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tv   Headline News  RT  October 3, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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was. was going to. thousands of people are on the streets of basra alone are protesting against police pilots following the brutal crackdown on the region's independence referendum on sunday. a mass shooting at a music festival in las vegas becomes the deadliest in modern u.s. history killing fifty nine people and injuring hundreds more.
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as the new u.s. ambassador to russia is sworn in at the kremlin by president putin made a period of high tension between the two nations. this is auntie international broadcasting live from moscow thank you for joining us i'm kate. thousands of people out in barcelona protesting against the police brutality he witnessed during catalonia independence vote on sunday these are the latest pictures from the council on capital a general strike and rallies are now being held all across the breakaway region medina question about reports from boss alona. that was the this really was the downstairs was he was treated by a lot as the rainy people alison's the people that have gathered here and there are
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others they see this as he used the afternoon tea room tough against the law and that we saw on the streets against the police raid dancing ordinary citizens of cats are lining up from the old saying we see here different kinds of people now not only sudanese or young people who came here are holding flags of independent counsel line and we see here families with small children we see other lead people here now sometimes the crowd starts to shout slogans. to if and there are asking if they're shouting at national police forces to leave the region and pass a line yet we're just helping the people because they were throwing them from up top of the stairs and throwing them down upon the public here and then kicking them someone is on the floor and there is a guy that jumps on the person that's down they went off and buried where they got
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this girl that was one of the organizers and they grabbed her and they're probably for her hand if you imagine if that's supported by the democracy you're there is saying that's the law that's what you consider the law now you can see how it will look at the ground it wound me as you can see a lot of young people as well as of independent counsel lining the union of waters have called for a general strike to take place around as they see it and the worst one as they see it is the one in lockdown and the biggest was these young guys i think was in that case and the unions was linked with the other or it is the i think it was the one in madrid toussaint is now said to the negotiating table and find a way out of this that's ways and. boy for the athletes and while the unions are calling for that this is what's happening on the streets of boston a lot as. well as mediator said
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a general strike is under way that includes transport employees refusing to work car lines in traffic across the region buses and metro services are also canceled taxi drivers are refusing to take passengers and some public transport to the airport has also been stopped but we spoke to out a pele the vice general secretary of the local trade union she says action is necessary as the central government refuses to listen. to show noise this is not a normal general strike it is more about people deciding to stop everything they're doing and protest is that we call it a lockdown of the region why are we supporting the strike we support it because of the violence on referendum day citizens decided to use their constitutional right to vote and one who were deprived of it police acted with disproportionate oppression this problem must be solved but not with oppression of the citizens now by taking away fundamental rights i think the spanish government is a wall it's a while because we ask eighteen times to talk and it's a while because they just don't want to talk to the spanish government turned a blind eye to the police violence and demonstrated
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a complete incompetence at establishing dialogue and creating a political solution to this crisis within a while ninety percent of voters chose to leave spain but in a bid to stop the referendum taking place national police raided polling stations beat photos and fired rubber bullets into the crowds.
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now when the european union is negotiating with nation trade agreements they are trying to put into those agreements human rights colson's which essentially say that these countries most live up to what the european union says standards on human rights and yet it's refusing absolutely refusing to condemn something that's happening in one of its own member states which any reasonable person would say was just provocative and an overreaction if people want independence then you should at
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least give them the option of the votes the fact that the spanish government has refused to do so and this crackdown in such a dangerous and ridiculous way has actually caused all i feel more feelings for independence from ordinary cattle and super ups previously would have thought it was fun. well meanwhile pro independence sentiment is on the rise across the you in over a dozen countries minorities are vowing to have their own state for example in belgium germany and france and it's not just catalonia that's held a referendum on this issue back in twenty fourteen scotland voted not to break away from the united kingdom this year a second referendum was proposed by the scottish government in the wake of brecht's that although the current tory government has ruled out another vote and later this month the italian regions of long body and the beneteau are also holding votes on autonomy or we spoke to stefano val the gum betty and m.p.
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inveterate i was parliament he says it's important to listen to the will of the people they need to rejoin the military people are very rules that the lonely people of many of the ceremony when you took the lead up to be are to be the real people use a relation we want to. raise it we make it from young people or most important the female from the mission our community has been record highs you have very grounded montenegro for example but there are many don't talk ourselves for very said to be the more free to be not only mcgrath the government. or meanwhile spanish authorities claim the vote is illegal and unconstitutional and the commission has issued a statement in which it refuses to condemn the police violence and expresses its trust in spain's prime minister but we'll be keeping you up to speed on this developing situation throughout the day.
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see. america is now mourning the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in its history fifty nine people were killed in the massacre at a country music festival in las vegas and over five hundred were injured sonny melton was at the concert with his wife he was fatally shot in the back as he shielded her from the bullets while at the knees but teach us died in a husband tony songs just minutes after she posted a photo of the two of them at the concert jessica can choke was a single mom who's behind four children jenny parks was a teacher in los angeles she was a wife and mother of two and another victim neysa tonks also leaves behind three children here's how events unfolded on sunday night.
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thanks. to the words.
