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tv   Headline News  RT  October 6, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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russian prosecutor generals are currently considering the option of registering the u.s. media outlets as quote unwelcome here in russia. it comes as u.s. authorities put unprecedented pressure on this channel according to the network's chief over claims are channel influenced the presidential election. division in spain intensifies as pro unity and pro independence demonstrators rally in catalonia plus madrid supposed to support for the national police now in the breakaway.
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low this is r.t. at two pm here live from moscow is kevin zero in with you with this hour's live news update and first than russia's prosecutor general is reportedly mulling over the option of recognizing some u.s. media channels as unwelcome here in russia that move is being considered as a retaliatory measure to a campaign against r.t. in the u.s. the channel's editor in chief says artie's under unprecedented pressure now in america she believes draconian measures are being used to target not just the network's employees but also those linked to us the campaign against party's been based on claims that our channel influenced the twenty sixteen us election although no concrete evidence has ever been given about that iraqi officials none the less in washington continue to make the allegations. the r.t.s. on twitter were almost uniformly anti clinton and those i think you look at them and you have to conclude no there was a clear design in these ads so that's one congressman's opinion yet on the same day
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the senate intelligence committee probing alleged russian meddling so the complete opposite there is no way that you can look at that and say that that was to help the right side of the ideological joerg and and. not the left or vice versa or they were indiscriminate it seems that the overall theme of the russian. involvement in the u.s. looks create chaos at every level all of this is just the latest segment of the russians did it saga we're now all attention seems to have shifted to our channel and its social media ads well it's no secret that r.t. does advertise on twitter and other platforms just like most other media outlets the little blue bird sing a song of russian meddling last week and a report the disclosed how much we spend on ads the sum was two hundred seventy five thousand dollars and it's funny because it's interesting to me because of position on deal like when i was a candidate spend about one billion dollars to make it look as if we were done something obscure shady or semi-legal summers utter nonsense shooters contacted us
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with their proposed chain are you sure it is a presentation of hurts so that is how much it would cost and we'd reach recently google became the latest internet giant to jump on the anti r.t. bandwagon when it yanked us from its premium ad service in the us without any warning whatsoever now that move is unlikely to have an adverse effect on our channels reach as we are already of the most feared news network on you tube and fact last month we hit the milestone of over five billion views nevertheless this panel only adds to the mounting pressure on the channel the recently new active measures excessive reputation tiki games. if you know where it is so how can we talk through. kind of shirtless usually experience. to point b. churchill. was just country is absolutely insane with the idea that are two years out there they want to condemn it as somehow russian propaganda but the fact of the
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matter is whether you love your tea or hate the idea that the us government can tell you what you can watch and can't watch the idea that there's a government censor or something like google in bed with the government telling you what you and or can't watch this is like something out in one thousand nine hundred four well right nuff let's get more of the russian reaction and joins us live in the studio how is this news going down in the kremlin how they've you know they've taken it very seriously i guess well there is the impression that the kremlin has been forced into issuing a response here and now the russian prosecutor general's office another state bodies are as we speak considering the possibility of recognize an activity as of some us media outlets as undesirable on the russian territory now these kinds of measures they're not the preferred choice of action from the russian government but if there is the impression that it's being backed into a corner been forced into and to responding in some way now aside from the further
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obvious concerns about the deterioration of u.s. russia ties there's also concerns about the freedom of the press and how this these actions would affect that and also echoing these concerns is the to me to pass it off the coming spokesperson. we hope that the oppression against our t. go unnoticed by international organizations that monitor freedom of media however if our media outlets writes of further violence we weren't excluded retaliates three measures based on the principle of equality. now earlier this week a working group at the federal council the upper house of the russian parliament held hearings considering increasing pressure on russian media from the us and the limitations being imposed on their work on american soil and the stones would appear to be that is full of these attacks continue against the russian media while moscow would have no one no choice but to announce the equivalent measures against
