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along awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch. yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food to see people you've never heard of love back to the night i'm president of the world bank so they. really. seriously send us an e-mail. artie's editor in chief says there's unprecedented pressure being put on our channel in the u.s. with a widespread intimidation campaign. following strong support for catalan independence from spain anti independence protesters are now gathering in barcelona complicating catalonia options on its future. multibillion dollar deals are on the table as the king of saudi arabia arrives in
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russia for his first official visit and it could be a stick a signal of what a wider shift in saudi foreign policy. you're watching are to international coming to you live from the russian capital with me jacqueline thanks for joining us. now live joins me live in the studio with more details on comments we've just heard from a russian senate senate hearing on meddling in the country's internal affairs so respond to what kind of pressure did artie's artie editor in chief talk about how the jackie so ever since the first of the russian interference in the us elections and emerged. the mounting pressure from american politicians and the media just to give you a quick few quick examples but can january the u.s. intelligence community describes well presented their reports into alleged russian
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meddling and it was heavily focusing on. the reports of zero to seven pages just to out see i would suppose incidents in the public discourse accusing i watch on the left so that is a crime than propaganda so mind you no concrete evidence was was or has been given in september the u.s. justice department can talk to. the american. register as a form. in the us a law that was drafted in to prevent the spread of world war two propaganda here's how she described the situation well as i understand it she said that there is of course one grave repercussion of the situation which is that lots of people retire people are scared it's hard to even find a stringer in the us reporters local reporters meaning and we call people who've been working on this for a long time to treat us really well they say it's all perfect but we don't want to run from the f.b.i. so how is this restricting artie's work in the us. it's not exactly clear if
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actually this this measure will be it will be actually taken but taken it further it looks like the tech media giants are joining the complaint against against at sea a few weeks ago sweets featured in its report on the russian interference activities on its platform also disclosing confidential details about the amounts of money these china spends on the advertising on the platform mind you not something unusual for the media outlets to do. with the latest being google according to the us media reports google is also removing it from its advertising package on you tube. without any notice or explanations. if we could just have the reaction from his deputy editor in chief. r.t. has been google's premium partner since twenty ten and accredited to an official status of the most watched t.v. news network and it is absolutely an acceptable that while there were no notifications a very policy changes sent to our t.
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says internal info appears to have be leaked to the us media by google this speaks to the unprecedented political pressure increasingly applied to all our t. partners and relationships in a concerted effort to push our channel out of the u.s. market entirely and by any means possible. now the fact that he is no longer included in google's preferred us of the thais in the least it won't actually you know cause any concern on the channel four. he's currently the world's biggest news network on you tube and last month while channel smashed the five billion used mark on the websites we could just take a look. but . we just.
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so the russian foreign ministry describe the complaint against russia against l.t. and against russian media as a witch hunt so we'll just have to see if there will be any actions from the russian government after that today's hearing at the federation council artist thank you so much for the update. with california such declare its independence from spain on monday in their division there is why doing there as the breakaway region saw massive strikes against the spanish government that attracted over half a million people in catalonia and now anti independence activists are gathering as well this is all of course after last week's controversial rough referendum which saw violence break out across the region we cannot cross like to enlist. who has been following the events for us in barcelona. now how do things stand right now in the catalan capital. bill exactly in spain is basically gripped by this crisis of trying to figure out its own future following the referendum of october first that
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saw ninety percent of the people who came out to vote voted in favor of getting out of spain and the latest that we know is that the council on leader has said that institutions of cap's lonia will be following up on the results of this referendum we do know that the caps and regional parliament will be meeting on monday to discuss specific steps in terms of how to proceed towards independence now according to reports we're hearing that banks that interaction alone are potentially littering relocating their headquarters including broncos subadult according to reports its board members have been meeting or are meeting to discuss contingency plans as well as a bank in catalonia also discussing similar plans obviously all of this. if catalonia does end up leaving speed it will also be leaving the european union and banks obviously would want to proceed with business as usual now in the meantime in strasbourg talks e.u. officials have been meeting to discuss the situation in catalonia days after the
