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tv   Headline News  RT  October 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at. the top. it's tuesday october third five pm here in washington d.c. i'm actually banks and you're watching our team america we begin today in las vegas where residents are trying to cope after tragedy struck the city on sunday sixty four year old steven pedagog opened fire on a concert from the thirty second floor of
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a nearby hotel killing at least fifty nine people and injuring more than five hundred others this shooting is the most deadly and modern u.s. history for more on this tragic event we have team coverage with the toughest week to las vegas it's my whole of it in toronto canada and some modelling result and our d.c. newsroom first let's start with you natasha what can you tell us. all over town you can see support for the victims who were slain in sunday's concert just across the way from the mandalay bay hotel as for the victims. concert goers were running for cover as the shots ring out because you're going to make it like he's not shooting with you know forty five like he has an automatic rifle make those shots don't stop you don't hear that it's like being in a. words i. have never heard of. of five
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hundred people getting and getting shot before other than the civil war i mean i know it's probably the greatest tragedy in american history now i mean other than nine eleven matthew edwards of san diego was visiting biggest for a week of fun but was caught simply devastated when he found out exactly what happened at the jason aldean concert sunday night his friend went and was luckily a survivor yes she was there the concert she was crawling on of the bleaches bleachers and she got a couple stitches last night as she was at sunrise. and we were there for a couple hours and it's just been as it's been a terrible day people are mourning the loss of the fifty nine victims who tragically lost their lives too soon as you can see people are coming together for unity hotels all along the strip are showing their support offering prayers to the victims and their families i was afraid have two kids at home so i just kept
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thinking play we just need to get on to our kids in you know but you know expect to ever be in that situation like you don't prepare for it in you just you despite our fight edwards says it's all about understanding we all come from the same place imagine everybody in the world held held hands. just just held hands for one second i'm a imagine the power that would be put upon the planet i mean i'll don't think there really any any more. thank you so much natasha that was our to correspondent atia sweet now and to you alex among the casualties in las vegas are a number of canadians who were out a concert alex what do we know so far about the people from canada who suffered at the hands of the government. so as the stats stand right now we know that at least four canadians were killed three women and one gentleman and seven people were
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injured during that incidence the one gentleman who passed away his name is jordan michael doon and he is from british columbia twenty three years old his twenty fourth birthday would've been this friday his parents. come to las vegas to pick up his body only child obviously that family is absolutely devastated and there's more to the story we actually heard from a woman in a las vegas resident who was by his side here's what she put up on facebook now this woman is her name is heather guus she wrote friends and family i'm ok i am right outside of the festival grounds we are not allowed to go anywhere i'm with a young man who died in my arms r.i.p. jordan medical dune from british columbia i don't believe this just happened now she stood by his or sat by his side till the very end she felt the life go out of him he was squeezing her of her finger and then lightly let go she said that she
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didn't want him to end up being a john doe she actually used his cell phone to communicate with his mother and told his mother what had happened so obviously very tragic and a very touching story the other people that we know that were killed in this incident from canada are jessica klim chuck of valley view. she was an educational assistant a bus driver and a librarian at a school of she is a mother of four other individual is twenty eight year old callum a dig of jasper who has lived in edmonton for the past three years she was a young woman who wanted to live in the big city and move to admin since experience that kind of life and and this is what ended up happening to her and finally we know about tara rowe smith now terrell smith is from alberta she is the mother of two she was thought to be missing up until today and then it was finally. said that she actually was killed by the assailant as well so a lot of tragedy and the asli
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a lot of people here in canada are not only for our fellow canadians but our hearts go out to the people they knew us also that were affected by this is there such tragic stories on my mentors that they hear i had the canadian government commented on the situation in las vegas. from the provincial as well as the federal level and let's start with the provincial british columbia we have the premier there john horgan he said that the situation is simply in comprehensible horrifying in his thoughts are with the family from alberta where the three female victims are from we heard from the premier there rachel not lee as she said our hearts go out to the loved ones of the albertans who were killed in the los vegas attack and then prime minister trudeau pretty much sooner or very soon after he heard about this he tweeted out and this is what he had to say words fail this morning the friendship and support of canadians is with the victims in las vegas and the people of the united states now justin trudeau also called president trump to express his
