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tv   Headline News  RT  October 3, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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easy. hundreds of thousands of people have come out onto the streets of barcelona against police violence on the brutal crackdown on the region's independence referendum on sunday these are the scenes live pictures for you from the capital on capitol police is saying some three hundred thousand people are attending that rally. dozens of guns are found in a hotel room and house of the man who killed fifty nine people to music festival in
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las vegas it's america's deadliest modern shooting. on the new. u.s. ambassador to russia was sworn in at the kremlin by president putin amid a period of high tension between the two nations. good evening and welcome my name is the harvey this is r.t. . three hundred thousand people have come together in barcelona against the police brutality seen during catalonia is independence vote on sunday let's bring you some live pictures now from the catalan capital and as you can see the crowds out in numbers police who have been gathering that since choose day mourning waving independence flags they seem to be having a pretty good time as well enjoying themselves and they are quite simply refuse.
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interleave rallies backing the referendum and decrying the police followed that have been seen being held right across the catalonia region a general strike is also on the way it has been a culture of resisting tales from barcelona i was really surprised by dennis was he was treated by a lot as the n.e.p. but thousands of people that have gathered here and there are those that seek this to use the opportunity the tough against the it was that we saw on the streets against the police through that and saying ordinary citizens of cats are lining up the mess they say we see here different sides of the border now not only sudanese like young would be thinking here are holding flags up in the clouds why do you even see the us how many is what is called children we see ugly people here now sometimes because our right to shout slogans. was a if and when you are
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asking if they're shouting at national police forces to leave the region and that's a line yes and allison in a number zero in will but i was hit on the shoulder and on the leg as well it is still swollen to miss the bed is tracked by the has several times i was pushed to the floor a guy standing next to me stop me from feeling a policeman was hitting my friend with his helmet any my father stopped him he was punched as well now you can see i will look at the crowd it was me as you can see a lot of young to be but i was up in the ground it was a line in the union of what was john was like to take place that was it was the barcelona that it was that was out it was that because this was it was easy and it was the i thought it was the one in madrid to sign was it negotiating to.
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elissa and while. this is what's happening on the streets. as medina said the general strike includes transport employees refusing to work paralyzing traffic right across the region buses a metro services they've also been canceled taxi drivers even have been refusing to take passengers with some public transport to the airport also stopped. ninety percent of voters chose to leave spain but in a bid to stop the referent of them from taking place the national police raided the polling stations they beat voters and they fired rubber bullets into the crowds and to learn firefighters tried to prevent violence by standing in between the independence supporters and the security forces and they've joined tuesday's protest as well condemning the crackdown on the referendum. wow.
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wow. wow. wow. wow.
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i. mean look he's the editor in chief of the purple a magazine very good evening to you luke we've seen the violent moments that they had madrid go to the fall sending the police in clearly with instructions to disrupt at all costs or was that really the spanish government's only play here. well let's keep a cool head of course it was probably not the right thing for mr hart the prime minister of spain to send. the police force on the day of the referendum itself because it was confronting citizens but for the rest don't forget that ninety percent voted for the independence but only thirty eight thirty nine percent of the people that represents only thirty eight thirty nine percent of the population the five point two million. could or should have voted so they are in
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a minority very vocal minority tonight in the demonstration going on but still a minority i think it's the high point of high tide now of course with a demonstration including barricades on streets by students and things like that but it is not to revolution i mean the baton region was never a colony of spain it's one of the richest preachings they have taught me a regional autonomy and much of it of course now threatens to suppress this regional autonomy the king of spain king philip it will speak in about fifteen minutes now to the whole population of spain this is not popular in the rest of spain and including in the capital and region there is a sign of majority something like fifty seven sixty two percent of people are against it depends so nobody knows how the independence. supports us we'll get
