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because usually just suddenly it is clear the fight against terrorism means that we should battle extremism and the older we have is a bulldog colics way the approaches which we take in the security council of the united nations. but then. it had been with the. saudis. and hear. me. think it was hope that it would you could really see its source of them the newly created. a group for strategic invasions the russian islamic world will facilitate the development of our efforts on this track. when. we. are very active in resolving our metairie entice we
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go to the kinda knew more saudi arabia for the traditional attention they paid to russian polygamists coming to their country in the times of are they hard to. say when the. judge judge or almost a wash. if you. will so when the program greet me on the program for cultural changes very soon saudi arabia will see. mary and other what was groups and. dissipated events in saudi arabia cutting. was cut. short. so a little. more noles presence. all the ministers present at the top of the. almost to. the full word
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delusion the practical implementation of all the research was being reached today at the highest levels of the. source that. it was at odds. with article but i think we should carry. to the first. that i want to thank you somebody to focus on the. specific question and thank you so much. i would do and i'll put on how to use the two hundred fifty. of the immediate and i mean if you were just listening in to a press conference with the russian and saudi foreign ministers on the visit of king solomon to russia today sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister said that talks between king solomon and president putin were conducted in a very friendly and constructive manner they spoke of improving cooperation between
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the two countries in trade and cultural links and in a number of spheres all together sergey lavrov also hailed the agreements that were signed today as documents that pave the way for better relations between the two countries also revealing that the middle east was addressed in frank talks between the two leaders underlining that the fight against terrorism should take precedence now r.t. is facing unprecedented pressure in the united states with authorities there intimidating not only employees but even those cooperating with the network this was revealed by artie's either during chief margarita simonyan speaking at a parliamentary committee meeting. and you don't know him until recently no active measures except those targeting our reputation has been taken against us in the u.s. specifically new around so if we ever experience the kind of pressure that we experience today in the u.s. to the point eventually being forced out of the country. joins me now in the studio with more on this story now respond what kind of pressure has our channel faced in
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the united states well ever since the first allegations of russian interference in the us elections emerged this channel has found itself on the mounting pressure back in january the u.s. intelligence community presented their reports in say alleged russian meddling the report devoted seven pages to r.t. and its supposed influence on the public discourse accusing this channel of sort of serving as a kremlin propaganda tool however no concrete evidence was or has been given. in september the u.s. justice department can can talk to the american service supply demand that it register as a foreign agent in the us a law that was drafted in back in the thirty's and was actually a to prevent the spread of nazi propaganda now the measure could potentially obstruct work as the america will have for example to notify authorities of personal details of its employees and provide the transcripts of the interviews so potentially that could that would mean that you will have some hard times trying to
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find u.s. officials and not see experts and u.s. experts for the interviews. described the situation as intimidating the russian foreign ministry says the measure if taken with minute departure from the u.s. on freedom of speech principles. just a quick change here i would like to reaffirm that and now we're here it's a blatant violation of u.s. domestic law and freedom of speech it's not only the freedom of speech that the u.s. proclaims that's being violated it's a very principles that the u.s. is actively exploiting but now the ministry spokesperson also said that russia might even consider taking teach for measures equivalent response to the u.s. media working in russia social media companies that cooperated with us have also faced pressure haven't they well now it looks like tech media giants are also joining these complain against r.t. a few weeks ago tweeted featured in its reports to the u.s. congress on the russian exit is on the platform among various trolls most
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surprisingly it disclosed confidential details about the amounts of money spent on advertising on the platform which would be over two hundred thousand dollars actually which of course is hardly enough to sway the election compared to the millions and millions of dollars the main candidates spent on their complaints well also it would be interesting to see if swedes are reported to the congress its own efforts to promote its platform during the election season everybody but nor should it make it look as if we've done something obscure shady or semi legal which is of course since twisted contacted us with that proposal before the election they showed us a presentation of the advantages told us how much it would cost and we agreed and feels like the list keeps getting longer and longer because the latest to jump on the anti r.t. bandwagon now is the latest of the tech giants turning upon this shadow in google according to the us media reports google is removing from its advertising package
