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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 4, 2017 7:29am-8:01am EDT

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thanks. thanks. thanks. greetings and salutations it was a night like any other in las vegas the clang of slot machines tourists in the acros of live music floated down the strip when over twenty thousand people gathered to experience a country music concert none could have believed such a horrible event could change their lives forever the las vegas shooting on sunday evening of october first killed at least fifty nine injured more than five hundred and as more than likely traumatized every person who witnessed the attack those who have seen the videos from it and the people left behind and it would be easy for us to simply label the act and the perpetrator as evil to move on with our days and
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forget what happened that's the thing about designating evil it makes it easier for us to handle the idea that a human being could do this to another human being but it also clouds the reality of what anger for any reason can make a person do but we can't just ignore what happened or brush it off as a supernatural force or a simple issue of policy while we have what we have to do. as honor the memories of the victims hope each other through these troubled times and start watching the hawks. you. know what you look like real that is what. lies at the bottom. of. what it looks like you know i got. to believe. we.
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would see how. welcome everybody watching the hot sun tabitha wallace and joining me from las vegas is artie correspondent natasha sweet. hello tabitha and it's also people from what you know all over no go ahead go ahead go ahead. and i was going to tell you you know all over town you can see support for the victims maureen and those who were slain on sunday and as for the victims the the people who actually survived this you know they're speaking out and they're sharing their stories of the psychological and physical scars. on a regular. concert goers were running for cover as to shots ring out because you're used over going to make it like he's not shooting with you know up or you hide like he has an automatic rifle like those shots don't stop like you don't hear that it's
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like being in a word i would. have never heard of. a five hundred people get in given shopping for other than the civil war i mean i know it's probably the greatest tragedy in american history now other than nine eleven matthew edwards of san diego was visiting vegas for a week of fun but was absolutely devastated when he found out exactly what happened . the jason aldean concert sunday night his friend went and was luckily a survivor yes she was she was there at the concert she was calling on of the bleaches bleachers and she got a couple stitches last night she was at sunrise. and we were there for a couple hours and it is just minutes it's been a terrible day people are mourning the loss of the fifty nine victims who tragically lost their lives too soon as you can see people are coming together praying for unity hotels all along the strip are showing their support offering
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prayers to the victims and their families i was a break i have two kids at home so i just kept thinking late we just need to get on to our kids and you don't. expect to ever be in that situation like you don't prepare for it and. you just you just spite or fight edwards says it's all about understanding we all come from the same place imagine everybody in the world held held hands. just just held hands for one second i'm imagine the power that would be put upon the planet i mean i think there really any any more. both a couple people that i spoke with mentioned just how traumatized they still were one woman that i spoke with our camera said that she never wants to go to a concert again but meantime officials are still trying to help those who have not been reunited with their loved ones and they are also offering grief counseling at
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the las vegas convention center tabitha mentors of people from all of the country have family members who were killed or injured in this tragedy is is anything being done for them and to help them out for this time. yet have a just as you said i mean this is a huge destination just last year alone there were forty three million visitors and as you can imagine a lot of people from many walks of life come this way. and so this part the sheriff you mentioned that there are now twenty two different hotels that are offering free room and board to those people who are coming here to find their loved ones so hopefully they can be reunited tabitha thank you so much natasha i really appreciate the work you're doing there on the ground. while the numbers and facts of an event are important to understand the
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psychological effects can often be much more profound the tragedy in las vegas is making us think about how we process these things how politicians think about it how they react and joining us now from las vegas is my watching my co-host tyrrel ventura who is there on the ground getting the first hand perspective on the aftermath and how it feels to be on the ground there. tyrrell who traveled. i gotta say it is. quite a few times in my life i've never seen a virus like this i could honestly say that around or see the city you see the tourists to see the. but you know everybody in the hotels in that and the black blackjack dealers and and all of that it's like the city just how to use