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condolences through president trump to the families in the u.s. the prime minister also said to the president that the canadians are willing if you need us were there that we will send down any help necessary to the united states obviously our two countries are very close not only in g.r. geographically but also in spirit the prime minister also noted that the canadian government is working with the victim's families as well as keeping an eye out to see if anybody else down in the vegas area is of canadian descent that might have been injured in this and the government is there to help those individuals as well thank you so much. thank you now let's go to our d.c. newsroom and simone del rosario simone what can you tell us about one for students investigation into the shooter at this point what exactly do we know well actually what we know is that law enforcement is confident that the shooter acted alone what they don't know is why and that's
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a big part of this investigation we're now in day two las vegas metropolitan police department is working on two fronts to process the crime scene and also investigate the motive of the shooter. metro and its partners have executed a search warrant at the home of steven craig patrick and mosquito. detectives are combing through evidence to uncover the motive behind the shooting and any other pertinent information that would help shed light on this horrible event here's what investigators have found so far twenty three firearms in the shooter's hotel room at mandalay bay some of which were modified in one thousand mourners home in mosquita nevada in the hotel room multiple loaded high capacity magazines which lead law enforcement to the conclusion he could have inflicted even more destruction and death they also found several pounds of ammonium nitrate in his car which can be used as explosives and it's most commonly found in fertilizer the las vegas metropolitan police department along with the mosquito police department have
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searched through the shooter's home in a newly built retirement subdivision in misc eat where they found the at least one thousand additional guns it's about eighty miles away from the los vegas strip where the shooter traveled to commit this horrendous massacre now early information out of the investigation revealed he frequently traveled from this home to los vegas to play high stakes poker according to authorities the killer lived here with his girlfriend who was originally listed by police as a person of interest and he was out of the country at the time of the shooting authorities say she is no longer a person of interest but they are looking to her for more information we are continuing the investigation into a female on a with several questions that need to be an answer similar to what you propose but she is currently out of the country we are making arrangements to contact her upon her return. you know i believe she's in tokyo and she is expected to return to the united states wednesday las vegas police and the f.b.i. are currently combing through the festival grounds looking for any clues and also
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just processing the crime scene of what is now the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history again the death toll stands at fifty nine lives right now nearly five hundred thirty are in. third right now the information though is not yet adding up as of now all indications point to the shooter purchasing this multitude of firearms legally he underwent the necessary background checks he didn't raise any red flags he does not have a criminal history and as authorities understand it no history of mental health or extreme political or religious ideology there are unconfirmed reports the shooter wired one hundred thousand dollars to the philippines about a week before the shooting that's where his girlfriend is from so the conversation authorities had with her upon her return might provide some useful information the last bit of information i have for you is this video it's the exact suite in mandalay bay where the shooter launched his assault room thirty two dash one thirty five against back in january of two thousand and sixteen took this video when he got upgraded to the suite you can see the floor to ceiling windows where the
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shooter would have had a clear view of the concert venue along with pretty luxurious settings inside the suite we have yet to hear from the hotel on how the killer managed to secure this week ahead of the attack now these are all bits of information that will continue to be pieced together the sheriff of clark county just minutes ago asking for everyone to be patient as they process the scene ashley thank you so much simone for keeping us up to date on the investigation and like you said we'll learn more as the days go on that with some reporting in our newsroom thank you. as off vegas grapples with the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history uncertainty looms over the city tourism is critical to the local economy according to the borough of labor statistics a quarter of a million people work in the cities hotels restaurants bars and casinos joining me now to discuss this further to relevance for a host of watching the how the hawks have out what is the mood of the city right now. it's very interesting i've been to vegas many times in my life but i've never
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quite seen vegas like this it's almost there's a deadly silence that is still kind of creeping over the city even just you know forty eight hours you know even just a few days later and it truly is that unlike anything i've ever seen you see the tourists in the streets you see everybody working but you generally get this feel that they're really kind of going through the motions and and still coming to grips with what happened and of course that incident is on the tips of everybody's tongues everybody you see them taking pictures you see people taking selfies of the streets where and mandalay bay where it took place and it is definitely definitely a vegan like you've never seen before. kenyon what is back do you believe this massive terror that occurred on sunday is going to have a mentor is vacationing there. again it's interesting because when you talk to the tourists here you know they're almost it's almost like a zombie effect is kind of taken over you can see that there is there you know
