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tv   Headline News  RT  October 6, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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i. do. you. live at five from r t h q headlining right now russia's prosecutor general reportedly considers registering american media outlets as quote an unwelcome year in russia in response to the unprecedented pressure teves faced in the u.s. . while president calls for senate investigation into what he calls a fake news networks in the united states. us. head of the spanish government now in catalonia apologizes for the violence on referendum day in the breakaway region but says nonetheless the police are justified in their actions and . the british pharmacist has been found guilty for spreading terrorist propaganda
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among children in the latest example of the growing threat of islamic extremism in . a low kevin i am with you this hour thanks for your company review treated around the world first then russia's prosecutor general is reportedly mulling over the option of recognizing some u.s. media channels as unwelcome now here in russia that move is being considered as a reza retaliatory measures some would have put it in their campaign against the u.s. the channels editor in chief says artie's under unprecedented pressure in america she believes are kone and measures are being used to target not just the networks employees but also those linked to the campaign against artie's been based on claims that channel influence the twenty sixteen u.s. election although no concrete evidence has ever been given high ranking officials
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nonetheless in washington continue to make those allegations. they are two yards on twitter were almost uniformly anti clinton and those i think you look at them and you have to conclude no there was a clear design in these ads so that's one congressman's opinion yet on the same day the senate intelligence committee probing alleged russian meddling for the complete opposite there is no way that you can look at that and say that that was to help the right side of the ideological shore. and. not the left or vice versa or they were indiscriminate it seems that the overall theme of the russian. involvement in the u.s. looks create chaos at every level all of this is just the latest segment of the russians did it saga we're now all attention seems to have shifted to our channel and its social media ads well it's no secret that r.t. does advertise on twitter and other platforms just like most other media outlets the little blue bird sang a song of russian meddling last week and
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a report the disclosed how much we spend on ads the sum was two hundred seventy five thousand dollars and it's funny to consider is that being able to make a sufficient influence on the election when all the candidates spend about one billion dollars to make it look as if we've done something obscure shady or semi-legal of course i don't nonsense tutors contacted us with their proposal like sheen he sure does a presentation of the adverts so that is how much it would cost and we greet recently google became the latest internet giant to jump on the anti r.t. bandwagon when it yanked us from its premium ad service in the us without any warning whatsoever now that move is unlikely to have an adverse effect on our channels reach as we are already the most feared news network on you tube and fact last month we hit the milestone of over five billion views nevertheless this ban only adds to the mounting pressure on the channel until recently no active measures except those terms getting our reputation have been taken against last specifically
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no where else have we operate through. it's a kind of shared experience of danger to the point we threw. out of the country washington is absolutely insane with the idea that our tears out there they want to condemn it as somehow russian propaganda but the fact of the matter is whether you love r.t. or hate the idea that the us government can tell you what you can watch and can't watch the idea that there's a government censor or something like google in bed with the government telling you what you and or can't watch this is like something out in one thousand nine hundred four scary as we all know wiki leaks cheerleaders son wade into some intuitive of becoming an slaves as he put it by us politics he says that freedom of expression has suffered a decline on that social network and he says he will no be seeking an alternative platform president troubling times also reacted to the latest statements made by the senate intelligence committee of relegation social media could be used to sway
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elections he has questioned why investigators are looking into u.s. news outlets and their possible role in manipulating public opinion with false reports is how the chairman of the committee responded to that. we're not going to investigate news organizations but we will use the findings of our reports to let them merican people hold every news organization accountable for what they portrayed as fact in many cases without sources at least no sources that would admit to it and i think when we finish our report we will find that quite a few news organizations run stories that were not factual. meantime as we mentioned moscow's considering retaliatory measures no response to washington's pressure on r.t. a corresponding care and a bit more about that a bit earlier. the kremlin has been pushed into responding in a way that it would prefer not to this comes as the russian prosecutor general's office and other state bonds are not considering the possibility of the recognized
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activities of some u.s. media on russian soil as undesirable now these kinds of measures are certainly not the preferred choice of the russian government but it seems like they've been backed into a corner with no other choice to make here now the obvious concerns are not only how this will impact on the already fragile relations between russia and the us but also how this could impact on the freedom of the press and that's something that's also echoed by the kremlin spokes person to be true pascals we hope that the oppression against our weren't go unnoticed by international organizations that monitor freedom of media however if our media outlets writes a further violated we weren't exclude retaliates three measures that will be based on the principle of equality now those comments come just one day after a working group the federal federation council the house of the russian parliament held hearings to discuss the increasing pressure we've seen on russian journalists in the us and how their work is being restricted in this way now russia's foreign ministry spokesperson has said that tit for tat measures against american media on