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a universal gut punch you just see the the car white faces never walk run everyone is going about their daily routines but there's no energy there's no life too you can see that all they can think about is what happened earlier this week it's very strange because vegas has a very specific mood you know it's it's always sort of happy there's always somewhere to cheer you up. it's it's a very welcoming city for obvious reasons it feels like anybody can go there anybody can be there and this seems to have changed that it shifted the dynamic there are always there's always a lot of strong statements from politicians and activists following situations with gun violence about you know policy changes the debate of mental health issues versus guns what do you think why oh why do you think at least i think i only seem to be worked up about the safety of innocent civilians when it's politically convenient when something like this happens. to have you know it but it's
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a standard thing it's like nobody in congress no politicians really want to do the job until it jumps up and bites them in the face and you know when you see a situation like this when everybody kind of the third looking around going like oh what happened how could this happen when really there's many things that you could do and and laws and things like that that you could work on you could pass to help predict someone snapping and going nuts or to help increase security in certain areas and you know i didn't it's not always the johnny come lately we'd be over and over and over again in our politicians it's always after the fact always reactionary because we don't have politicians today that think ahead that actually have a vision you know down the line there's very few i would say in the democrat and republican parties i know you know that. well most of them when you look at something like this this shouldn't be an issue. at any point that has anything to do with what political party or what i acknowledge you believe in but when you look
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at something like this vegas is you know it's easy to be jaded as we've all thought about politicians using every tragedy is that they fill their campaign coffers or push their special interests and their own agendas. we forget that places like vegas are just a place isn't just a playground if people live there and there's a community that lives there what do you seen of that community. you know it's interesting. flying in the morning the pilot in the tundra and both used. to have a peaceful berry have a lovely day. it was overheard peace and love spoken in the limit that i have in the last few days and you know i. that you can tell they're trying to find some hope in their city that that for all those cynical moments of
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the tourists taking selfies in front of mandalay bay and you know on bridges taken pictures of the carnage there's a lot of people here and a lot in the community who are actually trying to stop and say look you know i know beggars that sin city you know it has the documents but we're also we're also a safe city we're trying to be a safe city we're trying to be a place where families can come where tourists can come enjoy themselves and when tragedies like this that are to a certain extent unpredictable you can't you know you can't legislate against chaos it's next to impossible things like this are going to happen in life we have to take that deep exhale and realize that there is going to be violence in this life in this world we live in but it's how you respond to the violence and i just pray that we don't see that kind of knee jerk reaction we're suddenly you've got a patriot act that takes away rights or things like that that we saw after nine eleven i want to see the good elements we saw after nine eleven happening here in vegas yeah i mean we hope.
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welcome back a major energy forum is currently underway in moscow president vladimir putin is now speaking chairing a question and answer session. a very sensitive issue for turkey for iran and for syria. what i mean is the suppose that not just the situation inside iraq will know the that these is the kurdish question is sensitive in the region woman over the role that we have a very positive relations with the kurdish people historically we have never provoked any country or any nation we have never heard of them to do something we have never tried to. have to somehow interfere in their affairs and that is why we've been very careful we're trying not to collate the situation and we what we try to do is to make all the sizes to any conflict situation and how the find a way. to find
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a solution that will satisfy its each side now as for the sanctions i've already spoke about that. they told on the specific situation but that for the kurds nevertheless oil is their life. if the oil supply was cut off it would hurt. do you think these threats. from from murder one are for you so you're going with this goes and so on i think that this will have a positive effect on the global energy markets the prices will go up but the most with. well it was interesting that so few countries are really interested in that and first of all we have to be very attentive at. what's happening in real life and. those should be nothing that would provoke these situations. of course there are to go all of those collation out of the iranian deal and
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certainly when you talk to people in terror there is almost an assumption in the iranian government that somehow the new u.s. administration will find a way to pull out if that happens will you would you still support. the deal as the europeans said they were. can we make it work without the united states. with us but now you're asking the. question to me first what about us an exclusive which is we've been having this discussion between you and me but all this time yes . it's not russia. decides whether iran or will be fulfilling its obligations on the nuclear deal it's is defined by the i.a.e.a. by. the. by this specialized organization that is. recognized by the international community and all the reports of the i.a.e.a.