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out of the situation. ok it's all about perspective i think luke if you can still hear it as sort of the if he's going to get him you know all about perspective i think the spanish interior minister is trying to portray this is basically the council on government inciting rebellion do you agree with that or not. well i think it's of course a rebel and of of the independence seekers. very vocal for the moment tonight but it's certainly three hundred thousand people probably it's very important but again there is a very important silent majority in madrid of course is and it's right it's against the constitution this referendum and even the populist parties in europe most populist parties not all of them of course. who support usually as being a good form of consulting the people they're against this one because they say it's against the constitution so they should never launched it that way day they call do
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it they have to negotiate first with the power in madrid and here in brussels i mean the european commission and european parliament faction leaders of being. thirty annoyed by the situation they say it's internal spanish domestic affairs you mentioned that the e.u. reaction has been pretty mild to say the least we're expecting there to be a debate on events in catalonia tomorrow in the you do you think we'll see a change of chino a few more people speaking out against the violence. europe it's a problem it's a regional tendency i mean you have the nation's historical nations but you have many regions in france you have britain a or all of the south of france that want i mean where you have mine artists who want independence you have the same in spain of course with the top only but also the basque country and maybe others in the future it's the same in many other countries look at scotland in the u.k. or wales for example northern ireland mean it's it's very complicated
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a picture in europe and all governments are afraid to endure the pm union and the european commission are afraid of of opening the pandora's box by supporting one of the two factions either to matric government all the. independent seekers the republicans for it's call it that way but again it's very complicated because everybody knows that in catalonia that there is a real majority against it so the best would be probably that europe tries to offer its services to mediate between the two parties that would be to best for the coming month. great to have your appreciate your thoughts lou grieve a editor in chief of the purple magazine my guest. meanwhile pro independent sentiment is on the rise across the european union in more than a dozen countries minorities are vowing to have their own state for example in belgium germany and france and it's not just catalonia that is holding
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a whole held a referendum on this issue back in two hundred fourteen you remember scotland voted not to break away from the u.k. and this year a second referendum was proposed by the scottish government that was in the wake of bragg's it but the tour government that currently in power ruled out another vote later this month the italian regions of long body and venator they're also going to be holding votes on autonomy we spoke to they're far novell began barrie he's an m.p. invented those parliament he says it's important to listen to the will of the people . then it will rejoin and the minute the people are very rules look up the law on young people and many of the cerebral wind up in new york will be. the reason people are a little we want to. vote we make up some young people or use a more theme for the free from where the missionary community has been your records you have to go to montenegro for example but there are several for you so be
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more three to be not in the crowd government. meanwhile spanish authorities claim that the vote is illegal and unconstitutional and the e.u. commission has issued a statement in which it refuses to condemn the police violence and expresses its trust in spain's prime minister rest assured we're keeping right across the developing situation in catalonia any new information comes in we'll bring it straight to you. america is now mourning the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in its history fifty nine people were killed in the massacre at a country music festival in las vegas and over five hundred more were injured sonny melton was at the concert with his wife he was fatally shot in the back as he
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shielded her from the bullets the nice but it has died in been tony's arms just minutes after she posted a photograph of the two of them at the concert jessica lynch it was a single mom who leaves behind four children jenny parks was a teacher in los angeles she was also a wife and a mother of two and another victim niece of tonks also leaves behind three children here is how events unfolded on sunday night. i. i i. i i i i.
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i. i i. i i. i i. i i. i i. i i. i. we need to try to get people out of the hospital ok. i i. i. i.
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the gun man was located on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel which overlooked the festival he broke a window before unleashing a shower of bullets on to the crowd below and police stormed the room they found the body of the shooter as well as twenty three weapons including a handgun and several rifles witnesses have been recalling the horror of the rampage. whoever whoever shooting they are loaded put a new clip in new magazine and start shooting again and there's so many people around here that are i mean they were all dropping. so they were hurt or they were injured or they were dead and we just kept running and you can just hear the rounds almost like creeping up on you. make those shots don't start you don't hear that it's like being in a word alone. in just the fact of having to run over all these bodies.
