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tv   News with Ed  RT  October 4, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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the world experience. and you'll get it on the old world. according to jess. welcome to my world come along for the ride. on the news tonight president trump visits las vegas today and rallies the community following sunday's tragedy and secretary of state rex tillerson affirms his commitment to the trumpet ministrations agenda during a press conference today and the senate intel committee updates the public on the russian meddling investigation but fails to provide a smoking gun. reporting tonight from washington d.c. this is that is not our to america. evening friends we start tonight with the latest from las vegas where the
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investigation into sunday's massacre massacre is ongoing stephen paddocks girlfriend marilou danley arrived in the united states late last night and was escorted away by f.b.i. agents authorities believe that she is a person of interest in the investigation and interviewed her late this afternoon for more on the very latest let's turn to our tease cmon del rosario a big development here big development now mary lou daily she did meet like you said with the f.b.i. and las vegas police as soon as she arrived in los angeles and just in the past couple of hours we've been able to hear own words through a statement from her attorney she said she was devastated by the death and the injuries she said she had loved padlocking consider him to be a kind and caring man and she had no idea what he was planning. he never said anything to me. or took any action that i was aware of. that a. i understood it
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anyway to be warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. a little more than two weeks ago. steven told me he found the cheap ticket to reach the philippines and he wanted me to take a trip home. to see my family as for the one hundred thousand dollars wired to her in the philippines stanley said he had told her it was to buy a house she was actually concerned that he might be breaking up with her at that point she has fully cooperated with local and federal authorities as they try to uncover a motive to this massacre meanwhile the las vegas review journal has discovered that the shooter was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug vallium back in june and then he picked up the prescription the same day it was prescribed experts say this type of medication given to an already aggressive person can make them even more aggressive and the effects can be magnified by alcohol and there are studies that suggest that as well and this attack cannot be characterized as an act of rage
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though we know the killer thought out the massacre in great detail even setting up cameras inside the hotel there were two cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room and there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door peephole so that he could see down the hallway now we still do not yet know if those cameras were recording and if such recordings have been recovered that's something the f.b.i. is investigating but as we're getting a look through a different lens now police body cameras as officers risked their own lives to save others. the. the barrage of bullets continuous the officers cover behind a wall. around the growth of the middle of this clear out of the wood and
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taking cover behind these patrol cars and officers get shaq. like quick rock rock rock it's hard to see with this officer is standing over him and i got a four story he says as he shield her from the fire like this one just like this for the rest of the go go go go without with or without with our you see them assuring out the public while they stayed to fight the madness the shooting we know went on for between nine to eleven minutes and we've showed you these photos obtained by a local t.v. station that shows some of the high powered weapons in the hotel room and there's ammunition that is scattered all over the hotel floor and authorities say twelve of the twenty three rifles that the gunman had in that hotel room were modified with the bump stock which we know allows that semi-automatic to fire even faster up to hundreds of rounds a minute so that is what they were dealing with and you can hear in the body camera what they were facing is they were under fire and trying to locate this man and
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that kind of capability the weaponry is a big subject on capitol hill senator dianne feinstein introduced a bill today to make it illegal to be able to modify those guns like that he purchased thirty three guns in the last year this was in the works for a long time that's what authorities are thinking cmon thanks so much president trump was in las vegas today to rally the community and to acknowledge the first responders and heroes in sunday's shooting tragedy ortiz tyro ventura is in las vegas tonight and has the latest on the president's visit tyro. as your side the president did arrive today in baghdad a sudden and you could feel it in all corners of the city from north of i guess right down to the strip and into mandalay bay the president the themes of this speech and his visit was was a heroism bravery and consoling the citizens in the victims of this tragedy he visited with patients and doctors at the university medical center and and met some of the wounded and talked with them along with his wife the law and he promised he
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promised that he would be there for the victims he was very adamant about that today he was now when the president travels of course he's not met without controversy and there was an reporters tried to bait him into controversy by to ask him about gun control on country gun control questions when he was there at the hospital but he refused to take their questions and said that this was not the time for politics this was the time for mourning when he did speak to the media again the heroism bravery and mourning and consoling the victims took center stage let's take a listen to part of that speech that he gave today words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night americans to side death and hatred with love and with kerry. when the wood and the worst of humanity strikes and strike it did.
