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market and saudi arabia's close ties to the u.s. with whom relations with russia have hit new lows such close cooperation could also seem quite surprising but despite saudi arabia's reignited love affair with the trumpet ministration the opec kingpin also needs russia a key and growing player both in the world energy market and in the middle east. us also issues have released body camera video of police responding to the deadly last make a shooting which claimed the lives of fifty nine people and injured over five hundred shots can be heard as offices trying to locate the gunman people out of the firing line. here good job at them for the. better for average driver through down down. like this one just like this with the greatest will go go go go go out without without without. only one america is still trying to come to terms with the deadly shooting in its
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history some using it as a platform for that political aspirations and alfonse is something i'll go explains . vegas used to be known as the city of entertainment is now associated with yet another tragedy that shook america and the world stories of bravery and self-sacrifice grief for their loved ones the struggle of coming to terms after the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history but now this tragedies got dragged into political mudslinging here is c.b.s. is vice president of business affairs and her view on the horror i'm actually not even sympathetic because country music fans often the republican gun. yes she was fired shortly after that post of course following with an apology but the rest of the media haven't been shy of pigeon holing the massacre into their political and bi partisan agenda something else i think to keep in mind a lot of these country music supporters were likely from supporters and this is something that of course is hitting the tapestry of all americans and it's not just
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the news outlet celebrities fall in line just as easily saying there's just no way not to politicize this event after all it contains three of the most controversial elements in america's melting pot white men with guns and we obviously can guess who those type of men are said to support should you be surprised not really even national disasters are used to point the finger at political opponents here is hollywood's darling jennifer lawrence essentially blaming the hurricanes on trump that climate change is due to human activity and we continue to ignore and the only voice that we really have is through voting. early voting and it was really startling. thing watching these hurricanes now and it's really hard especially while promoting this movie not to. feel mother nature's. wrath and online you could also see people cheering for the floods. because they quote our colognes in texas from racist white people and it doesn't change from one
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horrific event to another no matter if it's a hurricane or a mass shooting so what are we left with the so much needed uniting in the face of tragedy is marred by hateful messages of division think about it we go france giago party. detainees from guantanamo prison are bound to have their creative side go on shirton exhibition in new york however the artists are suspected of taking part in the deadliest terror attack in u.s. history. will paint has been to see the exhibits in un usual entrance into the new york city art scene this is art from guantanamo bay thirty six pieces of art created by detainees and get mall some of the artists whose work is on display are a bit controversial to say the least.
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organizers of the exhibition say they did it to draw attention to the prisoner's plight the goal of the exhibition is to give other people a different way to think about this man but also for them to think about themselves in a different way their artwork is on display on the very same island where the twin towers once stood we decided to talk to some new yorkers and see how they feel about this controversial exhibit sixteen years after nine eleven i can see why that would be difficult for a lot of new yorkers are in series were two different things and usually a fairly recent doesn't both as the same think it's a sensitive issue. you know to give support to people who brought a lot of you know. it's still very visceral even years later i think the memories are still there in new york how would i have felt about it in two thousand and two
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. i would have been surprised it would even get this far. now russian president vladimir putin has been quizzed on different foreign policy issues during today's energy forum in moscow and you're trying to has been following the conference and now cross live to him. hi they really are so what's been discussed. kate hi well it was the usual plenary session as they call it and as usual the russian leader was asked many questions about the most pressing global issues in mame the of course the ties between washington and russia who everyone is saying which everyone is saying are at an all time low while the russian president believes that at this point the tides the relationships between russia and the united states are
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being held hostage by the internal frictions internal political factions within america but when it comes to the things that he's worried about right now as the leader of russia he went on to say that the north korean crisis is one of the most dangerous things and reminded that north korea is actually just kilometers away from the russian border take a listen to what he said about that. but you know with korea's nuclear ranges two hundred kilometers from the russian border where is the u.s. and where is north korea really even more concerned than they are those who are trying to speak to pyongyang from a position of strength only makes the north korean regime stronger it's that simple . when it comes to resolving the syrian crisis despite all the difficulties between moscow and washington vladimir putin says that there is still potential for
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a peaceful resolution and for cooperation between the russian government and the donald trump administration the american government when it comes to the peace process in syria but of course as we've been saying this is the russian energy two thousand and seventeen and many many issues about the wall in the energy market were discussed and very soon we are expecting to hear have an interview with the secretary of general secretary general of all mr mohammad can do so all get back to you with that very soon. we'll be back with more news after this short break.