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say that iran is actually respecting its obligations and this is something that we see and that is why i will support the deal that was so concluded by the previous american administration although we're detached a number of disagreements with them but. as long as all the countries respect their obligations. and that actions. are in accord in accordance with the u.n. . regulations with the u.n. norms we will support any others deal in or north korea of course is another major story that. he and for everybody in this room. president has used some extremely provocative language when it comes to north korea even going so far as to threaten the country with annihilation during the u.n. speech. see weeks ago president clinton your good friend dr kissinger might argue
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that trump is deliberately appearing to sound crazy in a way to keep his opponents off balance this is the famous madman. other people just see chaos in u.s. policy when it comes to north korea what do you think. what do you think of the president's approach. which you of american so. i think. this is what he does spending money that is going to be. one one should think about the policies of your president. to keep away. our birth. we get away from. the greatest you know you're the first one would tell me about. saying that but it's not up to me to decide political and to evaluate the policies of the u.s. president. of literally over
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a good deal of what i have talked about that and probably has no secrets and that i can only repeat myself. there has to be less aggressive rhetoric when it's a fine english in ways for a direct dialogue between the u.s. and north korea. between north korea and other countries on the region and only then. can there be a way to towards a balanced decision all other ways war drizzled. in dead ends with this is a very dangerous down also but i have just remember just this idea just came to me everyone is talking about. imposing new sanctions on north korea but north korea has been living under these sanctions for decades. in two thousand and one. i'm not mistaken when i was in north korea i imagine the
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father of the current leader of the country that has said to me of the time that he had a nuclear bomb. and yes he did go moreover. that's because they couldn't use some very simple artillery system that was able to take this payload just seoul that was two thousand and one now it's twenty seventeen now the country has been living under constant sanctions and now they have a hydrogen bomb. now there. may styles intermedia trains missiles not just artillery they can reach much food. is this the way that can lead towards a resolution of this conflict or this problem or know that there was a time when we almost had to deal with north korea i wanted to obligation to see
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to stalk to put a stop on. them to freeze its nuclear program but no they had to preserve their bank accounts because somebody the same to someone that that those obligations that north korean. war not to now much more had to be done. they had like this agreement why did they knew. do that why didn't they need to stop that and now so they continued to develop the their nuclear program and now we have not just nuclear weapons but also hydrogen bombs and sophisticated artillery systems and we don't know where they're placed so inside the country. that. these warmongering it's it's dangerous there must be loads of injustice a lot frankly. can we make
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a direct strike against north korea that these are made yes we can but it will it that way both will help us reach our goals we don't you know not likely because right now nobody really knows where they are weaponry because nobody has the completes information on that it's a close it's a country and so do we need this warm and wondering no we do not. and that is why we talked about that when i met with president trump i told him in the same thing as i'm telling you now we've had a discussion about it at home and i. just serve that's when you get the trumpets his first presidential term so. just gaining experience in this area we've had a discussion. and she hears it but he heard my arguments she understands.
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and i understand that she is very irritated with what's happening in north korea. and will know that we also. also do not like what is happening and what's happening in north korea but we also have. a road map between russia and north korea and. if. they see it. it was someone doesn't like russia and china actually advocating this this road map let's forget that let's let's name is different a different way let's gauge other countries let's find new solutions but you say that president some listens to you but when you listen as a referee in north korea that wouldn't seem to be the case you're saying that we should deescalate the situation with the rhetoric and yet with every single day that passes his rhetoric seems to increase just two days ago very publicly is that correct. you know forget about there's no point doing there's no point even talking
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to the north koreans are deal with are you sure that it's less think you're. going to support good no it was you know since the time seem unable to talk to him a lot has changed the situation of house change the way you without any new facts new nuclear tests perpetrated by north korea there have turned to you forms a new rocket seventeen changes. as for waters mr tillerson has said i do not have all the facts side to know although. this is something you should remember discuss someone yourself i cannot comment on that is the more yes so to this puzzle though my position has been expressed so let's. go on and maybe ask some other guests one more follow up on that and i know deep down you love talking about the russia relationship with america you said. you talked to donald trump about a lot of things in. certain areas can you just give us
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a sense of how your relationship is developing i know you met with him in hamburg but you know in your conversations with him on the can you give us a sense of what your purse or they survive. well you. said you know i wouldn't say that we have any real to a person or relationship we've only seen each other. one time we have only talked a couple of times. on the telephone when we discussed it is syrian issue and they actually this is one area we are cooperating with the u.s. . on at this time and so we do have our differences we do have some issues. stop you're. our positions do clash in some areas of this problem what we do find a common approach is you you know. find solution but solutions that satisfy all of
