at this there isn't one that's really out there that's in the lead there so that advertise they are but they've all been doing this you know for some time i talked to an industry insider this weekend about this very product and and he says that you know they've been doing that for some time and that this is nothing new is just getting the technology better to understand what events are taking place within a network and what's normal what's not because if you put the ai on a network that's already been affected if we look at what happened with facts and they decided to implement something themselves you know just a few months ago they had been in there already for some time so the ai may not have recognized that the normal behavior was actually have normal behavior and they you know would not identify what was really going on effectively so we have a lot of work to do in this field yet to figure out how it's going to play and whether the machine learning concepts are going to be the end all for any virus. what were your opinions and feelings about the equifax hack when you first heard
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about it because as we've all learned there was a warning several months ago and there was a flaw in the software it wasn't fix what did you think do you think they were just dragging their feet it was inappropriate or do you think there was an actual struggle in there as well as we know the investigation's ongoing well the investigation's ongoing it's hard to speculate but typically when things like that are known in released that there's a problem somebody on the inside failed to implement the fix and so that's a human error and that's what ai is trying to solve is get rid of the human error and i had potentially they had some form of ai employees that could have caught that they would have known that there was something going on and potentially prevented it but it didn't and most of this time it is human error and that's been the problem. well i hate to be the the constant cynic in this but as we've seen there are some attacks from the inside so do you think that even if ai is put into place they're still going to be these loopholes whereby someone even a disgruntled employee can can get in and get in front of it no matter how and how
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intelligent we think it is so exactly insider threats are huge and we have forget about those as part of the problem because they are there in the network they're working there they've got authorization to be there so it doesn't matter whether the. basic employee or somebody working the i.t. section gets disgruntled because they get fired or don't get promoted there's a potential threat constantly there and again that's a human threat that we have to look at the outsider threats are real and there are problems but the insider threat or is just as large and something that we have to look at and find out how we can evaluate temperament and other things that people who are are disgruntled and maybe break into the system into something that's adverse to the company's desires right but there's also a business end of this for these hackers they get into these big companies are going to brag about it because they get the bragging rights right and then they get to also sell us their services to large companies who are impressed by what they
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did and so then they get hired and it just keeps the ball rolling doesn't it. well unfortunately some companies are realized over time that you know some people are smarter than they think and get in their systems and they pay them you know later to help fix or systems one of the things that have come out now is the bounty for bugs that a lot of hackers are now getting paid to go look at systems and break them and they're getting paid for that i think there's some reasonable nisson some of that but the problem is if you just bring in the hackers and are not paying attention these people haven't changed their you know attitude about the company just because you harm doesn't make them a good employee and now you've brought them inside the network and that may not be the best for the company bounty for bugs a good way to put it thank you so much todd shipley president and c.e.o. of your software thank you lindsey. time now for a quick break but stick around because when we return we've got an important update on hurricane battered puerto rico and we also take
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a look at the status of big coin in japan as we go to break here the number of the closing bell. time to visit moscow and talk to someone there that was always the number one concern the curse of oil because the price would go up and you'd get lazy and not diversified because you are making huge gains on the oil price went down you know you're in panic mode and you need to pump more oil to get over the panic so the diversification of russian economy never came but these sanctions forced diversification stuff thank you very much jim sanctions.