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we need to try to get people out of the hospital ok. well the gunman was located on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel which overlooks the festival he broke a window before unleashing a shower of bullets on the crowds below when police stormed the room they found the body of the shooter as well as twenty three weapons including hungover and numerous rifles where witnesses have been recalling the horror of the rampage. whoever
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whoever shooting they. put a new clip in new magazine and start shooting again so we get down that that happens only four times before we even get out of the complex and there's so many people around here that are i mean they were all dropping. so they were hurt or they were injured or they were dead and we just kept running my boss he got hit in the back as he was fleeing with me he was behind me and then my friend got here he was in front of me so i was kind of in between don't make those shots don't stop you don't hear that it's like being in a word zone and you can just hear the rounds almost like creeping up on you. can you feel like they're just it's like cut you down i just kept thinking play we just need to get on to our good when i realize we're actually we're. actually still kind of frozen in time to. actually have. another like it was surreal to be honest. in just the fact of having to run over.
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to you it oh. i'm just so grateful that i wasn't i just missed it but there's also so much pain and thinking like i was in a mean why did those people do to deserve it. i'm a close friend. it was. such a great day that. was the. thing read is a pretty big prison make it so you could ever have is being able to live with. sixty four year old stephen paddick lived in a retirement home in nevada he committed suicide right after the rampage police say he had no criminal record and no military background also according to the f.b.i.
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. he wasn't linked to any terrorist groups despite claims by islamic studies of the shooter's father patrick patrick who was once on the f.b.i.'s ten most wanted list he was known as a violent showing the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's in the f.b.i. his wanted poster it said he was diagnosed a psychopathic and had suicidal tendencies however the shooter's brother eric patrick says they didn't really know their father and he says he had no idea his sibling was planning such an attack he would have his car. every time i mean you played high stakes video even if. there's an exactly zero you know watch you know reach for me or my brother would have done. there's no no. there's not. well the las vegas attack such a grim record after america's previous deadliest shooting at a florida nightclub last year.
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russia has a new u.s. ambassador will find out more about him after this short break. leg. length. or little.
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leaguer little. leg. length of a walk still and you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles but don't believe the new socks credit tell you that celebrity gossip and tabloid by itself of the most important news today. off of our eyes and telling me you are not cool enough and let's not fight their product please. all the hawks that we along with our audience loves watching led.
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welcome back the new u.s. ambassador to russia jon huntsman has been sworn in at the kremlin by president putin huntsman's an experienced envoy previously leading diplomatic missions across asia when appointed to singapore in one thousand nine hundred eighty he became the youngest us ambassador in a century he speaks mandarin and also worked as a mormon missionary in taiwan for several years for president truck considered him for secretary of state before choosing rex tillerson and spent is also said to have had business interest in russia with his family owning several chemical processing companies in the country r.t.s. daniel hawkins takes a closer look at huntsman's nomination. for met president putin shook his hand listened to a speech and took up his post officially him and his wife mary kay of course arrived in moscow just a few days ago he's got a very long and impressive c.v. it has to be said he was the governor of utah state serving that in that post twice he was ambassador to singapore later to china under both democratic and republican
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administrations he now has the task of trying to repair relations between the u.s. and russia something quite enjoyable that has to be said given the complex relationship currently ongoing between the two countries in terms of how he sees russia how he sees relations between the two countries and indeed russia's place on the world stage he could be described as a bit of a hard liner bring some quite firm rhetoric about that there is no question underline no question. that the russian government interfered in the us election last year and moscow continues to meddle in the democratic process use of our friends and allies jon huntsman has promised to hold russian officials what he describes to a cult during his time in moscow to end human rights abuses to meet dissidents there's got a lot of plans if you like a busy shows you'll coming up according to his own words given his very strong rhetoric outspoken rhetoric it will be interesting to see how exactly he moves
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along with repairing those relations mr putin said today in his speech that are not happy with the current state of affairs between russia and the united states that russia want to mutual respect of interests and they remove all of interference in internal affairs farley adding that putin wants a predictable constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation with the united states so it will be very interesting to see how that goes over the coming months and years. but while he was envoy to beijing in twenty eleven huntsman was criticized for taking part in pro-democracy protests known as the jasmine revolution but the u.s. embassy claimed it was a coincidence and that huntsman was just taking a walk i know where we're going to demonstrations and after the incident his name in chinese was even blocked on the country's search engines. after leaving his post in beijing huntsman campaigned unsuccessfully for the republican presidential nomination in two thousand and twelve but was slammed by donald trump for
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supposedly giving away america to china. now football governing body fever has fined the german football federation after its fans chanted nazi slogans at a qualifying match for next year's world cup in russia the incident happened in prague on the first of september during germany's two one win over the czech republic before this i'm now joined live by the executive producer of artie's new football program stan collymore. so then alexey tell me more well it's a double fine from. to the german football association of about thirty thousand euros and also the czech federation for five thousand swiss francs which is also about five thousand euros for crowd disorder the incident in question happened on september first which is also the anniversary of the german invasion of poland when the game the qualifying game for the world cup was taking place in prague and german fans some of which bought tickets illegally walked into the stadium set off flares started chanting during the minute of silence for the two check officials.