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walking and going about the normal two or things you know riding the roller coasters at the hotels playing the slot machines you know playing the blackjack tables there's still this kind of just a level of morose and wonderment actually that it's kind of it is over the during the day i talked to a few and they said they're not going to cut their vacation short they're going to stay and live out their vacations and play out and try to have some kind of fun here and try to have some kind of good feelings and vibe and that was really interesting too i've never in my history coming to bagus of ever seen so much you know piece. be with you and you know we love you there's a lot of peace and love on everyone's lips today i saw it on the plane right in this morning to get here the pilot came over the loudspeaker and told everybody that you know have a beautiful lovely day and have a peaceful day and that is generally found that the two words that the tourist trade is dealing with is trying to get out to the city of peace and love in the light of this horrific horrific event anti-roll about
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a year from now we're looking at twenty eight hundred october twenty thousand do you think at all as massacres going to have an unpatched on the people living in vegas and people people visiting the city. i don't think it's going to have an impact on the tourist trade a year from now vegas is a vibrant city people are always going to want to come here and try their fortune at the at the gambling tables and at the slot machines but i do think that there's a certain innocence if you can even use that word with i guess that there is a certain innocence that has been lost and i think that the p.t.s.d. that this town will live on long after these with these unfortunate days and weeks we're living in right now our entire elvin tour reporting in las vegas thank you so much. thank you. according to a quinnipiac university poll american voters strongly favor gun control legislation by a margin of ninety two to seven percent this includes ninety two to six percent among current gun owners all support for enforcing stronger background checks ranges from
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eighty six to eleven percent among republicans in ninety eight to two among democrats voters also overwhelmingly support laws preventing individuals with mental illness from purchasing guns eighty nine to nine percent are to spoke with mitch cesar's a former florida state party chair and the wake of the las vegas shooting cesar called for direct public action as a means of countering the rhetoric disseminated by the gun lobby and the u.s. . i think it's going to have to end up almost like a social movement seriously like women's rights were it civil rights it's going to have to take to the streets it's going to have to make enough people scared if the deaths of all these people and little children aren't going to do it then something's wrong with this country and the fact that the n.r.a. has a stranglehold frankly on most republicans in congress has come that shares of gun stocks are soaring as a result of one of the deadliest mass shootings to occur and modern u.s.
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history. the tragedy in las vegas is discussed in today's politicking as well larry king is joined by u.s. representative steve cohen who me ask if the bloodshed will change anything in america's gun control here's a sneak peek just how are we ever going to get anything changed on gun control after last vegas. we certainly should it was a tragic and awful thing that happened but as long as the n.r.a. makes ratings which is important to republicans and their primaries and also makes major contributions i don't think we're going to have enough support from members of the opposite side of the aisle we need to have common sense gun laws no no fly. restrictions on high capacity magazines that were restrictions on assault weapons and more money in mental health but i don't think republicans will support any of that because of the n.r.a. ratings and n.r.a.
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contributions despite the biggest mayor shooting in american history. so sad. surely after tragedy struck the city of las vegas isis claimed responsibility for the attack calling the gunmen stephen pad out a soldier of the islamic state the terrorist organization also claimed padda converted to islam several months ago however the f.b.i. said it's been determined there is no connection between paddock and i says so why would i says claim responsibility joining me now to answer that question and more is former pentagon official michael maloof thank you so much for joining us michael now some are calling what happened last week as terrorism i want you to define international terrorism and domestic terrorism for us well the federal code of regulations basically defines international terrorism as done by an individual or a group that tries to coerce the government into its way of changing for its own political purposes usually through violent means and we're seeing that today with
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al qaeda with with the. with isis and but domestic terrorism as such it really hasn't been defined by any federal code as such although. individuals have been have been and groups have been singled out as domestic terrorists but generally domestic terrorism only a pertains to attacks on government officials or hijacking but not mess shootings such as this and now we see these mass shootings happen over and over again from the columbine shooting to virginia tech to what happened in colorado when the gunman opened fire while people were watching a movie and then we see what happened and las vegas just a couple of days ago would you call these past acts plus what happened in lots of a gets domestic terrorism i would it whenever you're being shot at and in a crowd in someone's spraying you with deadly fire you're being terrorized as far