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the best of humanity response. many have remarked that his speech today was decidedly different than the one that he gave just a few short days ago in puerto rico saying that this was a little more heartfelt and ultimately more presidential citizens here are honored by the president's but visit but they do want to heal and move on back to the tyro ventura and last bagus back to you at all right thank you tyrrell the conversation here in washington and all across the country is slowly and inevitably turning to gun control as i mentioned earlier senator dianne feinstein introduced a bill today to ban the sale of bump stock equipment bomb stocks allow gun owners to convert a semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon for more on this we're joined tonight by former florida congressman alan grayson allen great to have you on tonight this is all going to have to get around the national rifle association
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which i want to bring up in just a moment but first the timing of this this seems to be the discussion is this the right time as you say at the republican leader mitch mcconnell says it's not it's always the right time to visit prom and happens over and over and over again it happened in orlando at the polls nightclub an area that i represented and it happens over and over and over again and it's time to put aside the idea that it's not the right time and make sure that we get the job done the grip of the n.r.a. well known in this country and on capitol hill can this effort to get new gun measures can it overcome this kind of political influence what do you think actually all that we have to do is elect more democrats unlike many lobbies in washington d.c. the n.r.a. is resolved itself into a single party lobby they in the republican party are brothers in arms and that
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really changed a lot over the years until around two thousand and ten there was substantial down. craddick support for the n.r.a. and substantial support within the inner a for the democrats but then in two thousand and ten democrats face got blacklisted and the n.r.a. exposed its true self as an adjunct of the republican party so electing more democrats means defeating the n.r.a. what do you think of dianne feinstein's bill on the on the on the bump stock weapon it's not enough we need a renewed ban on assault weapons and we had a ban on assault weapons in this country for ten years assault weapon type attacks went down by more than a third we also need to ban high capacity magazines ammunition and makes it all too easy to kill too many people too quickly and we also need universal background checks that's what people have agreed upon when they've studied this over and over and over again it's needs to get done and of course i think we can come to the conclusion that background checks certainly probably wouldn't of stopped this
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gentleman from getting thirty three weapons. the fact of the matter is we've got three hundred fifty million firearms across america are we going to confiscate them or we're going to make laws that would outlaw some of those that are already in possession what do you think. oh i think that if you for instance implemented a ban on high capacity magazines then before long that ban would actually buy. clearly the ban on assault weapons had an impact almost immediately. i think your point is valid but i think that it doesn't prevent us from taking effective action ok it's still a heavy lift do you think that these elected officials are just afraid to go home and face the n.r.a. especially the centrist democrats and the ones from north dakota and south dakota and also west virginia and ohio i mean in that part of the country it's almost a different thought process to firearms what about that if that's the way democrats
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think that they're fools i remember zach space in the democratic party he was a democrat from ohio who did the bidding the entire time that he was in congress and they turned against him and actually ran ads against him in two thousand and ten the n.r.a. is not your friend if you're a democrat period when i ran for reelection in two thousand and ten i was stunned to see the enter a did not endorse a single democrat in the entire state of florida alan grayson always a pleasure thank you so much for the unvarnished opinion always welcome and energy is center stage this week in moscow as russian president vladimir putin talks about relations with the united states north korea and saudi arabia moscow is preparing for a visit from saudi king solomon manila chan is following the story and it is all about energy and then oh yes everything is about energy these days leaders from around the globe are joining in on this big forum to discuss the future of energy for the
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entire world and russian president vladimir putin took questions from the mc who asked about a host of global hot topics not just energy on top of everyone's mind of course the current state of the u.s. russia relations at least it is a little u.s. russian. relations found victims of the internal political situation in america. are using these relations to address the internal political problems in the us but we are patient to this process is over. that of course in reference to the trumpet ministrations current turmoil and it wouldn't be a conversation of hot button issues without discussing of course north korea putin recalls a visit to the hermit kingdom back in two thousand and one when then leader kim jong il revealed to him that his country was already back then nuclear capable and yet the us continued to push further sanctions rather than dialogue it has been living under sanctions from an education so what in two thousand and one i believe
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it was in two thousand and one as i was traveling to japan i was in north korea and its father or for the current leader back then he told me that they had a nuclear bomb. and just moments ago saudi king selma arrived in moscow marking the very first time a saudi monarch has made an official state trip to russia the two leaders are expected to strengthen relations as oil rich saudi arabia and nat gas rich russia may look to broker some deals in the very near future. we are looking into the future with confidence as far as saudi russian relations are concerned as well as russian relations with such countries as egypt jordan israel and the syria. but let's face it saudi is. is always going to be the united states when it comes
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to its geopolitical interests do you worry that the saudis are using you this because you said always will remain is that anything in the world is so absolutely constant. and you heard it right there ed what's fascinating about this forum though is that while much of the discussion stems from energy we kind of get a glimpse into just how much a role energy plays into foreign policy for virtually every country in the world very interesting discussions happening all through the week there in moscow i don't think it's a big leap to say that russia is going to go out and do business deals on the heels of all these sanctions that the united states senate has put on russia this is about making a dollar and moving forward as we know ed king selman doesn't travel unless there's something to be gained ok thanks minal appreciate it the president went after in b c news today while visiting the medical facilities in las vegas n.b.c. news reported earlier that secretary of state rex tillerson was going to resign
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this summer and even referred to the president as a moron after his speech to the boy scouts tillerson gave an official statement today denying the report and later the president labeled the report fake news. thank. you i'm very honored by his comments to his fake news it was a totally phony story thank you very much is made up he's made up by n.b.c. thank you all very few total confidence and. i have total confidence thank you very much everybody. n.b.c. stands by their story defense secretary james mattis defended the mixed messages from the trumpet minute. north korea on sunday the president tweeted secretary of state rex tillerson should stop wasting his time on north korea's rocket man the president was reacting to news tillerson had open direct channels of communication with the north koreans for more on this we turn tonight to see good ol us the specialist at the institute for china america studies c.