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and then chanted not to slogans so this made a lot of noise in germany because as we know germany is trying to raise its past when it comes to not isn't all that and even the manager of the national team your human love spoke about this in very fiery terms. i'm furious at what happened that some so-called friends used to stage an international football match to bring shame on our country with their disgraceful appearance and behavior indeed as i've said in germany this is a very sensitive issue but it's not even the first time that german fans doing something like that they were printing t. shirts getting ready for the twenty two world cup in russia with a nazi slogan and also words that russia this time we're coming in this summer which is you know making quite clear references to that so what all this tells us it tells us basically that in any country things like that can happen but the agenda is always different remember last week when we had two champions league games in moscow between sparta in liverpool and c.s.k.
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manchester united the whole of the press was saying that you know russia is a place of naziism and on all that but we can see germany which is trying to raise this kind of stuff in this things happening there we did have a few incidents minor incidents here in moscow but you know a lot of fans walking into a stadium for a world quote qualifier game on the day of the anniversary of the nazi invasion and chanting nasa slogans this happens unfortunately everywhere but credit to fee for their trying to root the south they're not letting these things slide and these two for fines are very for that kind of interesting times actually i should say thank you very much indeed thank you. now republican congressman says it can be proved once and for all that russia did not meddle in the u.s. presidential elections he says wiki leaks founder julian assange has the evidence well kind of fornier representative dana rohrabacher met a songe in london in august and says he discussed a deal for
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a presidential pardon for a song in exchange for the evidence well the problem is now that the congressman says he's not being allowed to meet president trump samir khan has more. it's an undercutting of democracy when the guy who is elected his staffers take it upon themselves to make the decision rather than let the actual president make the decision when asked about a possible deal with assad president donald trump told reporters he hadn't heard anything about it now julian assange is the founder of wiki leaks the website that's been responsible for releasing tons of information much of it very embarrassing for the u.s. government has been hiding from extradition in the ecuadorian embassy in the u.k. for the last five years now a white house official confirmed that war bachar talked to white house chief of staff john kelly about his plan however kelly reportedly turned him down and said that the plan should be left up to the intelligence committee congressman rohrabacher believes the president's aides are preventing president trump from learning about the possibility of a deal with a songe this would have to be
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a cooperative effort between his own stuff and the leadership in the intelligence communities to try to prevent the president from making the decision as to whether or not he wants to take the steps necessary to expose this horrendous lie that was shoved down the american people's throats so incredibly earlier this year by this live a congressman is most likely referring to russian collusion speculation that russia was responsible for the d.n.c. hack assan has always insisted it was non-state actors who leaked the d.n.c. files to wiki leaks now according to congressman rohrabacher a songe is ready to tell the truth but it looks like washington doesn't want to hear it. well we'll be back with headlines in just over half an hour in the meantime for more news.
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in the u.s. a child can choose an army course in school. with retired officers as teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the cadet is interested in going one in the military but we don't recruit ourselves and see. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your chance to step up to an apollo so that comfortable with yourself. you can't go wrong with the military it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is very popular first year video game. it's play and that's because the military like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah or you can turn off your lot of these kids just don't hear. the darker side
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does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. it's taken these children. now it's ready to take that future. could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice to. live in poverty. which one. but some are following a different. to . the point that that's a. greeting
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and salutations in july of this year one hundred twenty nations voted to adopt the united nations treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons in it a crucial provision calls on those with nuclear weapons to quote remove them from operational status and destroy them as soon as possible but not later than the deadline agreed by the first meeting of states parties of course none of the countries that possess nuclear weapons or currently hold the nuclear weapons debate hostage participate in the good negotiation of the treaty those nine countries are britain china france india pakistan north korea is the real russia and the united
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states so here we are just a few months later seemingly on the brink of all out war and the nuked. governments of the world seem oblivious a rant look big bad scary country who according to the international atomic energy agency six other signatories in the u.s. state department have been in compliance with their nuclear agreement of us rashi of a rainy and deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs addressed the united nations last week on the issue saying quote they're working towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons as a legal political and moral responsibility we need to take this responsibility responsibly and continue our collective efforts resolutely on its part of iran will continue to remain a strong supporter of nuclear disarmament and yet the world's nuclear not so super powers are still splitting up the old new parisian empire narrative to a hungry an already paranoid populace while
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a vague beef up their stockpiles and hope you don't notice that they're spending our future on mass murder machines like the u.s.s. colorado the latest nuclear powered attack submarine that was delivered to the us navy last month the fifth of eight there are even more plans to upgrade already deadly machines that can shoot twelve tomahawk of missiles at a time or two really really big nukes and in case you were worried that eight of these things weren't enough it's only the beginning the united states possesses at least seventy two hundred nuclear bombs more than two thousand of them are deployed around the world and some of that seven seven hundred billion dollars congress just handed to the war department will go to perfecting and producing maybe these sixty one twelve g.p.s. guided steerable gravity bombs because in a world where bombing stuff is the only answer our leaders can come up with we have to start watching the hawgs. with.


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