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as i'm personally concerned but it doesn't fit into the legal definitions that have been have been established because we really hadn't come across this kind of activity until very recently maybe the regulations need to be updated to a deal with this kind of thing but. even even president trump in his initial comments following the shooting call this just an act of evil he didn't call it terrorism as such because there is a definite view that that terrorism. internationally is defined to to to coerce a government into change through violent means whether it's by individuals or or groups of individuals but that again we don't know the motive behind mr paddick and even if he were alive and were captured. authorities believe that he never would have been tried for terrorism as such unless the regulations in the rules are
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changed. i think i think he exhibited more. he displayed more of a psychopath psychopathic tendencies than. anything that had to do with hearing to protect some particular cause now the f.b.i. is said they have and have not found any information so far that's that's important because they're still going through his electronics they're still going to be interviewing people they need to find out more about his background so they haven't really come to a final conclusion but what they've come across so far does not indicate or display any connection that there is any connection whatsoever and that's what we we still need to know about what was the radicalized in his own little way and decided to do this to go out with a bang. psychopaths as i understand it tend to be suicidal and he may have just wanted to go out in a display of fire like this i want to go back to something that you mentioned you
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said that if i had a devil if he were still alive that he would not be tried as a terrorist and of course that already they're not calling this terrorism because there isn't like you're saying a defiant there is not a definition record domestic terrorism do you think moving forward after this situation after this massacre we saw we've seen several others do you believe that the u.s. government will begin to define domestic terrorism differently well i think there's going to have to be some kind of discussion about a particular congress to to and by law law enforcement authorities to determine what constitutes domestic terrorism as such. individuals who want to overthrow the government or sasson a public officials that's about the extent that they've gone in in relating terrorism to domestic violence of any kind but they need to go further into mass killings such as this but again those other reasons we work to change
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government or to alter there but the bombing in in oklahoma city in ninety five. believe it was that this was a this was a hateful thing and it blew up a federal building that that's that's that's domestic terrorism but it was aimed at a federal facility and federal officials and so consequently that's why it came under the rubric of terrorist domestic terrorism i want to move on now to the isis claim you know sometimes i says they're quick to claim different terrorist attacks at times and teligent agency is there either able to link the perpetrators to pledging that they are isis members or that they were influenced by isis right now we mentioned that the f.b.i. has not found a connection between padlocked and i say so why do you think isis is sometimes so quick to claim responsibility they want to take credit for any. major event such as this to create havoc in the united states and disruption i mean it terrorize people
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it was a form of terror and they wanted to take credit for it because of the massiveness of it and that and the impact it's had on the popular on the population generally but but they're clearly going to they've done this before where they've taken credit for events but really have very little if anything to do with it and so but this is all part of their cycle like calculated psychological warfare efforts whether it's through cyber or through physical events such as blowing killing people we're little short on time now obviously like we said this is not the first time isis has done this but would you agree that isis is getting weaker and we're seeing territory in this could be one of the reasons why. they're trying to stay hidden the headlines by clinton responsibility for the slightly other time they're trying to remain relevant as the caliphate goes away as as it's about ready to do they still have people out there who are willing to fight go back into the country
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and enter and train and you also have people who are very. scrotal don't you know with society i mean you may have these people who then and hear themselves too and claim that they are at hearing of isis but who knows it's we have a very sick world right now and people people are going to hear to these kinds of things and isis will take advantage of it every time so will qaeda and so there we're going to see them taking credit for events that they may have had very little if anything to do with all because they want to have some impact but the but to date isis has shown no evidence that they related to mr paddick and that or nor has the f.b.i. funded as you pointed out so we need to see and find out more in his background before a final conclusion and i'm sure we will as the days go on thank you so much we're going to have to leave it there that was former pentagon official michael maloof
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thank you so much. coming up on our team president donald trump stokes even more controversy during his visit to puerto rico today we'll have the details in just a moment. there's a real irony going. well if you feel you know what i'm already while. this is the. real. thing. you should. put themselves on the line and they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. or some want.