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russian soil are still very much on the table. the russian foreign ministry countermeasures against journalists representing media outlets of countries that have restrictions on russian journalists so what we still don't know at this point whether these measures will be taken if they are it would mean that channels like the big american networks like c.n.n. and fox would be removed from russian cable television however it would have no impact on the bureau's station here and journalists working here. because when we get some comments. on the line politically. ok this current situation with our two you in the u.s. . would you say on the freedom of the press. yeah absolutely it's that well what it is it's two. two it's the escalation of two tennis operations that are underway in the western world right now one is the war on particular internet freedom but more
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broadly press journalistic freedom and secondly the war on russia so if we look at since the trunk came to power has massively escalated the hillary obama era strategy of increasing aggressiveness against russia and this is merely the latest stage so look what's trump's done he's he's stepped up aggression open aggression against russians russia's allies in syria has increased hostility against iran he's been egging on a blockade of qatar just at the moment qatar starts becoming more friendly with non western nations like iran and china even threatening to bring war right to russia's doorstep in north korea let alone stepping up sanctions on russia directly so this is this is the latest phase of this aggressiveness against against russia and its shows how ludicrous it was for some people to be somehow. trumpeting from as somehow it was going to be good for russia or for russia then and then
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hillary the facts of the matter are clearly that this is an escalation and the fact that this latest threat from the department of justice comes from those quarters remember this is a threat not just to close down r.t. if it doesn't register as a foreign agent something that no other media company has ever been asked to do not only the threat to close it down but to arrest that stuff and seize its property this is a massive escalation from the department of justice which is not some kind of old establishment relic of obama era liberals this is under the direct control of jess sessions one of. trump's chief appointees and closest allies so this idea trump some power was going to represent something better for russia than hillary has been completely exploded and this is just the latest example of that yes so certainly this is a war against internet what really was world war i didn't understand you know absolutely r t aside for a minute julia son. had an attack on twitter he said it's becoming slaves by u.s.
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politics does he have a point. absolutely had a point we have seen this this war against internet freedom raging for for some time now it's taken the form in the us of donald trump's rhetoric about fake news and in britain and france may in microns rhetoric about the demands for internet giants to close down extremist content and so on and the net result of all of this is pressure massive pressure on internet giants to effectively police and censor their content in the interests of western states and in the interests of the corporatocracy affectively by basically bolstering state and corporate results and search engines and pushing down the search results progressive and independent news sites and so on and we've seen the results of this is bearing dividends in april google change their algorithms to do exactly this and we've seen a massive drop in traffic being directed to alternative web websites alter net one
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the biggest independent news sites are seen as traffic drop by over forty percent. other thirteen of the leading independent progressive websites are seen massive drop sixty seventy in some cases over eighty percent drop in traffic directed by google to their articles so this is a massive war on internet freedom we've been living through a golden era really in internet freedom but trump and me ensuring now with the collusion of facebook and google and twitter that this era is not definitively under attack and coming to an end journal like grim prognosis will leave the book little analyst thank you. check i was telling spain late is there division there continues to intensify as pro unity on one side and pro independence rallies have been held across the country opposing protests follow kudlow news announcement of course that it's going to declare independence sometime next week think maybe not monday tuesday meantime spain's defense ministry is sending additional resources to
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the police and civil guard deployed in the region and this is it churkin is in barcelona or on top of all this. we did see in madrid the chief of the katz line police had to appear in court along with another police officer and two pro independence activists on accusations of sedition which is basically rebellion against the state potentially accused of getting in the way of spanish police operating on september twentieth at protests here in catalonia now they were released but will be reappearing in court as more evidence is provided this is certainly seen as something quite controversial because these are police officers there were just recently praised for their actions when it comes to the terrorist attacks that took place here in barcelona and so certainly something that has been seen as quite controversial but of course we have to keep in mind that the issue of police conduct has been at the forefront of this referendum ever since we have told her first a referendum did take place on sunday for more on that now let's go to our reporter .
