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the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice. live in poverty. what's going to. put some a following a different. being so truly. the point that hope for a better life. i. post this morning following strong support for capital on
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independence from spain no anti independence protesters are gathering in barcelona complicate catalonia options on the future of. head to the news multibillion dollar deals are on the table maybe as the king of saudi arabia arrives giving russia rome a kingdom first ever official visit and it could be a signal of a white a shift in saudi foreign policy to. weaken certifiably so no vote. affect coming up empty handed the latest u.s. senate committee hearing into russian meddling funds the presidential election was not a fight. over the moon. ten am near moscow not in the morning than in spain and that's where
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we're heading first this thursday here on out safely what's up going there in catalonia following those strikes against the spanish government that attracted over half a million people in catalonia now and see independence activists have gathered in barcelona it's all of course after last weekend's controversial referendum that saw violence break out across the region and this is a chicken has been following events for us the latest overnight in barcelona then you can see. gathered there. and independent thanks that was and really are symbolic since he was here was you can see the street here he was people are quite fascinated about keeping steam inside the have been speaking out against the independence they've been talking about how they want the rule of law to prevail how there. was
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a way that we've been conducting was interested in your answer the crowds out of course that marginally criticized on a day of the referendum was overheard. here now just to say i was running things right which oxycodone was a a your city i think what they should do is respect the law in the constitution as all of europe and the european union have asked the only thing we are asking is that the it be the constitution and the law which is what will defend the catalan people. i think its allies say it will not give us anything respond if citizens festival we want a united spain this independent side air space to nice is just to rub ass so far we do know that the cat's line parliament said they would hold a session on potential independence process as soon as this monday so certainly this critical situation seems likely to continue given this stance of the castle and leadership to continue to pursue. to the results of the referendum where ninety
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percent of the electorate did vote to leave spain how exactly this is going to unravel the means to be seen could you want also said that he doesn't want. to be involved between barcelona and madrid and whether or not that happens and what kind of situation is going to be and whether or not it's actually going to bear fruit is what we're going to be watching now. earlier the general strikes over seven hundred thousand people take part in that huge turnout as you can see as people wave flags and chanted pro independence signs and slogans along those packed streets. so come flowing out of several options regarding its future let's go through a one would be open dialogue with the e.u. and spanish authorities to try to mediate some way out of this crisis that's been secured soured by madrid's attempts to disrupt the referendum however the catalan president says spain hasn't tried to initiate any talks as of yet i'm a big number but we have never received any positive response from the state to any of the proposals of mediation that we have of the table at the moment yes or even
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if negotiations do get under way pleasing both spain and catalonia could be a tough task the council president recently called the government in madrid a democratic disgrace while the spanish prime minister said the referendum was illegal overnight those protests in madrid have been calling for unity in the country while also highlighting probable issues with the negotiation process. was kind of god i got the lingo romanies really you know insisting in these objectives not for hours it's very important. for national community recognize what is happening here in qatar long enough i know also they are and we are making calls you know i was
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told will receive some international support in enough in the process of negotiating with. with us by the government. so the with the first option currently doubtful what else can catalonians do or they're going to look at other options or that could include it's a regional government going ahead with declaring independence option two and a parliamentary session confirmed that indeed could happen as early as next monday if there are the ninety eight hour an extraordinary meeting will take place next monday ninth of october it's a debate to make an imagination of the results of the referendum it in other words declare the independence of catalonia couple who was once an independent go to twenty years if you stop wishing but only if you do political support to go already so i don't see that it you could send a good outcome to libya and portugal shouldn't interfere with those who live many other parts of you watching with interest as to what is happening. but i think we
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have to pick up a little you know its own merits given all that's happening now to look at it is there to start i think every place is different but it looks a couple only is on that we do independents and it will certainly be encouraging for many of us once you. and there's option three perhaps the worst case scenario for catalonia would be madrid taking back power over the regional government indeed under article one five five of the spanish constitution the central government can indeed suspend the north eastern regions of ptolemy that's seen as a last resort but nonetheless the spanish justice ministers confirmed that they could suspend kathlyn autonomy if catalonia declared its independence next week so there's a lot wakin on we spoke to an international affairs consultant who believes spain could be expelled from the e.u. to. in december going in they would search in step and then they would then they really exclude themselves and membership or if the e.u.