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still you would know. i just kept thinking. we just need to get on to our good to see celebrating it really is very. close to. being rediscovered a prison they could see you could ever have is being able to live. there. sixty four year old steven lived in a retirement home in the volga he committed suicide right after the rampage police say he had no criminal record and no military background also according to the f.b.i. he wasn't linked to any terrorist groups despite claims made by islamic state authorities say they found twenty three weapons in his hotel room ninety more were discovered
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the products also reportedly had two devices with him called bump stocks now these allow a shooter to legally modify a semiautomatic weapon changing it into a fully automatic or also thousands of rounds of ammunition and explosives were found in his car the latest shooting reignited the debate over gun laws in america . critics have been highlighting the absurdity that it is illegal to carry a toy gun dissembling a real one on the famous las vegas strip of casinos and hotels but no such restriction on real firearms security analyst charles shubert says it's therefore impossible to prevent attacks like this considering nevada's gun laws given that the initial acquisition of the weapons themselves in nevada is certainly perfectly legal. needs to be kept of the amount of ammunition or weapons you're buying and since it's also perfectly legal to buy the very simple mechanisms that are required
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to convert those semiautomatic weapons into far more lethal fully automatic or effectively fully automatic weapons there's really very little it can be done to then stop an individual from going to a high vantage point such as in his hotel room and then using the weapon and indeed any number of weapons in the way that he did and so i guess you're going to have metal detectors that each and every hotel to detect such weapons and even then you're going to have a mechanism a legal mechanism in place to prevent people actually owning firearms and possessing them in this way there's nothing that can be done to stop this kind of attack taking place the fact is that america has a firearms problem. as attacks at a grim record after america's previous deadliest shooting at a florida nightclub last year.
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the new u.s. ambassador to russia jon huntsman has been sworn in at the kremlin by president putin daniel holkins takes a closer look at the man he's been tasked with improving tense bilateral ties and you charts for a fresh start in relations something both countries have been hoping for for quite a while jon huntsman is the man with the task of helping to repair a strained relationship a former governor presidential hopeful and the youngest u.s. ambassador in a century make for a pretty impressive c.v. some say his stint as u.s. envoy in china is a good experience for his move to moscow those hoping for
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a discrete approach though may be disappointed and spent time in beijing culminated in control to see when he was spotted at protests labeled the jasmine revolution of the u.s. embassy claimed he was there accidentally but chinese authorities were so roiled they even temporarily blocked his name on internet searches in the country and the new man in moscow is certainly not one to mince his words there is no question. underline no question. that the russian government interfered in the us election last year and moscow continues to meddle in the democratic processes of our friends and allies at that committee nomination hearing he pledged to meet dissidents and end human rights abuses no softly softly approach there and apparently something he was fond of doing during his speech. the best thing to do invite a few dissidents who are seeking freedom and want to expand mark received in china to the united states embassy the kind of thing that i used to do in any case his
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ties to russia go back further than just this week huntsman corporation a chemical manufacturing company founded by jon huntsman sr has been in russia since the nine hundred ninety s. they still maintain multiple sites with the now traveling to the country previously in that capacity and years later he's back with a nod of approval from the u.s. president even though his relations with donald trump haven't always been warm just to say the least well jon huntsman now has one of the toughest diplomatic gigs of recent times just how he handles it may well help to shape u.s. russian relations in coming months and years for u.s. diplomat ted see thinks that hudson's political and business experience is a plus. jon huntsman is an experienced diplomat he's a seasoned political operator he's had experience working for both democratic and republican administrations and i think in many ways with his very strong business
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background he's the ideal candidate to be the u.s. russian ambassador right now because i believe that president trumps a real agenda is to place us russian relationships on the right footing now the question is of course why is president trump sending this person to moscow and here i believe the answer has to be he wants to send a very strong signal that the business of the u.s. russia relationship ought to be business. and also he's presenting it's out of this world spaceport three sixty project the first ever virtual reality video from outer space.