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rob nice to have you with us is this an opening and there seems to be somewhat of a referral miscommunication between the secretary of state and the white house what do you make of it this is singularly unhelpful to have the on on the one of the most important international issues of the day that the president on the secretary of state and the secretary of defense have have competing views of course secretary of defense and secretary of state of have very similar views on this but that the president is literally saying things which is unbecoming off a u.s. president or even the u.s. why is princeton. the president plays with twitter a lot but this piece of information dealt directly with international relations and one in his is top diplomat how vital of a stake is this this is very very damaging because you know at this point of time both north korea in the u.s. see them to see as adverse see each other as an adversary after that terrible week
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at the u.n. just last week or a week before before last the north koreans viewed what president trump said on the floor of the u.n. general assembly as a declaration of war that's what kim jones said at this point of time you're not going to have negotiations but there is the possibility that down the line we can have talks about talks for that to be the case we need empowered interlocutors to do that if there are newly empowered in two q does including a secretary of state then who else is going to do it what do you think kim jong un is thinking right now and also the chinese reaction to this back and. i think the reaction on both parties is the same that president trump is an erratic character. to it is something we do not be should not be paying attention to but especially for kim jong un he knows he has conventional capabilities to trash so he's developing his nuclear deterrent he will see that that deterrent is as polished and
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as sharp as possible because regardless whether trump is mad or not he will have his fallback option isn't this somewhat of an i told you so moment for kim jong un i mean his secretary of state is being reported call him a moron and then really didn't back away from it. he says he never thought he'd leave the administration and he's trying to debunk the report but this back and forth does it give kim jong un somewhat of an upper hand in the world community it does give kim jong un an upper hand in the world community it will give him that upper hand when things do come down to negotiations because as he himself said he was open to some conciliatory move at the u.n. general assembly session that americans are not providing that he can if so long as he keeps himself open to negotiating at the same time as he has this deterrent he can say i was there to come to ready to come to the table the americans won and the americans need to make payment or pay a price for that thank you so much appreciate it tonight. the senate intelligence
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committee held its first news briefing in months here in washington today the committee has been focused on russian meddling and possible collusion with the trump campaign senators burren warner delivered a bipartisan assessment in agreement with the i.c.a. stating they believe russia meddled in the two thousand and sixteen election we're developing a clearer picture of what happened. what i will confirm is that the russian intelligence service is determined clever and i recommend that every campaign and every election official take this very seriously as we move into this november's election and as we move into preparation for the two thousand and eighteen election after conducting over one hundred interviews along with two hundred fifty hours of dedicated research reviewing four thousand pages of transcripts and over one
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hundred thousand documents there is no smoking gun on russia's influence on the two thousand and sixteen election although the committee is sure of the outcome we can certifiably say that no vote totals were affected that the pallies are accurate the outcome of the election based upon the count of votes they they did not in any way shape or form that we've been able to find alter that as for the trump campaign in collusion with russia this part of the investigation remains open the steel da ca on trumped remains unconfirmed we have the president has called this entire ordeal a witch on and a hoax saying there was never any collusion president has said he agreed to a talk. if you're going to all of the documents are going to be able to point the way i'm going to let you guys or quote the president and ask him questions about what he says is not going to be the committee where we're going to have
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a very good look at it. and the intelligence committee believes russians were involved in spreading chaos over facebook and other social media platforms leaders from facebook twitter and google have been invited to the committee to an open hearing on november first and they are expected to attend. the state department has ordered two thirds of cuba's diplomatic personnel to leave the united states u.s. officials say the expulsion is connected to mysterious attacks of fact the elf us embassy staff in havana cuba are in a portnoy as the story tonight the cuban coffee window at little havana as a restaurant has been the focal point of many heated political conversations. this morning the expulsion of cuban diplomats from washington dominated the dialogue you know one year for doing more and more centrist brain science for the
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spread united states. growth and the u.s. and a meeting on tuesday the trumpet ministrations said it was expelling fifteen cuban diplomats in response to months of mysterious sonic attacks which have injured twenty two u.s. diplomats and their family members in havana u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says quote the decision was made due to cuba's failure to take appropriate steps to protect our diplomats in accordance with its obligations under the vienna convention this order will ensure equity in our respective diplomatic operations the move comes days after the us pulled roughly sixty percent of its embassy staff from the cuban capital the castro government has vehemently denied any involvement in the incident and is cooperating with an f.b.i. investigation during a press conference on tuesday the country's foreign minister said the expulsion
