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tv   Headline News  RT  October 4, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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how on. earth. are. coke or moscow breaking news this hour a russian strike he has taken out twelve high profile c'mon this is from the terror group in syria it is mainly to party in a critical condition to come out. also head to the big news council only on the breakaway region saying it's going to declare its independence from spain in a matter of days as over half a million going on strike against the spanish government. and the king of saudi arabia makes his first ever official visit to russia whether they want to set. syria including a putin. ally
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rather watch around the world for good morning for me to that breaking news that coming through from moscow this morning a terror group leader abu mohamed el giuliani's been gravely injured we're hearing a russian air strike in syria russia's defense ministry saying it's fighter jet successfully targeted an al newsroom meeting at the same time killing twelve commandos. more from syria. or an. area of the reticence of people. at least in military history here. on russian. eat that you let your milk. for an hour thank you. by trying. to retreat in good order simply the
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russians of being. big human. gathering supply gems that you have various infrastructure schools from so that many yesterday. the meeting guided. senior leadership team. and two jets were soon close. to thirty five jets were to scratch carry out the strike killed twelve members of the senior leadership one hundred sixty various. protection of god for the he needed. monsoons huge good news for an inferior you can be small but for the relevance of this post the terrorist group leader abu mohammed al giuliani has been injured when critically in the strike and says in a critical of the sions going
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a history of insurgency he went to iraq off to the u.s. invasion to join al qaeda initially touring the boy quickly rose through the terror group's ranks and was believed to be a close assistant to the al qaeda leader the time in two thousand and six though he was taken to a u.s. prison in iraq or he spent two years soon after that he was released he then joined islamic state and became the end there of the newly established a loser a front. oh wow generate the highly effect. we thought the gas to pocket full of these extremely toxic chemicals to protect them so this is one
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of the methods of torture that was used by the militants. catalonia as leader has vowed to declare the region's independence from spain in the coming days wednesday seems the local palm and let not just the exact date for its declaration on the latest a day meantime catalans been on strike of madrid's crackdown to try to prevent the referendum vote in the first place and the situation has been following events in buffalo. what's unraveling here in cuts lonia cannot easily be described as one of the biggest crises spain has certainly seen and a generation that stuff could possibly lead to a split upon not just this country but also exemplary throughout europe so what's been happening here. over the past. how it sounds like
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that's coming out where we know. we told you how many organize for the people to come out onto the streets and strike lots of streets closed off the outskirts monye out on transportation hubs have been closed businesses even barcelona so part in this particular strike for the time of galveston island you know we will not accept anything like the standing alone we heart for example we just want to choose our own rights values and we. think it's not know how the government behaved. was the moment that all the you or your opinion needs to support. someone you have to be to quote me if you know anything i do sing god he was. god if i was europe i was. like
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i why i was was i was i lots of questions about what's going to happen next because obviously the council on people here who do support getting out of spain have no plans to. go anywhere was madrid seemed to suffer under this never even having taken place who general strike seen over seven hundred thousand people take part in that as an overwhelming ninety percent of voters back to independence in sunday's vote we spoke to a former counsel an m.p. who says the vote is legal according to international law. well done to me leon cardinals vote for doing that balance ninety percent both for the naacp and thence and now we are protesting against this by a land and supporting the unilateral declaration of independence that parliament in the following days people have the right to start with their nation so for an
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honest negro because the united nations bafflement our laws in the united nations are subject the initial right these are right that is totally legal this considering and these are national low cost or words that all people in our french school. the crisis is even crossed into a war of life including football. in spain big sport their national teams preparing for their final qualifiers to reach the twenty eight hundred world cup here in russia of course and the barcelona defender gerard pickett an outspoken backer of cattle independence was booed as he was training with the spanish squad. i. i as mentioned piquet's from catalonia he's had a glittering career for both his club and also the spanish national team as well
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over the years for whom he has won the world and the european cup however pique has said that he is willing now though to retire from international football over all this over his staunch backing of catalan independence bustling a football club as a focal point of catalan nationalism supporters can often be heard chanting independent slogans jury matches after seventeen minutes and fourteen seconds that's crucial seventeen fourteen was the year that catalonia became a part of spain that's where they do it the club also took part in the strike against the government to after a game behind closed doors because of fears for crowd safety last weekend joe piquet got really emotional talking about independence during a t.v. interview this obviously means so much to him check it out saw him a simple got the land a year stories old or in my skin and all your saw and take i don't know what good will the seven board bomber yes i mean because little do most of the newton was close. with no you only want to.