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american media russians soil now the russian foreign ministry spokesperson had this to say. the russian foreign ministry counter measures against journalists representing the media outlets of countries that have restrictions on russian journalist russian years now this still is up in the air it's not a demand that we don't know whether these measures will be taken about against us media if they are of course it would mean that channels like c.n.n. and fox another main u.s. outlets would be removed from russian cable networks unlikely to affect bureaus and individuals working on russians. or follow on closely of course it will also follow you to wiki leaks founder julian assange he's weighed in slamming twitter for becoming enslaved by u.s. politics he says that freedom of expression has suffered a decline on the social network he'll not be seeking an alternative platform he
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says. president trump has questioned why investigators aren't looking into u.s. news outlets and their possible role in manipulating public opinion and false reports his administration claimed the all too familiar course with the battle against news and the latest victim seems to be the secretary of state. tennison tried to quit but was talked out of it by allies and even vice president mike pence who had to give to us in what's described as a pep talk the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain the secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post secretary called the president a moron and it was run of all those before he said it loudly enough for. those who really. were. i'm just i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that i mean this is this is what i don't understand about washington again i'm not from this place but the places i come from we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense and
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it is intended didn't know nothing but divide before following to listen to rebuttal of our story president trump accused n.b.c. of low standards in its reporting and said it should make a public apology meantime c.n.n. has also been in the firing line over some of its reporting earlier this year and had to retract a story claiming congress was investigating tallies between a troll bait in a russian investment fund when the aide threaten the network with one hundred million dollar lawsuit an apology was then issued and three journalists resign some c.n.n. employees were also caught on camera back in june you may recall claiming that the channel runs alleged russian meddling stories just to boost ratings. what do you think's going to happen speak to the rest of. the things that i think that the really. the point c.n.n. constantly in. russia the thrust of. this is ratings by the president from the right. look who are which by.
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you know you. we talked to the director of grassroots political consulting his name danielle threat she he says he shares president trump's concern over the state of america's media these days. we have about five corporations that control or entire media apparatus people are profiting off of them and it's completely controlled and at the same time you have congress investigating and seeking regulation on free media any alternative news media coming from international sources like this channel to bloggers social media now facebook having to go troll through with physical people so many different news stories that their focus is on shouting voices of anything that's not mean stream media and it was an interesting tweet from president trump. a strike spain a division there continue to intensify as pro unity and pro independence rallies
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have been held across the country the opposing protests follow catalonia is the knowns one that it will declare its independence early next week we think meantime spain's defense ministry now is giving additional aid to the police and the civil guard being deployed in the region madrid's latest move to ramp up its forces has been getting plenty of attention to approximately twenty trucks with beds kitchens and showers are being sent to riot police in catalonia with some media speculating that spain is effectively sending its army to get a handle on the situation that could really kick off next week spanish authorities are already feeling the heat following a violent crackdown on the day of the catalan referendum which left more than eight hundred injured last sunday but there is extra support now than for its forces and council only comes after five hundred officers across the region were evicted from premises there and a situation has been following developments in the catalan capital. we are indeed in the small town of sun boys lover god which is about
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a half hour away from barcelona where locals have come out onto the streets and through opposing protests this particular group here was a peaceful march walking through the streets hundreds of people who have come out to speak against the police brutality that has been at the forefront surrounding the events of the of tobar first referendum on castle on independence as you can see the atmosphere is quite hands as the protesters here the ones who are against the police brutality and for the independence are being confronted by another group of protesters were there if you can see them there are police between these two groups to avoid any kind of trouble and these two groups have come out onto the streets to really as yet another example of how high the division has been here during these last several days surrounding the referendum. thanks. to the violent police crackdown on catalans on the day of the referendum is often
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at the forefront in some boy deliberate got near barcelona equipment and supplies sent by madrid to a military base have been met with resistance the move is seen as preparation for more trouble to come if president bashar will be out after what happened on the first of october last patients we can bear to be beaten to a toe elderly people and our children to be treated badly lost almost a political we don't want security forces here they're preparing everything to bring repressive forces we saw how they behaved on the first of october we don't want either the civil guard or the national police i. was. the spanish national guard has been vilified since over eight hundred people were injured on polling. he. was.
