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tv   Headline News  RT  October 3, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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thousands of people are on the streets of basra loner protesting against police violence following the brutal crackdown on the region's independence referendum on sunday. the it. was. a mass shooting at a music festival in las vegas becomes the deadliest in modern u.s. history with fifty nine people killed and hundreds more injured.
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and the new u.s. ambassador to russia is sworn in at the kremlin by president putin in a period of high tension between the two nations. we're watching our international coming to you live from moscow i think. thousands of people are out in barcelona protesting against the police brutality he witnessed during catalonia independence vote on sunday these are the latest pictures from the capital on capital a general strike and rallies are now being held all across the breakaway region outies medina question about reports from barcelona. the the the this really was the dentist was he was treated by a lot as well they need people thousands of people that have gathered here and
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there weren't others they see this as he used the afternoon tea room staff again the violence that we saw on the streets against the police preventing ordinary citizens of pat's awami out from voting we see here different kinds of people now not only sudanese or young people who came here are holding flags of independent counsel line and we see here families with small children we see elderly people here now sometimes the crowd starts to shout slogans. was. it if and they are asking if they're shouting at national police forces to leave the region of france a line yet we're just helping the people because they were throwing them from up top of the stairs and throwing them down upon them probably here and kicking them and someone is on the floor and there is a guy that jumps on the person that's down and they went off and buried where they
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got this girl that was one of the organizers and they grabbed her and their broker or her hand if you imagine that supported by the democracy you were there is saying that's the law that's what you consider the law now you can see how it will look at the ground it wound me as you can see a lot of young the vote was was of independent counsel lining the union of workers have called for a general strike to take place around the city and the barcelona as they see it is the on the lockdown and this is the biggest was these young guys these things in their case and the unions are calling for the outdoor it is and it was the one in my dream to sound now say to the negotiating table and find a way out of this that's waste and. boy you are there at the least and while the unions are calling for that this is what's happening on the streets of boston ma. and as my data said a general strike is underway that includes transport employees refusing to work
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power lies in traffic across the region metro services are also counseled taxi drivers are refusing to take passengers in the sun public transport to the airport has also been stopped or we spoke to a lot of pele the biased general secretary of the local trade union she says action is necessary as the central government refuses to listen. to show noise this is not a normal general strike it is more about people deciding to stop everything they're doing and protest is that we call it a lockdown of the region why are we supporting the strike we support it because of the violence on referendum day citizens decided to use their cousin right to vote and one who were deprived of it police acted with disproportionate oppression this problem must be solved but not with oppression of the citizens not be taken away fundamental rights i think the spanish government is a wall is so well because we ask eighteen times to talk and it's a while because they just don't want to talk the spanish government turned a blind eye to the police violence and demonstrated
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a complete incompetence at establishing dialogue and creating a political solution to this crisis with ninety percent of voters chose to leave spain but in a bid to stop the referendum taking place national police raided polling stations beat photos and fired rubber bullets into the crowds. we we. we we .
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was. well to discuss the situation in catalonia i'm now joined live by ray fischer m.e.p. of the u.k. independence party right thank you very much indeed for joining me well let's look at the situation did madrid go to fall or was the extremely heavy handed police response the only way to deal with the referendum. well it was the stupid thing to do more than anything ok on the spanish law apparently the referendum wasn't legal but you know why when you go wading in and attacking people who are holding
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the hands up innocent women children older people and you start spilling blood on the streets with basically robel cops then you've lost the arguments and i don't see where the spanish government can go from here whatever they do now they will be the bad guys well let's just have a listen to what the the the spanish interior minister said he said that the catalan government is inciting rebellion mean do you agree with that being. i know that the catalan government wants the results the cattle and government wants a debate an open debate on where their catalonia should succeed from spain which is perfectly natural for someone so wants i mean could you imagine the trouble that the british governments have been in if if if we'd have attacked we descend so our police were attacking scottish national party supporters in that way the european union which has been notably charlottes on this would have actually had to confront
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the european court of human rights the fact is the european union is terrified absolutely terrified of what's been only stating catalonia and frankly if people want independence then you should at least give them the option of the votes the fact that the spanish government has refused to do so and this crackdown in such a dangerous and ridiculous way actually caused more i feel more feelings for independence from ordinary catalan super ups previously would have thought it was far but in terms of that european reaction and right let's have a listen to what your former party leader knowledge of herat had to say on that issue let's hear from him now. the most extraordinary display what do we get from mr yogi today not a dickie bird in fact previously we had the rule of law must be maintained and i think it is quite extraordinary to realize that this union is prepared to turn