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ok there's far more about this project shower this cross so it's about these jacqueline as if we really need selling on space everybody loves outer space will find it fascinating what's so exciting about this project. we hope right now i'm in the museum of kuzma in moscow and i am surrounded by a lot of really excited people because the first ever panoramic video shot in open space by the isis crew has just been shown here tonight and now of course that means that we mere mortals here on earth have a chance to understand what it's like to walk outside in space while float in space i guess i should say and look around now of course so far all we've seen is the video just on a normal television screen and to get the full experience you really have to put on these special goggles everyone's lining up right now to take their turn and of
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course i've got someone holding my spot so that i can get a chance to look at that as well because everyone says that it's just amazing and of course the most one of the most exciting the point of this evening was an interview with a number of astronauts who are on the international space station right now as we speak it was amazing to hear their thoughts and just asked a bunch of questions about what it's like to be up there but they also of course commented on the three sixty project which they took part in the filming of let's take a listen. i'm really happy that it was all over the first ones to try this technology in outer space i'm also really excited to see it because i've been in outer space numerous times but no idea how it looks and vote your reality but i know for sure that it's a unique experience. i think everyone would want to share. the astronaut of course went on to say that he was of course excited to see it and very happy that everyone here on earth is going to get at least a taste of what it's like for them up on the international space station and
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tonight's event actually coincides with the sixtieth anniversary of the launch of sputnik one which i think you can see over my shoulder here is a model of that satellite that was the first ever artificial satellite to orbit around earth and the three sixty three sixty project actually isn't something new for r.t.a. it started back in november of last year and it's been in collaboration with the russian space agency cosmos and the leading spacecraft producer and the idea which of course in russian means energy and you can find all these videos at r.t. dot com and it's not just videos of space there's videos of protests and concerts lots of really interesting things to see there so right now i'm waiting for my turn to try on those goggles not personally letting you guys know what that experience is like or you know really want to know it's all about the headsets the go-go's as you said apparently it's almost as good as being that is nothing like what you just need to deal in the t.v. so do let is no i think you'll enjoy this i think.
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moving on britain's face fifteen years in jail for watching terrorist material online of this is according to new plans spawn the u.k. government secretary on the road intends to change the law to make watching extremist content on sites like you tube a criminal offense. takes a look at the reasons behind the move. the way the law works now is that it is illegal to download extremist content into storage as well and at the moment that carries a punishment of up to ten years but take a listen to what the home secretary wants to do now i want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online including jihadi websites foreign propaganda and bomb making instructions face the full force of the law so one brother wants to do is she wants to make it illegal to stream extremist content online as well and she wants to increase the maximum penalty from ten years up to
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fifteen years in prison now runs point is that this is simply a case of the nor needing to catch up with the realities of modern online behavior the example that rob used to illustrate her point was about a man who had repeatedly accessed bomb making videos on you tube but he couldn't be charged because he hadn't downloaded those videos it's important to remember that this law doesn't just apply to jihadist material it's any sort of terror propaganda so that could be far right it could be bomb manuals as well of course as it is with laws in theory and laws in practice there may be questions about the laws implementation for example does the government have a full proof way of knowing who accessed what and when by way of example a couple of weeks ago after the parson's green incident i spent an entire day
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googling bomb making manuals and bomb making know how because everybody was researching a story about how easy it is to build a homemade bomb and access that information online but with some cases it might not be as clear cut as that and that is where the difficulties with this could arise. let's finish by returning to our top story this hour three hundred thousand people have come together in barcelona against the police brutality that was seen during catalonians independence vote on sunday and the situation our correspondent is in the council on capital she joins us live on the line now to syria i can see still so there's a lot of people there know it's been a long hundreds of thousands of people that still lots of enthusiasm it seems. well let me know what's unraveling here in cuts lonia can usually be described as one of the biggest crises spain has certainly seen and in general recent that could
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possibly lead to a split apart not just this country but also for example. around europe so what's happening here is right. over process right now where. we are now where. people are casting and another demonstration the lines that have been taking place here in the referendum first of this particular tuesday obviously lots of excitement here at this particular. ten strike and that's probably where we know our regional union's most powerful movements organized the people to come out onto the streets and strike lots of streets were closed off the outskirts omonia transportation hubs had been closed businesses even barcelona took part in this particular strike.


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