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tv   Headline News  RT  October 5, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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unprecedented. force from the united states. senate committee concluding that presidential election results affected by any outside interference. following the investigation into alleged russian meddling president. closely american news outlets. i. mean. the constitutional court. the regional government.
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also this hour the french president is in the spotlight again this time for allegedly insulting the country's working class while visiting a struggling company. pm here in the russian capsule a national with. welcome to the program. is facing unprecedented pressure in the united states with authorities there intimidating not only employees but even those cooperating with the network this was revealed he's editor in chief. speaking at a parliamentary committee meeting. and you don't know ram until recently no active measures except those targeting our reputation has been taken against us in the u.s. pacific lee nowhere else have we ever experienced the kind of pressure that we experience
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today in the us to the point eventually being forced out of the country ever since the first allegations of fresh interference in the us election emerged last year this channel has found itself under mounting pressure back in january the u.s. intelligence community presented their report into alleged russian meddling the report devoted seven pages to artsy and it's supposed influence on the public discourse that using this shadow of being as a kremlin propaganda to however no concrete evidence was or has been given in september the us justice department contacted r.t. america does not supply demand thing as a foreign agent in the us a law that was drafted in back in the thirty's and was actually aimed to prevent the spread of nazi propaganda this measure could potentially obstruct artie's work with the visit we can be asked to publish all data are now employee salaries telephone numbers and addresses we can be obliged to report every interaction we have with anyone we interview how the interviews are conducted and its contents so
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potentially that would mean that he will have some hard times getting any of the u.s. officials and the u.s. experts for for the interviews and the russian foreign ministry says the measure taken with minutes apart from the us own freedom of speech principles so. it's a blatant violation of u.s. domestic law and freedom of speech it's not only the freedom of speech that the us proclaims that's been violated it's the very principles that the us is actively exporting it is the foundation of american foreign policy in some places they force it some places they recommend it in others they try to embedded with every means possible those principles that they blatantly violated inside their own country are directed solely against one russian channel. the ministry spokesperson also said that russia might even consider taking seats for tat measures equivalent response to the us media working in russian. the russian foreign ministry can take
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countermeasures against journalists representing media outlets of countries that have restrictions on russian journalists social media companies that cooperated with us have also faced pressure happened now it looks like the tech media giants are also joining in this complaint against artsy a few weeks ago it suites a featured art scene in support to the us congress on the russian exceeded on the platform among various boards and trolls most surprisingly it disclosed confidential details about the amounts of money these shall spend some advertising on the platform which would be over two hundred solvent dollars actually which of course is hardly enough to sway the election compared to the millions and millions of dollars the main candidates spent on their campaigns at the beach but mostly they make it look as if we've done something obscure shady. which is of course utter nonsense twitter contacted us with their proposal before the election they showed us a presentation of the outfits told us how much it would cost and we agreed feels like the list is getting longer and longer every day but who is the latest to jump on the anti r.t.
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bandwagon latest of the tech giants turning up on. google according to the media reports google is removing it from its u.s. advertising package on one of its major platforms you tube that would potentially mean that's artsy would be out of the you tube's least of most popular channels it's all face to the market says and here's a reaction from marty's deputy editor in chief r.t. has been google's premium partner since twenty ten and accredited to an official status of the most watched t.v. news network and you tube it is absolutely unacceptable that while there were no notifications of venue policy changes sent to r.t.e. says internal info appears to have been leaked to the us media by google that is no longer included in google's preferred advertising least in the us won't likely concern the channel too much currently and already the world's biggest news network on you tube last month which i'll smash the five billion juice mark on the website so the main intrigue now is if we'll see any actions from the russian government after that today's hearing of the federation council. following the latest news on
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alleged russian meddling donald trump asked why the panel is not looking at america's news outlets which according to trump are producing too much fake news this was his response to an n.b.c. news report on allegations against state secretary rex tillerson terrorists and tried to quit but was talked out of it by allies and even vice president mike pence who had to give to us in what's described as a pep talk the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain the secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post and secretary called the president a moron and in front of all those before he said it loudly enough for you you. know. i'm just i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that i mean this is this is what i don't understand about washington again i'm not from this place but the places are come from we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense and it is
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intended to know nothing but divide before following to listen rebuttal of the stew of a story trump accuse them b.c. of low reporting standards and suggest that they should apologize to america or just earlier this year c.n.n. had to actually track the story claiming congress was investigating ties between a trump aide and a russian investment fund when the aide threatened the network with one hundred million dollars suit an apology was issued and three journalists resigned some c.n.n. employees have even been caught on camera saying that the channel is exaggerating stories on russian alleged meddling just to get ratings. what do you think's going to happen this week with the russians. really. them on c.n.n. constantly in. russia that's for sure that this is ratings this ratings raiser . it was the.