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to do it for us this is what the three of them. i can't believe. i'm interested in the was. there should. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth parties able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting
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a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. i. president donald trump and the first lady arrived in puerto rico this afternoon fourteen days after hurricane maria ravaged the island the routine photo op visit was quickly sidetracked after the us president compared puerto rico's death toll to hurricane katrina as in jokingly you blame the u.s. territory for its recovery costs for more details across like r t's marina up or not i and my amie marina first the president has given himself high marks on the federal response to puerto rico critics say his administration moved too slowly and
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responding to the crisis on the island does the president understand things and differently after speaking to local officials and residents it doesn't appear that way after arriving in puerto rico around eleven forty five am the first couple post for some quick pictures before hosting a roundtable with local and federal officials at one point mr trump went around the room soliciting praise about his administration's response to the crisis now while millions on the island continue suffering without water electricity and guaranteeing medical assistance president trump spoke today about the cost of recovery efforts and contrasted puerto rico's death toll to hurricane katrina us now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you've thrown our budget a little at a way because we spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine we've saved a lot of lives if you look at the. every death is a horror but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and
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hundreds and hundreds of people that died and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally overpowering nobody's ever seen anything like this now what is your what does your death count as of this moment seven sixty seven sixteen people certified sixteen people versus in the thousands. you could be very proud of all of your people all of our people working sixteen versus literally thousands of people. now approximately eight hundred thirty three people died in the aftermath of hurricane katrina which we just heard the president call a quote real catastrophe following the roundtable the first couple met with hurricane victims in quite nabo an affluent neighborhood roughly ten minutes outside of san juan the president also met with some of the more than ten thousand federal officials on the island working to restore power deliver food and supplies to the three point four million americans living there. marina there are reports
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the death toll in puerto rico is higher than what's being reported i have you heard anything about this yes the number of certified deaths from hurricane maria is sixteen as we just heard in the sound bite from the president however the death toll hasn't been updated in six days and officials say the dead can't be documented because logistics and legal aspects of declaring someone dead are not available in an interview with the center for investigative journalism puerto rico's public safety secretary acknowledged the death toll from maria may be far higher saying quote i believe there are more dead but i don't have reports telling me eight died in my own was because they locked oxygen that ford died in sent pablo because they did not receive dialysis unquote according to reports hospital officials in puerto rico believe there are dozens if not hundreds of additional victims not accounted for in the death toll in total first responders and local authorities reach all
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seventy eight minutes polities on the island and coordinate relief and communication efforts we will not know the official death toll and that is just a sad reality of most people of puerto rico are dealing with as they remain mired in the chaos following hurricane maria arena thank you so much for staying on top of the story that was marina poor nine reporting in miami thank you so much thank you. here in washington the trump administration expelled fifteen diplomats from the cuban embassy in an escalating response to what they say is a series of unexplained attacks against u.s. officials both countries are poised to cut their embassies by more than half after the u.s. announced it would withdraw sixty percent of its own diplomats from havana this comes as state department officials say twenty two americans became the victims of an alleged quote sonic attack and recent weeks authorities confirmed these attacks saying victims suffered damage to their hearing cognitive abilities balance and
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vision some were even diagnosed with brain injuries the ministry of foreign affairs of cuba responded to these allegations saying they quote categorically reject any responsibility in the alleged incidents cuba has never perpetrated nor will it ever perpetrate attacks of any sort against diplomatic officials without any exception they continue to say quote the ministry urges the authorities of the u.s. government not to continue politicizing this matter which can provoke an undesirable as collation the press release concludes by thing cuban officials hope to move forward to foster cooperation between both nations. on tuesday bragged that talks were delayed at the request of the remaining members of the european union members bianca fishiest here with an update the aga just last week the president of the european commission said america would have to happen for brock's that talks to proceed and not short amount of time since no miracles have occurred and the
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negotiations process has officially been delayed on tuesday members of european parliament voted five hundred fifty seven to ninety two on suspending talks at a press conference commission president john clarke younker said the u.k. needs to commit to financial obligations before moving forward and michel barnier who acts as the chief negotiator said it's become a complicated sticking point it well. and alongside these positive points i mean to assess the state of play objective there are still serious divergences especially on the financial settlements and on this matter i already talked about here things are also simple we will not exceed for the twenty seven to pay for what was decided on by twenty eight simple is that. later this month member states will get together again to see if sufficient progress has been made which would allow talks to continue but the vote is still a blow to the u.k. and prime minister theresa may who tried to ease the stalemate during
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a recent speech in italy the following news of the vote the u.k.'s breck's it negotiator in chief said the government remains determined to reach a good deal of course sometimes exchanges of tough but that is to be expected the job of the ministers and trusted to the prime ministers entrusted to me is to keep a calm eye on our goal and not to be diverted because the prizes for success are enormous as all the consequences of failure. however the vote doesn't stop either side from preparing for brecht's it or communicating with each other about it so we'll see at the end of the month if any progress is made by them. so beyond what could possibly happen if they don't come to a deal well it doesn't really look like the e.u. is very concerned with that right now it's much much bigger threat to the u.k. and on earlier on tuesday david davis who works as the chief negotiator for
