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tv   News with Ed  RT  October 5, 2017 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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we start tonight in las vegas where the investigation into sunday night's shooting continues while americans are mourning the tragedy officials are already rethinking the security situation in the city and throughout the country artie's natasha sleep has more for us live from las vegas. i will as investigators are still trying to seek a motive from steven paddock authorities have found his some of his last steps they found out in addition to the children's that he rented at the mandalay bay hotel this past weekend at his rented other rooms overlooking other hotels. yeah right after sunday's horrific massacre. there's a painful silence in the nation's party capital very meticulously planned well planned somewhere like that is hard to stop tommy burns retired henderson police chief who now runs a security consulting company questions why stephen paddock when today high rise
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condominium in september overlooking to life this beautiful concert a similar move to wrenching the two rooms at mandalay bay overlooking the route one hundred one concert starts sunday where he was said the life is beautiful concert down on downtown las vegas last week. allegedly ran in a time to many i'm overlooking here and either he was doing a dry run or he decided not to do it he was might have been playing the same thing meticulously planned on the worst domestic attack the united states history. has many of you already reported panic room to room. hotel. and downtown las vegas investigators say padlock also rented a room at chicago's blackstone hotel which overlooked the park where the lollapalooza music festival was held well purses and bags are checked in open air venue's burns says shooting from an aerial position caught so many off guard i don't think anybody's ever thought of that i think it will change how. security new
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york marathon boston marathon las vegas marathon done on the strip but how will this change security firm says after the post nightclub shooting in orlando vegas clubs acquired metal detectors in their clubs to prevent future mass shootings so what does it look like for hotels colburn says hotels here are secure doesn't compare to some other places internationally you know if you go to casinos say in russia or the middle east or something they do have armed security checking people checking i.d.'s checking bags he says an instable security is even one notch up with bag screening you go to say i go so we just came back from there when your luggage comes at a hotel they run it through a metal. device like every airport. where they will see hotels do that in other words your bags go through a screening device then you can retrieve him and take him to your room or staff takes him to your room remains to be seen burns says hotel employees including
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housekeeping staff are trained to look for signs of terrorism. but burns believes that patrick used a do not disturb sign for privacy the policy on privacy is something byrne says could very much change. now manila as we were checking our car into the hotel with the ballet we had all of our camera gear as you can imagine and the hotel staff was actually checking the trunk of our car looking for anything suspicious and so it's something that burns says that if hotels do that on a regular basis that they could possibly prevent future attacks from happening in manila very interesting thank you for that tosh a suite out of las vegas and for more on the latest in the investigation into the las vegas shooting that's going to r.t. correspondent simone dahl rosario has been ill it's an interesting that natasha mentions that their cars were swept because police searched several compartments of the shooter's car and they found that he was heavily armed with explosive chemicals
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fifty pounds of t.n.t. right along with sixteen hundred rounds of ammunition so check this out ten year i is used to form homemade exploding targets it consists of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder and it needs some sort of ignition like a bullet to explode but it can do untold damage as you see and it may be key to understanding the shooter's plans. corey. and moving the secret war. much of which would never be fully understood. he meticulously planned on the worst domestic attack the united states history. now one of the most shocking revelations out of the latest police briefing is that authorities believe the killer may have had help sheriff told media it's hard for him to believe the shooter could have accomplished this elaborate plan on his own saying you have to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point this is a huge twist in the investigation because up until now authorities have said he did
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act alone and there's been no evidence at least that we know of to indicate another person's involvement we do know the shooter at some point turned one of his many guns on himself but that may not have always been his plan police say the gunman left behind a note and it was not a suicide note the sheriff said he saw evidence that he intended to escape but would not yet elaborate on how or what that was as we wait for more news from investigators the big news coming out here in the capitol unlike the aftermath of most mass shootings in this country is seems some gun regulation is being looked at just days after the massacre and it has to do with the shooter's use of bump stocks authorities say twelve of the twenty three rifles inside the hotel room were modified to allow legal semi auto matic weapons fire even faster here's an example of a weapon that's been outfitted with this type of modification. was. this
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type of modification allows four hundred to eight hundred rounds to be fired each minute and now there is bipartisan effort to introduce legislation in congress to ban the sale of bonfire stocks the efforts being headed by florida republican carlos to bellow and massachusetts democrat seth moulton the white house has said it's open to it and on top of that the n.r.a. released a statement today saying it believes that devices designed to allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations manilla the n.r.a. has also asked for a federal review on whether bomb stocks are even legal to begin with the n.r.a. already bans this type of modification at its firing range because it has a lot of safety risk so we will be really keeping a close watch on this type of legislation as it moves through congress you know it's a big deal of the n.r.a. with stepping in about it thank you so much themone del rosario. and for more on
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the upcoming gun control debate in the country will go now to holland cookie the media consultant survival speech dot com and conservative commentator dr gina loudon hello to both of you thanks for being with me tonight dr gina i'd like to start with you you're a second amendment supporter the conversation though isn't about taking away the second amendment rather what is wrong with what could possibly be wrong with adding maybe just supplemental language to the amendment to perhaps prevent the sale of this type of high powered rifle. it sounds so good on its face and i understand why people are frantically searching for solutions but unfortunately when we're when we're operating in the realm of reactionary behavior it's often important to step back and consider what we're really doing and what we're really talking about doing is shifting the argument from blaming the person the evil that committed this atrocity to blaming an inanimate object tantamount to blaming
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a car for example that can drive into a crowd of people. so then if we're going to ban what made that inanimate object kill more people are we going to ban fast cars for example because they can rev up fast and bang into a crowd of people much faster we have to really think about where we're putting the blame and how we're going to write legislation and what that slippery slope may ultimately be hollow and i'll let you respond to that gene or you must have no problem with iran's nuclear deal because the bomb is just an intimate object come on i had to double check this number reported in the washington post three percent of americans own fifty percent of the guns in the usa seventy eight percent of americans own no gun the average gone owner owns seventeen firearms that's more than was in the room the nut job rented at mandalay bay come on.