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one hundred major platforms you tube that would essentially mean that he would no longer be on the lease on the you tubes least of most popular channels offered to the market is his reaction for marty's deputy editor in chief. r t has been google's premium partner since twenty ten and accredited to an official status of the most watched t.v. news network in you tube it is absolutely unacceptable that while there were no notification savannah policy changes sent to our t. says internal info appears to have be leaked to the us media by google a pretty strong reaction but how much will this ban really affect our team while it's true the fact that policy is no longer go including google's preferred advertising least in the u.s. won't likely concern that you don't see too much is currently already the world's biggest news network on you tube and last month which had all smashed the five billion views mark on the website so the main intrigue now is well if we will just
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see any actions from the russian government's office of the today's hearing in the federation council are to respond to my of thank you so much per se across that now very complicated story. the us senate intelligence committee says the voting in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election was not affected by alleged russian meddling however the senators did allege that russia use social media platforms as a tool to influence voters earlier three internet tech companies were summoned to work with the senate to help determine whether these ads were generated by foreign entities. we think it's important. that the three companies that we've invited google twitter and facebook will appear in a public hearing so that americans can begin to hear both about how we're going to protect i would argue three areas one making sure that if you see an ad that appears on a social media site then americans can know whether the source of that ad was
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generated by foreign entities patrick henningsen the executive editor of twenty first century wired dot com says the latest move by google against our t.v. sets an alarming precedent. this is very dangerous because this is now government and corporations colluding to decide what information the public is allowed to see and what information it's not allowed to have so only the official version of information gets to be seen gets to be distributed in the marketplace of ideas but let me just say the official version of russia gate since last year the result of that is it helps to drive increased military spending in an increasingly aggressive posture against russia particularly on the eastern european front and also confrontations in places like the middle east ok so that's the result of
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official only information. spain's constitutional court has suspended a catalan parliamentary session set for monday where the regional government promised to proclaim independence meanwhile anti independence activists have now been mobilizing in both barcelona and madrid and associate churkin is following the events for us. spain is basically gripped by this crisis of trying to figure out its own future following the referendum of october first that saw ninety percent of the people who came out to vote voted in favor of getting out of spain and the latest that we know is that the cats one leader has said that institutions of cap's lonia will be following up on the results of this referendum now according to reports we're hearing that banks in france boni are potentially littering relocating their headquarters including bankers subadult according to reports its board members have been meeting or are meeting to discuss contingency plans as well
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as a bank in catalonia also discussing similar plans obviously all of this because of if catalonia does end up leaving speed it will also be leaving the european union and banks obviously would want to proceed with business as usual now in the meantime in strasbourg top e.u. officials have been meeting to discuss the situation in catalonia days after the referendum on rubbles and what was interesting to see there is talk of e.u. officials basically saying that the use of force is ok under the circumstances to kill as it is of course any government to uphold the rule of law and this sometimes does require. police statements are especially interesting given that traps alarm leaders have said that over the hundred people were injured on the day of the referendum images of police cracking down on polling stations taking away the voting ballots driving around voters using rubber bullets
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and really these images being described as scandalous by observers here and throughout the world. the general strike on tuesday saw over seven hundred thousand people down tools as people wave flags and chanted proper pro independence slogans in barcelona. catalonia you know has several options regarding its future one would be opening dialogue with the e.u. and spanish authorities to mediate the crisis that's been soured by madrid's attempts to disrupt the referendum however the callon president says spain hasn't responded positively to the idea of talks. from what these numbers we have never received any positive response from the state to any of the proposal so mediation that we have of the table at the moment with a look at spain's prime minister has so far rejected negotiations once again stressing that madrid sees the boat as illegal meanwhile overnight protests a protest in the capital saw a crowd calling for national unity and the central government not to enter talks
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with catalonia. you know you. got the lingo romany's really you know interesting in these objectives but for us it's very important that the. international community recognize what is happening here in the following year and also there and we are making calls here in order to receive some international support in the. process of negotiation with. with us by the government with the first option currently down to look how long it may look at other options now that of course could have glued its regional government going ahead with declaring independence and a parliamentary session confirmed that could happen as early as next monday. if there