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the u.k. told the conservative party that the u.k. government is preparing a contingency plan because the u.k. does not want a so-called hard which would mean that they would leave the e.u. without any trade deals they want what's considered a soft breck's it but considering all of the comments from the leaders and how they're they keep reaching these roadblocks the u.k. is preparing for plan b. and a few weeks ago prime minister theresa may gave a speech in italy where she tried to sort of ease the tensions between both sides before the fourth round of talks which took place last week and some leaders responded very warmly to that like german chancellor angela merkel who was just elected but then given you know comments today and the vote that happened today it looks like. the u.k. should be preparing for the worst case scenario all right thank you so much beyond that was boom bust bianca fish thinks. three hundred thousand people have come together in barcelona to mobilize against police brutality during catalonia the
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independence vote on sunday artie's anastasio churkin reports from the catalan capital so the rambling here in cuts alone here can easily be described as one of the biggest crises spain has certainly seen in a generation that could possibly lead to a split of fun not just this country but also exemplary around europe so what's going on rattling you're certainly right. over to brussels right now where one of the. where to park now where they can tell the people are catholic and nothing demonstrates serious problems that have been taking place here in the referendum october first now and this particular tuesday obviously lots of excitement here this particular tuesday it has been a day of intense pride compacts club near where we know that sound regional union the smallest classroom movements organize for the people to come out onto the
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streets and strike lots of streets were closed off the outskirts omonia transportation pubs have been closed businesses even football club barcelona took part in this particular strike between. cities throughout the evening under the guise of not only people protesting the police brutality that cuts alone in the scene during the referendum but also the general options of madrid when it comes to the reactions and the steps they've taken to get in the way of what passes as attempts to get in the way of being able to speak for their rights now obviously one of the reasons all these people have been coming out onto the streets since sunday was because of the very brutal crackdown that we saw of these crowds catalonian not only breaking into voting stations and taking away election ballots but also considering over eight hundred people this is been something that was seen as completely scandalous by many observers and certainly something that's our
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catalonia and spain a member states of the european union has certainly been surprising to watch to say the least and of course all of this comes in terms of lots of questions about what's going to happen next because obviously the cats a lot of people here who do support getting out of spain have no plans to go to to go anywhere was madrid sees this referendum as never even heard of having taken place but we can tell you is the king of spain is going to be speaking within the next hour and also within the european parliament there finally going to be a draw. i think what's been happening here and debating that as we continue to watch what our rivals hear as the syrian army fights and push out remaining islamic state fighters from the city of diaz there are hundreds of terrorists have been eliminated in the last forty eight hours that's according to the russian defense ministry our teams in iran garcia has the latest from the ground in syria the russian missiles operating along the west bank of the euphrates river as over the last forty eight hours killed three hundred four isis jihad ists confirmed kills
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injuring one hundred seventy more killed was seven field commanders the varying seniority a momentum that has a star in the national who is responsible for coordinating isis attacks squads in davis or provence other targets struck include eight tanks as well as a number of city repeats his pickup trucks commanded control bunkers. various isis infrastructure that has allowed them to resist the syrian military as it has advanced in did a sort of province but isis is retreating in the syrian army along with the russian a strike is making progress but will be it's a slow pace isis resistance is few reus but the places it is retreating from such as there is sort of city a slowly coming back to life but as i reported earlier the scars left behind will
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take years to heal in there is order you'll find little unmocked by war every great as it's a tragic story and i think it exploded right here a neighbor was sitting here holding his two year old nephew another man was there and my son isa was right here trying to know him in the back in the waist and the legs a piece wanted his lungs he still suffers pain from it. isa has now survived isis shells twice he well remembers his last brush with death and how his sister found him. i said judy judy my back hurts but she said only my legs were hit when they picked me up they saw blood flowing down my back my sister started screaming and hitting herself the first time he was nearly killed by an isis shell he was just ten months old then shrapnel peppered the baby
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isa slicing off a toe in all he has eleven scars and a lump of jagged metal in his lungs that could still eventually kill him but at least he made it the other two year old boy at the scene wasn't so lucky hell lasted for three years it left a mark on everyone the word tragedy does not begin to describe what happened in there is or any door you knock on any family you talk to tell you of their loss and their suffering truly the one thing that unites this city is that everyone has a horrific story there was no place in davis or where the population could find sanctuary there is no place that the battle left untouched dust craters bullet
5:42 pm
holes and devastation everywhere entire districts of the city are in ruins entire generations traumatized entire generations lost. most of the hands during the battle with isis i was shot just above my jaw the bullet is still there my left eye was destroyed and i have ten percent vision in my right eye. the reality of war i delves to brothers also in the army defending dead as order they were literally protecting their family against isis he is the only one left alive these families loss is neither unique nor the worst. i think i was a moment once a lose one see all three sons many families gave more than me in my office there was a man who lost five sons and
5:43 pm
a daughter this is what war is it consumes and destroys everything. for many the worst is over the breaking of the siege of datas or heralded a new beginning yet for others in the areas still being liberated it's just the stott psychological scars left behind will take decades to heal what i guess the. from there is syria. coming up on our team the u.s. has a new face and rochelle we'll have more on the new ambassador to russia plus what it could mean for the future between the two countries. themselves. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to present. something. to you i'd. like.