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president from the right said. look. you know you. let's go live to daniel mcadams executive director at the wrong paul institute thanks for joining us good to have you on the program donald trump as you said this should be an investigation into fake news and its impact is that something you agree with or is that a perhaps said in anger by the president well i think the u.s. government involved in any news whether it's domestic private news or r t is an abomination so i agree with the spirit of what he's saying which is that the american mainstream media is doing an absolutely terrible job it's lost all journalistic practices aside in an effort to get the president on on very trivial matters and then in large sense made up matters but the idea that the u.s. government needs to go after any news organization is is very false and very
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unhealthy the american people are deciding the american people have lost faith in the mainstream media and they'll vote with their feet they'll vote with their their channel clickers and they'll just stop watching it and hopefully that will be the case. we've seen mainstream media often make headlines stories without perhaps what many see as sufficient evidence or hidden sources which haven't made public when those theories when those accusations odd to bunked they don't make the headlines and nobody really mentioned them so much i mean do you think there should be consequences at all for such reporting will or not well the consequences take place in the marketplace but you have to have a healthy independent media you have to have organizations in the alternative media who can call who can act as watchdogs on the mainstream media the mainstream media is in bed with washington's you leads they know if they go against what
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washington's elites want they won't be invited to the parties they won't be invited to do interviews their careers will suffer their clicks will suffer on the internet and so they are so tied to washington and so tied to government that they cannot be independent we need a healthy independent media and that includes channels like r t we're garlits of this affiliation with the russian government because it allows alternative voices to be heard just let's talk about the senate intelligence committee conclusion because they've obviously investigated this russian hacking in the presidential election those allegations have been going on for nearly a year now they've said specifically that there was no outside interference that swayed vote changed the result of the election at all so i mean is this sort of final chapter now in this ongoing scandal will that be an end to all the attention given to the topic by senators and us media do you think. no because even though they said yesterday we're stuck we have nowhere to go it's
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either inconclusive or disproven everything they said that same time they said we need to go through twenty eighteen and continue the investigations you have this absurd situation where senator warner flies out to facebook three times strong arming them demanding they find some evidence of russian collusion here's facebook they come up with this crazy cockamamie story some hundred thousand dollars worth of ads were taken and here we're told that it's gotten so crazy that it's there's a puppy group on facebook that's actually a secret russian plot to undermine our faith in the democratic system and they said well how is that well it started out with puppies but they're going to start inserting political messages in this public group it's really as if everyone's lost their minds on this you know look at them is that executive director ron paul is you thanks for joining us and giving us your insight today here on the international. now spain's cause as usual court has
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suspended a castle and parliamentary session set for monday where the regional government promised to proclaim independence and would read once the mission and security forces to stay in the region they're now adopting several military bases to house them and this issue is following the story she's joining us live right now to syria thanks for staying close the story. we understand a small town near one of those military bases quite a bit of activity going on behind you we can see what the locals there think about accepting more spanish police coming into the region. pull it down tensions and political division on the future of catalonia really remains tense here in the atmosphere we are indeed in the small town of sound waves of love for god which is about a half hour away from barcelona where locals have come out onto the streets and to opposing protests this particular group here was a peaceful march walking through these streets hundreds of people who have come out
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to speak against the police brutality that has been at the forefront surrounding the events of the october first referendum on castle and independence as you can see the atmosphere is quite hands as the protesters here the ones who are against the police brutality and for the independence are being confronted by another group of protest over there you can see that there is a police between these two groups to avoid any kind of trouble and these two groups have come out onto the streets to really as yet another example of how high the division has been here during these last several days around in the referendum now in terms of the military base that you have referenced there is indeed a military base not far from here where reportedly supplies and equipment have been weakened in what is seen as preparation by madrid to potentially mooncake the national guard here and this is exactly the reason why these people. holding up their hands to show that they're peaceful have been gathering on these streets
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tonight again quite a considerable group of people over on that side with spanish floods we have been seeing tonight as well as last night groups of anti dependents protesters coming out onto the streets who have indeed many of them have been saying that the way the police has been acting and the brutality that you see in fact was indeed proportionate since these people do resist the probe independence movement that has been taking the streets of catalonia day after day and of course when it comes to the police we have to say we've seen repeatedly images of locals in several towns around catalonia protesting police staying at hotels in their areas so this is something that's really been at the forefront of events unraveling here let's take a listen to what the protesters of this particular group or pro independence and against police brutality have been telling us. the stuff that you don't want security forces here they're preparing everything to bring repressive forces we saw