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referendum on rubbles and what was interesting to see there is talk e.u. officials basically saying that the use of force is ok under the circumstances let's take a listen. it is of course. it juicy for any government to uphold the rules rule and this sometimes does require to put caution to use of force. police statements are especially interesting given that capsule on leaders have said that for a hundred people to work injured on the day of the referendum images of police cracking down on polling stations taking away voting ballots driving around voters using rubber bullets and really these images being described as scandalous by observers here and throughout the world. and associate checking the reporting live from. the thank you so much for that update on. the calendar that now has several
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options were guarding its future one would be opening dialogue with the e.u. and spanish authorities to mediate the crisis that's been soured by madrid's attempts to disrupt the referendum however the calland president says spain hasn't responded positively to the idea of talks. response from the state to any of the proposals so mediation that we have on the table at the moment to say yes a lot of that gets movement spanish spain's prime minister has so far rejected negotiations once again stressing that madrid sees the vote as illegal meanwhile overnight protests in the capital saw crowds calling for national unity and the central government not to enter talks with catalonia. god
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you. got the lingo romany's really interesting in these objective but for us he's very important. international community recognize what is happening here in a long year and also they and we are making calls here in order. to receive some international support in the. process of negotiating with. we passed by new governments with the first option currently doubtful catalonia may look at other options that could include its regional government going ahead with declaring independence and a parliamentary session confirmed that could happen as early as next monday. it's there now. an extraordinary meeting will take place next monday night's. debate to making the most of the results of the referendum it in other words
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declare the independence i quote a little color what it was once an independent country twenty years ago is establishing not only have you finished the course of the four to go away to do so i don't see what but it has to be concerned about having concluded and shooting contention with a those who live in the other parts of you watching with interest as to what is taught you how to do it but i think we have to look at a couple who know it's own merits and do give it over that's how it got a little you deserve a start think every place is different but it looks a couple only one is on that we do independents and it will certainly be credited for many other sports you. know perhaps the worst scenario for catalonia would be madrid taking back power over the regional government under article one fifty five of the spanish constitution the central government can't suspend the north eastern regions autonomy it's seen as a last resort but the spanish justice minister has confirmed that spain could suspend catalan autonomy if catalonia declares its independence next week we spoke
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to lewdness and international affairs consultant who says spain needs to tread carefully. in december they would search in step then then they would then they. exclude themselves. if the e.u. would accept such as she duration that is the and. as a as an international organization we can never accept that the e.u. member state uses the army against its own people we should also not forget that the reason and the circumstances that street in spain the game remember was among other things too and in the day to shoot the churches jannati it would be a catastrophe to strain to call it alone you know obviously and for your option the . king solomon of saudi arabia has finally met with the russian president and
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what's being called historic talks it's the first official visit to russia by the saudi monarch with many considering it a shift in riyadh foreign policy huge oil deals were on the table at the meeting and our correspondent there trying go has more. the anthems of saudi arabia and russia have been played at one of kremlin's most spectacular rooms and that means the landmark meeting has happened deals with the largest and the richest gulf kingdom always mean big numbers on paychecks and kinks oman is in russia to do just that to put those signatures on the many papers that are expected to be signed and he has told that he is genuinely happy to be in washington for that but it is no secret that the international geopolitical scene russia and saudi arabia are exactly friends but this only adds. to the story for when it comes to using economic partnership the three is really can do many things together and high
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ranking officials from the sofa countries housman t.-z. journalists with big numbers that i've been telling you about multibillion dollar contracts are expected to be announced including possibly three billion dollars worth of arms purchases by saudi arabia the gulf kingdom is also planning to spend at least one million dollars on energy projects in russia as part of a joint fund saudi arabia also wants to invest in gas production in russia and turn moscow wants to build plants in saudi arabia so no wonder the ministers of defense and the minister of energy of russia are present and they're holding talks together with latimer and kremlin but could this be the case of economic interests first political and second we will see because i'm sure that the two leaders for them it will be very difficult to avoid the difficult issues the differences that the two