5:44 pm
to get. an interesting. question. about your sudden passing i've only just learned. taken your last. year at the time to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got a chance to. remember when we first met my life turned on each. and my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some more fun to those that tonight. to question are. you secretly promised to never let. it say one does not need to know the same as one enters mine gets consumed with this one to. speak to no attempt.
5:45 pm
to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics i'll make sure you don't get railroad you'll get the straight talk in the break. i'm going to cut your losses to. switch to. you guys i made a professional is powerpoint to show you how archie america it's new to the greater media landscape our tears are not all right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can see from his bar
5:46 pm
graph we don't skew the facts either talking have led to these talking head righties oh there you go above it all to look at world r.t. america is in the spotlight now every lead might have no idea how to classify as and it actually took me way more time and i care to admit. jon huntsman has appointed as the u.s. ambassador to russia and has presented his credentials to the government including russian president vladimir putin huntsman is an experience envoy previously leading diplomatic missions across asia when appointed to signal poor and one thousand nine hundred two he became the youngest u.s. ambassador and the sentry he speaks mandarin also worked as a mormon missionary in taiwan for several years trying considered him first secretary of state before choosing rex tillerson huntsman is said to have business interests in russia with his family owning several chemical processing companies
5:47 pm
and the country artie's that daniel hawkins takes a closer look at huntsman's nomination. listen to his speech took up his post officially him and his wife mary kay of course rob the most just a few days ago he's got a very long and impressive c.v. it has to be said he was the governor of utah state serving that post twice he was ambassador to singapore and later to china under both democratic and republican administrations he now has the tosk of trying to repair relations between the u.s. and russia something quite an enviable that has to be said given the complex relationship currently ongoing between the two countries in terms of how he sees russia how he sees relations between the two countries and indeed russia's place on the world stage he could be described as a bit of a hard line to bring some quite rhetoric about that there is no question. underlie
5:48 pm
no question. that the russian government interfered in the us election last year and moscow continues to meddle in the democratic process each of our friends and allies jon huntsman has promised to hold russian officials what he describes to account during his time in moscow to end human rights abuses to meet dissidents suz got a lot of plans if you like a busy show as you'll coming up according to his was a given his very strong rhetoric outspoken rhetoric will be interesting to see how exactly he moves along with the power in those relations mr putin said today. they're not happy with the current state of affairs also you know russia around the united states russia. are subject to the interests and they removed. or instead of. being that we could see what is a predictable constructive in the benefit. of the united states so it will be very interesting to see how that goes over the coming months and years our team is
5:49 pm
presenting gets out of this world space walk three think the project the first ever virtual reality video from outer space here's our tease jacqueline booga with more . in moscow and i am surrounded by a lot of really excited people because the first ever panoramic video shot in open space by the isis crew has just been shown here tonight and now of course that means that we mere mortals here on earth had a chance to understand what it's like to walk outside in space while float in space i guess i should say and look around now of course so far all we've seen is the video just on a normal television screen and to get the full experience you really have to put on these special goggles everyone climbing up right now to take their turn and of course i've got someone holding my spot so that i can get a chance to look at that as well because everyone says that it's just amazing and of course the most one of the most important exciting points of this evening was an interview with a number of astronauts who are on the international space station right now as we
5:50 pm
speak it was amazing to hear their thoughts and just asked a bunch of questions about what it's like to be up there but they also of course commented on the three sixty project which they took part in the filming of let's take a listen. which i'm really happy that it was us russians who were the first ones to try this technology in outer space i'm also really excited to see you because i've been out space numerous times but no idea how it looks and vote your reality but i know for sure that it's a unique experience that i think everyone would want to share. the astronaut of course went on to say that he was of course excited to see it and very happy that everyone here on earth is going to get at least a taste of what it's like for them up on the international space station and tonight's event actually coincides with the sixtieth anniversary of the launch of sputnik one which i think you can see over my shoulder here is a model of that satellite that was the first ever artificial satellite to orbit around earth and the three sixty three sixty project actually isn't something new
5:51 pm
