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tv   Headline News  RT  October 6, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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headlining the u.s. authorities are putting unprecedented pressure on our city according to the network's chief over claims are channel influenced the presidential election that's despite senate leaders ruling out any impact on the vote. division in spain intensifies as pro unity and pro independence demonstrators rally in catalonia and madrid ramps up support for the national police in the breakaway region. france looks set to approve a new anti terror law which critics say essentially puts the country in a permanent state of emergency.
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for me in the team here in moscow friday morning nine o'clock here first for you on the program artie's facing unprecedented pressure in the united states according to the channel's editor in chief she believes to cody and measures are being used to target not just the network's employees but also those who cooperate with the campaign against being based on claims that are channel influenced the twenty sixteen presidential election although no concrete evidence has ever been given high ranking officials in washington continue to make allegations. the r.t.s. on twitter were almost uniformly anti clinton and those i think you look at them and you have to conclude you know there was a clear design in these ads so that's one congressman's opinion yet on the same day the senate intelligence committee probing alleged russian meddling so the complete opposite there is no way that you can look at that and say that that was to help
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the right side of the ideological shore. and. not the left or vice versa or they were indiscriminate it seems that the overall theme of the russian. involvement in the u.s. looks create chaos at every level all of this is just the latest segment of the russians did it saga we're now all attention seems to have shifted to our channel and its social media ads well it's no secret that r.t. does advertise on twitter and other platforms just like most other media outlets the little blue bird sing a song of russian meddling last week and report the disclosed how much we spend on ads the world now knows we shelled out two hundred seventy four thousand dollars on advertisements in two thousand and sixteen a pretty small price to pay to win an election don't you think hillary clinton spent a whopping five hundred sixty five million on her entire campaign and yet some think we lost her the election with just a couple of internet ads what we're really guilty of is self promoting and hell twitter even approached us about buying the ad is
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a pretty but most it's make it look as if we've done something obscure shady semi legal which is of close since twisted contacted us with that proposal before the election they showed us a presentation of the advents told us how much it would cost and we agreed recently google became the latest internet giant to jump on the anti r.t. bandwagon when it yanked us from its premium ad service in the us without any warning whatsoever now that move is unlikely to have an adverse effect on our channels reach as we are already the most viewed news network on you tube and fact last month we hit the milestone of over five billion. views nevertheless this ban only adds to the mounting pressure on the trail door until recently no active measures except those targeting our reputation as the taken against us in the u.s. this is quickly new or else have we ever experienced the kind of pressure that we experience today in the us to the point is that being a fool out of the country what it comes down to is of all of these attacks against
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the russian media continue moscow has announced that equivalent measures may be taken against american media in russia meet that i see the russian foreign ministry can take countermeasures against journalists representing media outlets of countries that have restrictions on russian journalists meanwhile president trump who sees the russian witch hunt as a hoax has suggested that his government take a look a little closer to home saying that american media is full of the ever present fake news. trump is of course all too familiar with the battle against a fake news both the president and his administration say they've been long term targets of false reporting and the latest victim seems to be the secretary of state . tennison tried to quit but was talked out of it by allies and even vice president mike pence who had to give to miss him what's described as a pep talk the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain the secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post and the secretary called
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the president a moron and it was run of all those and before he said it loudly enough for. the prison. i'm just i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that i mean this is this is what i don't understand about washington again i'm not from this place but the places i come from we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense and it is intended to know nothing but divide before following to lessons rebuttal of the story president trump accused n.b.c. of low standards in its reporting and said it should make a public apology c.n.n. is also paid in the firing line over some of its reporting earlier this year it had to retract a story claiming congress was investigating ties between a trump aide and a russian investment fund when the aide threaten the network with a one hundred million dollars lawsuit an apology was issued and three journalists resigned some c.n.n. employees have also been caught on camera this back in june claiming that the
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channel runs a nudge to russian meddling stories only to boost ratings. but what he thinks going to happen this week to tell russia. that things that i think that the really. the point c.n.n. constantly in. russia the thrust of. this regime's president is probably right to say. look. you know some of. you know you. we've been talking to a few commentators about all this they've been outlining their concerns with america's media. i agree with the spirit of what he's saying which is that the american mainstream media is doing an absolutely terrible job it's lost all journalistic practices aside in an effort to. the president on on very trivial matters and then in large sense made up matters but the idea that the u.s. government needs to go after any news organization is is very false and very unhealthy the american people are deciding the american people have lost faith in