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would accept such as she duration that is the and for the new. as a as an international organization we can never accept that the e.u. member state uses the army against its own people we should also not forget that the reason and the circumstances that street in spain the game. was among other things to and delete data should such a scenario would be a catastrophe to strain to call it alone you know obviously and. absolutely. the stores attracted a small of us senate intelligence committee says voting in the twenty sixteen presidential election that was not affected by russian meddling. we can certify. that no vote totals were affected but the pallies are accurate the outcome of the election based upon the commode. they did not in any way shape or form that we've
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been able to find and alter that from there we heard members of the senate intelligence committee say that they believe that russia was currently in the process of trying to create chaos in the u.s. elections and they talked about social media the vice chairman of the committee who is mark webber he went on to say that social media platforms were not taking the threat of alleged russian meddling seriously enough facebook recently turned over three thousand ads that they say were russia linked over one hundred thousand dollars worth of advertisements that were bought between the years of two thousand and fifteen and twenty seventeen other social media giant revealed that most of the views that these ads received were accumulated after the election took place now senator warner went on to say that the american users of ads should be informed about whether or not ads are purchased by what he called foreign entities now he didn't define what a foreign entity is or how it would be determined if someone who purchased an ad
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was a foreign entity or not he just felt that ad should be labeled from there are we went on to hear about how facebook has talked about the contents of these ads in the comments made to the press we heard it hinted that it's pretty clear that these ads weren't exactly linked to any particular candidate let's take a listen there's no way that you can look at that and say that that was to help the right side of the ideological shore. and. not the left or vice versa or they were indiscriminate it seems that the overall theme of the russian. involvement in the u.s. looks create chaos at every level. and i would tell you the fact that we're sitting here nine months later investigating the increased storms except at this. when we heard the members of congress speaking to the press they seems to insinuate or suggest or maybe even believe that the reason that their investigation is taking so
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long is because of the alleged success of the russian medlars and that they've done it so well that it's just very very hard to find the evidence they didn't seem to acknowledge the possibility that maybe the evidence they're so desperately looking for just isn't there well as we saw there the senate has focused on russia's alleged use of social media platforms as a tool to influence votes as they voted three social network giants to work with the senate to help determine whether these were generated by foreign entities we think it's important. that the three companies that we've invited google twitter and facebook will appear in a public hearing so that americans can begin to hear both about how we're going to protect i would argue three areas one making sure that if you see an ad that appears on the social media site and americans to know where the source of that ad was generated by foreign entities. we talked to former u.s.
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intelligence officer scott recalled about this he told us the social media giants can easily be manipulated. what's interesting to hear here is out of the hundred thousands of dot one hundred thousand only dollars that were spent supposedly by the russians very few views were actually made of that actually those posts well that being said that's because you can easily control who sees these these posts using the headroom algorithm another hour that limit these the exposure of these pows vice versa when the democratic party was posting things those posts were getting a widespread view because of their collusion with google and facebook so this is really a comical joke to me and it's and it really proves the red scare of russia can survive here even in the year two thousand and seventeen. and then to russia styria now seeming to reach a climax of sorts you could say the root of it all goes back to the one nine
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hundred seventy s. in america according to the classified u.s. intelligence documents and say the soviet union back then was trying to influence small groups of people with telepathy hypnosis. ok don't worry about it. too so if you steal all this tension stress.