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the violent police crackdown on catalans on the day of the referendum is often at the forefront in sandboy deliberate got near barcelona equipment and supplies sent by madrid to a military base have been met with resistance the move is seen as preparation for more trouble to come it was inevitable after what happened on the first of october patience we can bear to be beaten to a elderly people and our children to be treated badly missed almost a political we don't want security forces here they're preparing everything to bring repressive forces we saw how they behaved on the first of october we don't want either the civil guard or the national police. was. the spanish national guard has been vilified since over eight hundred people were
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injured on polling day. i towns around catalonia locals have demonstrated against the police being there but pro unity supporters were against independence and the police about it within the law the police violence they did what they had to do to restore law and order now we can also tell you that on tuesday the leader of the catalan region is going to be addressing the regional parliament here that does also have plans to meet on monday to discuss further steps when it comes to declaring potentially declaring the independence of catalonia now this comes sort of in defiance of a ruling by the spanish spanish constitutional court that did decide yesterday that this kind of vote should not be taking place but of course they also did that with the referendum and that did indeed and up going ahead anyway. as she just said spain's constitutional court in
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a suspended account along parliamentary session shuttle for monday where the regional government promised to declare independence the catalan president's now saying that will intervene in parliament on tuesday as he put it we are political analyst chris bambery whether it was a way around the court than. i would say it's a sidestep to avoid confronting the court but to go ahead with a parliamentary missing so nonsense and i think it's a fairly good good move people are drawing the conclusion of the supreme court in spain to intervene in this manner again and again and again to overcome the will of the council on people what hope out we have any change within the context of the spanish state for its part spain's government representative encounter loan him in terms of policy is for the violence carried out by riot police during last sunday's referendum. because he when i see these images when i know the people that had been hit pushed and didn't hospitalized think i can't help but regrets and apologize on behalf of the officers don't intervene to support the catalan m.p.'s who told us
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that spanish authorities have breached e.u. law by using military force against the people of catalonia then. we are come to the of the european union and the treaties explicitly say and clearly say that military power cannot use against the young population or oppression a brutal repression that i saw in with my eyes in the streets of barcelona is called proportional proportion a reparation in the mouth of. the minimum shall we i think that it does not help today you need to read i want a president i want ministers and i want to party and parliamentarians with jay. so maybe they will go to jail and government but i said put the money saying in the last months i don't want to go to jail but i'm ready to go to jail eve because i will have to be loyal to the democratic mandate that their population of catalunya
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is giving in the last elections and in the last referendum. we all have brains parents family brothers sisters who were killed by the police when we were going to board so this is squired shocking for all of us because we are sure that we live in a democracy in the muck of existence so there are some things in them good that seem to stand and this is one of the brutality of the police of the spanish police the last sunday is totally unacceptable. british pharmacist has been found guilty for spreading terrorist propaganda to children the call prove that been showing graphic videos on his mobile phone to primary school children. reports. because i had how. brainwashed these two boys of primary school aged children under the age of eleven he gave the boys
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sweets he showed them graphic beheading videos and told them the islamic state one bad people he asked them if they wanted to go to syria or to stay in the u.k. and they told him that they wanted to remain in the u.k. and he said that in that case he would want them to persuade others to join islamic state this man was a pharmacist in northampton shit that's a profession that's got you talking to a lot of people on a daily basis and according to some media reports he was even in the process of setting up a religious school so he's going to be sentenced today but the reality is that there are many more just like him across the country john haddest propaganda gets more clicks in the u.k. than it does anywhere else in europe and unfortunately there have been intelligence failures here in the country when it comes to stopping potentially dangerous
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individuals for example one of the london bridge attackers karami but it turns out that he appeared in a t.v. documentary called the jeff next door that was a year before he carried out that horrific attack in london bridge he was filmed in that documentary undercover praying in the middle of london next to a black islamic flag he was pictured with notorious islamic preaches and when this became known the metropolitan police were forced to issue a statement saying that bart had been known to m i five but at the time there was no evidence to suggest that he had been planning an attack similar cases with the perpetrators of the manchester and the westminster attacks as well both sound a bady and hallowed misuzu did. well known to the author ities before they carried out their terrorist attacks so there is a sense that there needs to be