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the mainstream media we have about five corporations that control or entire media apparatus people are profiting off of them and it's completely controlled and at the same time you have congress investigating and seeking regulation on free media any alternative news media coming from international sources like this channel to bloggers social media now facebook having to go troll through with physical people so many different news stories that their focus is on shouting voices of anything that's not mean stream media and it was an interesting tweet from president trump. division in spain continues to intensify is pro unity and pro independence rallies have been held across the country the opposing protests follow catalonia is announcement that it will declare its independence next week meanwhile spain's defense ministry is giving additional aid to the police and the civil guard which
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is being deployed to the region hundreds latest move to ramp up its forces has been getting plenty of attention as well approximately twenty trucks with beds kitchens and showers are being sent out to riot police in catalonia some of the media speculating that spain's effectively sending its army in to handle the situation spanish authorities are already feeling the heat of course following the violent crackdown on the day of the catalan referendum which left more than eight hundred injured last sunday i mean extra support for its forces in catalonia comes after five hundred officers across the region were evicted from premises there and to see it has been following the developments in the capital and capital. we are indeed in the small town of sun boys lover god which is about a half hour away from barcelona where locals have come out onto the streets and through opposing protests this particular group here was a peaceful march walking through the streets hundreds of people who have come out to speak against the police brutality that has been at the forefront surrounding
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the events of the of tobar first referendum on catalan independence as you can see the atmosphere is quite hands as the protesters here the ones who are against the police brutality and for the independence are being confronted by another group of protesters were there you can see that there are police between these two groups to avoid any kind of trouble and these two groups have come out onto the streets to really as yet another example of how high the division has been here during these last several days surrounding the referendum. thank. the violent police crackdown on catalans on the day of the referendum is often at the forefront in some boy deliberate got near barcelona equipment and supplies sent by madrid to a military base have been met with resistance the move is seen as preparation for more trouble to come as president bashar will be out after what happened on the
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first of october last patients we can bear to be beaten to a elderly people and children to be treated badly lost almost a political we don't want security forces here they're preparing everything to bring repressive forces we saw how they behaved on the first of october we don't want either the civil guard or the national police i. was. the spanish national guard has been vilified since over eight hundred people were injured on polling. andy. was towns around catalonia demonstrated against the police being there but proved unity supporters were against independence to the police about the royal couple who cannot police violence they did what they had to to
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restore law and order reporting from catalonia an associate churkin or for r.t. meanwhile arriving officers were given a jubilant welcome by progun ety supporters in parts of catalonia and the two different forces in space the civil guard in the national police were seen hugging each other. a six suspects has been arrested in an investigation into a failed bombing in an upmarket paris neighborhood an explosive device was found on saturday and at that point five suspects were arrested it comes as a new anti terror laws being passed through the french parliament and is expected to be adopted later this month. takes a closer look at the new legislation the science has been under
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a state of emergency for almost two years and doubts he's about to end it the catch is that essentially it becomes permanent with many of these emergency powers being signed into law under the new already approved by the lower house of the french parliament the police will have to move though is just such close to carry out stop the search operations to wiretap the phone and email communications it will also allow the closure of places of worship suspected of inciting terrorism and placing alleged jihadi sympathizers under house arrest now the recent poll in france suggested that fifty seven percent of people are in favor of the war even if the sixty two percent think it will be to use their freedoms. i think this will become dangerous in the long run and won't be beneficial today they say it's against
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terrorists tomorrow against ecological protesters and anti globalist is the day after tomorrow it will be against journalists this opens a pandora's box. so i think this limits freedom because i believe the whole program is useless human rights act. just say it's too gross violation of privacy even emanuel mocked for him save admitted that these measures do not to war against terrorism so why are they passing them maybe the regime is getting weak maybe they are into supporting social unrest maybe they just want to chase around the vehicle pinion and tell them we are doing something but what we need is for the french government to do the right thing when the right thing would be to force us to question why do these terrorist attacks happen and second world with their keep happening in money all michael pledged to the states of emergency by november and peace is key to him keeping about comics and while there is no doubt that this
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will be for the powers of the police it's unclear if it will put people. any more safety despite the sacrifice of liberty so even skiing i'll see this. meanwhile a new anti terror measures getting out the way of one of the world's most visited tourist attractions the eiffel tower in paris is going to be secured at ground level by a bullet proof glass wall the counter-terror measure was approved back in february wave of attacks in both france and across europe. you're watching r.t. on the way claims of insider trading among u.s. congress members and progress in repelling eisel from its last stronghold in syria it's all ahead. it's.