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in the u.s. a child can choose a nominee course in school. with his teachers we don't. recruit will says to you if the president is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers. so that. you can't go wrong. it's a great stepping stone for whatever career you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is a very popular first video game. it's play and that's because like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah or you can turn off your lot of these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon know that all of them to be told. just need
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more recruits. the people of catalonia went to the polls seeking independence the spanish state reacted with force against peaceful voters still again the question arises what is the e.u.'s commitment to democracy and who is allowed to terminate. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to the press this is what before three of the more people. interested always in the water.
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welcome back the leader of the algos or terror group abu mohammed al giuliani has been gravely injured in a russian as strike in syria russia's defense ministry says its fighter jets successfully targeted an al nasra meeting what i guess day of reports from syria. this is all in the off the mouth of last month's attack on a group of russian military police in northern hamma they were there to monitor a deescalation zone and book caught in the middle of a rebel offensive they were surrounded by fighters jihad ists led by nusra front and what ensued was a battle that lasted for many hours as a result of the bandits attack a platoon of military police numbering twenty nine people was trapped for several hours and was forced through the final enemy attacks despite being outnumbered that military police unit was with the help of then surely able to withdraw break out of
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the encircled monday but since then russian surveillance and military intelligence has gone into overdrive looking for a new stores leadership and their fight is on the third of october they learn that there would be a meeting with senior officials nusra officials in attendance and when sources on the ground confirm that two jets would dispatch to carry out and then strike it was hugely successful twelve field commanders were killed abu mohammed. the leader of nusra front apparently lost a hand and is now in critical condition fifty of the fighters and body gods were also killed as well as many others injured this is extremely important because nuestra among the jihad list and rebel factions in syria is arguably the most powerful with the most sophisticated weapons and the most fight is.
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that allowed generate the highly effective. the gap through bucket full of these extremely toxic chemical to put on the floor this is one of the methods of torture that was used by the militants. when we were russia's president has given a warning about terrorists in iraq and syria yaron has the details. in his address president putin said that terrorist factions in syria under a rock are reeling after a series of significant blows and this is something that may be pushing them into
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setting their sights on other countries in other regions also this comes after some major gains in the fight against terror groups in the two countries we have seen the syrian army supported by russia retake syria piece by piece from the clasp of the militants successfully liberating india resort breaking the three year stage there also the u.s. led coalition is forcing the group from that defacto capital of raca while fighting a against isis continues in iraq also so it's been blow after blow for the terror group announce what could pronged the move to establish new bases elsewhere here's what he said to counter terror activities in syria and iraq have not led to the total demolition of infrastructure and the combat potential of terrorist organizations the militants have changed their tactics and started creating new strongholds in other states and regions but this isn't just about eliminating i still of course there's also. on those where whichever one you want to call it that's the second strongest insurgent group in syria off to iceland russia's
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foreign minister sergei lavrov has stressed the importance of not overlooking this group we have long been trying to draw the international community's attention to the fact that the us led coalition before the russian military had started its anti-terrorist campaign in syria which quite sas of late citing high school and not striking our newsroom. after russia launched its operation the coalition became more active strikes against isis but even after the new u.s. administration stepped in we haven't seen the coalition making any serious efforts to target our newsroom and this week has also seems to if it can gains against those who are also courtesy of russian forces let's talk this week in a minute to several key figures and left the group of the leader of the group of a mohamed al jelani critically injured which could deal i'm a job. low to operations and also to the moon rock love be on this for a terror group giuliani could almost be the poster boy of terrorism you know he for
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u.s. troops in iraq he quickly rose through the ranks of al qaeda he was released from u.s. prison in iraq and then went on to join islamic states and prior to the formation of illness or al giuliani was a senior member of islamic state and iraq so after he became the leader of al nusra there was an attempt to every branch the terror group if you like in two thousand and sixteen but despite this the the tactics used by this terror group remains largely the same from torture to shelling residential areas and even allegations of using chemical weapons. now that either of catalonia has vowed to declare the region's independence from spain the local parliament has now announced the date for its declaration and associate has been following events in barcelona. but it was watching what's going on raveling in catalonia are really waiting with bated breath to see what's going to happen as the standoff between barcelona and madrid continues and indeed we do know that the two main pro independence party in the
