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prosecutor general reportedly considers registering. in russia and response to be unprecedented pressure. in the u.s. . president trump calls for a senate investigation into what he calls fake news networks in the united states. and several major companies decide to move their headquarters of the breakaway region we have reaction coming up. a british pharmacist.
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spreading terrorist propaganda among children in the latest example of the growing threat. from right around the world this hour welcome to. your company our top story russia is prosecutor general is reportedly mulling over the option of the carrying some u.s. media. welcome in russian it would be seen. in response to a campaign against r.t.e. in the us the channel to editor in chief sais it's under unprecedented pressure in america not just on its employees but also on those. working with the network the
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campaign has been based on claims that our channel influenced twenty sixteen u.s. election although no solid evidence has ever been provided high ranking officials in washington continue to voice the allegations. they are two ads on twitter were almost uniformly anti clinton and those i think you look at them and you have to conclude no there was a clear design in these ads so that's one congressman's opinion yet on the same day the senate intelligence committee probing alleged russian meddling so the complete opposite there is no way that you can look at that and say that that was to help the right side of the ideological charge and and. not the left or vice versa they were indiscriminate it seems that the overall theme of the russian . involvement in the u.s. looks create chaos at every level all of this is just the latest segment of the russians did it saga we're now all attention seems to have shifted to our channel
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and it's social media ads well it's no secret that our t.v. does advertise on twitter and other platforms just like most other media outlets the little bluebird sing a song of russian meddling last week and report the disclose how much we spend on ads the sum was two hundred seventy five thousand dollars and it's funny to consider is that being able to make a sufficient influence on the election when all the candidates spend about one billion dollars to make it look as if we've done something obscure shady or semi-legal of course i don't nonsense tutors contacted us with their proposal like sheen he sure does a presentation of the adverts so that is how much it would cost and we greet recently google became the latest internet giant to jump on the anti r.t. bandwagon when it yanked us from its premium ad service in the us without any warning whatsoever now that move is unlikely to have an adverse effect on our channels reach as we are already the most feared news network on you tube and fact
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last month we hit the milestone of over five billion views nevertheless this ban only adds to the mounting pressure on the channel until recently no active measures except getting our reputation have been taken against last specifically no where else have we operate through. it's a kind of shared experience of danger to the point. of the contrie washington is absolutely insane with the idea that our t.v. is out there they want to condemn it as somehow russian propaganda but the fact of the matter is whether you love r.t. or hate the idea that the us government can tell you what you can watch and can't watch the idea that there's a government censor or something like google in bed with the government telling you what you and or can't watch this is like something out in one thousand nine hundred four when wiki leaks editor julian assange on china's reacted to the news by tweeting a mock galahad to modern western journalism he say's if you want to be
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a reporter in the west in twenty seventeen you have to first pick a random newsworthy story one that the russian media will be covering to he then suggests you accuse russia of secretly being behind the event citing the fact russian media are reporting on it evidence ali leaks co fundraise not the only one questioning the focus of the senate intelligence committee's probe president trump asked why investigators aren't looking into u.s. news oddly it's on their possible role in manipulating public opinion with false reports here's how the chairman of the committee responded we're not going to investigate news organizations but we will use the findings of our reports to let them merican people hold every news organization accountable for what they were to wait as fact in many cases without sources at least those sources that would have made to it and i think when we finish our report we will find that quite
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a few news organizations ran stories that were not factual we talked to the director of grass roots political consulting done for us he say's he shares president trump's concern over the state of america's media. we have about five corporations that control our entire media apparatus people are profiting off of them and it's completely controlled and at the same time you have congress investigating and seeking regulation on free media any alternative news media coming from international sources like this channel to bloggers social media now facebook having to go troll through with physical people so many different news stories that their focus is on shouting voices of anything that's not mainstream media and it was an interesting tweet from president trump. as we mentioned moscow is considering retaliate remeasure is in response to washington's pressure on our