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i think you make a great point and i think the point that you make is that we by all means want to keep guns free we want to keep our second amendment rights holland because if we lose them then the people that don't have guns don't have access to guns we know that criminals will not give up their guns no matter how much gun legislation we might pass and regarding the bomb stocks the other thing is those can easily be printed i don't know if you realize this on a three d. printer so again we are we are legislating against an inanimate object when the problem is the evil person that committed the atrocity there are better more effective ways to battle such mass occur than these and i think it does present a slippery slope for people for those people you're talking about holland who may not have access to them for ten outsell hole and as dr gina said you know the bad guys with guns there's also on the flip side the good guys with guns because there are civil rights leaders such as john salter jr who was friends with medgar evers'
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who say that the second amendment actually gave them the ability to to pack heat. to actually keep them the protesters safe from otherwise life threatening klan members back in the fifty's and sixty's are there any times that you might see fit for people to own semi-automatic weapons good i'm wary of the logic that if everyone is armed the world will be a safer place imagine in that movie theater in aurora where there's smoke bombs going off and there's loud noise coming from every direction if everybody there just started firing into the haze imagine with the ricochets going on and the explosion in the mayhem in las vegas if a bunch of people just started shooting in the direction they thought the bad guy was shooting from it would have ended up a lot worse i think the genie is out of the bottle you're never going to get the guns back from the bad guys i just think it's fair to see start handing out guns to
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a bunch of ill trained good guys nobody said that nobody said that i'm trained and i and most people i know who own guns are very conscientious about being trained and knowing what they're doing and knowing how to use them because it's about crime prevention. and i think and i think you know that but please don't let me finish because i think this is important when you talk about a movie theater where everyone in that movie theater they were sitting ducks because they didn't have a gun and a holiday when you look at the real statistics about the strictest gun laws you can take sick aagot for example the sick aagot illinois and holland just as many people die every single month in chicago where they have the strictest gun laws as died in this particular massacre and yet no one's talking about that so that is proof and i thought it. just doesn't work i got to switch gears real quick we're out of time but real briefly last but not least i have not heard anyone on t.v.
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call this an act of domestic terrorism is it domestic terrorism holland you first and i'll give you the last word not. dr gina yeah i agree i agree with him there we found consensus based you so much holiday the new host of the big picture might i add and dr jane aloud and thank you as always. thank you. our team is editor in chief margaret us the money and addressed attacks on our teams reputation and advertising activities here in the united states door and you don't know women till recently no active measures except those targeting our reputation has been taken against us in the u.s. pacific really nowhere else have we ever experienced the kind of pressure that we experienced today in the u.s. to the point eventually being forced out of the country. to make it look as if we've done something obscure shady illegal which is of close. to succumb to us
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with that proposal before the election they showed us a presentation of the obvious told us how much it would cost and we agreed and today our team was recently pulled from the you tube add list here in the united states without any notice. and another terror group in syria has suffered another major blow just a day after russia's defense ministry said the group's leadership was essentially a limited. reports from syria. a day off from a russian air strike reportedly left. or the leader of nusra front a wild card here in syria in critical condition as well as in a coma with a dozen senior field commanders dead many others wounded the nusra front jihad thrown into confusion apparently surviving field commanders schooled for an emergency meeting to decide on how to carry on what to do in the future to
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organize so to speak fortunately for them russian military intelligence. and of that meeting also once confirmed and verified the location the date and the time a suit thirty four boma flew out to carry out to nashville to what we've heard from the russian ministry of defense another seven field commanders were killed as well as forty nine other bodyguards and jihad ists but these two as strikes have dealt nusra front a tremendous blow it is by all reports the biggest and the strongest rebel faction with the most fight is the best training and the best weapons but compounding the damage done to them that the russians have also learned to use the front biggest underground ammo dump weapons store holding allegedly more than a thousand tons of various and munitions with
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a course of several days that the russians studied the movement of trucks patrols around the location which they didn't yet know the espionage on the ground surveillance recon they finally learned its exact coordinates finally the go ahead for an ashtray was given and the jets carried to special bunker buster bomb and penetrated its targets and the fire is apparently raged for hours and alice signifying that the store had been hit again another huge blow to al qaeda in syria. and turkey president early on was in iran on wednesday to speak with iran's president rouhani and ayatollah khamenei the talks focused on the recent iraqi kurdish referendum which passed by over ninety percent on september twenty fifth meanwhile has suggested a complete blockade of iraqi kurdistan a blockade includes closing airspace into and out of the region and completely
