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tv   Headline News  RT  October 5, 2017 11:00am-11:29am EDT

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the point to that to. r.t. is barred from you tube's premium advertising service in the u.s. in the latest example of the unprecedented pressure our challenge faces in the country. spain's constitutional court blocks a catalan parliamentary session where the regional government promised to proclaim independence. multibillion dollar deals are signed off as king solomon of saudi arabia meets president bush on his first official visit to moscow possibly signaling a wider shift in saudi foreign policy. and the french president is in the spotlight
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again this time for insulting the country's working class while visiting a struggling company. this is our to international broadcasting live from the russian capital i'm jack lugar thank you for joining me on this our first party is facing unprecedented pressure in the united states with authorities there intimidating not only employees but even those cooperating with the network this was revealed by artie's out of there in chief margarita simonyan speaking at a parliamentary committee meeting. and you don't know her name until recently new active measures except those targeting our reputation has been taken against us in the u.s. specifically new around so if we ever experience the kind of impression weeks today in the u.s. to the point eventually out of the country. ever since the first allegations of
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fresh interference in the u.s. election emerged last year this channel has found itself under mounting pressure back in january the u.s. intelligence community presented their report into alleged russian meddling the report devoted seven pages to artsy and its supposed influence on the public discourse and using this shadow of being as a kremlin propaganda to however no concrete evidence was or has been given in the us justice department contacted r.t. america. demanding it as a foreign agent in the us a law that was drafted in back in the thirty's and was actually aim to prevent the spread of nazi propaganda this measure could potentially obstruct artie's work as r.t. america will have to for example to notify the authorities of personal details of its employees and provides a transcript of the interviews so potentially that would mean that he will have some hot getting any of the u.s. officials and the u.s. experts for for the interviews editor in chief described the situation as intimidating and the russian foreign ministry says the measure taken with minutes
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apart from various own freedom of speech principles. i would like to reaffirm that are now with you know it's a blatant violation of your ass domestic law and freedom of speech it's not only the freedom of speech that the us proclaims that's being violated it's a very principles that the us is actively exploiting the ministry spokesperson also russia might even consider taking measures equivalent response to the us media working in russian social media companies that cooperated with us have also faced pressure happened now it looks like the tech media giants are also joining in these complain again start see a few weeks ago tweets if we should put to the us congress on the russian exhibit is on the platform among various boards and trolls most surprisingly it disclosed confidential details about the amounts of money these shall spend some advertising on the platform which would be over two hundred solvent dollars actually which of course is hardly enough to sway the law. action compared to the millions and
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millions of dollars the main candidates spent on their complaints also its would be interesting to see tweets are reported to the congress its own efforts to promote its platform during the election season everybody but most it's a cock in your car make it look as if we've done something obscure shady or semi legal which is of close are too long since teresa contacted us with that proposal before the election and they showed us a presentation of the advents told us how much it was christmas really is green laughs i feel like the list is getting longer and longer every day but who is the latest to jump on the anti r.t. bandwagon latest of the tech giants turning up on. google according to the media reports google is removing it from its u.s. advertising package on one of its major platforms you tube that's what potential i mean that's that's what potentially i mean that's artsy would be out of the you tube's least of most popular channels it's all face to the market says and here it's a reaction from marty's deputy editor in chief r.t.
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has been google's premium partner since twenty ten and accredited to an official status of the most watched t.v. news network and you tube it is absolutely unacceptable that while there were no notification savannah policy changes sent to r.t.e. says internal info appears to have be leaked to the us media by google ok and understandably a strong reaction from r.t. but how much does this ban really affect our channel well if true the fact that he is no longer included in google's preferred advertising least in the us won't likely concern the channel too much currently and already the world's biggest news network on you tube last month i'll smash the five billion jews mark on the website so the main intrigue now is if we'll see any actions from the russian government after that today's hearing of the federation council. following the investigation the us president is wondering why the senate intelligence committee is not looking into his own country's news outlets which according to trump are providing too much fake news donald trump's victory was investigated as well the intelligence
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committee said the voting in the two thousand and sixteen election was not affected by alleged russian meddling however the senators did allege that russia use social media platforms as a tool to influence voters earlier three internet tech companies were summoned to work with the senate to help determine whether these ads were generated by foreign entities. we think it's important. that the three companies that we've invited google twitter and facebook. will appear in a public hearing so that americans can begin to hear both about how we're going to protect i would argue three areas one making sure that if you see an ad and it appears on a social media site then americans can know whether the source of that ad was generated by foreign entities. patrick henningsen the executive editor of twenty first century wired dot com says the latest move by google against our t.v.