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countries have when it comes to international politics that another aspect we also have to watch out for here is of course the very very close ties between saudi arabia and the u.s. . we have to remember that president donald trump chose the gulf kingdom as his first destination for his first foreign trip as an blatter approved and was asked about all that last night but let's face it so this. is always going to be the united states when it comes to political interests he said always will remain is that anything in the world is so constant so moscow could really be looking forward to that shift in saudi arabia. and they're trying to make it sound as welcome as possible rochelle when he was driving towards the kremlin he could see welcome billboards and of course he has been able to enjoy the magnificent view of the kremlin from his words called and sweet and i'll tell you what the saudi delegation
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didn't just book a number of sweets for themselves not even the entire hotel but a whole cluster of moscow's most lavish hotels in the heart of russia so there's a bit of a saudi kingdom there right now the meeting is underway but we won't hear from the leaders after the talks the people we will hear from will be the foreign ministers of russia and saudi arabia we are expecting a press conference and we'll be there for you some of france's working class see present mccrone as a leader for the rich and his latest comments aren't doing anything to help that image i'll bring you the details on that after a short break. america has a colony it's called puerto rico and they overcharge for stuff and now there's a disaster there leave them to rot and it's a failure of capitalism it's
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a failure of politics in washington it's a failure that we saw coming for decades and it's a failure coming to the shores of america. what hope to change to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want. to go on to be this is what will befall three of the more people. interested always in the water. you. should.
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welcome back the french president has found himself in the media spotlight again for the wrong reasons this time emanuel mccrone was visiting a struggling company with some strong words for the country's working class charlotte devinsky reports from paris. khan was visiting that training center in central france on wednesday when he was basically outside there was a protest taking place by the g.s. and. and it's thought that he was aiming his comments at these workers who have been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and basically he said that instead of protesting they should perhaps be out looking forward albeit in far fruity language let's take a listen to what mr actually said and i have found you'd. be better off saying if we could get a job over there romans stirring up some fourth occasions and it's not that far for them to go it is not the first time that mr. controversy over some of his comments
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and people saying that he's basically sort of said very bad things about the working class showing contempt for them he's previously talked about illiterate people and people who use the bus to travel to work and he's also said that he wouldn't yield to lazy people in response to the protests that came over his controversial labor reforms here in france basically he's called the working class slack is there's been huge criticism from the opposition parties here in france people saying that mr marquand doesn't know what it means to work and that mr marquand should watch his language and have much more respect from the people it also comes amidst other criticism that mr machen is a president for the rich he recently unveiled his government's budget and in that budget many people saying that he has become the reverse robin hood as in that he's taking money away from the poor and he's actually giving it to the rich and this
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incident on wednesday outside that training center in central france sparked again scuffles between the police and protesters these protesters from g.s. and and from some of the trade industry unions here in france just unhappy about the fact that all they want to do is to speak. to their president about the future of their job about the future of their security for them and their family these with his around two hundred eighty have been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and as we know from previously speaking with them they are just at the end of their tether willing to do anything to gain the attention to try and save their jobs. over on twitter plenty of people were quick to pick up on mccraw the statement.
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the f.b.i. is being sued by a victim of an islamic state inspired attack in two thousand and fifteen at a controversial cartoon drawing contest in texas the lawsuit alleges that the bureau may have been complicit in the terrorist incident by not acting on early warning signs the girlfriend's son targo has more. the f.b.i. is under fire accused of encouraging a terror attack the accusation comes from a security guard who is taking his case to court bruce joiner was wounded in two thousand and fifteen in an iceland speier terrorist attack targeting the draw mohammed contest in garland texas.