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in the u.s. a child can choose a school. with total freezes as teachers we don't. will says to the president is interested in go one in the military but we don't recruit are so. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your chance to step up to an apollo so that comfortable with yourself. brings you out of your shell you can't go wrong. it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me. very popular first sure video game. play. call of duty. call of duty oh yeah. these kids just don't
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hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told. just need more recruits. eleven companies are now approved as operators of crypto currency exchanges in japan's financial services agency japan recognized as a legal method of payment months earlier and this is said to make the protection of
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consumer assets a priority as well as the prevention of security breaches and money laundering it's something proponents of initial court offerings in the united states are hard pressed to make the case for to the securities and exchange commission that coin responded by moving close to forty five hundred dollar levels according to coin market cap then settled right at forty four hundred other cryptocurrency such as if ripple and light coins are all seeing an uptick with the cryptocurrency market capitalization hitting now at one hundred fifty billion dollars. it was a woeful time for airlines around the world over the weekend and into monday in the u.k. british authorities are scrambling to bring home one hundred ten thousand travelers after monarch airlines collapsed canceling all flights transport secretary chris grayling immediately ordered the country's biggest ever peace time repatriation to fly home the stranded passengers at no additional cost mark was britain's fifth
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largest carrier with twenty one hundred employees monarch ceased operations after failing to reach a deal with regulators to extend the company's license to sell package holidays to overseas destinations the airline says trouble stemmed from recent terror attacks in egypt and tunisia and the decimation of the tourist trade in turkey. meanwhile over the weekend in eastern canada an air france flight from paris to los angeles made an emergency landing after one of its four engines broke apart over the atlantic ocean none of the sixty six people on board were hurt and then delta airlines a flight from new york landed safely in detroit after engine trouble on flight nine sixty four today again no injuries among the one hundred fifty four passengers on that flight. weeks after hurricanes and maria battered puerto rico victims of the storms remain
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without basic resources in fact we don't even know when the island will return back to full electric power for she is here to get us up to speed on this bianca we've heard a lot from national leaders in the u.s. but what are the local leaders in puerto rico saying about the response most local leaders are saying that the response has been pretty minimal because not only are people there without power a lot of people don't have access to clean drinking water in fact as of today only forty five percent of the population has access to clean water after dealing with two storms in a span of a couple weeks puerto rico has been left reeling once hurricane irma hit early one million puerto ricans were out of power and sixty thousand of them were still in the dark by the time hurricane maria arrived made the aftermath even more difficult to cope with considering the limited resources according to governor recorder of seo just fourteen percent of cell towers are currently operating and fifty percent
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of the streets have been cleared food and fuel have been hard to come by too considering a lot of supermarkets and gas stations are still closed and some of that that are open have to ration however high priority buildings like hospitals have been able to rely on generators but for the residents using them in their homes fuel is running out on monday the governor said at a press conference that more gas is on its way. we expect. that we will get. three hundred thousand barrels of diesel by today hundred thousand gas going. next couple of days over close to close to half a million barrels of the soul and close to a million of gasoline so the flow is coming. that would certainly help the current situation but another major problem is water access and many are afraid of the
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waste water pumping systems failing as they did in texas and florida after hurricane harvey what makes matters worse for puerto rico is the economic crisis that's been dragging on for years and how that may impact the recovery beyond the damage to critical infrastructure a lack of access to clean water could a health crisis. water fuel to basics very basic people who watch puerto rico's economy are gobsmacked at how this place is going to recover how else could puerto rico's economic crisis make the aftermath long term especially worse so the current economic crisis in puerto rico could pose a lot of problems in the short term and the long term in terms of recovery first of all could easily encourage more people to leave a mass exodus from puerto rico but when that happens and if that continues to happen that's going to hurt the working age population that's going to keep going down and that as a result creates that so-called brain drain and that affects industries across the board so there will be enough doctors won't be enough teachers or won't be enough
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police officers firefighters and so on and it could also actually worsen the high cost of living there in puerto rico it's generally more expensive to live than the average us city really and food is more expensive too because of the jones act which we've seen a lot in the news and we'll get to in a little bit but it's only been temporarily way so you know if it's that if there are changes made to that it could change but it's expensive they're on top of the fact that there are very little economic opportunities for people that have remained there and then of course obviously the bond and pension drama i mean it's billions of dollars of debt and it's really crushed the economy in fact the border goes economy in by the end of two thousand and seventeen it's expected to shrink down to the size that it was in two thousand so for comparison the u.s. economy has grown about thirty five percent since two thousand and poor. has done the exact opposite let's more about this nine hundred twenty jones act well let's temporary waiver on it actually help the recovery efforts it's unclear right now
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and it's kind of honestly a little too early to tell but has been issued in the past like during hurricane sandy in two thousand and twelve president obama waved a temporary waiver of it to help. make it easier for them to go down and bring food and supplies. but it is some officials are saying it has helped by. they've been able to receive more aid but it's piling up very quickly at the ports because a lot of the roads are closed so all of these different elements that have been damaged really affect each other and that's why some local officials are saying we kind of need more help and we need more people on the ground or we just need to quicken up getting our drive back and running water and it and it's not just the lack of roads but getting the fuel there slows trucks can even get that to hospital after that meeting if the road were open they still can't get from point a to point b. out of there you know a lot of managerial problems there thank you very much boom bust. a trade