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sets an alarming precedent. this is very dangerous because this is now government and corporations colluding to decide what information the public is allowed to see and what information it's not allowed to have so only the official version of information gets to be seen gets to be distributed in the marketplace of ideas but let me just say the official version of russia gate since last year the result of that is it helps to drive increased military spending in an increasingly aggressive posture against russia particularly on the eastern european front and also confrontations in places like the middle east ok so that's the result of official only information. spain's constitutional court has suspended a catalan parliamentary session set for monday where the regional government
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promised to proclaim independence meanwhile anti independence activists have now been mobilizing in both barcelona and madrid and to see it is following the events for us. is basically gripped by this crisis of trying to figure out its own future following the referendum of a sober first that saw ninety percent of the people who came out to vote voted in favor of getting out of spain and the latest that we know is that the caps one leader has said that institutions of caps lonia will be following up on the results of this referendum now according to reports we're hearing that banks in france monier are potentially littering relocating their headquarters including bank according to reports its board members have been meeting or are meeting to discuss contingency plans as well as a bank in catalonia also discussing similar plans obviously all of this because of if catalonia does end up leaving speed it will also be leaving the european union and banks obviously would want to proceed with business as usual now in the
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meantime instead. rosberg top e.u. officials have been meeting to discuss the situation in catalonia days after the referendum on rubbles and what was interesting to see there is talk of e.u. officials basically saying that the use of force is ok under the circumstances take a listen it is of course a jew chief and a government to uphold the rule of rule and this sometimes does require to put caution that use of force well these statements are especially interesting given that catalan leaders have said that for a hundred people were injured on the day of the referendum images of police cracking down on polling stations taking away the voting ballots driving around voters using rubber bullets and really these images being described as scandalous by observers here and throughout the world. the general strike on tuesday saw over seven hundred thousand people down tools as people waved flags and chanted pro
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independence slogans and barcelona now catalonia has several options regarding its future one would be opening dialogue with the e.u. and spanish authorities to mediate the crisis that's been soured by madrid's attempt to disrupt the referendum however the catalin president says spain hasn't responded positively to the idea of talks but there's a number of what we have never received any positive response from the state to any of the proposals mediation that we have on the table at the moment to say yes a lot of that gets more spain's prime minister has so far rejected negotiations once again stressing that madrid sees the vote as illegal meanwhile overnight protests in the capital saw a crowd calling for national unity and the such a central government not to enter talks with catalonia. god. god.