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was annoying or not. or. sure you. are going to. follow. for their part spanish authorities continue to say they see the vote as illegal unconstitutional the european union says it won't condemn the police violence in spain and instead gave its backing to the spanish prime minister to resolve the crisis that strong criticism from elsewhere now to the revocations of this puddling out the president of serbia there for now accusing the e.u. of double standards regarding what happening kosovo. how is that that the twenty two countries of the european union declared legal and legitimate the succession of the costs of achieving without any form of referendum breaking international public
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law breaking the tradition of european law the policy that the european union is based on how is that the referendum doesn't it counted catalonia when cassava can do it even without a referendum or kosovo declared independence back in two thousand and eight but unlike catalonia that referendum was acknowledged by the majority of the member states we spoke to marco gets that there needs an international affairs commentator he says kosovo's vote was recognized because it wasn't part of the union. i think also see the comparison between catalonia and kosovo in the talk here in the case of yugoslavia energy costs of all you have the e.u. deciding on the fate of countries outside the european union so they eat european union want stability in european union countries but it's quite happy with instability on its neighborhood because that gives the european union an excuse to project itself into those areas this is clearly
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a schizophrenia position so you can hardly blame the catalyst the seizing the opened pandora's box that the you is responsible for is a little bit late for the e.u. to remember international law now on its western border what it was ignoring it on its eastern border. king salmon of saudi arabia are said to make it a story visit to russia it's been considered controversial so groundbreaking too it's the first ever official trip of a saturday morning to russia he'll meet surfer talk to the russian president vladimir putin jacqueline booga tells us what we can expect in. saudi king solomon is coming to moscow and it's the first time in the kingdom's history that its monarch is officially visiting russia the trips being heralded as a groundbreaking visit and here's why numerous unprecedented energy deals are on the table for one moscow and riyadh plan a one billion dollar fund to invest in a wide range of projects from oil and gas to renewable energy plus russian firms are apparently discussing an agreement with saudi energy giant our own co for joint
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ventures on saudi soil riyadh is also looking to invest in russian gas production which could benefit both countries you could go with it if you just need all about the energy six a bit about developing relations between our countries and expanding business school energy though is still a dominating thing russia and saudi arabia of the biggest producing countries and we could use our experience in the field. and benefits. it's essentially what it boils down to is two of the top players in the world energy market responsible for a quarter of global oil production are forging ever closer ties which will definitely have a global impact cutting oil output is also on the cards paving the way to extend a historic opec deal they helped to seal last year. my
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what some were in moscow in riyadh have a history of tension and seem unlikely partners between locking horns on the oil market and saudi arabia's close ties to the u.s. with whom relations with russia have hit new lows such close cooperation could also seem quite surprising but despite saudi arabia's reignited love affair with the trumpet ministration the opec kingpin also needs russia a key and growing player both on the world energy market and in the middle east. u.s. authorities now have released body camera footage of police. responding to the deadly las vegas shooting that took the lives of fifty nine people and injured over five hundred more shots could be heard as officers try to locate the gunman who was up in that hotel across the think they tried to clear the people out of the firing line dramatic pictures here. yeah here there are drugs out there for the way. there's your average guy just they don't they know that. you play this like this
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like this guy this way this will go go go go out without without without. so police say the shooter steven public had twenty three guns in that hotel room and nineteen more were discovered it is he also reportedly had two devices with him called bump stocks these things allow a shooter legally to modify a semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic one there are also thousands of rounds of ammunition and products home to and explosives were found in his car this latest shooting as regards the whole huge debate over gun laws in america critics for instance say it's absurd that it's illegal to carry a toy known the famous las vegas strip of casinos and hotels but there are no such restrictions on real firearms you might find or maybe no security on the bridge so it's impossible to prevent attacks like this give nevada's gun laws. given that the initial acquisition of the weapons themselves is in nevada is certainly perfectly
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legal. needs to be kept out of ammunition or weapons refined and since it's also perfectly legal to buy the very simple mechanisms that are required to convert those semiautomatic weapons into far more lethal fully automatic or effectively fully automatic weapons there's really very little it can be done to stop an individual from going to a high vantage point such as in this hotel room and then using the weapon i mean any number of weapons in the way that he did and so i guess you're going to have metal detectors at each and every hotel to detect such weapons and even then you're going to have a mechanism a legal mechanism in place to prevent people actually running from the arms and possessing them in this way there's nothing that can be done to stop this kind of attack taking place the fact is that america has a firearms problem. so while the u.s. is still trying to come to terms with the deadliest shooting in its history someone
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using it as a platform for political aspirations is to go from diogo explains vegas used to be known as the city of entertainment is now associated with yet another charity that shook america and the world stories of bravery and self-sacrifice grief for their loved ones the struggle of coming to terms after the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history but now this tragedy has got dragged into political mudslinging here is c.b.s. is vice president of business affairs in her view on the horror i'm actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often the republican gun. yes she was fired shortly after that post of course following with an apology but the rest of the media haven't been shy of pigeon holing the massacre into their political and bi partisan agenda something else i think to keep in mind a lot of these country music supporters were likely from supporters and this is something that of course is hitting the tapestry of all americans and it's not just the news outlet celebrities fall in line just as easily saying there's just no way
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not to politicize this event after all it contains three of the most controversial elements in america's melting pot white men with guns and we obviously can guess who those type of men are said to support should be surprised not really even national disasters are used to point the finger at political opponents here is hollywood's darling jennifer lawrence essentially blaming the hurricanes on trump that climate change is due to human activity and we continue to ignore and the only voice that we really have is through voting. early voting and it was really startling. thing watching these hurricanes now and it's really hard especially while promoting this movie not to. feel mother nature is. rage around and online you could also see people cheering for the floods because they quote are cleansing texas from racist white people and it doesn't change from one horrific
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event to another no matter if it's a hurricane or a mass shooting so what are we left with the so much needed uniting in the face of tragedy is marred by hateful messages of division think about it we've got facts giago r.t. coming out disappeared different prison is linked to the nine eleven attacks is on display in new york has that go and we'll get local reaction to the exhibit and a lot more to here on out for. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be that's. what you're going to be for us this is what it looks like three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water as it.