for r.t.a. it started back in november of last year and it's been in collaboration with the russian space agency for us. cosmos and the leading spacecraft producer and there would be you know which of course in russian means. and you can find all these videos at r.t. dot com and it's not just videos of space there's videos of protests and concerts lots of really interesting things to see there so right now i'm waiting for my turn to try on those goals in the first ever letting you guys know what that experience is like watching the hottest coming up next here in our t.j. relevant were and joins us for a quick preview from a lot of their tie. a low a low us tonight are watching the hawks we are going to be discussing the tragic shooting of a very serious regular with not only myself but also the cost of sweets and the walls will be diving in the crowd alone in the store historic. that are taking
5:52 pm
place there this is. a. week week for news. all right thanks so much tara we look forward to seeing your show. all dads of the for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america also check out our web site r t v dot com forward slash america you can also follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore r t and don't forget to question more. on all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of partners are anti american play r.t. america much more r t america first. many ways to use the landscape just like if you really do speak good actors bad actors and if you could never.
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so what part all world state of the world all the world's a stage we are. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that. until they are indistinguishable we have become the most. society on politics as a species of endless and needless to local politicians. and celebrities are to ruling parties are in reality one party or party and those who attempt to punk this . breathless universe up to make news just sign the push through the t.v. an exploitation of the media a little more are pushed so far to the margins of society including by
5:54 pm
a public broadcasting system that has sold it sold for corporate money that we might as well be my team against an avalanche. we lost. it's. called the future we don't. have the world. and you get the old. world coming. or decade the american middle choir been railroaded by washington politics. big body work for you that's broke out a lot of oil that's helping them
5:55 pm
a new culture in this country will. i bet. you america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get great profit in the great. war. you too just banned the channel activists to post on september fifteenth they gave the reason multiple violations of community guidelines but youtube never gave the channel any specific strikes and they declined to provide any guidelines that the channel supposedly violated just one day the channels there in the next poof you two disappeared it welcome to the new world of the internet activists post has been
5:56 pm
around for a few years it had garnered hundreds of thousands of views from about one hundred fifty videos on you tube had to monetize some of their videos as they've been doing to many people whose videos present radical or even just alternative ideas but the outright ban of the channel came out of the blue to its creators the last video they had posted was about the objectification of women and sex robots it wasn't even political or very controversial it was just an interview where they were talking very respectfully about women and the nature of these robots and what they say about our society so would be hard to understand why you too would have shut down the channel over that video another reason they might have shut it down could be that activist post was actually named by the washington post as fake news after the election when they made their little fake news hit list and experience which activist posts host. then our money calls surreal now i've watched many of their videos and i've even done interviews with them myself and i can tell you i've never seen them publish just outright news i didn't agree with everything they said that
5:57 pm
and i've had different opinions from them over the years but there channel has always been less about breaking news and more about discussion that's what i always liked it was a place where people with alternative viewpoints could discuss things in a way not represented in the mainstream media and i suspect that's the real reason you tube took down their channel because they were a place where alternative perspectives could grow and that's what's going to be squashed more and more in the coming years from you tube and google and facebook and twitter from anywhere masses of people congregate online and they won't even have to give a reason but in the end anyone with an alternative perspective will know why it's a brave new world all right and as activist post's host says famously old what.
5:58 pm
most people think just stand out of the news business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest worry in truth to stand out of the news business you just need as the right questions to the right answer. question. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple of segments understands that we're telling stories that our critics can't
5:59 pm
tell and you know why because their advertisers won't let them. in order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth and artie's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american public what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical chills people when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every we can you know what they're working. to please god.
6:00 pm
each leaf. thanks. thanks. greetings and salutations it was a night like any other in las vegas the clang of slot machines tourists and the acros of live music floated down the strip when over twenty thousand people gathered to experience a country music concert none could have believed such a horrible event could change their lives forever the las vegas shooting on sunday evening of october first killed at least fifty nine injured more than five hundred and as more than likely traumatized every person who witnessed the attack those who have seen the video.


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