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dispute between canada and the u.s. aerospace giant boeing is causing waves across the pond united kingdom seems to be stuck right in the middle of the battle between the two and the government is speaking out about it artie's out somehow of it is and toronto with more lots about this alex what is this fight about because it's getting big it is getting big and we're talking about a two hundred twenty percent duty on bomb bargee planes the c. series when it comes to the u.s. so that's what the american government said basically was shut down. because boeing is complaining but there's a little bit of history by two hundred twenty percent let's break it down for you in a moment just so you know exactly how this all started her started back in april two thousand and sixteen we want to major contract to solve two hundred twenty five of these. series airplanes to delta airlines the deal was a major one i really put on the map when it came to selling to the states two
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months later and get this the start of before even this deal took place. back injected one billion u.s. dollars into the company in exchange for forty nine point five percent equity stake in that c. series program so that the government now getting involved the promise was made before the deal and then the government fulfilled its promise in february two thousand and seventeen then ottawa the canadian government pledged another about three hundred million u.s. that works out to about three hundred seventy two point five million canadians to help bombard the with their c. series program and finally may two thousand and seventeen boeing they filed a trade complaint with the us government against canada's aircraft maker work whereas we know it's bombard j. saying that they had an unfair advantage and what is boeing saying what do you mean by unfair advantage simply the money that bombard you received that is government helping out it's comes down to subsidies and that's against world trade organization rules as well as the fact that they're saying that that was dumping by
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lowering the prices of the c. series jets when they were selling to the states now bombard is not a company without controversy here in canada as well we know that these bailouts people are we've been highly against them they have a history of bailouts history of loans with governments and as we remember probably that you probably remember also at the beginning of this year talking about their exacts getting huge bonuses while they're getting all these hundreds of millions of dollars from the government so they're not loved in canada either but when it comes to this it looks like you know what the united states might have a reason to be taken off ok well how is the u.k. being affected by this to get that obama it's a huge company it's an international company and that builds parts around the world one of the places that the c. series jet its wings actually are built in northern ireland by belfast so that's a huge thing. northern ireland there are a massive employer there are forty two hundred people employed by bob barr ga which means your first city like belfast a city that's gone through
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a lot of problems in the past decades and it's now economically starting to really see its legs this is a huge part of their economy when you're talking about for four thousand two hundred people the brits have already said you know what we have to stand our ground we have to backbone bargee on this because this means jobs in this country theresa may have spoken out against boeing's actions as well saying that you know there has to be a way that we can do it do this without protectionism there has to be a way to resolve this issue and really the bottom line is that nothing is really written in stone yet in two thousand and eighteen we will know the results from when the u.s. international trade commission either says yes or nay to these two hundred and twenty percent tariff that we're talking about or duties against bombards when we're talking about dealings between canada and the states when you heard about obviously theresa may believe as last week backpedaling a little bit on the brac that taksin trying to come out a bit softer because she's talking about these bombard da contracts trying to keep
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you know business over northern ireland and trying to keep the jobs talk up because she cannot afford any negative talk about that i'm sure you heard about that what not only the eyes i mean that's a massive part of it but it's going to come to the point where she's saying well you know what boeing we won't be able to do business with you in the future this is what you're doing to bombard who employs people in our country so i mean yes she's backed into a corner this is a lot bigger than just a two aerospace companies fighting each other this really does come down to international trade at the highest levels that's right thank you very much. coming out us from toronto thank you. mortar retail stores are slumping but some are finding unique ways of fighting back for retail giant toys r us may have filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection
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is worth five billion dollars in long term that. but it's got a plan of action with augmented reality good old geoffrey the friendly giraffe mascot will virtually greet customers as they enter the store and then allow them to go fish for sharks take a wildlife safari race a truck in the cars section or head over to the baby doll aisle and adopt one give it a name and take care of it all through a phone or other smartphone device it's building on the come on go phenomenon we saw last year only in this case you probably won't be accidentally crossing highways or getting into car wrecks. thanks for watching be sure to catch a boom box on directv we're on channel three two one the r. t. channel and if you miss us on directv catch then bost on you tube youtube dot com slash our team thanks for watching the next time.
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it's taken these children's home. now its readiness to take this new challenge. the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice to. live in poverty. which one they can't. but some are following a different. us. the slip and soon we. employ little that hope for a better life. he sees.
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plenty of local blogs selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles but still plenty to do socks for the tell you that would be gossip and tabloid lifestyles a little bit. of advertising telling you are not full enough and let's not buy their products. all the hawks that we along with our audience will walk. seemed wrong. to me. to shape out just because the ticket and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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economic development is all about numbers we're really pleased to report this quarter we earn one hundred six point. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is says c.n.n. . with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. it is not just you know a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society from
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the part of the government tried to do both at nestle maybe. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works but lose one goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. that a. strike is being held today across catalonia following the riot police brutality as the preacher in the photo in favor of independence on sunday one eye witness describes the violence we saw at one polling station. we were just helping the people because they were throwing them up the stairs and throwing them down a point in public here and kicking a bit like someone is on the floor and there is a guy that. the person that's down.


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