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how they behaved on the first of october we don't want either the civil guard all the national police this was inevitably of little children or shortly after what happened on the first of october last patients we can't bear to be beaten to a toe elderly people and our children to be treated badly. while out we are going to continue to remain on the streets as it does seem like the atmosphere is getting quite tense with if you can see protesters holding spanish flags are trying to confront some of the people who have come out here to speak for independence and yet we have to say this is yet another night of protest which is quite symbolic to represent exactly the events that have been unraveling here in catalonia making it clear that the future of this region as well as spain as a whole continues to be in question. indeed no end in sight to that and seems says do stay safe and i'm sure you'll be across that story for us. over coming hours and days. another sign that the additional security forces may stay longer in
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catalonia can be seen in the port of barcelona spanish authorities belong to a contract on three ships that are used as accommodation for the officers now three navy vessels are also heading to barcelona they are there as part of an annual boat show organizers stressed that the ships are part of the program and that their visit has nothing to do with the volatile situation in the region. well in the meantime catalonian independence has driven a wedge through the region's police as well some of them are calling on the central government to help them join the spanish national police force or the civil guard others irritated by the actions of security forces during the referendum or determined to protect the rights of catalans and their struggle for independence he spoke to member of catalan police pro independence movement. we had orders to act in case of aggression but we didn't witness any attacks my colleagues and i are desperate over the actions of the spanish police they were beating catalans for
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voting they were entering school so violently and we could do nothing about it i think we didn't show any disobedience we did try to prevent polling stations from opening despite the fact that a lot of our force didn't want to do that but we did our job. over to france where the french president has found himself in the media spotlight again for the wrong reasons this time some strong words for the country's working class while visiting a struggling company. there are some who'd be better off seeing if they could get the job done rather than stirring up some have got the qualifications to do it and it's not that far for them to go home was visiting that training center in central france on wednesday when he was basically outside there was a protest taking place by the g.s. and whew and it's thought that he was aiming his comments at these workers who have been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and basically he said
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that instead of protesting they should perhaps be out looking for work albeit in far fruity language. is not the first time that mr mark corners called controversy over some of his comments and people saying that he's basically sort of said very bad things about the working class showing contempt for them he's previously talked about illiterate people and people who use the bus to travel to work and he's also said that he wouldn't yield to lazy people in response to the protests that came over his controversial labor reforms here in france basically he's called the working class
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slack is i will not yield in any way not just workers not to cynics not to the extremists there's been huge criticism from the opposition parties in france people saying that mr marquand doesn't know what it means to work and that mr marquand should watch his language and have much more respect from the people it also comes amidst other criticism that mr markham is a president for the rich he recently unveiled his government's first budget in in that but. many people saying that he has become the reverse robin hood as in that he's taking money away from the poor and he's actually giving it to the rich and this incident on wednesday outside that training center in central france sparked again scuffles between the police and protesters these protesters from g.s. and and from some of the trade industry unions here in france just unhappy about the fact that all they want to do is to speak to their president about the future
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of their jobs about the future of their security for them and for their family these workers around two hundred eighty have been under threat of redundancy now for around ten months and as we know from previously speaking with them they are just at the end of their tether and willing to do anything to gain the attention to try and save their jobs. john president of the council and film academy and political activist for the castle and independence movement will be joining us live to give some comment on the situation we're trying to get him up now for you. we will get him i believe just in the next couple of moments there are sort of the technical issues jol you know we can see you thanks so much for joining us we can see we can hear you now which is good a bit of a tense situation right now to spain isn't that we're seeing additional security forces being brought into counsel only or for other regions there's a standoff really isn't there what do you expect next what can we expect from this
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world very tense situation. it's not the tents it's not that tent we are if you see in catalonia square it's very it's a nice evening very warm me actually people are walking it's not that tense. you say because they don't hear you very well but you said there are some people coming from other regions from spain coming to barcelona for these sunday yeah what we're seeing. we're seeing additional police additional security forces being brought into catalonia as they were all referendum all you're talking about the police. they are all hayden right now we don't see them and they are on their boat boats with funny faces. on the walls of the war ships they are inside of those. hotels so we don't see them they are not on the streets they came here to beat the gaze of for the first of october but that we don't see them in more we don't see