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closing those borders so for more on this let's turn now to michael maloof he's a former pentagon official mike always good to see you. so as we just said turkish president part of one he's now considering the closing blockading iraqi kurdistan closing airspace but this also comes on the heels of the iraqi pm applauding the kurdish peshmerga forces for for aiding and driving out isis in how we are in our one's mind are the kurds heroes or are they do they pose a threat well for everyone the kurdish referendum is. either good or it's bad but in terms of trying to institute a blockade he's got to think twice because he gets a lot of oil from from northern iraq and they depend upon that oil so he's going to have to tiptoe a little bit and but but the consensus among analysts is that he's probably not
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going to enforce anything because of pressure that would be coming not only from. russia but also united states do you see earth i want as a guy that would cut off his nose to spite his face to a point but he's not going to do this because they have a heavy reliance on that oil plus he has other intentions for dealing with the kurds in northern iraq he has troops there now and i think ultimately he might want to establish a base that would be in keeping with his grand design for his neo caliphate in the autumn and caliphate if he could basically take over that region now it's going to create problems with iraq because the iraqi prime minister is one of the turks turkey troops out but they have they refused to leave and they are rocky pm hyder he is urging the peshmerga to keep working with the iraqi forces in the fight against isis at least in their home country and not to let this independence
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referendum get in the way of their working relationship is this even possible he has to rely up. on them because they are good fighters yeah and they're no but it does create political problems because whatever territory the kurds take over they they want to keep and retain and that's going to be an additional problem between the kurds and iraq in the very near future to clarify you're saying when the kurds help win back that that town or that province and the kurds want to keep that you know they basically want to take it over and because there's probably a lot of kurds in many of the areas like such as kirkuk that they came down from the south and that they want to retain that in fact many of the kurds that were in that in that region actually were allowed to vote in the referendum it's basically to create an autonomous region it's doubtful that they'll go for full independence but. the peshmerga are fighting for their own people their own vested interests you
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have all they want they want but barzani who's the president of. kurdistan he basically had no choice but to have this referendum he was under tremendous pressure from all sides to postpone but it would have cost him politically because of it because the kurds would have kicked him out and he had nowhere to turn there and at this point though the french president the new young new president emanuel he's attempting to broker a mediation between the iraqi government and the kurds who are eyes as we said are seeking independence first why is michael putting himself in the middle of this and secondly is a mediation between those two parties even possible well the french have a lot of connections with the kurds already so he's trying to make a something good out of a bad situation i think his impact and influence will be minimal because i think other events are going to basically dictate what ultimately transpires there i
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think the there will be some hardening of views not only with the iraqis but i doubt that the turks. are ultimately going to invade or cut them off because of the necessity for goods that come out of northern iraq particularly oil and iran iran is going to probably also be a little careful because they've got to reinforce their their position with with the iraqi prime minister because they have a kurdish problem as well but it might force but but they've got to be concerned that whatever example the northern iraqi kurds did might said i've been in that completely from iran to northern syria and into southeastern turkey as history has proven independence has a insidious way of spreading that it thank you so much for sharing your expertise as always michael maloof. and saudi arabia will become the next country to buy
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russia's f. four hundred air defense system the announcement comes the saudi arabia's king solomon visits moscow for the first time ever to discuss trade and oil output the saudis and else the purchase of several other sophisticated russian weapons systems totaling several billions of dollars details though on the size of the purchase have yet to be revealed the russians and saudi leaders have also discussed the situation in syria. you know because you missed. king solomon is positively regarded the efforts being made to settle the syrian question within these stunna for mr internal russia supports the efforts taken by the kingdom of saudi arabia to unite the syrian opposition to place it on a constructive platform for dialogue within the syrian government on the basis of un resolution twenty two fifty four. and turkey has also purchased russia's advanced s. four hundred system and the defense department has confirmed three us troops were
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killed yesterday in africa three u.s. army special forces operators are dead in niger following an instant leaving two additional soldiers injured service members were there to provide training to nigerian armed forces to counter extremist organizations in that region. one former congressman supposedly helped the national bank of ukraine get a fake hearing here on capitol hill party's marina port i explained meeting rooms in the capitol are typically used in conjunction with official congressional activity however last month a panel discussion conducted in room h c eight was allegedly set up to look like a fake congressional hearing and it was broadcast live on ukrainian television according to the weekly standard on september twenty fifth viewers of ukraine's news one were treated to what the channel called a meeting of the u.s. congressional committee on financial issues the channel reportedly implied the