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the sides. as for intergovernmental relations you can see how they're developing. they've been they've become hostage to the domestic political situation in the us i have. talked about that before there are forces that use these relations we don't russia in the us to resolve some domestic to reach some domestic goals in the us and so i hope that this was i and i hope that you. and this is fundamental common interests that we have like nonproliferation the fight against its side nor a crime and then if the energy policy problems and all the region regional conflicts. it is still there but we've been working on the for so much time. for example in syria but in this fight against organized crime against
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terrorism these are all our fundamental into common interests and i hope because in . time will come when these common interests will improve our relations at a moment's thought do you think that donald trump has become a hostage of the american political system. that seems to be working. here then was good. but i feel that as far as a person like us i don't trump. taking into account his character picture of the traits he would never be hostage to anyone. with a mission so if it took a bit i think you should advise him you were seriously hurt to. his illness that alertness a bit of you so that it's you know we're going to i don't think that russia is rushing people and he has to advise your own what you want is that you all know that it's he just wants you the american people to like them so what's up with i presume to you that leaves. or some group go inside your country some what you're
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going to ruin it's all business groups for you to advise and hear no money are i know the name each business groups is good advice on establishing year. economic and business ties with russia. to actually work together with russia. for the sake of american interests there are many countries but stay inside the us and russia that would like to cooperate fully at the st petersburg international economic forum and their works the way you noted that we see the majority of the companies represented there were foreign companies were american and there are now we know that there are many countries that would love to expand relations with us we may respond to ties with with them and. we will develop ties with them regardless of. foreign relations some told you that he that he personally wants to reestablish normal business ties russia the us. if there were some specific
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you should ask him about stalin yes because i well i would expect there but if you want me to tell me to tell you our of famous because. briefly getting back to the mobile phone look at this no doubt. i am a journalist i mean i'm a journalist i need to ask questions. briefly getting back to north korea so you president putin you're here you are one of. you know you are the senior figure on the international stage you've been here of all of the major countries you've been around for the longest and i know north korea is an extremely difficult country to analyze from the outside how does. the stability of the regime. is that something you worry about as you think about this so little we know about our north korea works. how stable is a very serious. display media is to me the same. by its actions as go
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where it would see people trying to talk with north korea from a position of force us but these people are strengthening the north korean regime this is what i have to say about bat. and i will read this week that north korea now has a second route to the internet and that goes the first of those through china and they now have a. higher russia is that the right thing the sens north korea after their repeated violations of un resolutions. do you intend to allow the second inspector available to cook a commercial to mean. so you can actually look at internet internet connection i talking about. connection also will show that i need where have a common border. police one. is but they don't need a test system field is two hundred eight detest the north korean nuclear test field
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is two hundred kilometers from our border we are just as worried about everything that's happening as you are now it's much closer to us than to say to the us as for trades and economic ties i haven't talked about but very recently we don't. have a stubbly income sort of these relations are almost nonexistent and we have to provide about forty. million tonnes of oil every quarter of a year. and so. on the plenty of four hundred. to four hundred a million barrels down to the foreign markets and only for two thousand and six of the north korean market so. you can complain this is just for his name but the good thing to psalm small. companies this is basically nothing
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this is basically nonexistent so there is no route. and we have about forty thousand north korean citizens working. with us but the option this is of course at the bicycling nothing this is basically no corporation. there's nothing to talk about them there are no routes. to president let's talk a little bit about your legacy as president of russia the russian economy. and its and its future i think these are questions that because it was goes on when you. want to tell you a joke about the israeli army. models all the young soldier is asked to say if you there was a terrorist you see twenty. and shoot up dammit and so if you see saying scum and it's you know i'll take a rocket launcher and defend myself somewhat you fuse
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a of planes and tanks and the terrorists. is going to want to do it says. the german so gentle so you know so am i going to loan. me so thank the same question i can say i can ask you myself am i the only one here on this panel but you know we have elections here in march. and you know as you know the economy is the russian economy is showing some is showing some signs of recovery there was a measure of competitiveness recently show that russia has risen i think five places so it's now serve roughly around the same level as where poland and spain are on the other hand if you look at surveys of wealth disparities in russia you see that iraq has more divided the economically has been since he became president and the gap. when the rich and poor is the most extreme of any major country do you
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see this is because failure of your presidency. this is not so much a failure but the trends in the development of the russian economy and its social policies we do have a. process all revival. and this trend has been that has existed since the ninety's actually during the times when the soviet secret system has been demolished. and due to and this is all due to the shock therapy that was years in our country but so we do we just see this revival of our economy or as we see stable growth of our economy that is in the fourth quarter of last year it was absolutely zero point three percent.


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