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team our correspondent nick e.-r. and has more. the kremlin has been pushed into responding in a way that it would prefer not to this comes as the russian prosecutor general's office and other state bodies they're not considering the possibility of the recognized activities of some us media on russian soil as undesirable now these kinds of measures are certainly not the preferred choice of the russian government but it seems like they've been backed into a corner with no other choice to make here now the obvious concerns are not only how this will impact on the already fragile relations between russia and the us but also how this could impact on the freedom of the press and that's something that's also echoed by the kremlin spokes person to be true we hope that the oppression against our t. go unnoticed by international organizations that monitor freedom of media however if our media outlets writes a further violated we weren't exclude retaliate three measures will be based on the principle of equality now those comments come just one day after
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a working group the federal federation council the house of the russian parliament held hearings to discuss the increasing pressure we've seen on russian journalists in the us and how their work is being restricted in this way now russia's foreign ministry spokesperson has said that tit for tat measures against american media on russian soil are still very much on the table. the russian foreign ministry countermeasures against journalists representing media outlets of countries that have restrictions on russian journalists so what we still don't know at this point whether these measures will be taken if they are it would mean that channels like the big american networks like c.n.n. and fox would be removed from russian cable television however it would have no impact on the bureaus station here and journalists working here. to another over a headline stories this hour that qatar government has announced the final official results of the independence referendum held on sunday just over ninety percent
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of those who cast their vote support. but from spain the turnout was forty three percent. in the region's couple joins us live now in the program to expound on the news hi there on the scene indeed what's the atmosphere there given the fact that the future of council here is really so unpredictable right now. well the union events have been unraveling so quickly here in catalonia and really it seems like everybody here is holding their breath to see what will happen next because the fact that these final results have finally been registered with the parliament is quite crucial because we've been hearing from the catalan leadership that it would be within forty eight hours after that that the announcements of independence would come now in fact the final results results did confirm the numbers that were announced earlier that ninety percent of the population who came out to vote said yes to leaving spain so this certainly is seen as something
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reaffirming the cattle commitment to keep moving out of spain now we do know that the cattle and leader has been meeting with a mediator mediation committee just behind us and there was supposed to be a press conference held right after which ended up being canceled which odd sort of to this thick veil of excitement and secrecy at this point in terms of what exactly is going to unravel next and we can say that obviously around the time of the referendum we've been hearing very strong rhetoric from the cattle on leadership that did become a little bit softer following the referendum result let's take a look. at the day after the first of october we will start a new period so you can into consideration the will of the. bush to mean do not underestimate the strength of the people of catalonia the central government may have many laws many bullets and but there's one thing don't have they don't have you don't have the people of catalonia a woman can show you the situation ask for mediation and mediation means that we
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need a third passive i honestly. i believe that we have earned the right to be heard and if an apology to the opera i will make a direct appeal to the european union i'm a big number of what we have never received any positive response from the state to any of the proposals of mediation that we have on the table at the moment. well what we've been observing throughout these last days following the referendum is a sort of chess game with the council on leadership taking certain steps and certain reactions from madrid one thing we've seen of course is the announcement to potentially hold a parliamentary session on monday where the declaration of independence was supposed to have been discussed we saw in response to that the constitutional court in spain that they would block this kind of vote and as a result we've seen a push from put him on to have this serious and very important session where potentially the announcement of independence could come to be held on tuesday we've
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seen some parliamentarians urged him to not go ahead and try to push through referred to take place on monday to quote not ruin the dream but certainly this is something that we're expecting to take place on tuesday which is quite crucial to watch how exactly that's going to be unraveled because of course madrid continues to insist that they're not going to accept any of this now for more on this we're joined by our guest and rick fall from the solidarity from the capital and solidarity for independence party thank you very much sir for joining us what do you make of all of this what do you think is going to happen next are we actually going to see a proclamation of independence do you think come as early as the beginning of next week. we're expecting the beginning of next week. i think that it will be on the evening. of independence. now the main question about the. mine about the curation of independence. with whole effect immediately or these effectively be. buying more.