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or little sleep it's like a. little. little. sleep the king of saudi arabia has landed in moscow on a story trip it's the first time the kingdom sitting one of his made an official visit to russia and the move is seen by many as an expected shift in riyadh's foreign policy that he will meet with the russian president vladimir putin with huge oil deals at stake been a pretty trying to report. deals with the biggest and the richest gulf monarchies always mean big numbers on paychecks and king solomon of saudi arabia is in moscow to do just that for these contract signatures but it is no secret that when it comes to international politics russia and saudi arabia aren't exactly friends but that only adds spice to the story because when it comes to the economic partnership
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high ranking officials on both sides have been teasing the journalists with these big numbers multibillion dollar contracts are expected to be announced including three billion dollars worth of arms purchases by saudi arabia plus one billion dollars of extra cash for the joint and or g. fund to riyadh is also going to invest in gas production in russia moscow is going to build plants in saudi arabia and so on those so is this a case of economic interests first politics second we'll see because i'm not sure the leaders will be able to dodge that many issues where moscow and riyadh don't see eye to eye in international politics another issue that we have to watch out for when it comes to the context is of course the very close ties between saudi arabia and the u.s.
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remember donald trump chose saudi arabia as the first destination for his first foreign trip the president of russia vladimir putin was asked about all that last night but let's face it this major is always going to be the united states when it comes to political interests who said oh it was rude remain is there anything in the world that is so absolutely constant while king solomon's visit to russia had a bit of a dodgy start because the golden clad escalator that he carries a while the walls suddenly. he stopped when the modern was disembarking is plain but there was compensation for that moscow understandably once to make the king as welcome as possible in russia he could see welcome posters on his way to central moscow and of course he's going to enjoy the best view of the crown blood from his words cotton sweet and i'll tell you what the saudi delegation didn't just book
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several sweets at the ritz carlton not even the entire hotel but a whole cluster of moscow's most lavish hotel in the heart of russia so there's a bit of a saudi kingdom there right now the meetings between vladimir putin and ken psalm on our jew later in the afternoon and of course we'll be there for you we will indeed does come to the present just come from it is a way to not see death squad members have been identified by jewish human rights organization go details of the rest of this morning's news too.
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so. what you going to be this is what the. people are. interested. and there's a disaster of their lives to rot and it's a failure of capitalism it's a failure of politics in washington it's a failure that we. it's a failure coming to the shores of america. story thanks to the f.b.i. he's being sued by the victim of the islamic state and spot attack back in twenty
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fifteen of the controversial cartoons drawing contest in texas the most is that the bureau may have been complicit in the terrorist incident by not acting upon early warning signs but go from says something explains a bit. the f.b.i. is under fire accused of encouraging a terror attack the accusation comes from a security guard who is taking his case to court bruce joyner was wounded in two thousand and fifteen in an iceland speier terrorist attack targeting the draw mohammed contest in garland texas. both of them had assault rifles came around the back of a car and started shooting. now
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garland could have been a massive tragedy but mr joiner along with other guards and the police managed to stop the terrorists now he wants to get to the bottom of this quite shocking revelation bruce who's been a loyal law enforcement officer for most of his life and only seeks the food truth as the f.b.i.'s role in his near death on may the two thousand and fifteen we did not understand why our own government would not tell us even privately what really happened that day so what does he bases accusations on well for starters the f.b.i. allegedly helped the terrorists hope to gain weapons by lifting a restriction during a background check it's also believed the agent even texted the terrorists inciting them well to have a good time. and finally the f.b.i. is accuse the following the terrorists for the scene of the attack not up we hand them but only to drive away and let them get on with it i don't like to think that
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they let it occur but it is shocking to me that are now under cover agent sees fellows jumping out of a car and he drives on. according to research by an american university a shocking fifty eight percent of people charged with links to eisele had contact with either an undercover u.s. agent or informant helping the terrorists do who knows what it's very troubling to know that not only was the f.b.i. aware of this attack but likely perhaps complicit in carrying it out and even enticing the two terrorists to carry out the attack in garland texas some of the facts are indicating that they had an undercover agent that was trying to get in with isis or if the attack had been carried out successfully and people died it was likely that this undercover agent and his superiors his supervisors in the f.b.i. felt that this would prompt him up to high ranks within isis he didn't have a legal duty to prevent it but it certainly is negligence at the very least
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remember james comey the former f.b.i. chief well he didn't mention any of this during the twenty fifteen gharlane press briefing and when asked whether counterterrorism investigators are looking for a needle in a haystack he said the whole country is a haystack and the needles are invisible apparently there was at least one needle that was visible but he chose not to mention your process and jago r.t. . a polish member of the european parliament sluice a scathing attack on the e.u. over its migrant policies during a debate he cuse the bloc of ideologically bulldozing member states and repeating mistakes more graphic policy is to suckle too complex a problem to be imposed by the you appear political and ideological bulldoze. has to be a consensus of all member states otherwise we will be back in the situation where the big guys do what they want they could get away with that has to be.