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you. got the lingo romany's really interesting in these objective that for us it's very important. international community recognize what is happening here in the long ago and also there and we are making calls here in order. to receive some international support in the. process of negotiating with. we passed by the government with the first option currently doubtful catalonia maybe looking at other possibilities now that could include its regional government going ahead with declaring independence and a parliamentary session confirmed that could happen as early as next monday. if they're out of the ninety they said our an extraordinary meeting will take place next monday ninth of october it's a debate to make an evaluation of the results of the referendum in other words declare the independence of catalonia couple it was once an independent go to
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twenty years is establishing not only have you been into the course of reporting already so i don't see what but it has to be concerned about how do you come to libya and portugal shooting to mention i was of those who live many other parts of you watching with interest as to what what is up to you catalonia but i think we have to look at a couple of you know its own merits given over how to catalonia it is said to start think every place is different but it looks a couple only one is on that we do independence and it will certainly be coded for many others of course you. now perhaps the worst scenario for catalonia would be madrid taking back power from the regional government under the spanish constitution the central government could suspend the north eastern regions autonomy that's seen as a last resort but the spanish justice minister has confirmed that spain could do it if catalonia declares independence next week international affairs consultant mood by newest says spain needs to tread carefully. in december the government painted
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searching steps and then they then bit greedy exclude themselves from membership or if the e.u. would accept such as she duration that is the and for new. as a as an international organization weekend never accepted e.u. member state uses the army against his own people we should also not forget that the reason and the circumstances that spirit spain the game remember was. among other things to and to do that day to shoot such as jannati it would be a catastrophe to strain to call it alone you know obviously and for your community absolutely. some of france's working class says president micron as a leader for the rich and his latest comments aren't doing any help anything to help that image i'll bring you the details on that after a short break. we're
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going to walk selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you talk to try to tell you that every gossip the public are filed. off about her eyes and tell you you are not cool enough like you. are the hawks that we all are on the walk. in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations perforations from washington washington controls the media the media. voters elected businessman to run this country business equals. boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been
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done before. welcome back the french president has found himself in the media spotlight again for the wrong reasons this time emanuel mccrone had some strong words for the country's working class while visiting a struggling company. i've found you there are some who'd be better off seeing if they could get the job done rather than some of the qualifications to do it and it's not that far from the ground was visiting that training center in central france on wednesday when he was basically outside there was a protest taking place by the g.s.a. workers and it's thought that he was aiming his comments at these workers who had been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and basically he said
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that instead of a protesting they should be out looking for would be in far along which. is not the first time that mr mark corners called controversy over some of his comments and people saying that he's basically sort of said very bad things about the working class showing contempt for them he's previously talked about illiterate people and people who use the bus to travel to work and he's also said that he wouldn't yield to lazy people in response to the protests that came over his controversial labor reforms here in france basically he's called the working class
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slackers i will not yield in any way not just workers not to cynics not to the extremists there's been huge criticism from the opposition parties in france people saying that mr marquand doesn't know what it means to work and that mr marquand should watch his language and have much more respect from the people it also comes amidst other criticism that mr markham is a president for the rich he recently unveiled his government's first budget in in that but. many people saying that he has become the reverse robin hood as in that he's taking money away from the poor and he's actually giving it to the rich and this incident on wednesday outside that training center in central france sparked again scuffles between the police and protesters these protesters from g.s. and and from some of the trade industry unions here in france just unhappy about the fact that all they want to do is to speak to their president about the future
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of their jobs about the future or their security for them and their family these workers around two hundred eighty have been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and as we know from previously speaking with them they are just at the end of their tether willing to do anything to gain the attention to try and save their jobs. president vladimir putin has welcomed king solomon of saudi arabia to the kremlin on his first official visit to russia the trip is seen by many as an unexpected shift in riyadh foreign policy as the country remains a strong u.s. ally we also heard from the russian and saudi foreign ministers will hold a news briefing at the kremlin. is following the story for us tells what came out from today's meeting. jacqueline hi again you said it the question is does the visit of king sell mon signal a shift and saudi arabian foreign policy well it could be early maybe