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video of these is the main question now for us what about the question of how madrid is going to react because obviously they've made it clear that they don't want this to happen so there's surely going to be some more steps and resistance. from. never did. intention of the dialogue. and nevertheless we must go ahead about this because it was the voice of the people who was listening by by parliament of catalonia and then it gives you no way it must be going ahead of all these the reaction of mother if you can be any way anything we don't know we expect everything violence like it was on the sunday it can be any kind of blocking international pressure i don't know whatever we are expecting this we it will be not
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a surprise of course but this is been an issue in the making obviously for the last several years to say the least with catalonia talking about leaving spain why do you think the time is now why do you think this time around potentially this could actually indeed happen again given all the resistance from madrid and the rest of the european union yes but that because this is at least about the than years ago if it's not not the first thing we are doing it we were playing several times to make a new kind of relations with madrid with different ways with a special. embitterment and with a special new role with the with all the kind of the looks and the possible everything coming from us only one war no no don't means that bone accept what we propose. that they also don't want to talk about they ever time and so the same no no dialogue no talking that means that finally
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we are forced to take a decision by our own and to take this over to anything by our own hands and to the population if we want to go out from such a kind of government who only say such a kind of war and just lastly sir one of the arguments is that only over forty percent of the electorate did come out to vote in this last referendum so do you think if there is indeed this. bush for their proclamation of independence coming as soon as next week there will be a split within catalonia as well because it's a big difference in the number of people that didn't come out look at the number of people which are coming to this time saying yes. to the going out from spain one. hundred fifty thousand more people than the people who was bolting yes on the last off in the parliament of spain coming from the parliament of catalonia then it means that. we have more powerful
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more people who are saying let's go out than the previous law we did it means that taking on consideration that not we was not boding in a real free zone my no real suit consensus with violence from side of the state then now we are a full force and full important to go ahead on this decision and recall folks thank you very much for talking with us so obviously a crucial time within the next couple of days here in catalonia spain continues to face what seen as the biggest crisis seen in a generation yeah a big week ahead and see a guest in barcelona for us thank you for this. well let's stay with the story because spain's government representative castle only has apologized for the violence carried out by riot police during last weekend's referent. when i see these images when i know that people have been hit pushed and didn't hospital i
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just think i can't help but regrets and apologize on behalf of the officers don't just being. less polish government has adopted a new law making it easier for companies to relocate away from catalonia several banks as well as energy telecommunication and textile companies have already decided to move their headquarters away from the region now we spoke to a financial expert about whether the government stepping up pressure by introducing laws. i don't think it is. putting pressure i think it's the companies that are genuinely concerned about the break of the law and more importantly you know completely random the decision of which laws the. government to buy into and which ones they don't because this is this poses a significant risk for investment security and for for many other issues these are global companies they don't need to be headquartered in catalonia they can be
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headquartered anywhere it takes as we have seen very very little for these companies to change their headquarters we have seen major banks energy companies automobile companies change their headquarters very very quickly basically searching for security security and some of the risk of a unilateral decision of secession that could trigger a domino effect against their interests as companies. british pharmacist has been found guilty of spreading terrorist propaganda to children is a mirror was sentenced to six years for showing graphic twitter videos on his mobile phone to primary school children picking up the story for us. because i heard how. brainwashed these two boys of primary school aged children under the
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age of eleven he gave the boys sweets he showed them graphic beheading videos and told them that islamic state one bad people he asked them if they wanted to go to syria or to stay in the u.k. and they told him that they wanted to remain in the u.k. and he said that in that case he would want them to persuade others to join islamic state this man was a pharmacist in northampton shit that's a profession that's got you talking to a lot of people on a daily basis and according to some media reports he was even in the process of setting up a religious school so he's going to be sentenced today but the reality is that there are many more just like him across the country john haddest propaganda gets more clicks in the u.k. than it does anywhere else in europe and unfortunately there have been intelligence failures here in the country when it comes to stopping potentially dangerous
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individuals for example one of the london bridge attackers karumba but it turns out that he appeared in a t.v. documentary called the jeff next door that was a year before he carried out that horrific attack in london bridge he was filmed in that documentary undercover praying in the middle of london next to a black islamic flag he was pictured with notorious islamic preaches and when this became known the metropolitan police were forced to issue a statement saying that bart had been known to m i five but at the time there was no evidence to suggest that he had been planning an attack similar cases with the perpetrators of the manchester and the westminster attacks as well both salmen a baby and halle admits to do. were known to the author ities before they carried out their terrorist attacks so there is a sense that there needs to be
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a greater effort made to try and stop these individuals from being radicalized before it's too late just a little more on this the investigation revealed that been posting tweets in which he expressed his extremist views on the endorsement of fighters back in twenty fourteen the judge said that his actions were a determined effort to radicalize children and turn them into terrorists political analyst david vance believes that british authorities are underestimating the threat this was a guy operating against every best practice in the u.k. so yeah of course he's sure no remorse but why would he and why would all the years when they see that when he's been caught and convicted he's been given a slap on the knuckles and told don't let it happen again that's not the way to deal with this come having been convicted of seeking to radicalize children primary school children he's been given six years six years maybe he'll be out in three
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years the message being sent is that we are absolutely inept when it comes to in the first instance cutting these people and then we do can't get them we give them these risible prison sentences this guy should have been stuck away in solitary for life or not the u.k. has got a particular problem we don't see her seriously but the jihadists to course very seriously. donald trump has made ominous sounding statement to journalists following a meeting with top u.s. military officials are the white house he suggested the talks on thursday during which north korea under romney were discussed were a prelude to a major event but then the client to comment further. putting the. studio. cheering the discussion with his military chiefs trump criticized iran for not following the nuclear deal to slash its stockpile.