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them anymore ok let's talk a bit about the political situation here because the the spanish constitutional court has by and parliament from gathering on monday they've officially said they caught do that do you expect the local m.p.'s to buy that order or do you expect them to go along with their plans anyway. i expect they'll they'll go along with we've got two implants anyway because the constitutional court of the they always do the same thing. whatever we decide in catalonia they're against so at the end it's like two democracy chalking you know. between theirselves i mean to democracy as we decide in our parliament plenty of different laws in after that and. the consideration of course says no you are not a baby will to do teach these laws or these whatever so this is not something that
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happens now as you know it's been happening for almost ten years now so it's a long long story you're know about now but but we've been fighting for for our freedom in our laws for many many years ago ok charles you're on president of the council on film academy and political activist for the independence movement thank you so much for joining us on. president vladimir putin has welcomed king salmon of saudi arabia to the kremlin on his first official visit to russia the trip is seen by many as an unexpected shift in riyadh foreign policy as the country remains a strong u.s. ally we also heard from the russian and saudi foreign ministers who held a news briefing at the kremlin in a trunk or is across the store. the question is does the visit of king solomon signal a shift in the saudi foreign policy well it could be too early to use the word
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shift but see for yourself as the two foreign ministers were busy shedding the light on the historic talks details they kept using the words common ground seeing eye to eye about almost everything you may argue that it's impossible to iran and damascus are still friends for moscow force for riyadh and also the gulf kingdom backs the syrian rebels but pay your attention after the talks on the highest possible level saudi arabia says that it supports the syria peace talks and asked to now that are mediated by turkey and iran and in the meantime russia praises saudi arabia for its efforts to unite the opposition and syria and what we hear next from the saudi top diplomat is that new horizons in cooperation between saudi arabia and russia have been opened ones that we had never seen before that brings
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us to the deals and the big bucks it has been put on paper that there will be several billion bucks and invested in the energy and high tech sectors one of the most important is a memorandum for the sales and the production of arms we have heard reports that saudi arabia has made a decision to buy the s forty that is russian made state of the art missile defense system and we haven't had the official confirmation for that agreement but it could be worth three billion u.s. dollars not to mention the many smaller agreements on a variety of things ranging from cooperation and joint space exploration and also collage of machine guns being produced and saudi arabia so the two countries could be. a step away from becoming true strategic partners or maybe it's even fair to say that they've already become such partners after the meeting between king saul
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and vladimir putin. russia's defense ministry says it's destroyed several strategically significant eisel targets in syria they were hit my caliber missiles launched from russian submarines in the mediterranean. talk that same day it is all province include ammunition depots and hangars with armored vehicles still a suffered a series of major defeats in the country over the past month no longer has full control of any cities in that region. now another terror group in the country almost from has suffered another major blow just a day off the russians defense ministry said the group's leadership was essentially eliminated if has this report from syria. a day off from a russian airstrike reportedly left mohammed giordani or the leader of nusra front while qaeda here in syria in critical condition as well as in a coma with
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a dozen of his senior field commanders dead many others wounded the nusra front jihad ists were thrown into confusion apparently surviving field commanders schooled for an emergency meeting to decide on how to carry on don't know what to do in the future to organize so to speak fortunately for them russian military intelligence learned of that meeting also once confirmed and verified the location the date and the time a suit thirty four flew out to carry out an ashtray according to what we've heard from the russian ministry of defense another seven field commanders were killed as well as forty nine other bodyguards and jihad ists but these two airstrikes have dealt nusra front a tremendous blow it is by all reports the biggest and the strongest rebel faction with the most fighters the best training and the best weapons but compounding the
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damage done to them there the russians have also learned of nusra front biggest underground ammo dump weapons store holding allegedly more than a thousand tons of various arms and munitions with the course of several days that the russians studied the movement of trucks patrols around this location which they didn't yet know after espionage on the ground surveillance recon they finally learned its exact coordinates finally the go ahead for an ashtray. was given and the jets carry dispassion bunker buster bomb it's penetrated its targets and the fires raged for hours and hours signifying that the store had been hit again another huge blow to al qaeda in syria. we spoke to writer and commentator on the middle east abdel bari out one he says the
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latest strikes are a huge terror a blow to the terror organization i believe this strikes against the leadership meeting and was a device stating to the organization it means al nasra will lose the confidence of a lot of its fighters on the ground and if it is true with that. mohamed al giuliani the leader of the most was fatally wounded and this strike this actually will put the whole over are going to ization that this sorry if we look at the situation of this it is actually very very depressing for baghdad he and his actually troops the organization is shrinking and now it is losing most of its territories if this progress actually continue i believe could be the end of this before the end of this year.


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