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should. seem wrong. but. just don't call. me. just to say proud to stay active. and engaged with. the trail. once i find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. again for a good morning for me kevin owen here in moscow review chin did so that detainees from the infamous kuantan the most prison in the us are about to have the creative
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side go on the show at an art exhibition in new york and want to take a look at an unusual entrance into the new york city art scene dominant theme in the artwork is the ocean and the cuban base is surrounded by water but the detainees cannot see it organizers of the exhibition say they did it to draw attention to the prisoner's plight the goal of the exhibition is to give other people a different way to think about this man but also for them to think about themselves in a different way. there are workers on display on the very same island where the twin towers once stood but
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we decided to talk to some new yorkers and see how they feel about this controversial exhibit sixteen years after nine eleven i can see why that would be difficult for a lot of new yorkers are inside resentments or different things and usually a fairly recent doesn't both as the same think it's a sensitive issue. you know to give support to people who brought a lot of you know. it's still very visceral even years later i think the memories are still there in new york how would i have felt the bout it. two thousand and two . i would have been surprised it would even get this far. or kind of tied in with this story the not eleven attack back in two thousand and one of course triggered the u.s. come pain against terrorists in afghanistan an operation that lasted almost seventeen years still going already artie's going underground show meets the former afghanistan president hamid karzai in the latest episode to talk about the u.s. and its presence in his country the united states going to afghanistan in the name
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of ending extremism. bringing an end to radicalism in the extremist forces who are perpetrating violence in afghanistan and elsewhere. from two thousand and one since the incident of the tragedy of. september eleventh to today. do we have more of it in afghanistan and own region and in the broader region surrounding afghanistan to the middle east or do we have less of it we clearly clearly visibly every day by all accounts have more of it and now for the past three four years you have die or die assayas the stomach state. having merged in afghanistan who did this and did the watch of u.s. intelligence and military and how come we have the right to us this question and the u.s. government must serve us the answer is with them it isn't with us. but
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more variety for you now artie's presenting gets out of this world space walk three sixty project the first ever virtual reality video from outer space. so the r t three sixty project let me tell you more about it it was created alongside russian space agency was cosmos and the country's leading spacecraft producer and a gear. it went on show at the russian museum of cosmonaut six a virtual reality glasses allow people to experience what it would be like to walk out of the international space station into the great abbess they are known for
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russian cosmonauts and people attending the event share their thoughts on the project. i'm really happy that it was us russians who were the first ones to try this technology in outer space i'm also really excited to see it because i've been in outer space numerous times but no idea how it looks in virtual reality but i know for sure that it's the journey. experience that i think everyone would want to share this is very cool what is the absolute knowledge. i didn't know people made this this is very incredible which is doro is great that they not only do the important tropes ask cosmonauts the also think about ordinary people who pay a lot of attention to space to make us feel like we are actually there. were that. quick reminder as well that's also where you can find the breaking news as well that we had in the russian airstrike taking out twelve high profile commanders from the terror group who are in syria a leader in critical condition thanks for watching i'm kevin go in with more in
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fifty minutes. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. we can all middle of the room see.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected and. just pull on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. c. ever heard of. love redacted tonight the president of the world bank paid. a seriously who sent us an e-mail.
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it's taken these children's home. know it's read them is to take their future. little creamier here could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice. to live in poverty. which one can. but some are following a different. place to leave. their point little the earth that's alone. these. days.
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when the frances is boom boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight a very busy day for big business here in washington and i'm not talking about new deals testimony was heard on capitol hill from the former c.e.o. of equifax and the current c.e.o. a wells fargo in separate scandal cases affecting millions of people around the world the exchanges got heated kelso cuba had seized fifteen of its diplomats expelled from the united states as the relationship between the two nations struggled under economic sanctions accusations of physical attacks and travel warning also my guest weighs in on how tax fights are set to affect the little guy we take a look at what we face heading into tax reform debate stand by soon must start right now.
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he may be out of his corner office but today former apple back c.e.o. richard smith had to answer for a massive hack at the credit monitoring service equifax before the house financial services committee on capitol hill the breach compromised the personal data of one hundred forty six million americans while he ran it on july twenty ninth equifax confirmed suspicious activity in a consumer dispute portal but it didn't confirm it as a half until the thirty first and it did not announce that happen until september seventh and in the meantime three executives sold stock in the company totaling nearly two million dollars as a compensation for consumers smith offered that the company has offered comprehensive sets of products for free to protect them going forward asked that if the.


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