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regional parliament do still see in the c u p called for a session to take place on monday to discuss the issue of independence further but what's going to be quite crucial to unravel today first of all is going to be a speech given by the catalan leader of which the montu is expected to speak with her on tuesday he's supposed to kind of. explain really what is going to be unraveling in terms of the process following the speech given by the spanish who unlike some have been expecting here would call for a more unified message in a potentially calling for the cats runs and madrid to kind of get together and talk but indeed he did sort of reprimand to the catalan leadership saying they've been acting outside the war yesterday we saw a major day of general striking where people have been coming out. on to the streets blocking traffic businesses shutting down football club barcelona taking place in the straights and as a series of these protests people have been coming out and that's what they've been
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telling us let's take a listen we will not accept anything like this anymore we are heartbroken and we just wanted to use our right to vote and we think it's not because of. the moment that you took the ship or. it's someone you have to be because. i do think. that. if. europe you know. what. are you because one people have been seeing here to us that they want the european union to get involved in what's going on but it's obviously been made quite clear that anybody within the european union is not supportive of catalonia becoming independent so it's going to be interesting to see what unravels within the european parliament there well meanwhile the mare apostle
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owner says she's received reports from several women who say they were sexually assaulted by police on the day of the referendum. thousands of citizens in barcelona found themselves in the fortunate position and having never rights and liberties on the threat many have been victims of violence not just physical but also sexual we've received several reports from women who say they were sexually assaulted it. was sunday's referendum led to violence scuffles between riot police and voters almost nine hundred people were injured by the or sorry to use who are trying to stop people from casting their ballots we spoke to a former catalan m.p. who says the vote is legal according to international law. well done to nearly on the grounds of vote for doing that when one's neighbors say it was for the naacp and thence and now we are protesting against these violence and supporting the you know that there are the clearish kind of in the parlance that declare in the fall when these peoples have the right with other their nations so for in them is legal
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because the united nations in their full moment the laws of the united nations are subject there were initial right is a right that is totally legal is concealer and these international laws passed all work their coffee in our political situation. well the crisis has even crossed into football in spain as national teams prepare for their final qualifying matches to reach the twenty eighteen world cup here in russia barcelona defender gerard piqué an outspoken backer of catalan independence was booed as he trained with the spanish squad. i. i i will p.k. is from catalonia and has had a good career for both his club and the spanish national team for him he's won the world and european cups however he can has said he is willing to retire from
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international football over his staunch backing. catalan independence was like a football club is a focal point of catalan nationalism supporters can be heard chanting independent slogans during matches after seventeen minutes and fourteen seconds seventeen fourteen being the year catalonia became a part of spain while the club also took part in the recent strike against the government and after last sunday's game was played behind closed doors due to fears of crowd safety piquet got emotional talking about independence during a t.v. interview. so you look at the. well you must. have been over the. years i mean to almost little too much of the news so much while it's. nor you're only going to. know your name or not. all.
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that often but i'm. sure you. are going to. follow and. we can now cross live to see artie's any of his at the russian energy forum here in moscow. with the high they really have is not in here is now joined by i will accept the premise that. kate hi again sorry for interrupting you while i told you that will get a chance to have a conversation with the secretary general of. the russian energy twenty seventh meeting so let's just for a while leave all the political issues aside the ones that have been discussed here
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by vladimir putin and other members of the plenary session and talked to mr mohamed barkin sir thank you very much for joining us today my first question is first of all some would argue that at this point moscow has become one of the main driving forces when it comes to even the old big decisions in the opaque not opaque decisions deal do you believe that's true and how did we get to that point. thank you very much for having me there russian for the region and. very leadership of president vladimir putin. with his. legs and. lead a leading role. in the negotiations. to the decisions of the. rich which we jointly implemented in.