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the spanish government should be. to accept that it's sort. of with. the people what does it mean but it means independence with means in hand so tell me so and the question perhaps should not be only yes in those two independents but those will. be looked at the low. level selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you socks credit tell you to be gossiping probably by files of the most important. i think you will and by. all the hawks that we. will watch.
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within the us congress is judicial trials begin the illegal insider trading and previously the it didn't affect congress members we carried out our own investigation and some a recount. insider trading using confidential information on companies to make gains in the stock market is a criminal offense and could result in jail time however the law doesn't apply to everyone most congressional staff members get away with it scot free but the question is is this legal well a few years ago the stop trading on congressional knowledge act or stock was fashioned to curb insider trading and prevent members of congress from trading stocks based on nonpublic information gathered on capitol hill the stock act makes it clear that if members of congress used. from asia to gain an unfair advantage
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in the market they are breaking the law. however about a year later the bill was amended allowing top federal employees to hide their financial dealings from the public now the new change didn't apply to members of congress but nothing was said about their aides or staff members comfortably leaving them in a gray area allowing them to trade stocks freely without obstruction after going into the legislative resource center in the cannon office building the only place where you can actually go and research this information we've found that diane do you hers who's the deputy chief of staff to nancy pelosi disclosed her purchase of stock in pharmaceutical companies right before a medical research bill was passed in congress. as for david hoppe who's the chief of staff to paul ryan he and his wife purchased and sold
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shares in energy and former suitable companies while he worked for ryan and also before congress passed bills benefiting the company's trade. the people in congress should be no better than the ordinary americans and it's a privilege to invest in the stock market if they want to have their investment in our american stock market they don't have to pick individual companies they can buy indices so i think it's a gross miscarriage of justice the rules are written exam these aids from any kind of penalty so they believe that there are you know entirely within their rights doing this kind of stuff and let's keep the pressure up to get change to work for the vast majority of this country instead of just for the connected elite class a former j.p. morgan investment banker is now serving a three year term for insider trading having been convicted earlier this year the
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judge called his actions outrageous choosing personal convenience over ethical obligations but one only has to wonder where's the outrage in the court cases when congressional staff members are guilty of the very same crime. samir hon r. t. washington d.c. . the syrian army is inching closer to seizing islamic states last stronghold in sole province spouts off the government forces made a decisive advance towards the town of my dean the russian air force has also been targeting terrorist positions inside the town.
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and i still suffered another major blow elsewhere in the country have syrian forces backed by russian planes have now completely liberated the eastern province of hama syrian army officers showed a horrifying legacy left behind by the jihadist. terrorists have special places for torturing prisoners and they have jos with police officers this is one of the prisons which they use with sourcing people who didn't want to follow their ideology. didn't expect an attack from the desert in from the rear forcing them to fly in their own positions. we captured stronghold in the area which was heavily guarded are still full of the death to defend it. and another terror group in syria has been dealt a series of setbacks according to russia's defense ministry with the leadership eliminated in an airstrike the russian military received intelligence of a high ranking al nose a meeting on october the third with the exact time and location confirmed through
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various channels russian forces then conducted an air raid killing dozens of terrorist fighters including twelve commanders and leaving the main leader of al nasra in critical condition were aghast the reports from syria nusra front jihadists were thrown into confusion apparently surviving field commanders called for an emergency meeting to decide on how to carry on what to do in the future to organize so to speak fortunately for them russian military intelligence and of that meeting also one. confirmed and verified the location the date and the time a suit thirty four bomber flew out to carry out an ashtray according to what we've heard from the russian ministry of defense another seven field commanders were killed as well as forty nine other bodyguards and jihad ists but these two airstrikes have dealt nusra front a tremendous blow it is by all reports the biggest and the strongest rebel faction