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a blind eye well as we saw today i mean he's blasting the i mean you must agree with him yes that's the same view that your party takes as well oh absolutely yeah and i'm only importance issues you need to understand is now when the european union is negotiating third nation trade agreements they are trying to put into those agreements human rights clauses which essentially say that these countries most live up to what the european union says are standards on human rights and yet it's refusing absolutely refusing to condemn something that's happening in one of its own member states which any reasonable person would say was just provocative in an overreaction that there was absolutely no need for armed police to fire bullets and hit people with clubs and house we surely moment the news piece of news footage break a woman's fingers one by one you know the fact is spain has lost the arguments and
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the e.u. was lost any moral high ground it ever had which i don't believe the hard regarding talking to all the nations about human rights well in terms of from biased point of view here we've got a debate on the situation in catalonia not shed for tomorrow in the european parliament and what kind of outcome are you then expecting that's very briefly i'm expecting them to sweep yes i'm expecting them to sweep it under the carpet i will be speaking in it and i will be telling them in no uncertain same's that what they are doing is absolutely wrong they believe that ray finch from the u.k. independence party thank you very much indeed for your thoughts and. well meanwhile pro independence sentiment is on the rise across the in over a dozen countries minorities are vying to have their own state for example in belgium germany and france well it's not just catalonia that's held an referendum
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on this particular matter back in twenty fourteen scotland voted not to break away from the united kingdom well this year a second referendum was proposed by the scottish government in the wake of bracks it although the current tory government has ruled out another vote and later this month over in italy the regions of long body and the veneto are holding votes on autonomy too well we spoke to stefano rather get it done betty and m.p. in parliament he says it's important to listen to the will of the people they need to rejoin the military people are very rules look at the lonely people many of us out of our when you travel europe will be to be the real people use a live show we want to call rise of it we become young people are most important the free for all the mission work for me repeat this being a record rising in the underground to montenegro for example but there are many
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don't talk i said that for every you said that being the more free to be not only mcgrath the government. or me while the spanish or thought is claim the vote is illegal and unconstitutional and the e.u. commission has issued a statement in which it refuses to condemn the police violence and expresses its trust in spain's prime minister or will be keeping you up to speed on this developing situation throughout the day. it's. america is now mourning the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in its history fifty nine people were killed in the massacre to country music festival in las vegas among them husbands wives mothers teachers graduates and police offices sunny melton was at the concert with his wife
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he was fatally shot in the back as he shielded from the bullets while denise ready to stand in a husband tiny's office just minutes off she posted a photo of the two of them at the concert just came chuck was a single mom and she died leaving behind four children many families will never be whole again here's how events unfolded on sunday night. thanks. to the words. i. picked.
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up. when you try to get people out of the hospital ok.
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well the gunman was located on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel overlooking the festival as you can see he broke the window before unleashing a shower of bullets on the crowds below when police stormed the room they found the shooter dead and twenty three weapons including a handgun and numerous rifles witnesses have been recalling the horrors of the rampage. whoever whoever shooting they. put a new clip in a new magazine and start shooting again so we get down that that happens only four times before we even get out of the complex and there's so many people around here that are i mean they were all dropping. so they were hurt or they were injured or they were dead and we just kept running my boss he got hit in the back as he was fully in with me he was behind me and then my friend got here he was in front of me so i was kind of in between don't make those shots don't stop you don't hear that it's like being in a word zone and you can just hear the rounds almost like creeping up on you. can
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you feel like they're just it's like cut you down i just kept thinking play we just need to get on to our good when i realize we're actually. actually still trying to frozen. like this is actually happening. like it was surreal to me all the stuff in just the fact of having to run over. to you it oh. i'm just so grateful that i wasn't i just missed it but there's also so much pain and thinking like. why did those people do to deserve it. it was. such a great day that. was. being reduced period
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a prison they could see you could ever have is being able to live with. sixty four year old stephen paddock and have to in a retirement home in nevada he committed suicide right after the rampage police say he had no criminal record and no military background also according to the f.b.i. he wasn't linked to any terrorist group disappoint claims by islamic state. well the shooter's father patrick patrick was once on the f.b.i.'s ten most wanted list he was known as a violent bank robber during the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's in the f.b.i. is wanted poster it said he was diagnosed a psychopathic and had suicidal tendencies however the shooter's brother eric patika says they didn't really know their father he says he had no idea his sibling was planning such an attack he would have his car. every time i mean you played high stakes video. of the state of emergency there's
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a oh no watch no reach for me or my brother would have done. there's no no. there's nothing. on the las vegas attacks at a grim record after america's previous deadliest shooting at a florida nightclub last year. now moscow has a new u.s. ambassador we'll find out more about him after this short break.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in knight was you know i was actually just full on awesome and i was the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue nothing's better said i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so are you going to write me seriously send us an e-mail. in case you're new to the game this is how it works my economy is built around corporation operations from washington the washington post media the media. voters elect