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this mornin of the presidential. president putin indorsed the implementation of this landmark decision the declaration of cooperation in order to this whole stability to the oil markets on a sustainable basis we in all pick we very much appreciate the leadership role of the russian federation in this regard and in drawing up the framework for father cooperation in institutionalizing this call up operation between. we walk in with the russian for the ration. on a framework. that would be sustained. that would take us beyond the rebalancing of the market and look at other possibilities the options that would follow the
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strength in. this call up or asian. from president putin that he is getting ready to receive on all goes to visit and the the king of saudi arabia. this is very positive and he told father strength in the. petition that your work will go just to remind our viewers i would like to say that here we're talking about last year's december steel cotton wool production and of course the extension that followed a few months ago. but going back to the times before the deal was struck before december of last year some experts were very skeptical of opec and some even said that the days of the cartel were gone is the deal of september twenty sixth and the subsea what extension that i mentioned enough to prove that they were absolutely wrong one of us who have serious solve. a number of pundits.
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off you know put a period. but here we go again the board produces within opec on our side as well as consuming countries for the. a claim in the declaration of cooperation that was reached last year on december tenth. for the sake of. stability and sustainable investments in this industry in order to ensure the security of current. future supplies opec has become accustomed to. being. jewed in different cycles and you would all agree with me that the current cycle that we are struggling to emerge from has been the most severe of the last six cycles so it was quite understandable. the skeptics did not give us
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a chance that we would even agree. let alone i agree with them on all picked by the russian for the region but we have proved them wrong because the leadership both within all pick. with president vladimir putin at one point if you would have called intervene. to ensure that not only within opec but between. rich view was honest and this we did and boys. them strongly in support of the. implementation of the declaration of petition and we have seen that the markets have been responding positively we have since talks. must simply across all regions we have seen demand growth is very robust.
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levels of all that but splits in countries have been extremely good story to us threw up she was. speaking of the. skeptics are still out there and there have been reports that there are opaque countries that are failing to comply with the output terms and we know that this is in some way driving the oil prices do you think that the deal and the oil market as a whole is in any way in jeopardy because of this. tragedy for the first time in the history of opec we see in this a record number of conformity. in our history we have hard times. but we have never seen this level. and secondly that this is the time joining us in such a supply adjustment decision and also subject countries to the
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framework of compliance and the minister. which has just met for the fifth time. in in vienna and i recall. what you heard from is some of. the former to have been excellent above one hundred percent of all the countries. in much more than one hundred percent and that should also to the level of commitment member countries to i. she come on objectives my next question is rush and saudi arabia this cooperation the fact that they are extensively working together now this is the issue that was brought up by a lot of yourself during the plenary session. this week these expensive toys in the energy sector how promising are they for the two countries for opec and the entire
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world. trade for the up to. the with the leadership intervention of the kingdom of saudi arabia and the russian for their vision. it would be in order. to achieve his product diplomacy and cooperation. in the implementation process from gen what it would be. without the leadership role of these two countries have been plain we would not achieve the high level of conformity or one hundred percent therefore we will come. the father level of cooperation of the highest levels of government. which is in exemplified by the much awaited visit. to russia. president putin himself announced this morning this is not only in the
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interest of the two countries it is also in the interest of all opec member countries this. issue the issue that was also brought on by the speakers is of course tensions in the middle east any changes in that region historically have been a trigger for instability in the wall and energy market have we moved any further away from that trend from that constantly and one of the latest term. once as like the kurdish referendum for example have done to it the founding fathers of opec. countries together with the rest of the members of opec. to new to remain. all in the absolute necessity to insulate often from the geopolitics of the region. because the put it to size an oil
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itself. which is in the best interest of not only produce what. it can only be. attained with the installation of from the geopolitics so i can tell you that. for us is business as usual. countries including iraq to fall into. one. to implement the decisions of the conference and well walking together with all of them all the participants and countries on the way forward mr burke cando thank you very much for this discussion and so i've been talking to mohamed for kendo secretary-general of opec a box of course the health of the oil production con that was struck in december last year and.


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