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a bit too early to say the word shift but you can see for yourself as the two foreign ministers of russia and saudi arabia were busy setting the lights on the historic talks details they kept using the words common ground seeing eye to eye about almost everything and you ma'am argue that this is actually impossible after all tehran and damascus are still friends for russia but foes for riyadh and of course the biggest gulf kingdom is still supporting the syrian rebels but after talks on the highest possible level we heard the foreign minister of saudi arabia saying that it supports the syrian peace talks and asked enough which are mediated by russia turkey and iran then at the same time russia is saying that it is in favor of the efforts that are being made by riyadh to unite the syrian
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opposition what we also heard from the saudi top diplomat next is that new horizons in cooperation between saudi arabia and russia have been opened the ones that no one could ever imagine before and that brings us to the deals of course one of the most important is the memorandum for the purchase and production of arms i can tell you that there have been some reports that a decision by saudi arabia has been made to buy the ass forty that is the state of the art russian made defense missile systems we have not received the official confirmation for that yet but that could be worth three billion u.s. dollars. sorry it has been put on paper though that there will be. more billions jointly invested together into the energy and high tech sectors not to mention the many smaller deals on many things ranging from joint cooperation in
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space exploration the production of kolache nick of machine guns in saudi arabia so the two countries could be a step away from becoming strategic partners if maybe it's absolutely fair enough to say they've already become such partners. across these very important talks for us thank you india. and now to syria where russia's defense ministry says it's destroyed several strategically significant eisel targets they were hit by caliber missiles launched from the russian submarines in the mediterranean ocean . the targets and arrows or province include ammunition depots and hangars with armored vehicles eisel has suffered a serious of major defeats in the country over the past month and no longer has full control of any cities there another terror group in the country illness has
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suffered another major blow as well just a day after russia's defense ministry said the group's leadership was essentially eliminated ragosta of reports from syria. a day off from a russian air strike reportedly left abu mohammed giordani or the leader of nusra front while qaeda here in syria in critical condition as well as in a coma with a dozen of his senior field commanders dead many others wounded the nusra front jihad ists were thrown into confusion apparently surviving field commanders schooled for an emergency meeting to decide on how to carry on don't know what to do in the future to organize so to speak fortunately for them russian military intelligence learned of that meeting also once confirmed and verified the location the date and the time a suit thirty four boma flew out to carry out an ashtray according to what we've
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heard from the russian ministry of defense another seven field commanders were killed as well as forty nine other bodyguards and jihad ists but these two as strikes have dealt nusra front a tremendous blow it is by all reports the biggest and the strongest rebel faction with the most fighters the best training and the best weapons but compounding the damage done to them that the russians have also learned of nusra front biggest underground ammo dump weapons store holding allegedly more than a thousand tons of various arms and munitions with the course of several days that the russian studied the movement of trucks patrols around this location which they didn't yet know espionage on the ground surveillance recon they finally learned its exact coordinates finally the go ahead for an ashtray was given and the jets
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carried to special bunker buster bomb and it penetrated its targets and the fires apparently raged for hours and alice signifying that the. school had been hit again another huge blow to al qaeda in syria. a polish member of the european parliament has launched a scathing attack on the e.u. over its migrant policy is during a debate he accused the bok of ideologically bulldozing member states and repeating mistakes graphic policy is to suckle too complex a problem to be imposed by the european political and ideological blues. has to be a consensus a whole member states otherwise we will be back in the situation where did the big guys do with the world they could get away with and the sea that has to be filled
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with the mandatory quota scheme has been the focus of much of the criticism each member state was required to take in a specific number of asylum seekers after the migrant crisis all began back in two thousand and fifteen but the quotas were never fully accepted by everyone in the union the so-called redistribution system was decided by a majority vote but the sudden influx of migrants led to several countries appealing the quotas poland and hungary have been the most vocal critics refusing to take in any refugees the crisis also proved a challenge even for the ease biggest and wealthiest countries like france and germany are two spoke to the hungary and foreign minister for his take on the blocs common migration policies. it's obvious that the migratory policy of european union was a failure so far you know the. three quota system is a total that in st. at least central europeans we're honest about that but you know those western european friends of ours who praise this decision very
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a lovely and best os very low they have completely devoted to up to up to twenty five percent so basically no one complied with the decision of the of the european commission you know its mother if you poke or see his mother of political correctness instead of being honest and straight to the problems this is actually against the european regulations and you broke no laws because that decision takes away the right from the member states to make their decisions. don't twitter facebook and youtube and i'll be back at today's top stories in about thirty minutes.
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afghanistan their replacements are waiting for the young generation before the tree . stood still cool. with. the wonderful feel we should love for our can i speak right from head to young a six year old and my three year old not. just the pride that you're born with i'm trying. my. hand in the.
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