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were the ninety an extraordinary meeting will take place next monday ninth of october it's a debate to make an imagination of the results of the referendum in other words declare the independence of catalonia couple it was once an independent country twenty years ago is establishing not only have you been into the course of a quarter go already so i don't see what but they don't appear to be concerned about having catalonia and portugal shooting potential with a bus in many other parts of you watching with interest as to what what is up to you catalonia but i think we have to look at a couple only on its own merits given all those out in catalonia it is that is thought think every place is different but it looks a couple only it is on that we do independence and it will certainly be kinder to many others across you. now perhaps the worst scenario for catalonia would be madrid taking back power from the regional government under the spanish constitution the central government could suspend the north eastern regions
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autonomy that's seen as a last resort but the spanish justice minister has confirmed that spain could do it if catalonia declares its independence next week international affairs consultant lord benoist says spain needs to tread carefully in december the government in britain would search and step in and then they would then there really exclude themselves and members should know if the e.u. would accept such as she duration that is the and for the new. as a as an international organization we can never accept that the e.u. member state uses the army against its own people we should also not forget that the reason and the circumstances that springsteen the game and member of the union was among other things too and in the data should such a scenario would be a catastrophe to strain to call it alone you know obviously and for the european union absolutely. some of france's working class to use the present micro as
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a leader for the rich and his latest comments aren't doing anything to help that image are you that story and more after a short break. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somebody wanted. you to go right to be this is what before three of the people. interested always in the water. level was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken
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hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce offspring so you could be gossip the public by. advertising telling me you are not cool enough by product. of the hawks that we along with all good one. welcome back to the program the french president has found himself in the media spotlight again for the wrong reasons this time manual mccrone had some strong words for the country's working class while visiting a struggling company charlotte devinsky brings us more on that. khan was visiting that training center in central france on wednesday when he was basically outside there was a protest taking place by the g.s.
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and. and it's thought that he was aiming his comments at these workers who have been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and basically he said that instead of protesting they should perhaps be out looking for work albeit in far fruity language let's take a listen to what mr actually said and i have told you there are some who'd be better off seeing if they could get the job rather than some have got the qualifications to do it and it's not that far for them to go it's not the first time that mr mark warner's called the controversy over some of his comments and people saying that he's basically sort of said very bad things about the working class showing contempt for them he's previously talked about illiterate people and people who use the bus to travel to work and he's also said that he wouldn't yield to lazy people in response to the protests that came over his controversial labor reforms here in france basically he's called the working class slack is i will not
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yield in any way not just workers not to cynics not to the extremists. who are gathered here today to protest against macron and his policies which undermine the very existence of the workers from. this movement is necessary it is the response of the french people who are protecting their rights. there's been huge criticism from the opposition parties in france people saying that mr marquand doesn't know what it means to work and that mr marquand should want. his language and have much more respect from the people it also comes amidst other criticism that mr markham is a president for the rich he recently unveiled his government's budget in in that
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budget many people saying that he has become the reverse robin hood as in that he's taking money away from the poor and he's actually giving it to the rich and this incident on wednesday outside that training center in central france sparked again scuffles between the police and protesters these protesters from g.s. and and from some of the trade industry unions here in france just unhappy about the fact that all they want to do is to speak to their president about the future of their jobs about the future of their security for them and their family these workers around two hundred eighty have been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and as we know from previously speaking with them they are just at the end of their tether willing to do anything to gain the attention to try and save their jobs. president president vladimir putin has welcomed king solomon of saudi arabia to the kremlin on his first official visit to russia the
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trip is seen by many as an unexpected shift and riyadh's foreign policy as the country remains a strong u.s. ally we also just heard from the russian and saudi foreign ministers who have just held a news briefing at the kremlin. is following the story for us. so it tells what came out from the meeting today. jacqueline hi again well the leaders of the world's two largest oil producers didn't talk to the press instead we heard about the details of the first ever visit of king solomon to russia from the foreign ministers of saudi arabia and russia as you were saying and there are several things i'd like to point out first of all it is the warmth of course we understand from the allegiances of the two countries particularly in the middle east that they do have major differences when it comes to their views on geopolitics there but for some reason both from the russian top diplomat and the saudi top diplomat we heard