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will strain bilateral relations with the u.s. now believes the unjustifiable unmotivated political position to demand just came to the diplomats from our embassy to leave the united states is completely political act which only benefits those who want to derail the ability of both countries to improve relations. as president continues to on wind the detente between washington and polls show sixty five percent of american voters support policies of engagement with cuba. princes is among those who supported president obama's efforts to reestablish ties with cuba after decades of isolation i see dyson how do you demand the best bargain for the village something we queue up in the usa. there's nobody friendly with the cuban government. or the elite any. nation with the usa others don't see the embassy
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drawdown as a game changer those was going to me soon see. the bullying stating. that these some single them would know the moving will but some of these a political maneuver have no importance and while the trumpet ministration hasn't blamed the castro government for the mysterious attacks the u.s. has stopped processing visas for cubans seeking to visit the u.s. a travel warning has also been issued for americans who want to visit cuba meanwhile the fifteen diplomats expelled on tuesday have been given seven days to leave washington reporting from miami marina port r.t. the supreme court will soon decide whether government workers who are not in the union can refuse to pay union fees the court deadlock on the issue for the for last year before judge neil gorsuch was appointed to the supreme court the ruling could
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affect over five million public sector workers for more on this we turn tonight to larry cohen board chair of our revolution and former president the communication workers of america larry this is a real big issue for middle class workers what kind of an impact would a five to four. were decision against workers i mean what would have me so it's one more effort to ratchet down any kind of collective voice that working americans would have on the job this case aimed at the public sector where in many states workers do have collective bargaining rights ironically and more than half the states there are no rights whatsoever in violation of international labor organization charter in terms of workers' rights around the world were near the bottom so this is an effort to take those rights down another pegged by saying that workers don't need to pay representation fifty even though they are represented and again what's going on here is that lots of rich people that are behind these
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lawsuits looking at every angle for decades how do we destroy collective bargaining private sector then public sector then public sector then private sector and they go back and forth and they use free speech but at the same time they believe that free speech means corporations free speech is orchestrated speech whether it's money in politics or whether it's making sure that workers have no voice in the job we're getting the worst of all worlds and they hide behind so-called free speech it takes money to do things in politics this of course would hurt the the the war chest of unions what it does well it's in direct because political money is voluntary money and again in most states union membership for public employees is also voluntary there aren't representation fees in most states and it's up to the individual person they're really a after wherever they can let's destroy what the rights that remain that workers still have they want to take out the democratic base the progressive base the other they arrested base the working class base that's it all right in that base of
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course is very important when it comes to boots on the ground in elections and so this is a systematic attack is that a fair a fair it's fair it's decades it's systematic it's well funded it's never ending and they just wait until they can pounce they thought they had this when scalia died they lost the majority. what is judge gorsuch record with unions terrible so he uses the the rhetoric of free speech to say that workers can't get together but it's fine for the corporation to do so and so the corporation is a body and they can orchestrate what they say but the it but the workers can't form a collective body this is really been fueled as well by republican legislators in states across the country wisconsin is the perfect example yeah and this is you know forty years ago president ford from michigan was procol at the bargaining now the republican party is officially against collective bargaining rights larry cohen great to have you with us tonight and your organization got a big win last night yeah birmingham alabama randall wood new mayor he's so awesome
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standing up for public education standing up for public services larry cohen thanks for joining us and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter at news with ed like me on the facebook page we got it dot com you can watch a direct t.v. channel three two one three twenty one reporting tonight from washington. i made a professional powerpoint to show you how artsy america into the greater media landscape. right we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can. skew the facts either. talking and writing oh there you go. look out world is in the spotlight now frankly. and actually took me way more time than i care to
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admit. our culture is awash in lives dominated by streams of never ending electronic hallucinations that. fiction until they are indistinguishable we have become the most. society politics a species of endless and. political theater politicians more than just celebrity are two ruling parties are in reality one party to corporate and those who attempt to puncture this vast breathless universe of fake news just signed to push through the cruelty and exploitation of the neo liberals or are pushed so far to the margins of society including by a public broadcasting system that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must.


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