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mandatory quota scheme has been the focus of much of the criticism each member state was required to take in a specific number of asylum seekers after the migrant crisis all began back in twenty fifty but those quotas were never fully accepted by everyone in the union and when the problems began the so-called redistribution system was decided by a majority vote at the time but the sudden influx of migrants led to several countries appealing against the quotas poland and hungary have been the most vocal critics refusing to take it any refugees the crisis also proved a challenge even for the e.u.'s biggest and wealthiest countries like france and germany r.t. spoke to the hunger and foreign minister for his take on the block's common migration policy. it's obvious that the migratory policy of european union was a failure so far you know the probably got three quarter system is a total bad and st. at least central europeans were honest about that but you know
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those western european friends of ours will praise this decision very allowed lee and bash us very loudly have completely devoted to up to up to twenty five percent so basically no one complied with the decision of the of the european commission you know its mother if you pull procedure is a matter of political correctness instead of being honest and straight to the problems this is actually against the european the regulations and you broke your own laws because that decision takes away the right from the member states to make their decisions on their own in daylight and the rebuilding of their country and when they do not and the third group. in germany two suspected members of an infamous nazi death squad have been identified by human jewish human rights organization one of the directors for the rights group claims the man responsible for some of the nazi units worst atrocities during world war two the nazi task force took part in an active role in massive killings among them was the massacre of a thirty three thousand jews in just two days that happened in
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a place called ukraine shortly after the war ended twenty four of the death squads leaders were charged for crimes against humanity. looking at i think it's. looking at it it's a. chimp. it isn't a show that's. just a. he spoke to human rights activist a friend hugo who believes criminals should still be prosecuted regardless of their age. about ten years ago the german judicial authorities change their prosecution policy viz a viz nazi war criminals now any person who served in a nazi death camp
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a death camp is a concentration camp with the apparatus for mass annihilation which is either gas chambers or gas fans was served in the eyes at scroope and can be almost automatically convicted. for service based on service alone. for example first of all one of the people denies participating in in any atrocities he says that he was a mechanic but that's irrelevant in other words he was a mechanic working on cars or trucks that took the shoot is to the pits to kill the jews so there's no question he's an accessory to murder don't be fooled into seeing frail old people think of people who in the flower of their youth with the height of their physical power they spent all their energy mass murdering innocent men women and children. ossie dot com off facebook or you choose twitter you choose
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how to keep up to date with the latest marty however you do and how he watches things from kevin and the rest of the next live update from his thirty minutes time on up to the next program we've got winds up feeling part of the world. with more make its manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous. certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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it's taken these children's hopes. now threatens to take their future. up. the volcano here could erupt again at any time. most people have a stark choice. live in poverty. or choice. but some are following a different. truly . that's a lot. hi
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lindsey francis is the boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. tonight the leaders of the world's two largest oil producers meet in moscow it's the first visit by a reigning monarch of saudi arabia to russia it's a move to strengthen ties between the two we bring you the details on that also tobacco giant philip morris says it's not a smoke free initiative in the works down under the.


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