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i towns around catalonia locals have demonstrated against the police being there but pro unity supporters were against independence and the police about it within the last couple uganda police violence they did what they had to to restore law and order to early reporting from catalonia an associate churkin asked for r.t. . meanwhile arriving officers were given a jubilant welcome by pro unity supporters in parts account alone here and the two different forces in spain local and national shook hands and hugged the standing against each other for a while less than a week ago course on referendum day. we spoke so european parliament member for the catalan european democratic party you
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told us spanish authorities have breached e.u. law by using military force against the people of catalonia. we are come to the union and the treaties explicitly say and clearly say that their military power cannot use against the own population or oppression a booth over oppression that i saw in with my eyes in the streets of barcelona is called proportional proportion ate their oppression in the mouth of the. vice president the minimum shall we i think that it does not tell. you anything that i want a president i know what ministers and i want to party and parliamentarians with jay . so maybe they will go to jaipur and government but i said put your money saying in the last months i don't want to go to jail but them ready to go to jail eve
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because i will have to be loyal to their democratic mandate that their population of catalunya is giving in the last elections and in the last referendum. we all have brains parents family brothers sisters where he paid the police when they were going to board so the disease quieted shocking for all of us because we are sure that will leave enough of the democratic system so there are some things in that i'm going to see him to. do is one of the brutality of the police of the spanish police the last sunday is totally unacceptable it's going to be a tense weekend out there talk to tensions too over the border from start country continuing to step up anti terror measures as a six suspects linked to a failed attack in paris has been arrested we'll tell you all about that on the rest of the news coming up stay with us if you can.
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still with you on the idea of dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you saw spreading tell you the gossip and probably a little to. tell you all in. the oval office that we all. want. pertly.
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again a british pharmacist has been found guilty for december one thousand terrorist propaganda among minors the court proved. showed graphic twitter video on his mobile phone to primary school children are u.k. correspondent joins us live from london now with the details over this point the story behind the trial he gives a bit more detail. well the court found this individual's image brainwashed two young boys of primary school age that's children under the age of eleven and gave the children sweet see showed them graphic beheading videos and he told them that islamic state went bad people he also asked them if they wanted to go to syria
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or if they wanted to stay in the u.k. and they said that they wanted to stay in the u.k. and he said in that case i would like you to persuade others to join this ideology now the man was a pharmacist in northampton share that's a profession that's got you talking to quite a lot of people during the day as part of your daily routine and the court heard that he even told a customer that isis is simply defending themselves and they won really bad people according to some media reports the thirty eight year old was even in the process of setting up a religious school but he has been found guilty and he's going to be sentenced today but all thirty's have a pretty mammoth task on their hands because the sad reality is that there are likely to be many more people just like this man jadis propaganda gets more clicks in the u.k. than it does anywhere else in europe just over the summer the director of public
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prosecutions here in the u.k. warned that jihadists that are on able to travel to syria and to iraq are more likely to be plotting attacks or trying to recruit people here in the u.k. now and unfortunately there have been intelligence failures when it comes to trying to stop these people before they become dangerous for example after the london bridge attack in june it emerged that one of the attack is qur'an but how depicted in the t.v. documentary just the year before it was called the jeff next door and in that documentary he was. filmed undercover praying under a black muslim flag in a park in the middle of central london he was pictured with notorious radical preachers and it also matters that he'd worked for london underground for a while before that and when all this became known in the metropolitan police was forced to issue a statement saying that he had been known to mit five but at the time they'd had no
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intelligence to suggest that he was planning an attack similarly the perpetrators of the manchester attack and the westminster attack that soundman their baby and khalid masood were both known to the police it emerged after those attacks took place so there are there is a sense that efforts need to be made to try and stop these dangerous individuals before it's too late earlier this week the home secretary unveiled plans to have tougher sentencing for anybody watching online terrorist propaganda and did say that britain is facing an unprecedented terror threat what is hard for the orthorexic is now is that the nature of this threat has changed over recent years these aren't large underground terrorist organizations now it could be anyone the