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with the most fighters the best training and the best weapons but compounding the damage done to them there the russians have also learned of nusra front biggest underground ammo dump weapons store holding allegedly more than a thousand tons of various arms and munitions with the course of several days that the russians studied the movement of trucks patrols around this location which they didn't yet know after espionage on the ground surveillance recon they finally learned its exact coordinates finally the go ahead for an ashtray was given and the jets carried to special bunker buster bomb it penetrated its targets and the fires apparently raged for hours and alice signifying that the store had been hit again another huge blow to al qaeda in syria. the syrian crisis was
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a key talking point during a historic meeting between president putin and the king of saudi arabia mark the saudi monarchs first visit to russia and king salmon praised russia's peacemaking efforts on syria some analysts say the trip and talk of increased cooperation as a realignment of global power trying to report. the question is does the visit of king solomon signal a shift in the saudi foreign policy well it could be too early to use the word shift but see for yourself as the two foreign ministers were busy shedding the lights on the historic talks details they kept using the words common ground seeing eye to eye about almost everything you may argue that it's impossible to iran and damascus are still friends for moscow force for riyadh and also the gulf kingdom backs the syrian rebels but pay your attention after the talks on the highest
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possible level saudi arabia says that it supports the syria peace talks and asked to now that are mediated by russia turkey and iran and in the meantime russia praises saudi arabia for its efforts to unite the opposition and syria and what we hear next from the saudi top diplomat is that new horizons in cooperation between saudi arabia and russia have been opened ones that we had never seen before that brings us to the deals and the big bucks it has been put on paper that there will be several billion bucks and invested in the energy and high tech sectors one of the most important is a memorandum for the sales and the production of arms we have heard reports that saudi arabia has made a decision to buy russian made state of the art missile defense system and we haven't had the official confirmation for that agreement but it could be worth
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three billion u.s. dollars not to mention the many smaller agreements on a variety of things ranging from cooperation and joint space exploration and also kolache of machine guns being produced and saudi arabia so the two countries could be a step away from becoming true. strategic partners or maybe it's even fair to say that they've already become such partners after that meeting between and vladimir putin . a busy trent lott source said right that's it for now join me again in just over half an hour if your next play would use update from the international way most. americans are constantly warned about the threat of terrorism terrorism is very real and very deadly however terrorism is not the primary killer in america american so the gun debate is important but why is america so much.
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in the us a child can choose a course in school. with his teachers we don't. recruit will says to if the cadet is interested in going in the military but we don't recruit ourselves. the pentagon is funding a program to boost interest in the military among teenagers your chance to step up to an apollo so that point comfortable with yourself and things you are yourself you can't go wrong. it's a great stepping stone for whatever you want to do but some veterans are willing to tell enthusiastic children a little more they ask me call of duty is very popular first year video game. it's play and that's because like call of duty to turn off call of duty oh yeah or you
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can turn off more moderate these kids just don't hear. the darker side does the pentagon allow them to be told or does it just need more recruits. sophie and co the independence referendum in catalonia has caused a violent crisis in spain with potential wider consequences for the european union . where to go from here and how can the european community help well i ask the former head of the council of europe walter. this stubborn kind of drive for independence has been met with a heavy spanish crackdown people fired out interest it was catalonian uproar and
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measured style warnings hardline resolve. the european union react to the crisis in a peaceful way i would be found after the clashes with passion in the region and an all time high and can brussels help palmer out as aleutian walter shrimper welcome to the show it's good to have you on our program now you were at the helm of the council of europe and very vocal in your support for e.u. unity but at the moment the continent has its problems for instance in spain got to lonia has voted for independence while madrid says to referendum was illegal clashes between the spanish police and independence supporters left more than eight hundred people wounded and the region has now gone on strike so in your opinion what's next will one side back down or is another spanish civil war on the cards.
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it calls a plea for dialogue that is no alternative i have been shocked by the force used by the police i fully understand that the spanish government wants to defend the territorial integrity of the country on the other side there are. those that chose to fight requests by the people of kut the lumia so that kind of beyond that just by police force other calls for them ok i hope your oath will be able to moderate such a dialogue between the central government and. the government of kut the lumia. so the main issue between the main bone of contention between catalonia and the central government is fiscal policy council on one control over their taxes something that the basques have for instead.


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