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all of them had assault rifles came around the back of a car and started shooting. now garland could have been a massive tragedy but mr joyner along with other guards and the police managed to stop the terrorists now he wants to get to the bottom of this quite shocking revelation bruce has been a loyal law enforcement officer for most of his life and only seeks the food truth as the f.b.i.'s role in his near death all made that the two thousand and fifteen we did not understand why our own government would not tell us even privately what really happened that day so what does he base is accusations on well for starters the f.b.i. legibly help the terrorists hope to gain weapons by lifting a restriction during a background check it's also believed the agent even texted the terrorists inciting
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them well to have a good time. and finally the f.b.i. is accuse the following the terrorists to the scene of the attack not up we hand them but only to drive away and let them get on with it i don't like to think that they let it occur but it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellows jumping out of a car and he drives on. according to research by an american university shocking fifty eight percent of people charged with links to ice or had contact with either an undercover u.s. agent or informant helping the terrorists do well who knows what it's very troubling to know that not only was the f.b.i. aware of this attack but likely perhaps complicit in carrying it out and even enticing the two terrorists to carry out the attack in garland texas some of the facts are indicating that they had an undercover agent that was trying to get in
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with isis or if the attack had been carried out successfully and people died that was likely that this undercover agent and his superiors his supervisors in the f.b.i. felt that this would prompt him up to high ranks within isis he didn't have a legal duty to prevent it but is certainly is negligence at the very least remember james komi the former f.b.i. chief well he didn't mention any of this during the twenty fifteen gharlane press briefing and when asked whether counterterrorism investigators are looking for a needle in a haystack he said the whole country is a haystack and the needles are invisible apparently there was at least one needle that was visible that he chose not to mention your process and jago r.t. . a polish member of the european parliament has launched a scathing attack on the over its migrant policies they're going to bait he accuse the bloc of ideologically bulldozing member states and repeating mistakes. graphic policy is to suckle too complex
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a problem to be imposed by the you appear political and ideological bluenose there has to be a consensus a whole member states otherwise we will be back in the situation where did the big guys do with the world they could get away with that has to be. mandatory quota scheme has been the focus of much of the criticism each member state was required to take in a specific number of asylum seekers after the migrant crisis all began back in two thousand and fifteen but the quotas were never fully accepted by everyone in the union the so-called redistribution system was decided by a majority vote but the sudden influx of migrants led to several countries appealing against the quotas poland and hungary have been the most vocal critics refusing to take in any refugees the crisis also proved a challenge even for the biggest and wealthiest countries like france and germany r
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t spoke to the hungry and foreign minister for his take on the blocks common migration policies. it's obvious that the migratory policy of european union was a failure so far you know the. three four to system is a total bad one street. at least central europeans who are honest but you know those western european friends of ours will praise this decision very low and beschloss very low they have completely devoted to up to up to twenty five percent so basically no one complied with the decision of the of the european commission you know its mother if you poke or see his mother over political correctness instead of being honest and straight to the problems this is actually against the regulations and broken laws because that decision takes away the right from the member states to make their decisions on their own and thirty to rebuild their country and when they do. that's a wrap up of the news for this hour don't forget you can find our channel on all of
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your favorite social media platforms twitter facebook and of course i'll be back with today's top stories in about thirty minutes. with full make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the flaming. lips certainly don't want. to ignore middle of the room see. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to punch you know some really packs
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a punch. yampa is the john oliver of r t america's. to say we are apparently better than blue that you see people you never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. hi linzi francis is the boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c.
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tonight the leaders of the world's two largest oil producers meet in moscow and the first visit by a reigning monarch of saudi arabia to russia it's a move to strengthen ties between the two we bring you the details on that also tobacco giant philip morris says it's not a smoke free initiative in the works down under but skeptics say it's just a bid to make money on more unhealthy habits is that true we're going to find out also billions have been affected by recent attacks i did yahoo and what fact is hackers just keep getting in my guess that explains why they're blocking technology could be the way forward for businesses and governments as they rush to prevent stand by boom bust start right now.
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a bit of backtracking at the white house president donald trump says puerto rico's insurmountable debt may need to be quote wiped out and quote and then the white house budget director steps into the breach trump statement calls ot of all gas as people envisioned a giant bailout initiative but then mick mulvaney clarified saying the white house will in fact not be offering a bailout for puerto rico later this year the white house is expected to require tens of billions of dollars more in the long term funds that will help puerto rico reconstitute its shattered electrical grid and help people build after the huge hurricanes battered b. islands now trump surveyed hurricane damage in puerto rico earlier this week praising his administration's response even as lawmakers returning from the island say the president is painting far too rosy a picture. and yahoo has an update on a disaster all its own and now possibly.


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