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that generally when it comes to many many issues if not all the issues they see on the two i am particular we heard from the saudi foreign minister that. actually supports the efforts to syrian peace efforts that are underway as part of the so-called asked and the talks in the capital stat of course that are being mediated by russia turkey and iran we understand that there are of course difficulties and relations between saudi arabia and iran now many spheres were on the table in particular most of the talks most of the important business that has been done was about the major economic deals many numbers have been announced ahead of this talks and we still have to calculate and see the actual numbers that were written on these papers the documents that have been side but in general i can say
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that most of the documents that we've been talking about it appears that they are actually in place and here we're talking about military cooperation in particular saudi arabia signed a memorandum that essentially means opens the way forward for their purchase of russian arms also. some kalashnikov gone systems cording to one of the agreements will be produced in saudi arabia besides this there are two investment funds the fund of direct investments in russia and the private investment fund in saudi arabia which are going to have a lot of cooperation and they've announced that together they are going to work on projects that are more that are worth story more than several billion dollars so again it's all about calculation right now and looking into these particular agreements into the words many words that were on the papers and see what kind of
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benefits the two countries can get out of this and the question is whether that means that for saudi arabia and russia at this point economic interests go first and political interests go second whether they can put aside all the political differences and whether saudi arabia is actually ready to make the shift towards russia in what looks like and actually the foreign minister of saudi arabia saudi arabia called it new horizons of cooperation between the two countries that no one could ever imagine before our. reporting live from central moscow thank you for the update. now a security guard who was shot at a controversial cartoons drawing contest of the prophet muhammad in texas back in two thousand and fifteen is suing the f.b.i. he alleges that the bureau was complicit in the islamic state inspired attack by allowing it to happen miguel friends of santiago has more. the f.b.i.
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is under fire accused of encouraging a terror attack the accusation comes from a security guard who is taking his case to court bruise joyner was wounded in two thousand and fifteen in an iceland speier terrorist attack targeting the draw mohammed contest in garland texas. both of them had assault rifles came around the back of the car and started shooting. now garland could have been a massive tragedy but mr joyner along with other guards and the police managed to stop the terrorists now you want to get to the bottom of this quite shocking
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revelation bruce has been a loyal law enforcement officer for most of his life and only seeks the food truth as the f.b.i.'s role in his near death all made that the two thousand and fifteen we did not understand why our own government would not tell us even privately what really happened that day so what does he bases accusations on well for starters the f.b.i. allegedly helped the terrorists hope to gain weapons by lifting a restriction during a background check it's also believed the agent even texted the terrorists inciting them well to have a good time. and finally the f.b.i. is accuse the following the terrorists to the scene of the attack not to pretend them but only to drive away and let them get on with it i don't like to think that they let it occur but it is shocking to me that are now under cover agent sees fellows jumping out of a car and he drives on. according to research by an american university
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a shocking fifty eight percent of people charged with links to eisele had contact with either an undercover u.s. agent or informant helping the terrorists do who knows what it's very troubling to know that not only was the f.b.i. aware of this attack but likely perhaps complicit in carrying it out and even enticing the two terrorists to carry out the attack in garland texas some of the facts are indicating that they had an undercover agent that was trying to get in with isis or if the attack had been carried out successfully and people died that was likely that this undercover agent and his superiors his supervisors in the f.b.i. felt that this would prompt him up to high ranks within isis he didn't have a legal duty to prevent it but it certainly is negligence at the very least remember james komi the former f.b.i. chief well he didn't mention any of this during the twenty fifteen gharlane press briefing and when asked whether counterterrorism investigators are looking for a needle in a haystack he said the whole country is
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a stack and the needles are invisible apparently there was at least one needle that was visible that he chose not to mention francis jagow r.t. i'll be back with today's top stories in about thirty minutes. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night was you know i was actually just pull along and i was the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue buildings but i see people you've never heard of love right back to the night my president of the world bank so are you going to write me seriously send us an e-mail.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works my economy is built around corporations corporations from washington washington post media the media. and voters elected a businessman to run this country business if. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. hand.


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