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meeting was a congressional hearing about corruption in the national bank of ukraine or n b u which is essentially the creating a quibble and of the federal reserve board the event was organized by lobbyist and former representative carney mack a florida republican who left the house in two thousand and thirteen according to the daily beast ukrainian t.v. heralded the sham hearing as revelations of shocking details before the u.s. congress no members of congress attended the event but the lobbyist who organized it allegedly wore his old congressional pin during the broadcast marine important r.t. . and famed constitutional court has suspended a couple on parliamentary session set for monday where the regional government promised to. proclaim their independence meanwhile anti independence activists have been mobilizing across barcelona and madrid artie's on a stock to church has that story spain is basically gripped by this crisis of
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trying to figure out its own future following the referendum of october first that saw ninety percent of the people who came out to vote vote in favor of getting out of spain and the latest that we know is that the council on leader has said that institutions of caps lonia will be following up on the results of this referendum now according to reports we're hearing that banks in france bonior are potentially considering relocating their headquarters including broncos sub-zero according to reports its board members have been meeting or are meeting to discuss contingency plans as well as a bank in testimonial also discussing similar plans obviously all of this because of if catalonia does end up leaving speed it will also be leaving the european union and banks obviously would want to proceed with business as usual now in strasbourg top e.u. officials have been meeting to discuss the situation in catalonia dees after the
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referendum on rubbles and what was interesting to see there is talk of e.u. officials basically saying that the use of force is ok under the circumstances take a listen it is a. chief and you government to uphold the rule of rule and this sometimes does require. police statements are especially interesting given that council our leaders have said that over the hundred people were injured on the day of the referendum images of police cracking down on polling stations taking away the voting ballots driving around voters using rubber bullets and really these images being described as scandalous by observers here and throughout the world. and that is the news tonight remember to follow me. twitter. thing inferential supporting here in washington d.c. .
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i made a professional is powerpoint artsy america it's the greater media landscape. right but we are a solid alternative to the. liberal or conservative and as you can. skew the facts either talking at lefties talking at righties oh there you go above it all look at world in the spotlight. they took me way more time than i care to admit donald trump's tax framework presented against the backdrop of heavy criticism over his administration's response to the natural disaster in puerto rico
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and the largest mass shooting in american history we're going to take a look at each of these and more on this edition. of politicking on larry king were talking about the framework for his four post tax plan and donald trump referred to it as a middle class miracle it's no surprise that democrats and other critics don't see it that way they say mr trump's plan benefits only the richest among us we're going to talk about that and more with congressman roger marshall republican of kansas serves on the house agriculture committee and the committee on small business he joins me from washington tongues and before we get to the tax framework there's the trumpets. should words of comfort for the victims in las vegas praise for the first responders hasn't mentioned anything about gun legislation did say on the way to
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puerto rico then we'll be talking about gun laws of time goes by what do you make should we have tougher if you didn't buy a machine gun in the legally. larry certainly it's a controversial issue and i've always been a very strong advocate of protecting all the amendments and all of our freedoms of americans i don't know why we have to think we can have either or i think we can protect our our liberties that we've been granted in the constitution and maintain public safety my dad was the chief of police in a small town for twenty five years so i think i understand a little bit of that side as well so we can have both but the people can to sit me here to had that conversation and we need to get to work on it. does the second amendment read clear to you. yes sir it sure does raise very clearly that i have a right to bear arms just that plain and simple who says to form a militia. it sure does and i guess what i would say is we need to be able to bear arms in case we need to form that militia so i'm very much an advocate of the
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second amendment but we can have both we can have both our second amendment and public safety and you know one thing we've worked on is addressing mental illnesses as a physician the last twenty five years certainly i've seen the number of people with mental illnesses severe mental illness is out and about there in our there are parks there the homeless people there are the people that are feeling are homeless shelters so we've taken some addressed address some of those issues in the most recent congress to try to have adequate funding to help some of those people so we can have both public safety and our second amendment on one of the big man area you will get to the budget and other things. why is it so hard to agree on a band for semiautomatic rifles of what use they. will certainly be high powered rifles are used in hunting there is a there are used a sportsman as marksmanship some of those types of things i think most of us are.


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