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a greater effort made to try and stop these individuals from being radicalized before it's too late the investigation revealed that had been posting tweets which expresses extreme islamist views and indorsed are useful soldiers back in twenty fourteen he's just been sentenced now then to six years in jail for what the judge called to term an effort to rather close children and turn them into terrorists this was a guy operating against every best practice in the u.k. so yes of course he's sure no remorse but why would he and why would all others when they see that when he's been caught and convicted he's been given a slap on the knuckles and told don't let it happen again that's not the way to deal with this guy come having been convicted of seeking to radicalize children primary school children he's been given six years six years maybe he'll be out in three years the message being sent is that we are absolutely inept when it comes to
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in the first instance cutting these people and then we do can't get them we give them these risible prison sentences this guy should have been stuck away in solitary for life and that's why the u.k. has got a particular problem we don't take its course very seriously. the break don't try and keep the media guessing over a possible sea change in relations with iran. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with the senators full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch a lot of the really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of party americans do the same we are
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apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank take. me seriously send us an e-mail. seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out just to. add to it and in again trying to close the trail. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i'm afraid he's going good so donald trump is made an omen a sounding statement to journalists following a meeting with top u.s.
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military officials at the white house he seemed to suggest the talks on thursday during which apparently north korea and iran were discussed were a prelude to some kind of major event but then he declined to comment further. but the. world during good discussion with his military chief trump criticised for not following the nuclear deal to slash its stockpile. we must not allow our red to attain to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement however worth noting iran had previously been fulfilling the deal brokered by former us president barack obama's
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administration to rand shipped over a dozen tons of enrich the radio here to russia and closed thousands of specified nuclear facilities including the removal of a reactor or choose day u.s. defense secretary james mattis stressed that washington won't pull out of the deal if iran continues to meet the requirements. if we can confirm that iran is living by the agreement if we can determine that this is in our best interest and clearly we should stay with it so many particular wars that we don't use on administration they were i was sticking with the us congress which is being on the way as you know we are but it's just it buys actions against iran and he would sell them like this rat if there is the right kind of sense to expose the community in a night as well as an international one in the.
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last and if it's this crap in iraq will resume its activities be back to square one with them. and this requires the choice. seems september was the deadliest month of twenty seventeen for civilians in syria according to the un's regional humanitarian coordinator the violence has escalated as the battle to try to retake iraq eisel from the stronghold comes closer to an end it was one so much more than two hundred thousand civilians but now as you can see this hardly any building left untouched civilians displaced from that city told us how they managed to flee the u.s. led coalition airstrikes to. they recently called mission air forces were ready to demolish the whole building to target one member of ai so they have no problem killing civilians. and we ran from death and fear any human being would be afraid the sound of the
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planes makes us a frame they were shelling the civilians destroying buildings and houses we fled from the shelling and missiles of the correlation has definitely destroyed the country it killed many civilians i lost children and friends. and that lack of was destroyed by coalition aircraft only ten percent hit the targets the rest hit civilians the massacre of civilians was something unimaginable if you've been following this long so long drawn out sad story this morning. one of our crews go to how my province film isis cells in syria where prisoners were tortured as a sobering report on our site also to check out pictures of fireball meteor that lit up the sky china could kick the bucket and i'm kevin i would think so watching this live update from moscow for me in thirty minutes.
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los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle to the earth or to use accept such solution tiny house on. parking space is not a solution craft to someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all the news there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis.
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despite all the efforts of the central banks to kill the economy by keeping bankers solvent when they should have been declared bankrupt years ago the index is showing that interest rates are going to go higher this means two things number one property market's going to crash and number two bond market's going to crash.
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a little a child. a great childhood a few amazing parents that gave me everything i needed. flat when i was young. i mean we were poor but it was so much nerves didn't we didn't really notice. we grew up and invite them in without you never really knew what was going to.


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