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pharmacist the underground worker spreading this ideology and hoping that someone acts on it poorly from silver they're from london terms times is called time borrowed in the u.k. and we're going to wait from snakes indeed to the views of the turns times the six suspects been arrested an investigation into a failed bombing a market neighborhood an explosive device was found some to. the point five suspects were arrested to the homemade bomb consisted apparently for gas canisters which will wired to detonate by mobile phone the explosives were found by a local resident frankly the goal for comes as the new law is being passed through the french parliament and is expected to be adopted later this month and what's happening there now that our europe correspondent charlotte dubrovsky takes a closer look at this new legislation. france has been under a state of emergency for almost two years and ducked is about to end the catch is
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that essentially it becomes permanent with many of these emergency powers being signed into law or under the new already approved by the lower house of the french parliament the police will have to move though is just such a hurry to carry out stop and search operations so why a top phone and e-mail communications it will also allow the closure of places of worship suspected of inciting terrorism and placing alleged jihadi sympathizers i'm to house rats now a recent poll in france suggested that fifty seven percent of people are in favor of the war even if sixty two percent think it will be to use that freedoms. i think this will become dangerous in the long run and why beneficial today they say is against terrorists tomorrow against ecological protesters and anti
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globalists just a day after tomorrow it will be against journalists this a principle indoors box. is what i think this limits for because i believe the whole program is useless human rights activists say it's so gross violation of privacy even emmanuel mock or him so you've admitted that these measures do not to war against terrorism so why are they passing them maybe the regime is getting weak maybe they are into supect in social unrest maybe they just want to chase around public opinion and tell them we are doing something but what we need is from the french government to do the work thing and their work they would do to force us to question why do these terrorist attacks happen and second world with their keep happening in montreal michael pledged to end the state of the marriage and see by november and peace is key to him keeping about. comics and while there is no doubt that this will be fun the powers the police it's unclear if it will
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put people on any more safety despite the sacrifice of liberty solitude and skiing. paris meantime a new anti terror measure is getting underway at one of the world's most visited tourist attractions the eiffel tower in the center of paris beautiful will be secured to ground level by a bullet proof glass wall now been talking about this for some time the counter terror measure was approved back in february after a wave of attacks in france and europe.
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scramble for seats in the german election and now a scramble for parties not to sit next to parliament's newest members seems lawmakers are verlyn or not only at all observer policies but they can't even agree on a seating plan in the bundestag no either most employees are trying to avoid being placed near the empty migrant alternative for germany party it seems. don't. own.
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them. it's a physician since you don't see the dog well enough to know under stability given pleasant to. know hopes to move in here i can tell you i'll be back in thirty minutes time for the next live update don't forget between now and then stay up to date with all our news twenty four seven r.t. dot com and for other outlets on platforms i'm kevin i mean for now thanks for watching. the spanish government should be reviewed to accept this sort. of with. full
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information to people what does it mean what means independence what it means enhanced so tell me so and the question perhaps should not be only yes in those two independents but those will. tell me. it's taken these children's hopes. now threatens to take their future. the volcano could erupt again at any time. most people have a strong choice. live in poverty. which going to. put some following a different. thing
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so soon we. hope so. americans are constantly warned about the threat of terrorism terrorism is very real and very deadly however terrorism is not the primary killer in america americans are the gun debate is important but why does america so bright. greetings and salutations after the initial impact of tragic attacks like the one in las vegas there's always an argument about what would we should be you know
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arguing about whether it's gun control or security discussions were guarding the prevention of future attacks make people uncomfortable but are we really that resistant to making change in order to save lives is it really such a stranger an ethical thing to do are we un-american without guns or laws that require certain rules and restrictions to be followed or are these security measures the opposite of politicizing a tragedy because of life is sacred in the american dream which is one rooted in living in a place without violence that terrorizes communities that we should be looking at every option doing everything possible to keep people safe from security to strengthen strengthening the bonds that tie let's join tyro enter an r.t. correspondent for team coverage from las vegas and start watching mocks. the. real.


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