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a businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. welcome back the new u.s. ambassador to russia jon huntsman has been sworn in at the kremlin by president putin huntsman's an experience envoy previously leading diplomatic missions across asia when appointed to singapore in one nine hundred ninety two he became the youngest us ambassador in a century well he speaks mandarin and has also worked as a mormon missionary in taiwan for seventy is we're trying to consider him for secretary of state before choosing rex tillerson huntsman is said to have business interests in russia with his family owning several chemical processing companies in the country daniel balkan's takes
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a closer look at huntsman's nomination. met president putin shook his hand listened to his speech and took up his post officially him and his wife mary kay of course arrived in moscow just a few days ago he's got a very long and impressive c.v. it has to be said he was the governor of utah state serving that in that post twice he was ambassador to singapore and later to china under both democratic and republican administrations he now has the task of trying to repair relations between the u.s. and russia something quite an enviable that has to be said given the complex relationship currently ongoing between the two countries in terms of how he sees russia how he sees relations between the two countries and indeed russia's place on the world stage he could be described as a bit of a hard liner some quite firm rhetoric about that there is no question. underlie no question. that the russian government interfered in the u.s. election last year and moscow continues to meddle in the democratic process each of
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our friends and allies jon huntsman has promised to hold russian officials what he describes to account during his time in moscow to end human rights abuses to meet dissidents suz got a lot of plans if you like a busy show as you'll coming up according to his own words in a given his very strong rhetoric outspoken mushnick it'll be interesting to see how exactly he moves along with repairing those relations mr putin said today in his speech that they're not happy with the current state of affairs between russia and the united states that russia will respect of interests and they remove all of them to ference affairs farley adding that putin wants a predictable constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation with the united states so it will be very interesting to see how that goes over the coming months and years. well relations between the u.s. president and huntsman go back a long way and have not always been smooth in twenty twelve trump criticized his
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workers and voted china on huntsman had just finished his time to beijing and was campaigning for the republican presidential nomination. but meanwhile britain's top diplomats boris johnson is accused of being remarkably calm diplomatic it follows a visit to a sacred buddhist site in myanmar previously known as burma where johnson attempted to recite a colonial poem a video has emerged of the u.k.'s ambassador to the southeast asian states warning him it's not appropriate. to. work. well the director of the rights group of burma campaign u.k.'s says the foreign secretaries gaffe was humiliating for the local people he says british colonialism
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is something the locals are still resentful about all the foreign secretary actions have sparked significant reaction on twitter one tweet referred to johnson as trump with a dictionary and posh accent are others poked fun at him being the top choice for the next prime minister of britain many thought the attempted reading was simply embarrassing and some say it's time boris had a change in korea. it's absolutely an embarrassment for britain as a whole i think that's exactly why the british ambassador picked him up on this and said look you can't do this it's it culturally insensitive i wonder if boris johnson really thinks of talk when he does these things i would i would tell him to close his mouth for the time being and then promptly go for to career as a standup comedian i'm sure he'd be brilliant but he is not a brilliant foreign secretary these rapidly i mean he's cultivated this image of himself as this bumbling before balancing from here to there and spouting whatever
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is on his mind and. that might be fine for someone who's appearing as a panelist on have i got news for you it might even have work to the mayor of london as someone who's seen as this sort of teflon coated clown but for a man who is representing britain on the world stage i think it's it showing both him and his party to be in a very poor light. well for more on these and other stories please go to r.t. dot com meanwhile i'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half and.
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visited. moscow and talk to folks over there that was always the number one concern the curse of oil because the price would go up and they'd get you know kind of lazy and not the first of five because you are making huge gains on the oil then when the price went down you know you're in panic mode and you need to pump more oil to get over the panic so the diversification of russian economy never came but these sanctions forced diversification something you very much the sanctions. would. put themselves on. to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president. wanted. to going to be cross with what was before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested in the war of. course. lindsay friend the bus broadcasting around the world from washington d.c.
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tonight a deadly shooting in las vegas leaves at least fifty eight people dead and gun stocks go up we take a look at an all too common trend on wall street also britain's monarch airlines was its fifth largest carrier it's shut down as of today stranding one hundred ten thousand passengers finally my guest tonight take a look at how artificial intelligence may lead the way to stopping cyber attacks room just starts right now. fears of gun manufacturers traded higher today after a mass shooting at a las vegas concert on sunday left at least fifty eight people dead they often
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spike following large shootings as investors anticipate the violence will lead to greater gun sales. four percent to fifty three fifty and american outdoor brands the parent company of smith and wesson rose three percent to end at fifteen sixty seven also all and which owns winchester ammunition hit an all time high of six percent to thirty six. and the euro declined and spanish stocks took a slide as investors responded to an independence vote and violent unrest in catalonia let's take a quick look at how the violence unfolded on sunday in spain.


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