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not allow iran to attain to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement well during the time of the obama administration to run ship tons of enriched uranium to russia as part of the nuclear deal it also compiled. by closing thousands of nuclear facilities including the removal of a reactor iranian political analyst side mustapha hushed chesham believes that trumps trying to provoke iran a. nation that intends to develop nuclear weapons is the velo ping one because
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that's the tenor and iran never desired to do that and that's why it has struck the deal so he by the way donald trump and the united states they never mean to withdraw from the deal he's just playing with this certification decertification in order to put the pressure on tehran and you're up to do the actions that these hours he made the sentence in order to provoke tehran he did it i believe purposefully you because he is in the habit of not making the situation and conditions clear for target contraries just mean to put the pressure until iran and europe to go for a renegotiation. september was the deadliest month of twenty seventeen for civilians in syria according to the un's regional humanitarian coordinator the violence as the battle to retake once dominated by ice or edges ever closer to. it had been home to more than two hundred
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thousand civilians now there's a building left untouched civilians displaced from the city told us how they managed to flee the u.s. led coalition airstrikes. recently collison air forces were ready to demolish the whole building to target one member of ai so they have no problem killing civilians . we ran from death and fear any human being would be afraid the sound of the planes makes us afraid they were shelling the civilians destroying buildings in the houses we fled from the shelling and the coalition has definitely destroyed the country it killed many civilians i lost children and friends. and not black who was destroyed by coalition aircraft only ten percent hit the targets the rest hit civilians the massacre of civilians was something unimaginable
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. a six suspect has been arrested in an investigation into a failed bombing in an op market paris neighborhood now an expose of the feistiest found on saturday point five suspects were arrested the homemade bomb consists of four gas canisters which were a wire to detonate by mobile phone the explosives were found by a local resident and it all comes as a new anti terror laws being passed through french parliament. is expected to be adopted later this month are to charlotte dubin ski takes a closer look at the new legislation. hans's been under age of emergency for almost two years and ducked is about to end the catch is that essentially it becomes permanent with many of these emergency powers being signed into law under the new already approved by the lower house of the french parliament the police will have to move though is just search her used to carry out stop and search operations so
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why a top phone and e-mail communications it will also allow the closure of places of worship suspected of inciting terrorism and placing alleged jihadi sympathizers amanda house wraps now a recent poll in france suggested that fifty seven percent of people are in favor of the law even if sixty two percent think it will be to use their freedoms. i think this will become dangerous in the long run and won't be beneficial today they say it's against terrorists tomorrow against ecological protestors and globalists the day after tomorrow it will be against journalists they say prison pandora's box. i think this limits freedom of the i believe the whole program is useless human rights activists say it's so gross violation of privacy even emmanuel mock or himself admitted that these measures do not to war
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against terrorism so why are they passing them maybe the regime is getting weak maybe they are anticipating social unrest maybe they just want to chase around public opinion and tell them we are doing something but what we need is from the french government to do the work thing in their work think would be to force us to question why do these terrorist attacks happen and second world with their keep happening in montreal my whole pledge to end this state of emergency by november and peace is key to him keeping about. comics and while there is no doubt that this will be the power of the police it's unclear if it will put people on any more safety despite the sacrifice of liberty so that people ski also you'll see. a lot just one of the stories we delve deeper into on our website r t v dot com so you covered i'll see you again in thirty.
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years will people been saying about rejected a knighthood to us exactly just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah it is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. los angeles luxury and fade.


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